Effects of Dementia

Unit standard 23920

Task 1:

1. 1:



Normal ageing

loss of nerve cells

  • As regards with dementia brain, the reason which is adding to the death of nerve cell and disrupt the communications in the brain are plaques and tangles
  • Plaques and tangles will be the reason of the inactive of nerve cells
  • In normal ageing brain the loss of nerve cells can lead to the lower variety of functioning synaptic nerve impulses to and from the mind and the handling information is quite poor because of getting rid of small amounts of nerve cells.
  • Searching still will get little bit of plaques and tangles in normal ageing brain and also

slow reactions and decisions

  • In dementia brain, the processing to determine the information quite sluggish because of plaques and tangles, therefore it can result in slowly reaction and decision in ADLS
  • The people have dementia cannot understand a few of the teaching and cannot decide for themselves, therefore they need another person can decide for the coffee lover.
  • In normal ageing, some of nerve cells are lost therefore their response are quite gradual nonetheless they still can make their decision for their life.
  • The reaction of elderly person is quite gradual and unstable therefore they may easily to get a fall.

memory changes

  • Because of sacrificing nerve skin cells and plaques and tangles in the brain, the dementia citizen can certainly to forgetful recollection and people even those are incredibly closer with them.
  • The dementia resident cannot bear in mind their own living design of them before to allow them to not follow the instruction and their usual well, they need a support of the professions.
  • The old people the still can remember clearly all their ram in their life and very happy to promote it with people.
  • Elderly people normally want to keep everything they performed as the schedule and never ignore to do follow the usual instruction

plaques and tangles

  • There are a lot's of plaques and tangles in the mind and nerve skin cells of dementia citizen brain. The majority of nerve cells are inactive.
  • Plaques and tangles is the necessary protein.
  • There continues to be have small amounts of plaques and tangles in the brain of elderly people
  • Most of plaques and tangles aren't influencing anything in lifestyle and thinking about old people.

1. 2:

A, Dementia and delirium:





Becoming dementia can be over many years and it is usually gradually seem not all of the sudden.

to become delirium can be serious or sub acute

Duration/ causes

Dementia can follow person for a weeks or a years and progressive

usually brief/ time to days


The sentiment of dementia client every unstable along each and every time, can be shallow, apathetic, labile, irritable and careless

The resident who have delirium can immediate recollection impaired, attention and awareness impaired.

B, Dementia and Unhappiness:




Memory and cognition

Dementia resident cannot remember their memory and feeling hard to cognitive deficits.

The despair person can simply get some recollection loss and have an unhealthy attention


Often a disturbed 24hrs clock system, later in the disease process.

Early morning hours walking or intermittent sleeping patterns


the dementia find difficulty making logical interconnection and processing

The thinking of melancholy people is quite slow-moving may be preoccupied with sadness and hopelessness. Always have a negative considered them, do not have any interested.

1. 3:

A, Alzheimer's disease:

  • In the brain of client who have Alzheimer's disease have massive amount plaques and tangles in the brain and nerve cells. The majority of nerve skin cells are death
  • The person who has Alzheimer's disease get every easy to lost of memory, as well as the way to believe logically is reduced therefore they can not make a decision for themselves.
  • From day to days the best way to expressed behaviors of person who has Alzheimer's disease are transformed.
  • Some consumer has Alzheimer's disease regularly going to lack of language skill.
  • From the beginning of Alzheimer's disease before end the personality of the client are changing rapidly and their feelings is unstable, along all the time.

B, Vascular dementia:

  • The one who has vascular dementia normally has a number of small stroke and the stroke damage the mind associated with learning, memory and language, and also in the brain of customer regularly appear levels of plaques and tangles.
  • The communicated between the brain and another part of the is not well any longer therefore the client gets very slowly and lethargy; sometime it can lead to lack of bladder control.
  • Some clients may get unhappiness and their emotion changing very quick.
  • They always get baffled and get problem with remember the memory space; short term storage.
  • Most of customer who has vascular dementia feel very hard to walking because of unsteady and unstable.

C, One kind of dementia: Parkinson's disease:

  • The brain of person who has Parkinson's disease seem amounts of plaques and tangles inside the mind and the nerve cells also, therefore can result in loss of nerve skin cells.
  • The patient have a gradually considering process and in daily living activities also.
  • The customer has Parkinson's disease can feel quite difficult to focus in something.
  • The client with Parkinson's disease has poor judgments therefore they cannot make their own decision.
  • The customer has a poor motivation.

1. 4:

  1. The most crucial risk factor of dementia is era. The amount of person who is over sixty-five is quite high, relating to Country wide Institute on Get older information.
  2. The second risk factor is lifestyle specially the smoking and has alcoholic beverages intake person, researching shown that the people who has smoke cigars and have a lot of alcohol intake are incredibly easy to get atherosclerosis- one cause lead to dementia.
  3. The third is cholesterol. In bloodstream of individuals if have high levels of cholesterol can easier to get vascular dementia.

1. 5:

Cognitive effects

  1. at early dementia changes, the clients has difficulty with the short term memory space. Therefore in daily living your client feel quite hard to following chat with others and regularly they feel depressed and despair, isolation.
  2. some of residents can feel quite hard to planning, organizing and making decision in their life. Which means client can feel lost because some of them cannot work of even decide for his or her life. They are able to feel lost and isolated.

Functional results :

  1. Some of customer might have trouble with certain skills such as dressing, toileting, showering
  2. Because the communicated between your brain and some part of is not good anymore therefore people become slower, some of clients may feel uselessness and worthlessness.

Behavioral results :

  1. The way to communicated and express of dementia client is quite unusual therefore sometime the employment opportunities cannot understand of misunderstanding.
  2. The thought process of dementia client is also up normal, they just want to do the things they think it right, therefore sometime they can make other folks feel uncomfortable.

Psychological effects:

  1. The person who has dementia can easily to anger and irritation, sometime they become over mental, laughing and crying at exactly the same time, therefore can make other people lost, misunderstanding.
  2. The client can easy to be major depression, isolation with others, therefore in the everyday living are very hard to cooperate with the opportunities.

Task 2:

2. 1:


  • All of members of the family and friends should be motivated to take part and show in leisure and sociable experiences.
  • The romantic relationship between staff, the family and the person with dementia have to be developed and trusting, therefore its may bring some of gain for dementia customer like the social, religious and emotional well-being.
  • With dementia client the surroundings around them are quite important, therefore a few of social conversation between people with dementia yet others resident can helpful.


  • The way of communication of dementia citizen is quite not the same as normal; therefore with the dementia consumer the best way to communicated is starting speaking right in front of your client, not too close, using eye-contact plus some of face appearance.
  • Otherwise, the conversation and firmness must be slow and light when speaking with dementia client, do not shouting or screaming
  • Dementia citizen still can talk but the speech of chatting is quite slow-moving therefore the health care assistance need to be very patient and invite them to talk, give them the decision and 3rd party.


  • All of family and health care assistance should treat the dementia citizen with the individual and give them the respect.
  • Dementia resident have to be encouraging and value with the choice in their life.
  • Some of dementia citizen still can do some things indie such as washing face, eating, drinking alcohol, therefore the professions need to comprehend and present them independent around they can do.


  • The feeling of dementia client is always up and down, unstable nowadays, therefore they can easier be miserable and isolation. With this situation, the health health care assistance need to put in time, be patient and encourage them to talk make them feeling better.
  • The careers need to patient, prompted the dementia speaking and be listening, understanding and present them the advise with the respectful.

Abilities retained:

  • The careers always supply the opportunities for folks with dementia to respond correctly and utilize their skills.
  • The careers need to known about care and attention plan of the resident therefore they can really know what type of activities the clients love to do in the past and give them suggest a few of the activities similar with their interested in days gone by.

Needs of the individual with dementia:

  • Psychological need: the dementia citizen desire a person to understand and hearing them, therefore the careers have to have some understanding of dementia resident and present some advice for these people.
  • Physical need: a few of dementia resident's motilities are quite week there for they desire a support of motilities assists such as walking framework or hip protector. Furthermore, others dementia client have trouble with the communication therefore they want some communication help to support them communicated with other folks.

2. 2:

  • Relationship: the partnership between the family, friends and the medical care advice about dementia resident is very important with dementia consumer. All the professions can be the stronger supporter for the dementia customer.
  • Feeling: The sensation is also very important with dementia resident. The employment opportunities always need to know how can make the resident feeling better and also make sure that they have got knowledge their sense.
  • Needs: all the needs seem to be to be one of the significant considerations with the dementia citizen, its can make dementia resident feeling more securities and safe, more confident and more happy.

2. 3:

The important activities are very important with dementia citizen. A few of them might not doing these activities anymore because of some weakness aspect in the torso nonetheless they still can remember the sensation when they was enjoyed this game and it is can make sure they are feel better. In a few how it can remind your client to the happy memory before with the video games. Moreover the important activities can make the dementia sense happier when become a member of activities with others resident therefore they'll be more confident and their communication skill will be better.

Task 3:

3. 1:

1, Verbal communication:

  • The way of communication of dementia citizen is very difficult to comprehend because dementia process can lead to the decrease of communication.
  • When they conversing might not seem sensible therefore can make other folks confused.
  • The speech of communicated also quite slow-moving and may be stuck to finding some words or phrases.

2, Vocalization:

  • Some of dementia citizen who cannot conversation may indicated their communication through noisy patterns such as screaming, moaning, performing.
  • Some of these might repetitive conversation, make some stranger noise, these mean they could need your attention.

3, Gestures:

  • Some of dementia consumer might not have problem with eye-sight and communication, they might using a few of indication like tapping, waving, pointing, shrugging, . etc to communicated.
  • Some of them might make an effort to touch you to get your attention.
  • With different consumer have different culture may have some different gestures and also have some different meaning.

4, Communication products:

  • With different customer might using different communication helps as with person cannot talk, they can using communication credit card or picture publication to communicated.
  • Some of dementia citizen might using speaking mats to speak or through music to express the communication

3. 2:

1, Sensory loss:

  • With the old ageing, a few of your client may have a problem with the hearing nevertheless they did not have hearing help on therefore they can not listen plainly or might misunderstanding when communicated.
  • Some of them have a poor vision but they did not wear glasses so they cannot start to see the body languages of others people who want to communicated with them.
  • Some of dementia citizen cannot say properly and cannot hear properly can also be the hurdle on their behalf when communicated.

2, Communication spouse:

  • Some of dementia resident cannot speaking therefore they need the communication spouse to help them to express what they need, the communication spouse may be their family, their friends, but sometime they are not available to communicated.

3, Heath position:

  • Some of dementia citizen have a brief term storage area or have memory loss therefore it is appeared to be quite hard to communicate.
  • With some of dementia client who are able to have heart stroke or disease cannot have capabilities to talk to others. Some of disease can result in a barrier in communicated of dementia consumer is UTI, depression and Parkinson.

4, Environment:

  • The noisy, large environment will make the communicated of dementia resident become harder like they can not speak louder or cannot reading properly.
  • Sometime the person who is communicated with the dementia resident may speaking too fast that will make dementia resident perplexed and misunderstands.

5, Culture:

  • Some of citizen that can speak other languages when they have dementia they might keep coming back and speak in their own languages which means healthcare assistance cannot understand what they want to say.

6, Age:

  • It is seem to be quite difficult when the dementia citizen talking with more youthful person. Some of more youthful they speak quite fast or speak in young expression which means dementia citizen cannot know very well what they want to say.
  • Because of the orderly process, the dementia may feel quite difficult to get the words and their conversation when speaking is quite slow.

7, Gender:

  • There are a new in communicated between male resident and feminine citizen. Normally the male resident may not more likely to share the feelings or thinking to others than woman.
  • The way of manifestation in male citizen might stronger plus they might use different words than feminine resident.

8, Reverting to original languages:

Some of citizen they are really from another country, they used to speak in another dialect but they havent using it for a long period. And then when they get dement, they could come back to speak in their own languages, these can made the jobs and others be confused and misunderstanding.

9, Expressive and receptive communication problems:

  • Some of consumer with dementia they can not communicate and express their needs because they have a trouble to finding the words and phrases.
  • Sometime the dementia consumer might not able to learn how to communicate in verbal or non-verbal. They might not able to understand the word form, reading and writing also.

3. 3:

1, Communication spouse:

  • Some of the dementia consumer might get baffled with the communication partner therefore you need to make sure the partner is introduced clearly to the client.
  • Always make sure that the client is feeling more comfortable with the communication partner.
  • The communication spouse and the ways of communication, the expression of the client have to be recorded.

2, Environment:

  • The environment of communication need to make certain that your client can reading properly and feeling comfortable during communicated.
  • The familiar environment is advice to from the confusing and scaring during communication period.

3, Verbal and Non-verbal:

  • The communicated person need to ensure that talking obviously, slowly, easy to comprehend. They can using the eye-contact and remember give them a period to understand and communicated.
  • With non- verbally, they can by using a body languages, coming in contact with in the side and shoulder, using some picture to communicated.

4, Singing:

  • The careers can using the song which one your customer love to listen to can make your client feeling better, more comfortable. Furthermore it is can help consumer bear in mind the happy storage area make them feeling more comfortable.
  • The performing can be a great way of communication and can also help the client feeling more content.

5, Music:

  • The careers might use the music to encourage communicated with dementia resident.
  • The music might be a solution to help make the dementia resident calm down and calm.

6, Activities:

  • The activities might help dementia citizen to communicate with others visitors to increase confident.
  • Also the actions can help dementia resident more relaxation, made them more opened up with others.

7, Communication products:

  • Some of the communication supports might help dementia resident who are not able to talk can communicated with others via picture reserve, picture, board, etc.
  • Communication products can make the citizen more self-confidence to talking with others.

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