Employee of the month programme


The report provided here is a proposal for our company to adopt "Employee of the month" program as a worker recognition tool. Recognition is a tool for motivating high performing employees to further high productivity. In this program, the employees (who are said to be awarded) receive various sorts of bonuses like photography in office and on company website, license of gratitude and similar activities.

The report will first inform about the value of employee identification from point of view of literature and then will give attention to description of worker of the month program and ways in which it could be adopted in the company.

Importance of worker recognition:

In any company, Human Learning resource Management includes four main parts: developing employees, acquiring employees, drive then and retaining employees. The first phase is acquiring human being resource. This part deals with personnel building related activities like fixing types of employees, deciding quantity of employees etc. This past has three sizes too namely job building expects management development and employee training.

The second function is motivating employees. This consists of searching for specific needs of employees and finding ways that can motivates employees towards the business. The retention function mentioned previously deals with activities that helps in sticking the individual resource to the business. This consists of factors like work environment, satisfaction with salary, specialist given to worker, role in team and decision making process etc.

As we know that the most precious resources of an organization is its people. So motivating people can verify an efficient way to enhance the performance and so building a lasting tool for conclusion. Employee motivation is an integral for enhancing culture and value system at any organization. The purpose is to bring employees more directly to the organization. Some suggested ways to encourage employees are:

Few ways to encourage employees are:

  • Employee involvement in decision making.
  • Proper satisfying system and monitoring program.
  • Pleasant work place and work culture.
  • Try to boost work-life balance in employees.
  • Employee training at regular intervals to avoid out datedness of the workforce
  • Employee recognition

One of the major tools for staff motivation is worker recognition. Employee acceptance is the procedure of awarding high undertaking employees with popularity. Employees receive appreciation and promotion within the business so that they can further motivate for high quality work. The importance of employee recognition is further elaborated by Determination factors, one of the main element theories of People Resource Management literature. It says that employee's behaviour and desire can be determined by the two types of factors Motivation Factors and Hygiene Factors

  • Motivation Factors or Intrinsic factors are the factors related with job content and lead to job satisfaction. Work personnel is asked questions on
  • Augmentation: Knowledge they earned and were it worthy of.
  • Work Itself: Characterization of careers as interesting or boring, varied or routine, creative or non-creative.
  • Recognition: Appraisals they can get on their work.
  • Responsibility: Obligations related to their task and the power they have in their hands. Are they satisfied with it
  • Achievement: Examining personal attempts being devote by them satisfactory or not.

Thus employee reputation again comes out be a important element of employee inspiration.

Need for Worker of the month program:

As advised form books in above section, staff recognition is a key way of motivating the worker in any HRM process.

One of the ways of employee acknowledgement is "Worker of the month program". You will find number of ways of employee identification but one of the very most trusted methods is EMP (Staff of the month). EMP has been used and verified by huge number of companies and it is presently a standard for employee popularity.

In staff of the month program, an outstanding employee (predicated on the performance of an individual month) is been chosen by voting or by other ways and that employee is awarded by organization-wide attractiveness and certificate of gratitude. This fills the staff with mental and cultural satisfaction as his or her effort is been recognized by those he or she working with. Other kind of incentive like high pay etc does not care about the social acceptance need of the staff and thus ends in dissatisfaction from the job. Thus the sort of appreciation provided with worker of the month program can not only boost the self-assurance of the staff but will also create a sense of competition among the list of employees to attain the this kind of appreciation and will enhance their efficiency. (How to Start an Employee of the Month Honor, 2010)

Employee identification program: Introduction

An employee popularity program should be of great use for building the spirits for any sort of organization, whether it is a small company or a large organization. Everyone in the organization wish to be acknowledged because he'd like to recognise his existence a enjoyable one in the business. This also means that an employee need to get recognized because of the hard he does in the organization. And to start this many effective programs can be began and this can probably show the best way to innovation, higher outcome and great job fulfillment for the workers.

A arrange for employee recognition must include several levels of acknowledgment which is also known as appreciation. That's from a simple Credential of Appreciation to the Staff of the month to presenting awards to the worker in several divisions and also Credentials must be given to the Staffs who go beyond expectation. This Credential of Appreciation shouldn't be so easy for the employees to accomplish it. Else this is of Credential of Appreciation for the staff will eventually lose its so this means. Employees who work in the low level this is the starting of the carrier should not feel that attaining those credentials will be easy. It should be made tough so that the company also increases something from them.

The cost of Credential of Understanding is very less. Such as when a customer leaves a record of a little document regarding that one employees goes before or even more than his normal obligations, a simple credential in the name of this employee can get saying that how do he satisfy the customer and what all methods he took to achieve that. This certification will improve the self opinion of the worker to work harder where this will lead to the fulfillment of the business.

When a person gives a written report to the employee's head regarding the service the client received, the copy of this could be given to that staff combined with the credential. This kind's of prize should be provided at the department or employee branch meetings. That is one of the practical situation, where doing things such as this such as prize for the staff will be effectively liked. (Worker of the Month Recognition, 2010)

Staff of the Month should be computed by the co-staff's he's working with. It is because, and then only the employees will work in a competitive manner. And throughout that particular amount of month the employees work should be checked carefully by the top of the team and then be stated during the prize ceremony. A well-made, framed credential, commemorative inscription or other physical compensation should be provided showing along with a little financial prize making his appreciation highly popular by his team members.

Higher result and deeper determination will result from clever use of this particular appreciation honor because every staff will want to be called as the Staff of the Month with regards to hard work. Awards can get with respect to the range of the business such as the honor can be Personnel of the Month, Personnel of the entire year or Personnel of the Quarter. If the organization has its branches in a number of countries, then a sizable reward or prize can be very much effective as a much favorite after staff recognition honor. (Employee of the Month Recognition, 2010)

To make the Staff acknowledgement programs successful, the credit system will need to have already been obviously stated for each and every prize and award. These nominations must be produced sure that they are really being assessed with a balanced band of peers. If there are some sort of hint that the chance of gaining gratitude are high for the favorite staff or the staff the boss wants the most, the entire staff recognition plan would be of little value.

Steps in starting worker of the month program:

For the suggested staff of the month program as a recognition tool, the business can put into action these following steps: (How to Start an Employee of the Month Honor, 2010)

Step 1:

Make sure the employees come to know very well what all are the criteria's for taking part in the program. Also decide how long a worker must be employed in order to be licensed for the Employee of the Month (EOM).

Step 2:

Make sure a particular date has been chosen every month to choose the Worker of the Month. Then place the employee's name of all entitled one's in a caffeine mug or a head wear and choose one name.

Step 3:

Inform the individual that he is the Employee of the Month. Consist of a record of the prize as well as the list of advantages of the credit. Make a publication in the employee information sheet and place the choice on the organizations' community bulletin -panel.

Step 4:

Create a set of add-ons for the EOM. Also include ideas created by the staff's. The organization must allow the Worker of the Month to wear informal clothes during any day of the month. And in addition arrange manager to take the Employee of the Month to possess lunch one evening.

Step 5:

Have a poll done by the employees because of their top 3 to 5 5 Staff of the Month benefits. Then an announcement should be achieved regarding the top choices after the polling. And make sure this info will end up in a printed file to the employees.

Step 6:

The business should create a unique notice plank or screen casing in which the Employee of the Month displays his / her photo and record so the other employees also come to know about his / her better. Which needs to be ensured that the organization clears the space for another Staff of the Month to come.

Step 7:

Put the Worker of the Month responsible for gathering the staff's to choose the next Employee of the Month. And allow time for that particular employee to acquire all these during the last or that first day of the month. Then take away the person's name of the earlier winners for a determined upon time.


It is evidenced that staff motivation is a key factor in HR activates of a company. The organization need to inspire its employees for better production and one of the ways of doing this is worker of the month program. Staff of the month program provides the social and mental need to the employees and so will encourage the employees to work harder.

The company thus can put into practice this type of acceptance program for better efficiency.

An employee of the month program can be a huge morale-building device for just about any business, whether small or large. Everyone likes to be renowned because of their undertakings and useful reputation programs can lead to higher productivity, advancement and better job pleasure for the employees.

Considering all the aspect of need of worker recognition and top features of staff of the month program, it is suggested for the company to adopt the program to motivate its employees to perform well. The steps to apply the program are offered in the body of the proposal.


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