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The subject matter of globalisation has always aroused a substantial degree of interest across all disciplines and it was highly interesting to explore the impact that globalisation has had on marketing strategies. As an organization, we began the study process after identifying how globalisation has been manifested on the planet and different factors in marketing strategies that have changed because the starting point of globalisation. It was important to evaluate the attractiveness of the topic and whether it had been extensively researched before in order to ascertain whether it was a good project choice. The group discovered that the study of the impact of globalisation on marketing strategies still required to be further explored because other analysts had not reviewed the problem exhaustively. Having collected different studies that other analysts had discovered about the job, we were able to set a record for the analysis through analysing studies with relevant information regarding the topic under review. We needed to do a significant level of reading and therefore consulted a number of magazines including journals, catalogs and web resources. Checking was impressive in coming up with the most reliable written information for the literature review.

This reflection article signifies the group's recollection of encounters, lessons, feelings, anxieties and other group dynamics experienced during the conclusion of the job. The reflection is highly useful for folks who intend to perform future assignments as it offers an understanding of the way the procedure may very well be. Furthermore, the reflection offers an information in to the research process and effectively details the composition of the record and how various decisions about the choice of material and ideas were made. The statement further establishes issues that the group experienced along the way; a factor that would help categories in defining ways of working with such problems to be able to ensure positive end result.

Reflection on experiences

The completion of this task was a great learning experience in conditions of the process of performing research and in learning various group dynamics that are highly important in enhancing effective outcomes. The best involving experience for the group is at selecting the most ideal topic to be used for the analysis and eventually acquiring the relevant material to complete the study. It was interesting to notice that there existed numerous lucrative topics under which we're able to conduct the intended research. The need for a unique research however finally led use to the preferred topic on the impact of globalisation on marketing strategies which was followed by the selection of the many resources to be utilized in the completion of the study. While there have been an abundant variety of resources for use, it was important for the group to gather the most recent researches because the subject of globalisation is expanding at a significant rate hence the necessity to be up to date on recent developments through the conduction of such a research.

The research was conducted in an extremely organized manner because the group designed to ensure that the most viable results were obtained in detailing the impact of globalisation on marketing strategies. To get started with, the group needed to effectively familiarise itself with the topic of study so as to effectively identify the main element aspects that would have to be explored. As known by McDaniel (1991, p, 28), description of the situation marks a substantial stage in research since it forms the foundation for successful completion of the study and eventual potential to react effectively to the study question. It had been therefore essential for the group to identify and define the situation effectively. The research question that this study designed to answer was "How has globalisation impacted on marketing strategies?" As an organization, we'd to familiarise ourselves with the subject of globalisation and exactly how it has impacted on marketing strategies. We'd to analyse the various trends in marketing strategies that had developed following starting point of globalisation in order to look for the most recent fads which would fit flawlessly into the research. To be able to achieve this, there is need to consult various books, publications and web articles. It was only when we were clear about globalisation that people embarked on our research which required the recognition of how globalisation experienced impacted on marketing strategies

The second step after id of the study question was the willpower of the research design to be employed in conducting the study. This denoted the need for the recognition of the technique that the group would utilization in obtaining the relevant information for the research to be able to ensure that the outcome of the study was as expected. Consequently, the group made a decision to make use of secondary data which not only provided enough information regarding the subject matter but which also provided an easy and cheap method of data collection. The info would be from books, journals and web articles recognized from various libraries.

The third level in the study process was the actual collection of information about globalisation and its own effect on marketing strategies. The executing that the group required during this level was to list down various globalisation styles that were recorded in the recent past and thus form the basis for the study. This was followed by selection of the best issues to go after in explaining different changes witnessed in marketing strategies. It had been during this stage that people finalised the primary subject areas to be protected in the analysis and the sources of data were conclusively revealed. We then proceeded to acquire and track record the investigated information to be able to determine how globalisation had impacted on marketing strategies among companies surrounding the world. It had been noteworthy that globalisation experienced indeed transformed the business enterprise world and this firms weren't only likely to focus on their regions of procedure but also seek to be competitive globally. It is because opponents could be from all over the world, given the increased flexibility of trade which allowed companies to export their products from one country to the other. The need for ambitious marketing was therefore visible with the rise of globalisation; hence the key reason why marketing strategies were changing at a significantly higher rate. From the available books, publications and web articles, the group was able to identify the various tendencies in globalisation and therefore interconnect those to the rapidly expanding marketing strategies aimed at obtaining the best results for the study.

The next step was to embark on the research of data in order to determine the best and most relevant information to be contained in the final research paper. This included the consolidation of information that contains identical or close view to be able to ensure that the most relevant information was included into the last paper. The group's purpose was to ensure desired response towards the research question was achieved and that the newspaper eventually established the changing tendency in marketing strategies pursuing continued advancement in globalisation. There is therefore a substantial need to exercise a higher level of extreme caution in the examination of data because this to a big extent determined the ultimate outcome of the study. Furthermore, it dictated the course that the study would take and the eventual success of the required outcome.

The final level in the research process was the presentation of our conclusions in the form of a research paper. This was the newspaper that readers could use to obtain thorough information on the subject of study our group had picked. Accordingly, the stage involved ensuring rational display of ideas in the newspaper so as to ensure that these were coherent enough for potential users to comprehend. Matching to Southwick (2004, p. 18), it is imperative to ensure that the results of the study are presented highly specific manner in order to ensure that the visitors have the ability to understand the findings effortlessly. This marked the climax of the group work and it was stimulating to not how far we'd come and the fact that we experienced finally achieved what we'd been desiring. Having finalized this, we have now had a complete report on the determined theme and were prepared to present the study paper because of this course module.

The achievement of the aforementioned objectives consisted of many activities and lessons for the group; with new aspects in the research process growing every day. Decision making was not as easy as specific decision making because there was need to check with and consequently set up the best option with respect to the views of the group. In this respect, sometimes it would seem as though simple techniques were taking too much time to complete, yet there is need to check with and brainstorm to be able to create the best answers to improve the success of the research process. A significant level of matter was on the area to be dedicated to various subtopics and which ones carried more excess weight so far as the issue of globalisation was worried. We eventually arranged that giving equivalent number word matter for every subtopic would only lead to irrelevant information regarding certain subject areas which did not carry a great deal weight in the research. It had been therefore made the decision that the number of words in each section would depend on the quantity of information that was available and the initial features that would have to be taken to attention in the study.

Besides the id of the main topics to be protected in the study, the literature review formed a fascinating area of the paper and essentially used a significant timeframe during the research process. It is because various aspects within the books review resulted in the discovery of several other globalisation aspects and it was extremely difficult to ascertain which details relating to the record and those to leave out. Accordingly, books review took a significant amount of time to eventually finalise as the group customers sought to determine the most crucial aspects to be created into the newspaper. It can be founded that the expansive books review played a significant role in discovering the most relevant matters as far as the impact of globalisation and market strategies are worried.

Personal sentiments and learning experiences

Personally, there is a great deal of learning facilitated by certain requirements of the study newspaper and group involvement in the conclusion of this research. It really is my notion that the research will be of great importance to future studies. This is because a significant quantity of issues are determined and these portray the speedily changing business environment where globalisation has impacted on business procedures to a significant level. At a certain point through the research however, I doubted whether all the areas of marketing strategies identified could be offered in the paper without rendering it sound too general. I had been however convinced that each of the factors needed to be discussed since it played an critical role in the changes being observed in the business world.

The way various portions in the paper were handled offered the impression that some received better attention than others. Furthermore, there was relevant information on each one of the identified factors. It had been however significant that recent tendencies deserved more attention in the paper because these were likely to catch more attention from viewers. This is because these were already acquainted with the elderly factors plus they would become more interested in gaining knowledge that was fresh and interesting. Accordingly, giving such issues more attention increased the worthiness of the newspaper and its value to the business enterprise and educational worlds. There are other troubles that emerged through the research process and it was apparent that my views differed significantly from those of my colleagues. To be able to deal with this, I discovered how to pay attention also to always consult because this is the only way of ensuring effective communication and improving a desirable outcome.

Learning experiences from group dynamics

Group dynamics are highly essential in enhancing the success of the group. This is because group associates can utilise the many strengths that they own in improving the group while complimenting the weaknesses within the group. Group associates can contribute their skills and knowledge in improving the achievement of the group's aims. During the research, it was interesting to cooperate with group associates, share obligations and assist the other person in areas that people found difficult. This was especially useful during the initial phases of the study whereby the contribution of participants towards selecting relevant topics to pursue was highly relevant. Most importantly, the collection of data was very easy because we effectively divided responsibilities among ourselves and then came back mutually to compile the record.

Group work could however jeopardise the accomplishment of the research aims if the participants are not ready to cooperate and admit others from time to time. It's important to notice that one's view cannot be considered each time and that we now have instances when other people' views are considered more lucrative. The capability to allow such realities through getting up during brainstorming is therefore very important in boosting group work. Further, each group member should be able to cooperate with other group members to be able to ensure that the normal goal in the group is achieved. This to a substantial level establishes the eventual results of the research because the type of group users matter significantly. Group work helped use to realize our advantages and weaknesses and so played an very important role in the eventual result of the study.

Lessons and future implications

The subject of globalisation is highly vibrant and the trick towards acquiring the most relevant information lies in the capability to obtain the latest books on globalisation. This necessitates vast reading and research in order to look for the most relevant movements relating to a globalisation analysis. In such a research for example, it was important to notice the significant development in " new world " powers, changing customer preferences and the recognition of internet marketing among other factors in the modern-day business world. Capability to keep up with the trends takes on a substantial role in improving the introduction of a comprehensive study.

The second lessons was at the substance of group work in the achievements of common objectives. Notably, there exists need to exercise a high degree of interdependence and also to ensure fair contribution of all group users. I learned that through seeing others, it is so much much easier to determine the most relevant information to use because it offers an opportunity to think about the many views shown by group participants.

It is important to anticipate challenges instead of having a restricted view on the research process. This is because as people start working on the task, the procedure may initially appear easy since it is merely a subject of answering the research question. However, problems have a tendency to emerge on the way and the group associates must maintain a position to cope with such challenges in order to eventually achieve the set in place objectives. Types of challenges that groups will come across include conflicting time schedules that limit meetings and limited cooperation from customers at certain points through the research process that could highly impact on the outcome. Inability to acknowledge common targets and self-justification may possibly also damage the group's ability to attain the set targets.

We recognized a self-damaging aspect known as procrastination which must be avoided whenever you can in order to market efficiency. Procrastination identifies frequent postponing of issues because of the impression that there is still time to complete the work with time. This however works to one's downside because it contributes to hurrying at the last minute when the newspaper must have been completed as early as possible. It should thus be averted in order to ensure that the assignment is completed in time and therefore offer additional time for revision and modification of the final research paper.


A advanced of satisfaction was produced from the completion of this research and the experience gained was very valuable to the group. It was interesting to obtain various skills and knowledge in performing research also to explore the impact of globalisation on marketing strategies. Like any other research process, there are always a great number of lessons to be discovered from group dynamics and the need to effectively concentrate on the analysis.

The conclusion of the research culminates in a thorough report covering the growing styles in globalisation with regards to marketing strategies. It really is established that a significant number of changes have been saved and this marketing strategies are significantly different from just how they used to be prior to the starting point of globalisation. Developing trends are determined and it can be set up that globalisation has enjoyed the role of creating a borderless world which makes marketing strategies far better in delivering the intended information globally. The entire experience on paper the paper therefore helped the group in obtaining valuable home elevators the identified issue.

Completing the research paper effectively however was not without its difficulties. There was a lot to learn especially in the need to work together as a team also to use the abilities possessed by each group member for the good thing about the group. The necessity for objective reasoning was plainly shown as various decisions had to be made at various phases of writing the paper. For example the identification of the best approach to take for the paper, the necessity to avoid ambiguous observations and generalisations and the need to remain focused in order to create a conclusive research. The procedure seemed complicated and conclusion of the paper was confronted by various challenges that the group had to endure as a means of improving successful conclusion of the newspaper. How the group eventually managed to complete the whole project however seems to be the greatest success since it symbolises great power and potential to sort out challenges to create a highly useful piece of research.

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