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Ender and Valentine

Ender and Valentine

Relations are really important to own in life, as it lets you share your daily life with someone. Without relations a person does not have an identity and becomes very lonesome. In the booklet Ender's Game by Orson Scott Greeting card, a tale has been informed about a young man known as Andrew Wiggin a. k. a. Ender. Being a third child wasn't possible for Ender, because people around him always misunderstood or underestimated him, which caused problems in his human relationships. In these situations, his sister, Valentine, was the only one who supported him. Through the entire book he experienced many problems, mainly isolation. Nowadays he would look up to no person but her sister. Valentine always reinforced, cared and fought for Ender, and that is what made their relationship grow much better.

Since Valentine cares for Ender very much, she functions like Ender's mom throughout the publication. Whenever there's a battle between Ender and Peter, his older sibling, Valentine is the one who brings the battle to a finish as being a mother. Everyone in the novel believes that Valentine is the caretaker of Ender since when Ender gets his screen removed, Valentine acts as his monitor. Valentine protects Ender from Peter by being Ender's shadow. Realizing this tendencies, Peter threatens Valentine, "You are his mother now, you better watch him, day and night. You better be there. " (Credit card 13) This landscape takes place in chapter 2, when Peter, Ender and Valentine are doing offers and Peter is better than up Ender. Valentine always backed and fought for Ender. She actually is the only person Ender was related to.

But their romance becomes weaker when Ender decides to go to the battle university. The distance between globe and the battle college was now obvious in Ender's and Valentine's romantic relationship. This distance in their marriage, on the smart area, was a good idea because it helps Ender focus at battle university and make it to the command word fleet. Valentine was never able to forget Ender and therefore writes letters to him every time. She celebrates Ender's birthdays simply by herself. This proves her one hundred percent determination towards their relationship. On the other hand, Ender little known about his sister didn't think about Valentine very much. Due to his own problems at the fight university, he couldn't write back words. Few years' moves, they see the other person again. This is when Ender is sent to globe for his getaway. While in the lake discussing their years as a child, Valentine questions Ender, "So we're strangers now? (Card 235)" Ender answers, "Aren't we, Valentine? (Credit card 235)" They can be completely unacquainted with each other's lives nonetheless they still keep in mind their childhood. This is actually the beauty of Ender's and Valentine's romance. Over time spent together these were closer than before.

Since Ender see's Valentine as his caretaker he obeys her and profits to the struggle school. The gap in their relationship once again raises until the devastation of the buggers. Valentine towards the end gets very manipulative towards Ender and their romantic relationship, "I really know what you're pondering, Ender you're convinced that I'm trying to control you just up to Peter or Graff or any others. (Credit card 280)" This picture occurs when Ender is done with bugger world and wishes to go back to the earth, but Valentine won't go because Peter was now in charge of the planet earth. Valentine realized that she'd never see Ender again, if Ender visited the Earth and she went to the first colony. So in retrospect she tries to influence Ender to remain with her. This proves that she really cares about her little brother and loves him dearly. Valentine is also very cunning and manipulative like Peter. She will try showing Ender that she is not handling, but she actually is. Due to Ender's compassion for people, Valentine needs Ender to be with her permanently after the destruction of bugger world.

After obtaining bugger queen, Ender decides to create a book predicated on the story said by the bugger queen. Ender acquired full support of Valentine in posting Loudspeaker of the useless. She helped him advise people of globe that buggers weren't really harmful.

Valentine takes on a very important character when it comes to Ender and his romantic relationship, because Ender always obeys her. Valentine is the sole person Ender has a good marriage with. The fluctuations always arise in a relationship, but that's what made their romantic relationship grow stronger. Aiding one another was the key factor in their relationship. In this manner Ender and Valentine's romance survives through the road blocks.

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