Equal Rights For The Children Young People Essay

A kid's youth should be filled up with happy moments, laughter and lovely toys and games, not memories that make one shudder even at the idea of it. Being a child shouldn't be a painful quest. In the end, children are equal holders of individuals rights plus they shouldn't be denied a protected climate to develop and mature. However, many adults have failed to see the value of making sure the well-being of these young innocent kids. Every single day, almost five children pass away consequently of child mistreatment and at least one statement of child maltreatment is manufactured every ten mere seconds ("National"). Child mistreatment may take the form of physical, erotic, emotional or neglect, with physical misuse being the most typical ("Child"). The incidence of parents and other guardians consciously, or even willfully, harming the kids they're said to be nurturing is a miserable fact of individual society that slashes across all edges of ethnicity and class (Joseph). It's about time for us to dig deep into the roots of the evil to check out solutions to combat the issue, before it is constantly on the bring detrimental effects to both the abused victims, and also, the modern culture.

Behind any action, there's always a purpose or reason. Same goes to child misuse. Child maltreatment is induced by many factors. Relating to Dr. Joel Akande, among all the contributing factors, insufficient insight is the main culprit. Child abusers shortage insight into the value of the kids and this causes intimate, verbal or physical exploitation of these kids (Akande). This may be due to the fact that the children are unwanted from unplanned being pregnant or they might be physically or mentally impaired (Akande). When these adults are engulfed in stress or anger, children become their easy focuses on as they are vulnerable objects. If they were to value their valuable kids dearly, they might always place the children's contentment as their maximum priority. A liable parent will attempt his absolute best to safeguard his child from any form of hazard at all times. After that, some caregivers lack parenting skills plus they might have unrealistic prospects about child health care (Saisan et. al). Child care is a daunting task, especially for working adults who have the heavy obligations to juggle between profession and family. Without necessary parenting skills and support from others, caring for a child can be very stressful. Caregivers who cannot handle child health care stress have a tendency to misuse their children as an store of their feelings (Gibson). They unleash their anger on the children to make themselves feel better as they have got little control over their own thoughts. That is especially noticeable in teenage parents who've unrealistic and immature anticipations about how precisely much care infants and small children need (Saisan et. al). Also, parents under the power of drugs and alcohol can be abusive and easily overlook their children (Gibson). Drugs and alcohol abuse increases the likelihood of assault, because it inhibits communication among members of the family and abusers have lower skills in handling their conducts (Miller et. al 357). Underestimation of the results of violence takes place at the same time because of this of interference with the mind centers that control socially undesirable behaviors when parents abuse alcohol and drugs (Miller et. al). They lose their ability to judge what's right or incorrect when they aren't sober. Parents who come home drunk or on top of drugs are unable to take good care of the children, make good judgments and have control over often-dangerous compulsions (Saisan et. al). The neglected children tend to be still left to fend for themselves and scavenge because of their basic needs such as food under such harsh environment.

Herbert Ward once said, "Child mistreatment casts a shadow the distance of a lifetime". Indeed, it holds true that child mistreatment leaves deep and long-lasting impacts on the victims, be it physically or emotionally. Physical abuse leaves visible indicators, such as repeated physical injuries or unexplained bruises, reductions and wounds. This is often done by slapping, spanking and caning by the caregivers. Some could even vacation resort to harsher means such as using hot flat iron and leather belt to harm their children. The visible physical marks and wounds will repair someday, but the emotional scarring will be inlayed deep down in the children's hearts throughout their lives. Victims of violence may face trouble producing self-confidence and a sense of self in them (Saisan et. al). It is difficult to triumph over the core thoughts to be worthless and hopeless, if a child is being consistently told that he's good for nothing since young (Saisan et. al). They no longer assume that they worth more or stand a place in the world. Abused children also cannot regulate and point out their thoughts effectively, in turn contributes to unexplained anxiety, melancholy and anger in adult survivors of abuse (Saisan et. al). In addition, child misuse is a vicious cycle. Based on a books review, Kaufman and Zigler have approximated that inter-generational transmission rate of child maltreatment is approximately thirty percent (186). This indicates that three out of ten people who were neglected in years as a child will abuse their own children in the future (Kaufman and Zigler 186). They will increase their children in the manner they have observed as a child, repeating the awful cycle unconsciously. This triggers unfavorable results to the world all together, as the future leaders of tomorrow aren't empowered to fulfill their potential as productive humans, said Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the perfect minister's better half of Malaysia ("Getting").

Hence, it is vital to put a halt to this terrible string of maltreatment. First things first, caregivers need to be prepared with good parenting skills which is vital to be emotionally prepared for all the child care stress and troubles that follow. Parents should established realistic anticipations of what children are designed for at certain periods of development as it can help avoid frustrations and anger at normal child patterns (Saisan et. al). Psychological control and producing emotional intelligence is equally critical particularly when one must deal with children with special needs. Modern culture has a pivotal role to learn in combating this issue as well. The frame of mind of not attempting to encroach into other's lives should be discarded. One should not be hesitant to produce a report to the expert if a child is suspected being abused by his caregivers. World must realize that a small work of kindness can actually bring light in to the darkness of the child's life. The sooner the victims get help, the bigger chance they have to get over the abuse and not perpetuate the vicious cycle ("Child").

"Truly, when there is evil nowadays, it lies within the center of mankind", quoted Yoshiharu Gotanda. Well alert to the detrimental effects of child mistreatment, we can choose to make or break the lives of these innocent children. The power is definitely in our hands to get rid of the pain and screams to them. We will be the cause, as well as the solution. It is our responsibility as a nurturing member of culture to bring wish to their lives and make sure they are believe once again, that the entire world is colorful and life is beautiful. It generally does not take much to produce a difference in a child's life. Overall, child abuse is usually to be eradicated, and not inherited.

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