Evaluation of three connection style theories

An emotional attachment bond or security, treatment, comfort and pleasure is engaged. John bowlby which said connection connection theory proposes the idea of emotional connectedness between humans which exist in a permanent, according to him can be an evolutionary component. You start with your mother or good care giver bonds developed by children is a wonderful impact that continues throughout life and even children, AOS will probably exist. Connection to the emotional connection and a safe break free through security provide the basis to explore the world must be inspired. The success of the caregiver's attachment bond to learn and the baby's physical and emotional needs, depending on response skills. When caregiver and child have with each other, make a secure attachment. The child feels secure understanding that caregiver or mother will be there when needed. It's establishments after the very sensitive period, children raised in the first connection relationship can develop, through education, but was found with increased difficulty.

Bowlby's attachment theory Facilities

Monotropy - kids usually only form a solid connection to the mother during the early years of life to the connection forms. In the event the attachment is not from time 3, it is too late, after six months. Secure major caregiver / mom connection to positive sociable, career, logical and psychological development is essential. Once the attachment in case disturbed, the child's public, logical and emotional development will have serious effects. Mom lacks serious destruction are being developed that split the kid from the mom in childhood, can cause future tendencies is brought on by AOS. Critical period between 6 months and 24 months, when it is important to be with child care giver. Connection styles, many behavioral systems theory, part which human passion, dread, discovery, peer affiliation and sex adjust focus. Connection well bring about a person's patterns to realize and keep another other closely defined as any form. Major caregiver stress regulating the source of infants, have a sense of security. Intermediate reflector attachment theory, and children, AOS and the child's mind as intermediaries parent centered on the role of the parents assume that their interior experience AOS ways to be based upon their emotional says in response to a process often referred to secure basic / safe haven as work. Stressed about parent-child marriage in risk and security, dedicated to interest and the emotions of the motif of self-links are molded. These interior working types of attachment as the network is envisaged. Quality patterns of relationship within the family functioning, caregiving AOS-attachment to the system is unsafe, safe business lead, and ugly habits of connection. These discursive patterns uncomfortable position research process, that have been used to discovering young children are believed, AOS tendencies and different back regarding his or her major caregiver to get. Signified in the child's attachment patterns, AOS basic self-other romance models of working. Secure attachment affected cooperative regulation, the labeling determined simple and examination of psychological and intentional says in self as well as others, known as a reflective function or efficiency are advertised by metallisation. Affects the validity of the as energetic, to practice virtue alone and other infrastructure is important to comprehend the behavior. An activity for the child through his or meaningful self-states as it comes to identifying mental expresses influence parents and marking displays. Safe for children fashionable use cognitive strategies to fit their fear of separation and damage are able to solve. Unexpectedly when parents are unavailable or unusual, the child develops a two insecure attachment purchased routine: avoidant or ambivalent-resistant. These protective strategies or extreme activation or deactivation of the connection system is included. Deactivation to prevent caregiver and psychological detachment is known as by. In outcome, avoidant child to a stop thoughts and emotions that normally stimulate the system rejects the attachment system does. Activation over the caught uncertain, hesitant with caregiver nervousness and negative thoughts, mainly with anger is installed. However, avoidant child in common with, ambivalent status of the child is cognitively different emotions that cause stress. Focus on the problem generally, and child good care giver attachment relationship, mainly a potential way of producing child focus on an array. Attachment disruption of the adaptive performing of a series of deviations from the child gradually moves forward is the effect. Cumulative stress child abuse and child development, beliefs, identification and sense of work to inhibit AOS and dangerous and beneficial effect on the emerging personality. In a nutshell, an interior working types of early attachment connections in later life psychopathology, the tendencies of violent, hazardous and self-destructive forms can include offers for the style. Connection theory, security is the main reason for the legislation of emotions. The distance to the primary mechanism regulating emotions and thoughts associated with stress and connection are self-defensive outs. Damage mistreatment, severe parent-child as early on trauma and disregard enthusiasm, empathy and affect legislation as a bargain brokered by the mind works. An attachment theory perspective, connection patterns are arranged and implicit storage in the system as stored in normalized relational habits. These cognitive - stimulate inner working models and mediating how we think to ourselves, others and connections as we feel about the development is seen as are envisaged. To change and open new attachment revised in the light of experience, however, whether positive or negative, these non-conscious procedural model scripts, or schemas, that are reserved in early on stress and stress continue to guide, examine and anticipate attachment-related thoughts, emotions, understand the memory space through the system through the life routine and action. Psychopathology maladaptive interactional habits are seen largely by a build up of the type qualities and personality types and disorders in the results

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