Evidence about the asteroid theory


The reason for the case study is to research 'Performed a meteorite make the dinosaurs extinct'. These theories aren't exactly been justified. It really is an unsolved unknown nobody knows the reason and what caused the dinosaurs to be extinct.

A meteorite is a body of matter that grows to the earth's surface because it has not been warmed up by friction with the atmosphere. It is consisting of iron, stone or an assortment of both. Most meteorites are made as two asteroids are collided with the other person or fragments of asteroids and comets. Asteroids are medium sized rocks that orbit sunlight; Asteroids can be smaller than one-mile to almost 600 a long way. There are various asteroids in our solar system. The asteroid belt was created when the solar system was shaped and the asteroid belt is manufactured out of a cloud of dirt, glaciers and gas. THE PLANET EARTH orbits sunlight. The earth matches things in space like dust particles or items of rock broken off from asteroids. By the finish of the Cretaceous period 50% of all living things on the planet and in sea were destroyed. Dinosaurs had been living on the planet earth about 230 million years ago and they became extinct almost 65millionyearsago. Theirextinction hasconfused scientistsforyears. It damaged plant and family pets on land and in drinking water.

  • Somescientistsbelievethatdinosaursdiedinallatonce, inamass extinction.
  • AlargeasteroidorcometcrashedintoEarthandchangedtheclimate.
  • Anincreaseinvolcanicactivitycausedashand particles whichblockedthesun.
  • Diseaseswipedoutentirepopulationsofdinosaurs.
  • AsevereiceagecouldhavechangedtemperaturesandfrozenalotofEarth'swater.
  • The amount of earth's oxygen might have dropped which induced suffocation to the dinosaurs.
  • Mammals came up that ate dinosaur eggs.
  • An exploding start supernova might well have killed the dinosaurs.

Any of the theories could have been accountable for the extinction of dinosaurs; none of these theories have shown. The theory which includes the most evidence and has been approved by almost all of the geologists and scientist is the Asteroid theory.

Scientific Theories

There are two types of extinction theories: Gradual extinction and catastrophic extinction. Gradual extinction would have been like the changes in the earth's local climate. It could also have been because new pets achieved in the have difficulties and coped with all the current problems example mammals, etc. Theory described that mammals ate dinosaur's eggs. Catastrophic extinction would have caused the death of the dinosaurs suddenly, such as an asteroid striking the earth, or the eruption of volcanoes creating sudden fatality.

There were many ideas to show the way the dinosaurs were destroyed. The theories are not been declared yet. By far the most accepted theory is the Asteroid Theory. The first people who found this theory were Luis and Walter Alvarez in 1980. This theory clarifies that an asteroid strike or collided with the planet earth nearly 65 million years ago and this collision could have given off a whole lot dust in to the environment that sunlight rays wouldn't normally have the ability to enter or sparkle and plant life and family pets would perish. The dirt in the atmosphere could have obstructed sunlight for a long time triggering changes in temperature; the heat would get cooler and triggered severe interruption to photosynthesis. Dinosaurs could not adjust to the changes in local climate the occurred from this huge collision and for that reason they were not able to survive. Because vegetation energy originates from the sun, they might probably be influenced first by the changes in environment. Even though having this much support to the data a few geologists did not have confidence in the Asteroid Theory and asked to show the crater where in fact the meteorite must have fallen however the crater possessed buried in sediment. The elements were left out in lots of sums in the K-T part where the collision happened. The impact would have also created forest fires and long-term environmental changes. The speed of the asteroid would have been 100, 000 kilometres each hour approximately.

Another theory that shows the way the dinosaurs were wiped off is volcanic theory. The consequences of volcanic activity might well have caused much ash and gasses added to the atmosphere which then blocked sun rays and creating difficult conditions for dinosaurs. The amount of volcanic activity would likewise have given off greenhouse gasses which increased the Earth's heat range.

It in addition has been suggested a disease killed off of the dinosaurs. A very dangerous disease may have spread among all the dinosaurs creating them to be extinct. An illness might have wiped out all the dinosaurs if they had no get rid of, but the disease wouldn't kill off all the vegetation all around the earth.

Another theory is that the dinosaurs died during an snow age. During this time period periods, temperature ranges drop, cooler temperature ranges may have killed all the crops and dinosaurs. Researchers have not found any proof an ice get older that could have happened through the life of the dinosaurs.

A supernova explodes with a lot energy and can keep our sun using for vast amounts of years. A supernova is a celebrity that provides off large amounts of energy. The chance of a supernova to occur is almost one in a million. The increased amount of radiation from a supernova might well have afflicted the Earth's ozone coating.

Effects on Sea Life

The amount of oxygen in the seas could have lowered. Many sea creatures would have perished due to collapse of the food chain. There might have been a rise of acid rainfall. The Asteroid effected species both on sea and land.

Deflecting a meteorite

To collision can only just be prevented if we move the meteorite away or if the meteorite can put into small pieces so that they can burn up in the atmosphere by friction. The often maneuver around very fast which makes it difficult to deflect it. When the meteorite is broken you would be prepared to get many small stones intead of a huge meteorite, but some of the small rocks may brun up in the atmosphere which is better than having a more substantial meteorite hitting the earth and causing problems

A graph to make clear the extinction, climate and the amount of iridium

The weather is normal in the beginning of the Cretaceous period but through the end it eventually reduces and shows the data that environment change may have also caused the extinction. Cooler temperatures may have caused problems like the natural light would not have the ability to shine. The particles from the asteroid could have blocked sunlight.

The mass extinction shows the drop of the dinosaurs almost towards the end of the Cretaceous period and by the start of the tertiary period every one of the dinosaurs got vanished.

"The KT boundary sediments has high amount of aspect iridium shown, which is common in extraterrestrial material. "

Extraterrestrial material is a kind of material or subject that has fallen right out of the Earth or its atmosphere and comes onto the earth. The webpage will explain the data about both most turned out theory.

Evidence about the asteroid theory

The data to explain the asteroid theory is that a crater was then found at around 1990, 150 mls in diameter known as the Chicxulub crater which is located on the Yucatan peninsula. The crater was about 120 mile vast or across and 1 mile deep. Seismic monitoring equipment which is designed to hunt for olive oil learned the huge crater. The iridium part is what lead the Alvarez team at fault an asteroid collision for the extinction - asteroids and other extraterrestrial body are enriched with high levels of iridium than the Earth's crust The asteroid theory has gained more evidence than some other of the theories

Evidence against Asteroid theory

The Asteroid theory has proven more evidence than any other theory; there is still a challenge with the idea. Paleontologists have to find dinosaurs fossils related to the period of time of the impact plus some evidence explains that dinosaurs might have already been extinct before this impact. Actually dinosaurs have been declining slowly before the asteroid hit the planet earth. There have been a lot of mass extinctions in the past background and many large asteroid collisions. Despite the fact that there were several collisions they haven't brought on mass extinctions all around the world. The asteroid theory continues to be the most powerful theory to provide reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Some scientist consider this impact did not cause the extinction of all the dinosaurs and other animals, there could have been several collisions.

Evidence to volcanic activity

The dinosaurs may have died because of a volcano. A research explains that a volcano erupted in India.

The researcher said: "Now we find that another catastrophe, which is Deccan Volcanism, which has not got much attention paid to it, may be the real culprit. Volcanic eruptions on India's Deccan plateau between 63 and 67 million years back spewed large sums of sulfur dioxide in to the air for about 10, 000 years"

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