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Evolution of any office Worker Role

Office is where people carry out the daily work of their businesses. All of the work is done by the support of management guidelines and co-ordinate the role of various department and areas. Office is the main part of the business. Because office supplies the base to the business. It really is where all the administrative work of the organization carried out. Employees can meet face to face, to allow them to enjoy professional and public interactions during their work. To do their work requires appropriate environment and superior technologies.

Now in modern world due to the rapid expansion of solutions significantly effected on office workplace. As computer systems replace the typewriter, servers changed the bulk data files, punching machine/greeting card machine replaces the huge register, email and tone of voice mail eliminates stackable "inbox" and cell phone massage slips and many more. In other word we can say that the technical innovations bring the "evolution to the role of workers in offices".

roles of office workers

An over view of the past

"The locally driven American economy of the early 1800s didn't need office buildings as we realize them today. Business was run then much as it had been run for half a millennium. Goods were made, transferred, and sold. With the help of a few clerks, stores ran their small companies as family businesses. " (education, 1998). As the article says in earlier days and nights the organizations are too small and incredibly difficult to keep the administrative works. Due to the accessories and technologies found in those days. In those times work place is not adaptable as today. Because in start office means a secretary and a clerk. They'll carry out their work in a little room. They'll do all the works by hands. Eg: writing letters and documents through palm, keeping financial information in huge log books, to keep all business documents in huge data.

2. 2 factors enforcing to evolution

In early 1800s enough time offices were born they use very limited equipments and technology in their work. They use typewriters as main equipment in office to handle the administrative works like planning documents and words. But this type writer brings much more easer to do the task in the organizations and administration offices. Since it is more suitable way to type a long business document somewhat than in physical form writing though the hands. A lot of the organization started using it when the idea of "clinical management" developed in the 1880s. During these days and nights most the clerical works are involved with typewriters. And they're specialized in keying in trough typewriters.

Telephone brings an development to just how of communication. "Since the telephone was initially shown in 1876, it includes changed into a essential marketing communications tool, providing the gateway to the world of computer technology and information exchange. " (education, office equipment, 1998). Business business started out using telephones to get hold of with the suppliers. It found more suitable way to send note than sending announcements through hand or in email.

Facsimile or fax machine was invented in 1842. It delivers a photocopy to some other fax machine through phone cable. It really is highly used before email was developed 1843 to 1990. However in this current also fax machine is use by some organizations. Computer is the most crucial equipment in the office today. "It really is hard to assume performing business without pcs. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people employed in office buildings and homes around the world depend on computer technology to do their careers efficiently and financially. " (office equipment, 1998). In every single work place we can easily see patterns of pcs in all departments. But why? It has a valued reason because in present information age group all the work office workers in every department is engaged with computer and computer software's. And largely all the present day technologies used in office buildings are under computer control. Eg: accounts section use special software to carry out their work, punching machine found in offices to recognise the register of uses is associated with computer systems in hr team. Computer play biggest role in advancement of office work.

"Once the internet and INTERNET burst upon American since in the early 1990's, this new form of digital telecommunication pressured me to rethink the partnership of information technologies to corporation. " (Foutain). Internet brings office work more easily done effectively. As it help find more info about the business environment and opponents. And it can help to communicate across the world more easily and fastly at cheaper price. INTERNET or internet is using atlanta divorce attorneys corporation today. Through web pages people can talk about the info to world. And anyone who wants to advertise the merchandise can advertise through web pages.

An email is web based mails during that allows sending data files or communication to anyone round the world from computer which is connected to the internet. Now in this present day most of the organizations depend on email to talk to suppliers, customers and between departments.

Punching machines is employed in offices to keep the registers of staff in office. Every employee need to place his / her fingerprint on that machine when he or she arrives to any office. So the machine will are accountable to the hr department's computer through sophisticated software so hr people can understand who are late to the office and who's not arriving to office. Then hr manager can talk to employs who are duplicating the same miscalculation. Because of the invention of punching machine it build a lot simpler to human resource division. Because it eradicates the huge register which is manage physically by hand.

"Generally in most office buildings of the 1990s, personal computers are linked to an added through internal--and often external--networks. This "networking" allows employees to gather information from a vast array of outdoor sources (specially the INTERNET) and discuss it quickly using their colleagues, outside business lovers, and customers. " (education, computer sites, 1998). Intranet or computer network in office is very common technology found in big organizations as to communicate between various departments. It really is a privateness network which other outside users can't enter. It brings a fairly easy and comfortable method of communication to any office workers.

Global Vs local

Globally the majority of the organizations are adept to new solutions and changes in their office environment as well regarding the work. There are using the modern technology to raise the work speed and to increase their productivity. Some international developing companies have mentioned doing their own studies through research and development department by using modern technology to invent new means of creation and new technology. Nowadays the office environment also has been changed from privet cabins to the open floor to be able to create a better environment where all the staff can enjoy cultural and professional relationship. Aswell as they can share ideas and knowledge. So that it really helps to new inventions and new ideas. Because of open office environment seems more equality as professionals and CEOs are working using their staffs. So that it helps professionals to supervise and organize the works of staffs. "The 1990s work area has become trim and mean, deciding on smaller and less private places and more powerful, flexible technology. The wall space are tumbling down: Professionals and even some CEOs who once presided over their employees in large, private, wood-paneled offices have moved onto "the ground, " becoming a member of their subordinates in a maze of cubicles designed to foster equality, increased communication, and teamwork. " (education, offices today, 1998).

Due to the progression of office work Maldivian organizations likewise have been began using the present day sophisticated technologies. And discover easy and simple ways to the staff, and increase their productivity. A lot of the privet offices are employing latest technologies like punching machines as a register and CCTV surveillance cameras as security systems and much modern software's to do the administrative works. The new government of Maldives is also putting into action modern technology to the federal government offices. And the chief executive also advising to utilize modern sophisticated technologies which are more surroundings friendly.


Technologies will change as the globe is certainly going on at the same time the role of office workers will change and it'll be much more easily in future than technologies which we live experiencing today. When we are talking about the modern systems mean time we have to think about changes and new ways to do works. In other words we can say try to innovate our self's. We must get experience from old technologies and try to develop new ones.

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