External factors that impact Intel Ireland

Economic factors have an impact on financial costs incurred by capital lending options and exchange rates will have an effect on costs of exporting and supply of brought in goods. Public factors make a difference consumer demand for products and can effect Intel's workforce strategy based on culture and time. Other costs within Ireland (e. g. Labour, energy, construction and services) are high in comparison with other Intel facilities therefore creating an uncompetitive cost platform for Intel Ireland. Jim O'Hara of Intel Ireland explained in August 2009 that 'energy costs were much like other Intel facilities in 1989 and increased to doubly much before recent price cuts. '

Ireland's labour market and its standard of knowledge have helped to create a successful facility in Lexlip over the last 20 years; can be basically related to the educational level of the Irish labour market. However with strong competition from lower cost manufacturers hence, it is necessary to check out higher valued work utilising the smart overall economy. Jim O'Hara mentioned that "it is obvious that we must have a world-class, digitally connected education system and a coherent strategy that maps across all four degrees of education and beyond into lifelong learning"

The biggest competition within Intel should come from the fab center currently under construction in China that is expected to come on stream in 2010 2010. This service will have making limitations scheduled to US proprietary laws and regulations and with competition also via builder companies (e. g. Taiwan Semi Conductor Mfg Co. ), signifies that it is sometimes cheaper to make lower technology products in the Far East. Therefore Intel Ireland must show the capability to compete not just on basic labour costs, but also productivity and quality. Intel were severely fined for their monopoly hyperlink with Microsoft via an EU anti-monopoly ruling that may provide Intel's main rival AMD processors with easier usage of the Laptop or computer market. New strategies for ensuring that Intel products continue to be the "chip of preference" for PC manufacturers should be employed.

EU & Government regulations, financial and environmental guidelines have serious affect over the procedure and cost of businesses. Ireland's low organization duty has helped to make Intel Ireland more competitive but with the deepening centralisation of the EU post-Lisbon treaty and claims made by bigger EU nations, it is possible that this duty will be evaluated as an anti competitive EU subsidy. Government authorities are also accountable for legal plans on consumer legislations, employment legislation and health insurance and safety law all of which Intel must apply to their business. These issues may drive up the price platform of Intel, further eroding success and competitiveness

Technological advances can only just be achieved through research and development which provides opportunities to develop services and reduce costs through increased quality, automation and technology. Intel Ireland should ensure that their facility is effective as this will affect decisions by corporate and business headquarters on outsourcing of work. Intel Ireland should constantly spend money on research and development to accomplish these technical breakthroughs to be able to remain competitive within the Intel network. It is important to remember that all of the factors stated that make a difference Intel's business strategy are interrelated.

Q. 2 Go for two of these external factors and examine how they will also be important in shaping HRM useful strategy and coverage selections within that timeframe.

Social and economic conditions

Jim O'Hara talks about that the existing financial downturn 'has already accelerated the demise of older products that may have lasted for quite a while much longer' and has resulted with the announcement of 300 compulsory redundancies. Increasing energy costs, local rates & services, labour conditions, taxes, local and national government regulations will require Intel Ireland to show that it's cost effective compared to others in the Intel network in order to accomplish new investment and business. Intel Ireland have no unions and is convinced its comprehensive reimbursement and benefits offer was created to attract, hold on to, and reward the folks essential to create permanent growth and success.

HRM would generally concentrate on creating more effective and innovative staff who produce more productivity without significantly increasing costs. HR should also focus on generating revenue alternatively strategy. Short-term cost savings may be accomplished by implementing plans like a hiring freeze, obligatory vacation, reducing pay & overtime, short-term shutdowns and looking for cost decrease ideas from employees. Long run policies will demand either voluntary or compulsory redundancies for those no longer required and should be carried out within an extremely reasonable and respectful manner.

Generating revenue may be accomplished through insurance policies by enhancing their current workforce to perform higher value work by growing skills required to meet future needs through training, redeployment, increased utilisation or advantages of new work concepts (e. g. Trim Management). A lot of the cost reduction benefits are because of this of the failure of effective HRM or poor market conditions. This involves senior management to set short term options and explain why these procedures must happen in order to prevent future layoffs. HR should communicate and execute effectively these cost reduction methods & policies.


Intel's competitive strategy will be influenced by financial conditions, industry structure, its cost edge, its market and its overall business operation. Developing in Intel Ireland in recent years has been heavily driven by low fat manufacturing models; it has enabled those to evaluate its wafer cost that can be easily compared to other Intel sites. Trim principals involve optimising human work, lowering capital investment, minimizing inventories and lowering the time to provide. Joe Foley director of Intel Fab procedures points out that "What slim teaches you is if you lessen your setup times and waste products, that reduces costs and you can provide customers better. Five years back it needed us 14 weeks to introduce a fresh chip in our factory: now it takes 10 days. We were the first Intel factory to achieve these times using lean key points. "

Intel are supported by its research and development division providing a fresh generation of products which will involve new technology and that may require a huge degree of commercial ethnical change within its current workforce. This will result in the necessity to accelerate recruiting of new skills and spend heavily in retraining and redeployment in order to meet this competitive problem. Therefore Performance management, payment, training and development & career management should be aligned with Intel's HR strategy. Performance culture strategy assumes the duty for shifting the entire corporate and business culture so that each facet of it reinforces performances and results with the web result, is that excellent people tactics becomes a sustainable competitive advantage.

Q. 3 Internal factors that you believe relevant in shaping HR functional strategy and HR policy.

Intel Irelands success has been attained by extended investment in research & development, strong corporate culture, low priced structure, excellent worker conditions reinforced by strong links with educational physiques. Intel Ireland has spent over one billion in education during the last 10 years worldwide. If the federal government reduce educational support to 3rd/4th level, we have to question the influences this will have on the stream of educated graduates and in times of cost reductions will Intel pay more for interior education of personnel?

HR is a support function which will come under great pressure to reduce its costs since it is better to cut an in-direct varying cost. A whole lot of HR functions such as payroll and payment benefits groups are being contracted out to outdoors distributors and consolidated into solitary sites. Intel Ireland should turn to position itself as the EMEA (European countries Middle East Asia) headquarters for some of the HR functions to keep its position within Intel. Intel have already created a web portal that empowered employees giving them control of information they needed, direct access to and responsibility for certain content and making them more do it yourself reliant. Intel integrated the required activities to operate a vehicle this behavioral change.

Redundancies have took place over the last few years with employees taking voluntary redundancy aside from recent announcements. Outcome ramifications of redundancies are a turnover of employees, lack of morale, insufficient desire & low staff approval. Intel's Hr strategy should concentrate on how they lose these people from the company without any lack of skill while preserving enthusiasm and self-assurance of existing employees. As people leave and are not replaced, staying employees should become more versatile and take on more responsibility. A feature of the strategy is the fact that responsibility for a number of HR activity will be contained by front range management. HR can perform an assessment of required changes based on information provided by managers and evaluate to see if indeed they have people, technology, skills and resources to meet ongoing and future requirements.

HR strategy will include a policy on Knowledge retention and answer questions on, how do you retain the knowledge as lacking any extra cost? How will you control the non performers to ensure many people are actively adding? HR will need to communicate clearly the employees' tasks and tasks and implement a highly effective training and education program so that targets of Intel Ireland are achieved. This will require to be continually challenging employees to innovate and create value in their work. All of these items can be measured & specific performance is achieved through the total annual review process.

Intel should examine the internal monetary stresses created by high competitive costs in Ireland e. g. Wage costs, HRM efficient strategy can have an impact on cost through its remuneration program, coverage development, staffing program, re-location programs, training and development programs. There's a link between specific performance and the rewards and acknowledgement that the average person receives. This involves Intel to truly have a collection of financial and non-financial mechanisms that can vary for individuals and work groupings which is often used to compensate, recognize the individual's achievements and performance in a steady and timely manner. A performance system won't work, unless it is flexible to meet Intel's requirements whilst left over true to accepted and steady rules of performance analysis. Identify under-performance and clarify clearly the reasons for under performance to these individuals and provide the required resources to assist them in bettering their situation and performance.

Fact founded decision making strategy which makes HR more methodical by using steps, analytics and metrics. The goal is to consistently improve everything done in HR through the most up to date and intelligent use of data. Make sure that recognition and financial rewards for employees and mangers are linked with their contribution to tactical goal. HR must develop requirements for selecting, promoting and retention to ensure all new hires have skills and experience in line with strategic goals. Use internal changes carefully and understanding to ensure that it has a positive benefit on employee in order that they recognize that their pursuits are best dished up by Intel Irelands success in achieving its goals. HR strategy must be effective in all its activities including work practices and regulations while keeping in line with Intel's principles.

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