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Factors Impacting on the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

When think of the hospitality industry, normally we will think of restaurants and hotels. At that time, the term of hospitality industry has a much broader meaning. Relating to Oxford English Dictionary, hospitality is means the reception and entertainment of customers, strangers and visitors with liberality and good will. The term of hospitality comes from hospice, a medieval 'house of recovery' for travelers and pilgrims. A hospice was also an early from medical home, and the term is obviously related to hospital. Besides that, hospitality also identifies other styles of institutions that provide shelter or food or both to person from their house. These kinds of institutions have significantly more than a common historical heritage. Moreover, in addition they show the management problem of providing food and shelter, example like: erecting a building; getting ready and providing food in a good will; providing temperature, light, and vitality; and cleaning and preserving the premises. When customers stay in a hotel or dine in a restaurant, they hope that all of the problem can be done with liberality and good will, nonetheless they can also rightfully expect the same treatment from the eating office in a healthcare service or from a university lunch program. In additional, as an effective manger in the hospitality industry, they need to display many skills and command much customized knowledge, such like, a manger would like to make things for the guests. Food has to be savory and hot or frosty according to design and delivery it promptly. The rooms must be clean and the bedrooms should be made. A hospitality system includes many works, and the manger must see that it is done.

Answer of Question 1

What is hospitality industry? Finding one all - encompassing explanation of hospitality as a business is also hard. The means of hospitality industry are comprises businesses that serve friends who are away from home or can be identified by its scope, objective, and providers. Other meaning of hospitality industry will be continuously updated and enhanced, widened, and honed.

Historians have tracked the development of the hospitality industry through thousands of years and many civilizations. Taking a look at the industry through the lens of history is effective because it reveals the close romance between the condition of hospitality and the needs and objectives of different societies, this is because societies will continue to change in what they need and want. Besides that, the hospitality industry is also expands over a wide range businesses, each which is focused on the service of folks away from home. Nowadays, the primary the different parts of the industry are those that fulfill a guest's need for shelter and lodging and the ones offering their customers with food service.

Other than that, when thought us as the manger of professional chef of an excellent restaurant, a general manger at a supreme and luxury hotel, holiday resort or at a gambling establishment. These are all prospects but our alternatives are wider than perhaps our ever dreamed. A hospitality management level or diploma and experience can hook up us to a network of opportunities in travel, tourism, leisure and recreation, simply because of the scope of these related businesses. Besides that, there are also some advantage and disadvantage for each business and staff.


Hotels and resorts have been compared to miniature cities in the manner that they include life support system such like light, high temperature, food, shelter, security, normal water and sanitation facilities. Normally lodging establishment always include of their 'city restricts' elements of recreation, food service, entertainment and personal services for travelers. A couple of close to a dozen major categories of lodging facilities, ranging from tiny bed and breakfasts to the latest development, megaresorts. The niche categories in between these extreme contains commercial hotel, air-port hotel, economy properties, personal hotels, casino hotel, resorts and suite hotels.

The goal of all businesses is to web page link or match source with demand example like: hotels want to sell room and other types of services to guests who provide their demand. Every business should taking supply and demand together to make a profit. Source is such a holistic concept in a service industry like lodging; that must be considered as a whole or through system and cannot simply as disconnected pieces of puzzles. Resource includes of tangibles, suck like hotel type and physical amenities, and intangibles, or such like the many personal services there provided by the lodging staff. Besides that, demand is same means with customers needs and wants, is often changing and assorted. There are lots of consumer communities or market sections that demand certain types of lodging facilities to meet the client expectation or needs.


View on the position of economics, the good thing about lodging in hospitality industry is the capability to provide a product or service of superior quality and fair cost is just what a company should pay to create or provide it. A comparative benefits is whenever a company can offer something of similar value at a lower cost, which can effect that in a lower price for the client than your competition offers.

Another edge is localization. The country, the town and other specific place where it is located influences its competitive edge capabilities over other hotels, example like: a particular city can have lower opportunity charges for specializing hotel service due to lower charges for other services or goods which the hotel may rely.

Prices are a key point for lodging industry edge. Even the services are good and the localization is suitable, but hotels with high prices will most likely not survive so long and the visitor will stop to coming and buying the service, no subject how good it is. Therefore, hotels must be offering less price with their customers.

One of the sources of comparative edge is environment. Sunshine, sea and sand are great environments with which to encircle a hotel or holiday resort. In some chilly country, with wintry environments, closeness to ski slopes and quality entertainment contributes to a hotel's or resort's comparative edge.


One of the source down sides of lodging in hospitality industry is environment. With the growing matter for the surroundings, customers and other interested functions have started making environmental demands after the lodging industry. A couple of two primary areas of environmental concerns for the lodging industry, which are site pollution and inner functional ecological. Site pollution means that concern happen when the lodging center is built without regard for the surrounding natural environment. Internal operational ecological issues want to do with how the service conserves resources.

Another way to obtain downside of lodging in hospitality industry is technology. The problem of technology in the lodging industry consist the use of computerized solutions to replace processes previously done yourself. In comparison to other industries, the lodging industry is a latecomer in computerizing its operation. Complex hotel management systems assist standard and departmental management in more effective operations. Other than that, both chain - affiliated and individual 3rd party hotels are linked to nationwide and international market segments through computerized reservation system.

Food Service

The prep and delivery of food to guests and travelers is another seemingly omnipresent category carefully linked with lodging, travel and recreation. The hospitality industry is, in many ways, like an extension of people. Hotels and restaurants house and give food to people when they are away from their home, as do hospitals, institutions and prisons.

A food service procedure is an group outside the home that prepares food for folks, either on the market, as in a restaurant, or as part of a service, as in a clinic. Food service procedures do the very same things even as do at home to produce meals for our families.

Professionalism in food service management is essential in today's highly competitive market. This summary of food service management is intended to show the scope and seriousness of food service management and underscore the importance of professional training or education for potential food service professionals. Besides that, food service management can be wonderfully fulfilling, fun and gratifying, but only if we are properly to control.


New staff come to an industry sometimes have advantages over more experienced professionals. In employment hunt, junior pros can have an edge over their more experienced counterparts. Potential employees always view the less experienced workers as more trainable and even more coachable than their older. This means that, the mature professional who has already excelled in a first profession can, with reliability, change opportunities and transfer skills to other establishments.

Another advantage of employed in food service industry is careers for all. The food service series such as restaurant has many positions. A person with only a basic education or degree from a college can work at this range. A people who have good education example like degree, they can work as manager, associate manager or other such management positions. Besides that, a person with less education, they can work as stand cleaners, waiters, dishwashers and so on. Moreover, as you gains experience, he or she can get a job advancement getting better pay.

Location is also one of the advantages in food service industry, because there is not location specific. Irrespective of where we live, we can certainly to discover a restaurants, it's just a pierces of cake. Even we have to find a job, we can also obtain it easily, because that is too many restaurants on the planet.


Newcomers to the field may have downside compared to their mature. Almost by definition, the inexperienced professional so on a young person who has recently acquired a college level is less examined and less experienced than older managers, so the resume and cover letter of the inexperienced professional may always have to market their potential to take action his / her never done before. Lack of experience in the field he or she wants to get into can be a obstacle to the junior director.

Competition is one of downside in food service industry. Food service is big business and has become so complex that it is less and less feasible for nonprofessionals to succeed using 'seat of the jeans' ways. Some restaurants fail in their first calendar year, for the reason that their creators naively believed they could succeed through optimism or by 'winging it'. Professional managers or staffs learn to look for and recognize developments, through reading newspapers and publication, and generally keeping up to date, paying attention to what consumers say and do.

After that, another drawback in food service industry is environment. Energy conservation, dangerous chemical disposal, and throw away management are important to food service professionals. How these providers are being used and disposed of affects medical and protection of the personnel and the health of the earth. Many companies are seeking solutions to reduce excess throw away before purchasing. By that, we aren't more likely to see purchasing brokers carrying string totes and canvas tote, we already are experiencing them weigh waste materials factors in the bidding process.


The hospitality industry is one that is primary focused on customer satisfaction. Generally, it is made on leisure or is supreme-based, instead of reaching basic needs and desires. A number of the business that the hospitality industry garners is transient and intermittent, but collectively, it accounts for a large source of its revenue. In addition, exceptional service is generally very important for many of these businesses. Client satisfaction normally causes consumer commitment, which assists to ensure the success of a corporation in the hospitality industry. Other sorts of services in the hospitality industry include of other dressing up event planning for communal and corporate functions. Finally, a sophisticated hospitality and travel and leisure degree might not be required for everyone management positions in the hospitality industry, but working our way up through the ranks can mean years of lost income potential and overlooked opportunities. By replacing our academics training, we will boost faster and have more careers open to us.

Question 2

Find out the factors that impacting on travel and tourism. Explain in detail


Obviously, the travel and tourism play an important role in the hospitality industry. Some elements of the industry, so on hotels are derive the vast majority of their sales from travelers. Even through, the meals service attributes roughly 25 percent of its sales to travelers. Other than that, there are also many leisure oriented businesses with a significant food service and hospitality element are also reliant on travelers, so on theme park, shopping mall etc. As job in smokestack establishments that is developing which was falls, the service in companies, including those businesses serving travelers, should be take in the slack by giving new jobs. In the economy as a whole, the importance of travel and leisure and the hospitality industry is increasing each year, because travel and leisure is health of the hospitality industry. Tourism is the assortment of fruitful businesses and governmental organizations that provide the travelers ways from home. These sorts of organizations include restaurants, hotels, motels and resorts. The industry also are made up those organizations that support these firms' retail activities, including of publications, advertising companies, travel research and development organizations, and vehicles equipment makes. Travel developments are significant to students or category of hospitality because they signify how many of guests reach. This is where a lot of business comes from.

Answer of Question 2

Why do people prefer to travel? You will discover two reasons for travel which is wanderlust and sunlust. A whole lot of young people have to pray that to visit and see ethnicities of the country and to get the experience of travel; this is call wanderlust. However, sunlust is means that other people want to go somewhere warm and break free from climate for some time. There's also other motivating factors, such as relaxation, get away from from a uninteresting life, socialization with good friend, break and prestige. These types of motivating factors have not necessarily changed over the years. Besides that, travel and leisure growth is still fueled by more free time, enabling factors, technology factors, income, and demographic.

Figure - Factors Impacting on Travel and Tourism

Leisure Time

The reason for the increase in free time is people has more time off from work or university holiday seasons. Most company vacation policies have grown to be more liberal. Besides that, the number of legal, paid holidays has increased and, significantly for tourism, more of these are timed in order to supply three day weekends. Although the normal work week has remained at 40 time for quite some time, flexible scheduling arrangements have also added to people's free time.

Enabling Factors

Some folks have motivators for wanting to go on trip, but there are some reasons why they can't go. The primary reasons are money and time. If can't afford it, means that the folks can't go. Having enough time and money are examples of enabling factors. There's also another enabling factors such as: option of travel such as flights to different locations; suitable products example like range of different holidays; running a car, therefore can be travel more easily; marketing of an destination for bringing attention; and simple booking. These kinds of enabling factors permit the people to act on the motivators. When investigate the change of customers needs and wants, it'll be help to discover more enabling factors.

Technology Factors

Technological changes within travel and leisure surround several different factors from medical improvements to the innovative space tourism. Much like tourism, technology is an ever before changing and sometimes unpredictable business. Better communication, move and protection have encouraged new customers to the industry. Besides that, the primary impact of new technology on consumers has been Internet, which includes given people the chance to be more unbiased and make their own travel and holiday plans and preparations. Through technological developments, online arranging has been one of the primary factors in impacting tourism, recreation and leisure nowadays. Normally residents in britain spend 164 minutes online every day compared to 148 minutes watching television. This show that how much the internet is currently an integral part of life and has had an effect on other aspects influencing the tourism business. More of more folks are now arranging their trip on the internet, as many folks want for an improved priced package than these are being made available from their travel agent. In additional, nowadays, most consumers want easier, quicker and cheaper service only technology has helped tourism fulfill the customers need.


The two income family has become increasingly more essential aspect in travel. Nowadays, the ladies desire they can work at external. A two income family is adds to the family's security, and not only raises total family income. If another partner loses a job, that will not eliminate every one of the family's income. There are lots of motivates for females to just work at beyond your home. The main reasons are career and necessity. All women choose to be in the workforce for professional and job reasons and for the challenge, arousal and variety that working provide. Another reason, for many girl, however is to maintain the family income at a rate affords the family a satisfying and comfortable lifestyle. In some cases, family members have shifted from highly paid developing work to less well paid occupations, always in the service sector. Thus, some women work at least in part because they need to maintain their family income. Furthermore, almost all two income individuals have no time. When they both go work, family members chores still need to be complete and the parent or guardian will normally behest their children to cared about any of it. This means that many people may need to sacrifice leisure time for household and family maintenance chores. So that, when they are doing escape, time is at a premium. Through delicate to price or value comparisons, these travelers generally seek value for his or her money somewhat than low cost recreational encounters.


According to the middle ageing America, that has recommended the impact of demographic changes on travel and leisure. Middle age group generally means higher income and a larger propensity to visit. The age range of the center generation are between 35 until 44. This generation is most likely to make use of hotels and also to take longer trips. Close behind them are the 45 till 54 season olds. Besides that, another significant demographic development for travel and leisure is the expansion in the older market, that is, people over 55 years old. Although, this group signifies a smaller share of home income, people 55 and over control over half household wealth. Individuals in this age group can use their retirement pay to visit.

The pattern of development in the older market suggests two subsegments which will be very important. The 55 -65 yr old group, that may grow by the exceptional two - thirds from 1995 to 2010, as the first seniors transfer to their and understanding how to deal with extended leisure, this is the ability to consider longer vacations as seniority rises vacation entitlements so that as retirement strategies or as early on retirement life permits. Another expansion segment reaches the extreme of the older market, who are over 85 year old. The needs of people in this group do suggest a significant expansion in assisted - living facilities, nevertheless they also suggest opportunities for family travel that entail grandparents and grandchildren or all three generations.

Safety and Security Issues

A concern is to safeguard tourists as they move across this huge industry using by rail, hotels and restaurants, buses, cruise lines and airports. There are some security issues which are:

  • Airport security viewed as concern, so can draws in more investment.
  • But this may leave traveler subjected to risks at other points in their trip.
  • Expense of technical solutions to discover terrorists.
  • Political obstacles prevent a worldwide response to risks.
  • Not all countries have same view of security jobs.
  • Impact on people of anti terror procedures likely to increase inconvenience os some travel options.


The most common reason for travelling is made for pleasure and business. More people prefer to visit by car than by other transports such like airplane, motor bike, bus and so forth. Travel by air increased during the last a decade but fell relatively when fares started out to rise, recommending that travel is price sensitive, since it is very costly. The economic need for travel and leisure is clear: Travel and leisure ranks in the top three for total business receipts. Besides that, about one in twenty people is utilized within an activity backed by travel expenditures. Indeed, communities seeking potential employers may profitably use travel and leisure as an attraction. The United Kingdom is also an international tourist attractions, its reputation often predicated on the value of the united kingdom dollar versus that of other currencies, as well as a number of others factors. Besides that, in taking a look at air travel, the organization should considered your competition between hub and spoke and point to point flight systems and the talents and weakness of both. Finally, the travel industry although brash will always be around because of the need and want of consumers to visit.

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