Four Different Types Of Cultural Marketing Essay

The main characteristics of family culture style are electricity - oriented which is going by a innovator who seen as a caring parent, ensuring their staffs are well looked after and have extended employment and a solid emphasis on the hierarchy and orientation towards person (Holt 1998).

Secondary Problem

Short Term Problem

In need of your successor

Being the visionary key dealmaker and the religious cement of the Tata group, Ratan Tata is retiring soon and he'll desire a successor who keeps the same ideals as him, in order to keep his business along with his ideology. As a family culture styled monitored multi-national company (MNC), it is traditional that business is passed down from father to sons or even to one who is of the same bloodstream lineage. With Ratan turning 70 years old in December; is still one and childless. His siblings aren't involved in the Tata business hence there is absolutely no clear successor around the corner. There is a plague of fear in the organisation that the group would split up with no central visionary shape to lead the Tata group.

Pressure incurred by Corus Workers Union

Tata group believes in taking care of their workers. Therefore, when Corus Individuals Union required Tata Steel to get additional $600 million in Port Talbot, to ensure it will continue to be competitive so downsizing is not needed. The risk and impact of the investment is gigantic, as Corus caused $7. 4billion arrears and has high procedures cost. The task posed is the need to strike a balance between their strong belief in CRS principles and keeping the business impact anyway.

Long Term Problems

Over expansion of business unrelated to the center business

Tata group comes with an over diversified unrelated assets that extend out to industry such as makeup, paints, cement, retail, telecom, biotech and tea. In additional, there have been purchases of your slew of tony hotels; New York's Pierre, Ritz Carlton in Boston, San Francisco's Camden Palace. In 2004, Tyco International's undersea telecom cables are purchased for $130 million. These opportunities don't have any relation on the main business of Tata group. Related diversification enhances the corporate centre to develop the interrelationships that can be found among its different business and so accomplish cost and/or differentiation competitive advantages over its competitors (Markides and Williamson 149-165).

Over keen supporter of Commercial Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ratan Tata whom is zealous supporter of CSR has aimed the organization into close involvement in antipoverty projects all around India. Tata group spend $40 million yearly providing all civic services and university to operate in an improved environment. Tata Material invests millions annually into education, health and agricultural advancement jobs in eight hundreds close by villages. Corporate Friendly Responsibility (CSR) is define as functioning a company in a mode that aligns or surpasses the ethical, lawful, business stakeholder and community potential customers that the general public has of monetary business (Dahlsrud 2008). Sociable Responsibility is a directional idea for every bottom line drawn and in every part of any business. Therefore the arising problem from Corus has put a test to the Tata group's generosity.

Case Analysis

Hofstede ethnic dimensions

As a globalised Multi-National Company (MNC), Tata group has an array of trade passions or investments in various regions of the entire world. Using Hofstede cultural dimensions shown below, to further comprehend the ethnical differences and provide a more in depth view of the extra issue of Tata Group based in India (ClearyCultural. com 2009)

Power Distance Index

It is defined as the particular level to that your members of the general public acknowledge that specialist in establishments and organisations is divided unevenly (Hodstede 1984, 83-84). People surviving in huge electricity distance societies consider a hierarchy order where each person has a position which needs no further reasons. THE ENERGY Distance Index (PDI) range demonstrating 77 for India got indicated that the united states has quite strong sense of electric power distances (Lane 2009). Hierarchy system is being strap onto the Indian social group which its membership is inherited and eternal (Berreman 1960). Deriving from the figure, it has obvious why Tata Group has a central decision making layout that forms the management strategy.

Uncertainty Avoidance Index

As shown on the scale, rating 40 indicating the acceptance of risk is high for the organisations in India and Tata group strengthened in the magnitude of the investment funds that Tata group is included over time. The acquisition of pickup truck product, buying coal mines and metal mills has displayed the low degree of doubt avoidance.

Low Individualism

The rating of 48 has shown that India practice collectivism more than individualism; decoding that into Tata Group construction reflects their dedication towards CSR both nationally and globally in the corporate culture.

High Masculinity

In accordance to the score, the degree of gender differentiation exists in India greatly. With this culture, the males play the key role in the culture and have ability in the females. In context, successor of the Tata Group will not be passed on to a female.

High LONG LASTING Orientation

High PERMANENT Orientation refers to the country placing the prices of long conditions determination and the high view for tradition. Through the acquisition of automotives, metal and coal mining proven that Tata Group is more involved with long term revenue than expecting immediate comes back from investments made.

S. W. O. T Analysis

S. W. O. T analysis is used to further analysis the secondary problems internally and externally in Tata Group. Based on the diagram as shown, split into four main factor 'Strengths', 'Weakness', 'Opportunities' and 'Threats'. 'Talents' and 'Weakness' are interior source, whereas 'Opportunities' and 'Threats' are external origin.


Having a charismatic and visionary leading; Ratan Tata guiding the group is a power factor for Tata Group. Having to succeed in a number of fields of trade and industry is recognized as a strength factor. Diversified strategy and vertically incorporated able group are two more advantages factor of Tata Group.


Being a family cultured management style is recognized as a weakness factor. Over passionate supporter and involvement in CSR can be regarded as weakness factor as it may hinder the business enterprise. Involved in too many unrelated business leading to high debt status is projected to be a weakness factor. No specify strategy plan together applied throughout the company surely marks to be always a weakness factor.


Great potential in the steelmaker sectors and automotive business are seen as an opportunities factor for Tata Group. Swift growth and potential client in the IT software and technology services outsourcing is considered as a chance for Tata group based in India as costs are lower.


Possible monetary slowdown for India is certainly a 'threat' factor for Tata group. Battling against rivals for talent and market share confirms to be a threat factor. The plague of fear occurs with the retirement of Ratan Tata, uncertainty rose with worries as there is no clear successor after Ratan Tata.

Criteria for Evaluation of Option Strategies

Incorporating acronym 'SMART' into aims, goals setting up, 'S' being specific, 'M' being measurable, 'A' being achievable, 'R' being natural, 'T' being timely, ensure that the goals and goals are traceable (Haughey 2010). Knowing the key pointers to demonstrate the potency of an idea is very vital in performance goals (KPIs). Gathering information in what are the regulating rules towards applying a plan is significant as it impacts how the plan will be put in place. The estimated amount of time required to perform the programs or projects is known as the timeframe (Carroll 1996). Cost meaning the amount of money to use the plans; it is vital as some decision will determine when it's being compare from the income of the plans. Resources signify the quantity of resources essential for the ideas. Risk meaning degree of the impact estimated for the put into action of the plans, risk evaluation is usually done to discover if the ideas are feasible. Discovering alternatives to counter the problems faced in any phase of the plan.


Short Term problems identified

Short Term problem 1: In need of a successor

The purpose is to mention the successor by the finish of 6 months. The proposed strategy is to confirm a successor within a particular and realistic time frame of six months. Firstly, a milestone is usually to be proclaimed out for Ratan's retirement living plan which is usually to be multiply over a 2 yrs timeline. Secondly a set of potential prospect is to draft out by Ratan, the screening process and selection process will observe; this process is usually to be completed within half a year timeframe. This may fence away worries of no successor and hurdles that rose together with dread will crumble.

Short Term problem 2: Pressure incurred by Corus Workers Union

The objective is to choose whether to invest another $600 million in Port Talbot in 1 month. The suggested strategy is a review of the existing financial position of the Tata Group, a risk diagnosis on the investment in Interface Talbot must be drawn out and decide to progress or terminate. An equilibrium must be strike between your ideology of CSR and profitable strategized business.

Long Term Problems Identified

Long Term Problem 1: Over growth of business unrelated to the central business

The purpose is to fuse key business alongside one another over five years. The suggested strategy is doing a financial overview of Tata Group, redefine and align the main key business it would like to maintain in a long term prospect and concentrate on high margin earning business forsaking the thought of retaining multiple stakes in hand. With the helped bring over of Corus, Tata group haven dropped into a $7. 4 billion debts. Reorganising of resources and reforming of business units are had a need to ease the financial burden. Making joint venture with related companies of operation if assets are needed in a different field of trade, pool resource will ease the risk impact as it is shared.

Long Term Problem 2: Over excited supporter of Commercial Community Responsibility (CSR)

The objective is reduced CSR budget gradually above the five years milestone. The proposed strategy is to reduce the amount of money funded to the rural development job, adjustment towards the prospective groups to offer help and benchmark solar driven services at a subside rates in India.

Recommended Strategy

Short Term

Elect a successor in a time frame of half a year; mildew the elected successor with Ratan Tata's mentoring and support as time passes to displace him in his exclusive decision making.

Long Term

Fusing the primary businesses jointly, for the timeframe being established for is five years.

As it isn't possible to achieve the goal overnight, if it's stretched over a period of five years it is workable. Little by little decrease the budget spends on CSR activities and billed for the solar powered services at a subside rates. Doing jv with related company when exploring into a fresh or unrelated field of trade to minimise the chance involved.

Justification of Recommendations

Risk diagnosis is a tool used to assess the impact of the plan being implemented. The scorecard as shown will be used to access the various requirements of the suggested strategy. Any strategy credit scoring at twenty is not suggested to progress, the lesser credit score obtain the minimal risk produced. The total credit scoring of the suggested strategies is fairly low teaching that the proposed strategies are possible.

Scorecard: Maximum credit score is twenty.

Scorecard of Problem Identified

Scorecard of Proposed Strategy

Implementation, Control and Follow up

Plot precise actions plan using Gantt Graph Excel from beginning stage towards last level of the activities plan. This allows traffic monitoring of the action projects and training control upon the programs easier. Periodic reviews by management to ensure things are in place and hold individual in charge of the completion of delegated tasks.

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