Friendship In ANOTHER Peace English Literature Essay

While there are always a plethora of styles in John Knowles' book, A Separate Peace, one of the most significant themes is a friendly relationship. The World British Dictionary defines a friend as "a person known well to some other and regarded as with liking, devotion, and loyalty. " ANOTHER Peace explores issues between two good friends, Gene Forrester and Phineas. Gene is a studious, hardworking guy, while Phineas, or Finny, is an adept, natural sportsman. They are simply well acquainted at the beginning of the storyline, but the interconnection between them becomes doubtful as Gene's starts off to have mixed feelings about Phineas. Gene grows up envious of Phineas' athletic potential, and thinks that Phineas is jealous of Gene's educational skill. He suspects that Phineas is trying to stop him from succeeding academically, and his envy of Phineas soon grows into blatant hatred. However, Phineas doesn't have unfriendly emotions toward Gene, and constantly reassures Gene they are friends. Nevertheless, Gene proceeds to cause Phineas to fall off the limb of the tree and break his knee. Using this method, Gene had not been demonstrating the "liking, devotion, and devotion" that should be present in a true friendship. As the storyline progresses, the audience observes how a seemingly perfect companionship is slowly dropping into decadence, to the main point where Phineas dies. The theme of companionship is the most important theme in ANOTHER Peace because it significantly impacted the storyline, helped develop the individuals, and described the protagonists and antagonists within the book.

Friendship heavily influenced the story of the novel, and also created both inner and external issues. When Gene fails a test after having a secret trip to the beach with Phineas, he starts to think that Phineas is wanting to stop him from being successful academically. While this was a misconstrued assumption, this created a massive internal discord within Gene. Gene no longer could trust Phineas, and started to foster hostile thoughts toward him. For example, after Phineas accuses Gene of aiming to be course Valedictorian, Gene feels, "It was all chilly trickery, it was all calculated, it was all enmity" (Knowles, 46). This represents one of the darkest occasions in the partnership between Gene and Phineas, and Gene's hostile thoughts culminate in the climax, when he triggers Phineas to lose his balance and break his knee. Had Gene remained a true, loyal friend, Phineas may not have damaged himself. Also, it can be seen that Phineas was deeply afflicted by Gene's betrayal. For instance, he was reasonably positive that Gene possessed jostled the limb, but he cannot bring himself to say that it. He experienced that, if he accepted that Gene experienced ultimately destroyed his leg, he'd be placing the friendship between him and Gene in danger. After Gene says Phineas that he jostled the limb, Phineas angrily replies, "I'll destroy you if you don't shut up. " (62) This shows how much Phineas values his companionship with Gene, as he's willing to go to extreme extents to maintain it. However, Phineas' failure to admit the reality ultimately helped bring his own loss of life. Near the end of the storyline, Brinker performed a trial to find out exactly what took place between Gene and Phineas on the tree limb. Phineas refused to reveal the reality and endanger the partnership between him and Gene, and instead ran out of the courtroom in tears. He slipped down the stairs and broke his leg again. The next day, a medical procedure killed him. Got Phineas not appreciated the partnership so dearly, he could've informed the truth, Gene would've been prosecuted, and Phineas could've safely and securely walked back to his dormitory that night. The theme of a friendly relationship did not only effect the storyline, but it allowed the audience to find out more about the individuals.

Through situations concerning friendship, the reader can infer more about the personalities of the character types in ANOTHER Peace. For example, initially, the relatively utopian relationship between Gene and Phineas proved that they are both good people at heart. There is little to no discord between the two, and there were no unfriendly thoughts between them. However, as the storyline progresses, the audience views how this romantic relationship falls into decrease, as Gene runs from being amiable to unstable and paranoid, while Finny is unfalteringly friendly. For example, as Gene and Phineas are receiving ready to sleep at the beach, Phineas says to Gene, "You are [my best pal]. " (41) Gene thinks about returning the go with, but he will not. At this time, Gene is starting to lose rely upon Phineas, and the reader considers that the friendship between him and Phineas is now strained. However, after Phineas breaks his calf, Gene feels genuinely guilty, and he realizes that Phineas never really had any ill-disposed intentions. From then on, Gene constantly searched for to go to Finny and apologize to him, and he will try to work together with Finny. He also starts trusting Finny a lot more, which is visible when Finny is placed to him that "[Fat old men] prepared up this battle imitation" (106) and Gene feels him. This example shows how Gene is now much more agreeable with Finny. Down the road, when Gene gets into Phineas' room after sustains a second accident, Finny exclaims, "You intend to break another thing in me! Is that why you're here?" (175) Finny has lost rely upon Gene, and is also highly disturbed. This starkly contrasts with the even, unctuous personality that Finny acquired before he was harmed. Another situation concerning friendship is when Gene would go to Leper's house. At his house, Leper instructs Gene of the grotesque visions he had within the army. Most of his visions involve a transformation of some kind, such as furniture turning out to be areas of the body and men turning out to be women. In a way, these visions represent worries and anxiety associated with other transformations, like the transformation of males into men, and kids into military. When Gene operates away from Leper in dread, Gene says Leper that his visions have "nothing to do with [him]" and that he "[doesn't] want to listen to any more of it" (142). Indeed, Gene isn't only scared about the transformation of guy into soldier in times of warfare, but also of adolescent into adult. In this instance, a companionship was lost, but it was uncovered that Leper is crazy which Gene is also becoming unpredictable. The theme of a friendly relationship also helps define protagonists and antagonists.

While there isn't a clear series between protagonists and antagonists in A Separate Peace, the way in which a character handled friendship ultimately identified whether that character was a protagonist or an antagonist. For instance, you can view Finny as the protagonist and Gene as the antagonist in the storyplot because Finny wanted to preserve the camaraderie between him and Gene while Gene got other motives. Finny was always reassuring Gene that they are friends, and he cannot bring himself to say that that Gene caused him to show up off the branch. Gene, on the other hand, was jealous of Phineas' athletic ability and suspected that he was attempting to carry him back his studies. However, Telgen creates, "In the end, Gene realizes that his real opponent is himself and his impulse towards mindless destruction-and he believes he overcame this adversary only after triggering Phineas's loss of life" (Telgen). Telgen considers that Gene's conscience was the protagonist, while Gene's impulsiveness was the antagonist because in a number of situations, Gene's impulsive activities cause him to unintentionally harm others. By jouncing the tree limb and leading to Phineas to harm himself, Gene involuntarily caused a string of incidents that led to his friend's fatality.

Without the theme of companionship in A Separate Serenity, many important parts of the book would be absent. For example, the theme of a friendly relationship helped constitute the storyline because it intensely affected how Gene and Phineas acted. Since Phineas thought very highly of the a friendly relationship and he wanted to keep it, he didn't recognize that Gene induced him to land. After Phineas breaks his lower leg, Gene seems remorseful and is much more affable. Also, the theme of friendship showed the audience more about the individuals, as each personality reacted diversely when offered troubles associated with companionship. Gene betrayed Phineas, but Phineas' naivety and failing to face truthfully ultimately brought his downfall. Furthermore, companionship helped determine the protagonists and antagonists. The theme of camaraderie is important in ANOTHER Peace because it applies to almost every aspect of the storyplot, which range from the storyline to the characters' habit.

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