Functional Area Of An Organisation Information Technology Essay

There are a variety of useful areas in a set up business enterprise, depending upon its size and characteristics of service. Here in the Medication management System can be viewed in a broader manner as clinic is not the only person entity. The manufacturer, vendors, receiving staff, prescribing doctors, pharmacists, nurses and the customers are all engaged and thus an integrated system is usually to be ultimately developed which benefits all users of the system at different levels. The info system does signify not only the program, but also the hardware, users and other related systems. So our target is to identify all the efficient areas of the corporation all together and to develop a cost-effective and productive system which would lessen the human drug dispensing errors and decrease the mortality rate in turn. For this we need to have a understanding about different systems at different levels like supplier, vendor and clinic.

Information needs within functional area of an organisation.

Organisations have a number of people working jointly towards an absolute goal, although they work in different useful areas. One output of one useful area can be the insight of another area and the accurate timely information is necessary to get one free final result. Organisations completely depend on the information systems and advanced technology making them excel and successful. Functional areas of organisations are described in line with the type and characteristics of work that is involved in a department. The primary functional regions of each and every organisation are listed below:

Human Source: Human reference management is one of the most important yet often underestimated aspects in the organizational operation. It quite simply is the operating system of the whole organization that makes sure it run easily, coordination and cooperation occurs regularly and lastly makes sure that everyone within the organization is satisfied with the working conditions. Superficially, it is meant to do daily jobs like recruitment, training payroll processing etc. but actually the scope for HRM is much more than that. Especially in the highly competitive market segments of today, they can play a pivotal role in creating a highly accomplishing and competitive firm by nurturing and enhancing the abilities of the employees and making sure cooperation. That is an operating area where various personnel who administer and cope with the drug are interviewed and chosen.

Financial Area: This useful area analyses various financial aspects of the employees and keeps track of the accounts receivable and payables. The financial advisors must plan beforehand regarding the future financial targets of the company. To be able to achieve the desire revenue. The finance office need to keep the financial documents in order showing these accounts while paying the duty. And another key function of fund division is to determine the salary and payroll system which is the primary function of fund office. Accounts are retained for different distributors for which interior auditors and accountants are used.

Marketing and Sales: Within this competitive world the organisation cannot survive without marketing the merchandise. Organisation is spending a huge amount of profit order to advertise the merchandise through different stations like tv set, radio and other medias. So that individuals came to learn about the products and will buy the company's products. Nowadays your competition is really high; the firms are forced to give discount rates and other promotional pursuits like holidays and gift items to force their sales. To summarize with, marketing is also a key part in reaching company's objectives.

Production: Creation is one of the key functional areas of a business company. All the products of your business organisation are expanding under this useful area. The staffs under this functional area should enquire all the products should develop at the right time and the merchandise have good quality. The organisation can purchase good quality raw materials. These raw materials will be stored close to development area. Nowadays the majority of the productions are automatically by using robots and other machines. The operator need to check only the production line is accurate or not. Production is also includes preparing items for despatch. The things should crammed cleanly and very attractively. In this particular stage, the bar code system can be incorporated which should identify its batch quantity, product code/name, packaging, lot number, time frame of manufacture, chemical combination, kind of med's, road of administration, dosage. . . . etc

Customer Service: Customer service is the main one of the main functional region of organisation. This includes functions like answering the client's enquiries about the product and services, provide well information about the customer's need, dealing with client's problems, Provide service after sales such as replace, repair etc, interacting with the issues of customer, analysis the issues of customer and store these problems etc.

Comparison between the efficient areas and information needed for each and every functional area

Functional Area

Functions and information needed for functional areas

Human Resource

The main functions of the useful area are recruitment, training, payroll etc. The information necessary for this practical area will be the information about the employees, their salary, about new vacancies, about new applications, employees in payroll, attendance, lack and overtime details. . . etc.


Financial Area

The main functions of Financial area are determine the salary of employees, examining payrolls, saving money received, produce invoices, examining the obligations received and going after the overdue repayments etc. In such a functional area should have the information about income of company, price of the business, salary of the staff, times sheet of work, attendance and overtime details. . . etc. In addition they need to have the customer's expenses details, repayment received and bills payable details to the sellers.

Marketing and Sales

The main functions of the useful area are Market the products through different programs like radio, mail television, producing promotion materials of the products such as catalogues etc. , creating and promoting the web site of company. This practical area should have the information about new style of market, in what way the company can get maximum product, which is the good way to publish their product in market, in what manner the company can enhance their sales etc.


The main functions of the functional area are buying recycleables, storing the raw materials, planning the production schedule, Verifying quality of product throughout the production, packing the items cleanly and superbly, storing the items very safely. The info needed for this practical area are list of available raw materials, Combination formula, Equipment and manpower availability, Level of each product to be made which in turn is reported by the feedback from sales and marketing area, product details like batch amount, packing. . . etc.

Customer Service

The main functions of this functional are answering client's enquiries about products, solve client's problems, interacting with the issues of customer, examination the issues of customer and store these problems etc. This practical area should have the information about what selection of customer they have, the customers are content with their product or not, what exactly are the customer's dependence on a particular product etc.

Information needed for medical management system

The medical management system is a complicated system involving the manufacturer, clinic, and the administrator of medicines. Therefore, a proper defined data flow has to be clearly identified. Recognition of appropriate data that is involved with each system is a key factor for the success of this system. Several data are needed for the proper functioning of the system. To begin with, the facts about listed below are essential.

1) Prescription details

2) Product details

3) Patient details

4) Administering person's details.

5) The medical staff

6) The suppliers of medicine


Different types of Information Systems

An information system is a combo of hardware, software procedures used to create information which is employed to manage and control the day to day activities of users within an organisation. It includes five categories.

A) Office Information Systems (OIS)

B) Transaction Processing System (TPS)

C) Management Information System (MIS)

D) Decision support system (DSS)

E) Expert System (ES)

Office Information System (OIS)

It is a kind of information system that depends on hardware, software and systems to provide communication solutions and working efficiency among a staffs within an organisation. Office Information System is also known as Office Automation. In this kind of a host the data processing is performed electronically instead of physically hard copying it. For example In an company with several branches if a fresh range is released it could be kept up to date through the OIS within the network. If they avoid OIS they would have to manually process it and post it to its branches.

Transaction Handling System (TPS)

TPS is a kind of information system that documents and processes deal done within an organisation on every day. A transaction is definitely an order, a repayment, reservation or a cancellation. TPS generally uses two type of transaction handling.

a) Batch Processing

b) Online Deal Processing

In a batch processing all the orders are collected throughout the day and it's prepared as a group or a batch at the end of the day. In online Business deal Processing the deal is processed when it is joined into the system. In batch handling the invoice can't be made then and there. But in OLTP the invoices can be produced then and there.

Management Information System (MIS)

In an organisation various tasks are performed on a day to day basis which involves invoicing, monitoring record progress, producing sales reports etc. An MIS is some sort of information system that creates accurate daily studies. So the specialists of the organisation can monitor and track the overall performance of the company by making decisions, dealing with problems and watch the track improvement. This technique is usually done by a kind of MIS known as Management Reporting System. For example in an company when a deal is done the product which is being sold is first entered into the system, invoice made and finally the merchandise being deducted from the inventory. These data helps the managers to adopt decisions in enhancing the overall company performance.

Decision Support System (DIS)

A Decision Support System is utilized to help the staff in an organisation to use decisions when a complicated situation arises. This system gathers data from within the company and from exterior sources including the internet to help the staff in decision making. These details system must store huge volumes of data. These data as store in large databases called data warehouses. The data warehouse stores and manages the info necessary to help the personnel in complicated situation.

Expert System (ES)

In an expert system the machine (computer) collects information and the knowledge from humans and helps in your choice making procedure for the people who have less competence and experience. They mainly use a technology known as AI (Artificial Brains). AI is the process of applying human intelligence to computer systems. An AI computer can transmits problems and deliver expert opinion by analysing the users earlier experience data's aiding to have a decision and complete the task.

Office Information System - is utilized to virtually all the areas of an company wherever administration must be achieved.

Transaction Processing System - Financial Area

Management Information system- HR

Decision support Information system- Customer Service

Expert System- R&D

The current fads in using MMS to resolve the issues facing HHS

As considerably as healthcare can be involved patient data is the most crucial and sensitive data. In today's situation the patient's data is manually inserted into a branch where thy walk. If the patient walks into a different hospital the procedure data is either e- mailed or a hardcopy is taken from the previous branch to the new branch. This process has some advantages than the old systems. If the patient carrying is hauling a hardcopy the data won't get demolished or ruined unless carelessly cured by the client himself. In case the customer's diagnostic data is e- mailed to another branch the info will reach the new branch without any trouble and in mere seconds. In this case the customer do not need to carry a physical hardcopy of the files. These techniques will help the HHS adding incomplete reports, wrong health background and even patient fatalities.


Various Software Tools

Text processors

Text processors are specific software, which comes as a part of the top software that is employed to process documents, prepare display, and manipulate accounts and mange a data source. Among the famous text processor software is Microsoft Office. It includes Word for document control, Excel for handling spread sheets, Gain access to for managing directories and Electric power point for getting ready presentations. In an organisation setting up presentations for meetings, issuing invoices to patients, maintain accounts and managing patient's database is crucially important. If Microsoft office can be utilized in such an organisation all these requirements can be attained.


In medical environment, patient background is vital for the treating the patient. Within a medical organisation software such as Microsoft Gain access to can be used to store patient information. But Gain access to cannot be used in a network and doesn't have much features and can't be customised based on the needs of the company. In such a case created specifically software can be used to manage all these functions.

Client Server

In a clinic there are different departments and useful areas, each necessitating it's on personal computers. A patient who is being cured for and ailment will be referred from one department to the other. Therefore the staffs need to transport the information and the data from every office from where the patient was treated as a hardcopy which is a large headache. In that case implementing customer server structures will be beneficial. In this structures all the computer systems in every division will be connected to a centralised server that may store all the patients and database data. So if an individual is referred from one department to the other another department can gain access to the treatment record through the server. For this purpose the server and the customers have to have customised software.

Current Information method found in HHS

Currently the HHS runs on the network blast infrastructure for data management. If a patient walks in to a clinic the patient's ID and the procedure procedure is entered on to a system and then the prescription is given. When the individual walks into a different branch the facts of the treatment from the previous branch is e-mailed to the new hospital for recommendations. But as these details are stored and refined by computers errors can happen anytime, such as data lose, pathogen attacks, missing information, and incomplete reports etc. The doctor who treated the individual mainly will exactly know what the patient is experiencing and about his vital statistics much better than the latter one. As data a critical in a clinic these problems can cost an individual his/her life. In the earlier days the information was prepared as a hard copy which is given to the patient after the completion of the treatment. If the individual loses this information his life is again on the line. The current processing methods need to be processed so that no patients will perish in the foreseeable future anticipated to overdoses or incomplete report.

The most modern method

Information is vital and critical nowadays. In nursing homes barcode technology is overtaking the original information handling methods. In barcode technology the patient is given a wrist strap upon being accepted in the hospital. The wrist strap will have a unique patient Identification which is in the form of a barcode. I. e. each patient is given a unique barcode. Software will be used to generate the barcode and will store the treatment data and the details of the staff and the doctor who worked with the individual throughout the procedure. The personnel of the concern will also take identification badges which will have unique ID's. When the patient is being given a medication by the personnel it'll be recorded in to the system who offered the medicine, the type of medicine and the time. For this to begin with all the staff scans and gets into their barcode in to the machine then the patient's barcode and lastly the code on the medication. The doctor's prescription will be got into in to the system prior to the medication is given. When there is a big change in the drugs the machine will delivered distress alarms to avoid misuse of the drug, thereby saving the patient and the staff

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