Functions and role of the marketing audit

A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, indie and periodic study of companies or business unit's - marketing environment, targets, strategies and activities with a view to identifying trouble spots and opportunities and suggesting an idea of action to improve the company's marketing performance'( Kotler. P, 1977 ).

Product- products in Hilton Kensington restaurant (western eleven) offering visitor a wider collection of dishes and healthier options. They not only integrate important elements such as nutritional values, serving size and criteria but also locally produced substances which is good.

Price and promotion- price and campaign in west eleven restaurant is calm amazing. The breakfast buffet is just Ј12. 95 which really is a combo of both continental and British foods and evening meal is contemporary Western european delicacies and carvery (buffet) for 21. 95. Promotion includes highlife credit cards for regular guests which gives 50% discounted price for lunch break and dinner. For promotion with kids meal refreshments are free as well.

People- The staffs and professionals having a very good communication links and electric power distance is low to medium as well. The primary strength is each and every staff working as a team and a team head to control as well. So we have been enable to make a good relationship with customers or in other words a good buyer- retailer relationship. All of these things help to realize that the reputation of brand that we are involved in, is in people's hands.

Process- In western eleven restaurant micros is an excellent technology which is using now to make good relation between waiters, chefs and the guest. The services of starters from 7min and main course 20min now a day.

Physical proof- we live maintaining an improved brand image now for stretching customer service romantic relationships, selection, value, good deal and to issue with rivalling brands. It is the aspect of service mixture as well which allows the customer again to make judgement on the company.


Environmental analysis enables an organisation to develop appropriate marketing strategies like the marketing mix. Environment can be divided into micro environment and macro environment. Important exterior forces that affect the online marketing strategy include

Customers- customers in western eleven restaurant always looks for quality of food alternatively than quantity. Most of the guests who are regular because they're getting together with their needs. Inside the guest comments credit card 90% of the guest ranking 7/10which is good not excellent. The major marketing portion is internet and after that print press, brouchers etc was there as well. The items like printed advertising will work inside the hotel wall structure posters of special deals, athletics calendars etc to market the guest.

Competitors- competitors with Hilton Kensington hotel is Mariots south Kensington and novhotel Hammersmith which are upscale category however, not luxurious category. Your competition is taking place because they are patronized by same concentrate on customers, in same product class but there are differentiation, with a same geographic area and an identical price category. All of these hotels got good size, quality and interior interior decoration in restaurants. However the price and value offered is just satisfactory in comparison with west eleven and the emarketig is inadequate as well. Both hotels having bit different strategies because they are concentrating more in leisure visitor when Hilton restaurant is concentrating mainly for business customers which includes business professionals and airline staffs.


Barriers of new entry

Existing rivals entering

new attractive home market. Economies of sales.

Emergence of new entreprenal


Supplier bargaining power

Importance of volume to supplier

Availability of skilled employees and management.

Powerful brands( customers married to loyality system)

No of competitiors

Ratio demand capacity

Industry profitability

Buyers bargaining power

Product diffrenciatioon

Willingness to pay for brand.

Buyers incentives

Threat of substitutes

Switching costs

Price-performance trade

Of substitutes

Products for products.

Eg: same food elements and

Products by competition in differ-ent names.

Five force research (source : porter 1980)

Macro environment- it impacts on hospitality industry and influences all competitors. Infestation structure work is very useful in undertaking an environmental examination of the company. PEST means political, economical, interpersonal and technological affects.

Political/ legal:- political factors have a primary impact on just how of business operates. The political environment is not stable enough and things are receiving changing in regular intervals. V. A. T is changing from January onwards from 17. 5 to 20. Terrorism activities are increasing day by day.

Economic:-Global recession happened in the mid of 2008's influences terribly to the Hotel industry nationally and internationally. But now it's slowly recovering from the second 1 / 4 of 2010 and expected to continue the level of expansion in the approaching years. Money inflation is playing a significant role in economic development. Intrest rates which are growing will have an impact on partly as well. I. T has made a whole lot of difference in today's environment. Eg: If we take wi-fi or broadband in London 95% (est) of the folks will use at home, workplace or while going which is v. good, when comparing countries like Cuba which is 5% or less which shows a huge penetration of I. T.

Social:- one of the sociological factor increased populace progress which adversely affecting hospitality industry. Now a day's people are not spending much because of downturn. When taking age group distribution according to census of 2008 UK labour pressure is approximately 30. 3 million workers, approximately the same size as the combined labour pressure of California and Texas. What the demographic movements shows is people of generation between 16-34 only working 30% of the total labour pressure which is bad as young people not working and others work a whole lot. London society includes a cosmopolitan culture which is much much bigger in the total amount when you compare with other major places.

Technological:-Introduction of ERP systems, emodels and BROADBAND Broadband systems increased their efficiency to provide their royal customers. But control steps have to try mitigate the machine failure risk, often it will harmful the client satisfaction.


Productivity is a measure relating a quantity or quality of result to the inputs necessary to produce it.

The advantages of marketing in Hilton are global reach, lower cost than traditional market methods, trackable and measureable results, personalisation, better conversion rates etc.

In the other side the risk which facing are stability of technology, security, personal privacy issues, worldwide competition through globalization etc. The

Main current problem and challenge which facing cost success are increased product prices. So now a days what is going on is food cost is certainly going higher.


The use of intranet is more than extranet in my own restaurant. The use of intranet is dominated by email accompanied by new service and product information, market information, employee listing etc. Marketing information systems providing accurate and timely information about development on the market place.

Marketing control systems are good. The control techniques are looking and assessing quarterly. a lot of the annual plan objectives are being achived. Provision was created to analyse occasionally the profitability of different products, markets and channels of distribution. In my own restaurant marketing auditor is accountable for each one of these systems.


Marketing organisation audit is principally considered as efficiency of the company activities as well as efficiency of the procedure of an company. The organisational framework supports almost all of the marketing activities. We got good working relationship between sales and marketing. Product managers are able to plan earnings and sales quantity as well.


The mission assertion was not that much clear and possible. The objectives explained in a definite form to steer marketing planning. The markets are segmented at an average fasion. For overall marketing decision process key things which are employing are marketing performance audit and marketing competency audit. Marketing resources are some what allocted optimally to primary market sections and marketing mix like product quality, service, advertising, syndication etc.

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