GAP Competitive Analysis

Keywords: distance inc pestel analysis

Information resources: The research has been based on industry and marketing information from Mintel, Verdict Research, and Fame, which includes been examined using different tactical theoretical frameworks like the PESTEL analysis, Porter's completive pushes and blue ocean strategies, among others.

(2) The overall tactical position of GAP Inc. in UK:

The essay is principally centered on two of it is the sub make of GAP Inc. , that are Space, and Banana Republic, inspecting the strategy of both working situation.

what are the advantages, including the development recent fiscal calendar year 2009, market talk about? Distribution channels? Resource chain network?

What will be the disadvantages?

What are the strategies that Distance Inc. should take? i. e. Difference needs to change the product to provide to a more classy and differentiated fashion one and switch to its first brand individuality of offering fashion forward clothes to a "safe" fashion consumer.


(1) Fashion retail market

The macro environment of fashion retail market.

"Disposable fashion is dead", says Carl McPhail, this means the consumers will more value the quality and the ecological of the clothes.

E-commerce trend

Market demand: strong?

The complete world value chain is changed

(2) The goal of the essay

The purpose of the essay is to examine Gap competitive and strategic situation given this new market composition. This analysis will be based on the different strategic and marketing theoretical frameworks, in order to give the required business advice to the company for succeed in the united kingdom market.

(3) The structure of the essay

This newspaper is structured in 4 parts.

The first section evaluates the key literature and analytical frameworks which will be used along this research.

The second section presents the Gap case study in terms of the company's history, the underperforming areas, and an intensive proper and competitive analysis of the exterior and internal forces that affect this company.

The thirds part states the formulation of the suggestion strategies predicated on the strategic situation examination of the company.

The last section contains the conclusions of the research

Theoretical framework

The theoretical construction is mainly predicated on Johnson et al. (2008), to investigate the strategic position and tactical choices of a firm, it's important to judge the external and internal environment that impacts the organization, as the strategic performance of a business depends on the complements between its inside resources and capacities and the opportunities and threats that can be found in the environment (Day and Wensley, 1988, Porter 1991, Hunt, 2000).

  • Porter's five forces
  • Blue ocean strategy

And all the theories are concluded in to the platform of SWOT as the overall research of the case

The above examination will help determine what competitive strategies to adopt in order to gain a sustainable advantage in UK market.

Gap - Case study


The Difference Inc. , a brandname that were incorporated in the USA. As a global specialty retailer, the business's selection of clothing is dependant on traditional US everyday clothing, with a give attention to t-shirts, hooded tops, trousers and denim. It offers 142 GAP retail stores in the UK. GAP is positioned for a wide range of customers through its products, which including Difference, GapKids, babyGap, GapMaternity and GapBody, and will be offering iconic American style for all age who want for something with good quality and typical style. The business also long its range over the years to include amounts such as Gap Maternity, GapKids, babyGap and GapBody by the finish of the review period. (Euromonitor International, 2010) For the children's wear sector, the business also teamed up with UK artist Stella McCartney to be able to make a range because of its Baby Space and GapKids Outlets.

Gap was once considered to be the foremost All of us fashion brand in the UK, with a Difference Hoodie as an obligatory wardrobe staple for most stylish consumers. However, this setting slipped towards the end of march 2010, and the brand had to compete with an increasing number folks brands for fashion-conscious enthusiasts, such as Abercrombie & Fitch and its sister brand Hollister. Furthermore Jack Wills, a English informal wear outfitter, became ever more popular with more youthful consumers, with who Space was traditionally popular (Euromonitor International, 2010). "The merchant built its global growth on basic principles, but has battled to rival fast fashion. " (Jeremy Lee, 2008 p19). Space operate inside the UK market that is searching for added value that more than just basic and lasting, and rivals within the style market are dynamic and extreme as well.

One hurdle to Gap's expansion was its reluctance to use within vibrant and remunerative internet retailing, which basically inhibited its progress in a long-term. Without the option to buy Distance clothing and boots online, many will not hang on until their next trip to the high street to buy Space jeans. They'll instead simply purchase trousers online from another merchant. Gap's decision to spouse with Asos. com and sell its goods online indicates that the company is aware that it is lacking in this channel. Subsequently, Gap may release its UK internet retailing site in the near future, should its agreement with Asos. com verify fruitful.


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