Generation Y And Management Business Essay

This research is targeted at seeking to comprehend the Technology Y's career related preferences, values and attitudes as well as senior associates' and employers' impression of the generation. It is understood from past researches that we now have certain specific areas of construction within which this generation so called 'Baby Boomers' have realigned themselves. It is however worthwhile noting that, distinctions in view and perceptions within the generation have surfaced, symptomatic of the lifetime of negative stereotypes, biases and conception, and potential areas of divergence and even clash at the area of work. Sometimes if these disagreements and negative perception are left uncontrolled, organizations will certainly lose their competitive advantage.

These elements are those that this study aspires to develop with regards to shift of frame of mind and stereotypes within our management platforms. Both of the infant boomers and other years at the job places should think it is necessary to reveal after their own impressions knowing the time bared universities of thought and embrace the and take affirmative stepladder towards change.


The Era Y is expansively known as the ages born between early on 1980 and the entire year 2000. That is a generation with unique characteristics. This is a generation regarded as independent of mind, results focused and comfortable. Although it growth and growth began in the previous generation known then as Generation X, the Y generation was begotten into a time dominated by technology and most often understands more with regards to the digital world hence known in any other case as the Digital technology. They further are identified to learn more about information technology than their teachers and their parents.

The generation's increased specialized know-how has tossed this technology into an age group in any other case known as Global community that is accessible to everyone.

This era has brought on a lot of changes within the management split. Many of these are highly from the beliefs and the ideals of these generations that suggest different ideals in the workplace. Regarding to Nagle, (1999), work doesn't specify life. That is a belief held by the Generation X. Technology Y on the other hands appears to connect itself with a work-environment or work-life that is balance with versatility and the one that identifies their position within the work.

It is at these parameters that this study aims to learn the challenges shown to the today managers at office who must always recruit, teach and constantly encourage this highly complex generation of employees so that their riches of creativity can be utilized by the business. To be able to succeed in enough time to come, it'll remain needed for organization and company professionals to grasp these new employees.

Problem Statement

Majority of the Gen. Y's target more on their individuality, you'll be able to argue that there is very little relationship about the era X and Y, their generation all together contains remarkably common characteristics. Technology Y's were begotten into an age group of information technology, praise, source and indulgence. It has resulted to a myriad of defining features.

This research looks for to provide a clear comprehension of the youngest era in the management vocation presently. It looks for to look at their characteristics, what features attracts or motivates them to utilize are affiliate themselves with a business and what helps to keep them with a specific employer, director or management, as well as their profession aspirations and the impacts for employers looking to bring them on board, develop and keep them.

Purpose and aim of the study

The reason for this research would be to analyze at length establishing the next:

Who will be the Era Y and their characteristics?

How will be the Era Y characteristics affecting the management systems?

What is the relationship of the current management styles with the Era Y?

Significance of the Study

This article considers the impact of the new generation of employees entering the hospitality workforce and the changes in management paradigms which will be required to efficiently recruit, select, teach and motivate Technology Y to attain the objectives of the business or the organization, given the premeditated significance of manpower management (recruiting) in creating competitive and ecological service organizations. This research aspires to analyze the existing mind-set on Technology Y's job-related attitudes, values and manners and reviews the studies that have been carried out to the present time frame on the Era Y in the work environment.

Literature Review

Generations X and Y

To better understand Era Y, we first go through the preceding age group, Era X, to regulate how the two years differ from each other and how these differences influence the task atmosphere. Era X is usually described as this following the seniors and born between 1961 and 1979. The word is based on a book by Douglas C (1991) individuals trying to find themselves in population. Terri Nagle (1999) explains Generation X as, "the most overlooked, disheartened, misunderstood and disheartened technology that our country has observed in a long time. " This era grew up in the beginning of the technological revolution era. Home computers, Personal computers and the internet became widely their quality (Everet, Craig R. 2010) everywhere. The "MTV" generation started growing up in unstructured homeowners, coping with new issues of disease and seeking to make it through the Freezing War. Technology X learned how to prevent the mistakes with their parents and develop into a era who prices education, hard work, and the power of money. These characteristics are very different than Technology Y.

Generation Y is well known as the era delivered between 1980 and 2000. This era is confident, impartial, and goal-oriented. Although, technology innovations started in the Gen X period, Generation Y was born into technology and frequently has learned more about the digital world than their teachers and parents. The improved technological knowledge has launched this technology into an era that is obtainable all over the place to anyone. Gen Y has high self-esteem; they are the trophy generation that allows every child to obtain a medal or compliment, leaving nobody behind.

The ideals and beliefs of the two generations suggest different ideals at work. Generation X feels, "work is a thing you do to have a life (work doesn't establish their life), " (Nagle, 1999). Gen Y on the other palm appears to want a work-life balance with flexibility to explain who they are in their job. Era Y presents an issue to managers who must educate and inspire this next technology of employees so that their talents become a gain to the business. Having the ability to understand new decades as they move into the work make will continue to be an adjustment for managers for years to come. To reach your goals in the foreseeable future, it'll be important for companies and professionals to comprehend these new employees.

Management Style

According to studies that have been done by other peers it is visible that Technology Y labor force, management style was among the top motivational characteristics that Gen Y was enthusiastic about from an company. They would like to be cared for on an individual basis and acknowledged, whether it's positive or negative. As one respondent explained, "Acknowledgement is important. You are less likely to be encouraged to prosper if you aren't recognized, whether you prosper or not. "

A classic exemplory case of this is from the movie, Smith J et al (1999). The employees are all cured the same and when Peter Gibbons decides to change things at work and do things his way. Instead of getting fired, he gets a promotion. Peter stepped from the monotonous labor force and made a decision to develop a motivating work environment. Another way for managers to raise the motivation on Gen Y personnel is to challenge them at their daily duties. Work may easily become monotonous and un-motivating to an employee who is constantly doing the same thing every day. To beat this, professionals can assign different tasks to the worker; permit them to work on different projects and also to keep an available mind to the way the employee can bring new and motivating suggestions to the company. As another review participant known, "When an off the beaten track idea isn't immediately taken down, I am more motivated!"

Gen Y employees are encouraged when given the independence to work as they please. These employees do not need a manager telling them what to do at every second, nonetheless they do desire regular reviews. They prefer a guiding side to a micromanager. Employees want to know if they're doing the job well and if they are not, it is up to the supervisor to help teach and motivate those to be the best they can. Gen Y needs be determined through constant prize and identification. "Because of their short attention span, acceptance and rewards must appear quickly, " (Nagle, 1999).

Role of Managers in handling Technology Y

A very important role for professionals is to create mentorships within the company. This allows the senior employees to reach away to the Generation Y employees and provide them advice and counseling in a fresh environment. That is a very successful method for Gen Y to find out about the beliefs of the business, as well as gain insightful knowledge within an industry that is international to them. One of the respondents gave an example of this by saying: "Direction is important. You intend to have a good coach that will provide you with a sense of direction alternatively than having you aimlessly achieving. " Gen Y is not a technology that can remain happy without experiencing the significance of their work. Wandering "aimlessly" rather than seeing marketing campaign results of the work leaves them frustrated and unmotivated. As one respondent stated, "Why work on something if you have no idea what the benefit will be from work. " This is why communication is one of the main aspects of coping with Gen Y. If indeed they feel their job has a sense of purpose, they stay determined and open to direction and management from mentors. Employees who are open-minded are more apt to expand and develop in their industry. Ideas and knowledge can be transferred successfully through decades so long as everyone is available to new and old ideas and will get a way to build them into the daily office regime.

It is crucial for managers to comprehend that Gen Y craves sustained education from other colleagues. They seek challenging jobs and also have a desire to get knowledge by dealing with the employees around them.


Research Design

The review method is will be utilized to investigate the level of which the characteristics and tendencies of the Technology Y has impacted the management systems. According to Mugenda, (1999) and Mbweza, (2006), survey research seeks to identify what lot of individuals think or experience certain issues. Considering that the total range of respondents (comprising of the the junior through the interpersonal media, professors and local market leaders) is 150, this is relatively a large number of analysis sample compared to the study area to qualify this as a review. (Moreso, Orodho, 2003) and (Mbweza, 2006) reveals that surveys are used to spell it out some aspects or characteristics of population such as ideas, attitudes, is convinced or even understanding of certain phenomenon. This study still meets as a review as it looks for to learn and describe what the respondents know about Generation Y and overall generational move, its benefits as well as its demerits with reference to management systems within companies and organizations both corporates and medium sized organizations.

Target Population

The target inhabitants will comprise instructors, youth associates, local leaders, managers and a sample of these within the interpersonal media network. Educators will be targeted because they are perceived to comprehend and posses a great deal of information in regards to the young ones and overall generational change and associated management dynamics when they train and interact with the young era who majority of them fall within the generation Y. It really is thought therefore that they could have very important info that may help in this analysis. The youth associates may also be targeted because they are the individuals who are so into the system and triggering the management dynamics because of their characteristics of the place of work.

Sample selection and test size

To decide on a representative sample, a researcher must have a sampling structure (Mugenda, 1999). That is a directory site or index of situations from which an example will be chosen. The researcher will decide on a list of representatives from the mark groups within the positioning of study. Matching to Orotho, (2005), sampling is an activity of choosing the sub-set of cases in order to get a conclusion about the complete set. Which means researcher will have three reps of the prospective population.

The staff will be expected to load questionnaires, take part in interviews from their regions of work while those who find themselves not employed will be requested to accompany the researcher in carrying out survey. The researcher will strive to formulate questions that will be given to the sample determined one of the users of the communal media network

Data collection instruments

The study use questionnaires, focused groupings discussions and interview method to obtain data from the respondents. Questionnaires method will allow the researcher to accumulate a big amount of information in sensibly quick time (Orotho, 2005). However, because of the need for interviews in allowing the researcher to investigate and fast things that we cannot see (Wellington, 2000), they'll be used on all respondents. Hence the interviews will permit all the respondents to provide their profile of situations that they have lived, gone through or seen. Interviews will also permit the researcher to acquire detailed information from the respondents. To acquire this in-depth information from the children representatives and instructors, interviews will be suitable for this purpose. The interview will also be used to collect information from the professors and the professionals because their quantity is relatively controllable.

Pilot Study

Before collecting the actual data, the researcher will perform a pre-test on the questionnaires to improve stability of the tools (Mugenda, 1999). The pilot review will enable the researcher to correct any ambiguity in the questionnaires. These devices will be piloted within the faculty staff who will not be included in the actual research.

However, corresponding to (Wiersma 1985), interviews and targeted group discussions will not be piloted as they are verbal devices that are being used in the occurrence of the investigator who may perfect any ambiguity which may exist in the questions simply by rephrasing the particular questions.

Validity of the Instruments

According to (Mbweza, 2006) Validity refers to the degree to which a test or device procedures what it was designed to assess. The questionnaires in this review will be validated through software of content validity. Gay (1981) determined that content validity is a subject of wisdom by the researcher and the professionals. There is no way it could be computed and there is absolutely no way it can be portrayed quantitatively (Gay 1981). Hence the researcher will carry out deeper reviewing of the devices with colleagues in order to improve the validity of the equipment. The researcher will also consult broadly from the project supervisor and other departmental and non-departmental lecturers for comments and ideas which he will consider and include in order to validate the questionnaires.

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