Geometry Of Sense Way Of CONSIDERING Things Idea Essay

We often fascinate by the initial looking of structures as it was the one that attract our sight. People just go by the building everyday as just to be looked at. As if the buildings all around us only function as it is. We need to appreciate and also have a satisfying experience inside space. Exactly why is it necessary? For the reason that we are always surrounded by structures every day, and we'll always go in and out of areas. We cannot get away from it. Hence, if we appreciate that structures actually already do things to us. It moulds our behaviour in areas. The spatial elements whether it's a restricted or an open up space, too dazzling or too dark, the condition itself, the length, elevation, etc.

"As architect we do not mainly design properties as physical things, however the images and feelings of the individuals who live in them. " (Juhani Pallasmaa)

We need to enhance our eyesight images into spatial experience with our entire body experience. Beside our physical appearance in space, we also have to involve some knowledge and practice in perceiving the area to have an enjoyable experience inside space.

Building is a symbol of individuals habitation. We made areas where we can reside in to protect ourselves from any danger. As a individuals, we want to keep ourselves safe and wall membrane become our defence accessories from cold, heat, wind, rain, opponents, outdoors beasts, etc. That is why people always think and research on how to develop their 'habitation' to become more constant/stronger. They started to construct it started from grass house until the using of bricks or cement that happen to be sturdier or solid materials.

Basically, in pre-historic times, they used cliffs or caves as their habitation to keep them safe from bad weather and crazy beasts. It had been not really a manmade composition, but it had been 'there' and it had not been positioned with goal, but placed in natural way. Then as enough time pass by, they experienced that they could not just stay in one place, sometimes they needed to move because of some reasons, and it looked very hard for them to always find a place like cliffs or caves to reside in every new area they shifted. So people started to think if indeed they can built it independently. They collected all the materials that they could find at that time and the first house was built by grass and wood. It was a quite strong enough building, because within the grass thatch there was a firm framework of long solid wood poles that discovered the poles the building.

As they thought by using only grass and real wood not strong enough, so they developed the material and then built it with stone that is much better. The first rock walls were just built by stones without any mortar that binds them alongside one another, to create dry-stone/dykes. It is quite stable because the wall surfaces are organized by the interlocking of the rocks. Soon After that mud-brick and adobe-brick were found as materials to build wall space by using mud blended or clay to bind them together, make it more firm or durable as a building.

Therefore, the function of your structures itself also develop from each and every time to time. Last time, people made structure predicated on their needs of security and safeguard. Nevertheless nowadays not only for the security but also how we can create connection and experience inside the space itself. Initially building was made as the shelter of human being to keep protection from outside untamed space, but now many architects also explore about how we can have connections of outside space from inside aesthetically and physically. I will further explain how architects shaping their forms in order to provide us different experience inside and control the sensation and emotions of the area users.

B. How individual perceive through spaces

1. Multi-sensory experience

a. Eyes for witnessing the physical aspects (varieties) and light

b. Ears for ability to hear sound

c. Skin for touching the surface

2. Human psychology and mental feelings

3. Human behavior inside space

4. Reflection: Connection with space create storage area to people

Different people will have different subconscious and mental responds in areas. As I refer to before, people need some knowledge and practice in perceiving the space beside their physical appearance only. Person who has this understanding will have the maximum enjoyment through spaces. We go through the space not only by visual gratitude, but think about the audio, smell, surface that encircle us. It really is true that the aesthetic image will have the immediate through our head, but then what we perceive from then on is more important.

Response to the architectural value is a intricate term. There are three psychological periods of human being in response to space: conception, cognition and spatial behavior. Belief of space identifies the awareness of people in perceiving the area through their five senses. Cognition is the thinking process after they sense the space. People may think, bear in mind, or measure the information that they received. Then from the conception and cognition, people may response and respond to the area.

When we could in the space and notice the sound of water slipping that is exterior, it might create a relaxing sense to us. How the sound of train perceive to our mind and recreate recollections, while we sitting down in a cafe. How exactly we imagine of any bakery shop whenever we smell something lovely outside. How we experienced cool or warmness in space and the roughness of surface that people felt.

We can create ram that demonstrates from that which we experience in a building. Typically the unique design will remain longer inside our mind, the the one that have a great impact to your senses. It might be a good or bad experience, however the important part is what reflects inside our mind. Therefore, it is a designer's task to set-up great experiences in places that they designed. Our brain can sense a connection between your form that is outside the space and inside the space. If the surface experience is already great, people will have the same or higher expectation of experience inside the space.

C. Structures as play with form

1. How ideas gain shape

a. Visually translation (case study)

2. Aesthetic expressions: a kind of free artistic expression

Art is a free of charge visual expression from the artist. It can be a paintings, sculpture, music composition, etc. Architecture also an designer in which they may be widely expression their interest in forming the space. Form is the basic elements of architecture. The buildings that people see every day are in fact the visual expression of architects and designers. They are able to get the ideas from working with the website context and cultural qualifications and then translate it into form and space. Shaping the form that gets the function, while also taking into consideration the experience inside the space for the users.

Illustration 5 & 6: The Stretto House by Steven Holl

In this aspect, I will talk about Steven Holl's work, which is the Stretto House, about how precisely he produced his ideas into forms. At first he examine the site, where he found a surroundings of any river that branch out become three ponds, which each comprised with a small wall, and triggering a constant of murmuring audio. Then he plan one of his student that contain the musical backdrop. He asked whether you can find any musical structure that set up in a parallel way similar to the streaming of normal water. Then he was informed about the 'Stretto' form where musical aspects overlap with one another in one composition. So he started to do further research and study upon this musical composition. He came to the realization that 'Stretto' has four different parts. It characterised by overlapping the factor of music. Then this idea brings him to split the space inside into four sections in harmonious way, as though one space is related and important to the other space. How each levels overlaps with other levels, following flow of the Stretto music. How he use the materials in response to the site. Therefore, in this case study Steven Holl gave us idea about how he, as an architect, senses and understanding the website to gain the idea which leads him in using varieties in space. "It is a pleasure of experimenting structures with spatial and light sequences, textures, smells, and tones. " (Steven Holl)

D. Usage of different shape inside space

1. Different kind of forms

a. Basic form

b. Abstract form

2. Varieties do what to you

a. How the geometry create being in space

b. Sensitivity to range and proportion

c. Different types of varieties play different atmosphere and ambience in space

3. Security and togetherness or isolation and alone

Our life is encircled by forms. All buildings all around us have different varieties with one another. All areas of an application come together and explain a condition and volume. Form is the format of a construction of the volumetric form. Form is the mass that define thing in space. Form cannot exist without space. Form helps us to comprehend the way to handle the space. Space constantly includes our present. Through the volume of space, we sense the security inside, connect to each other, and hear may seem of water that perceive through our ears, which develop various feeling and sentiment.

In architecture, we are worried with the elements if floor, wall membrane and roof surface that enclose the area. It really is an artificial engineering. Additionally it is related on how we condition and place the beginning within those elements and the curves of the building form. All the elements come in single parts which must be joined up with together creating structures.

"If you ask me, the presence of certain buildings has something secret about it. " (Zumthor 2006, p. 17)

Architecture isn't only mere play with form, but it also actively shapes individuals patterns. Without we realize it, buildings actually do what to us and influence our personal sense and mindset inside. Different kind of varieties will play different atmosphere and ambience in space. The thought to scale and percentage in space is also one of important concern in creating space. Proportion is the relationship of sizes (width, duration, depth, height) of an individual object. Range is our judgment of size of something in relation to something else. It's important that new building should embrace the quality that can enter into a meaningful spatial experience.

E. Approaches to shape people's sense inside spaces

1. Shaping the varieties of architecture

Every architect has their own style and way in expressing their form of architecture. Some can do it response to characteristics that become organic and natural forms, some may make reference to the site framework or even some can do it in simplified way of planning which also can give greater impact to the users. How all this form creates different impact for people? How one building is more interesting than the other?

For the first impact, we often evaluate it based on the visual appearance, the form of the building itself. The progression of forms proceeds every once in awhile. From the one which follow the function, seems to be in basic geometry designs which create a simplistic way of representing the architecture. Until the progression of the abstract form become architectural. Zaha Hadid is one of modern-day architect which has a great way in representing form of architecture on her own way. She explores the rhythm of every day people's life, observes her environment, and finds what is lacking in the construction of your modern world. She uses that information as the starting place for her explorations which develop into an unknown territory that brings about her angular point. She feels that we may use our resources, including ourselves, more proficiently in order to set-up the maximum amount of space and value to it. She said that we need to start our eye, our ears and our minds in the reality of our living. We see only what our eyes have been trained to understand. We need to look at the world in a brand new way, and then we can transform the globe. She transforms our understanding into her representations of form that people already have created. She does not invent new kinds of structures, she just show us a global in a new way.

2. From inside to outside

a. Crossing boundary between outdoor and interior

b. Link with landscape aesthetically and physically

Walls divide. They have two sides, literally and metaphorically. They compress and make tangible distance between things by making a solid barrier that provides security and separation. They prolong the place of what they contain to a precise boundary, and placed limits from what is inside and what is outdoor. (Unwin, 2000, p. 26)

Each material provided us different sense whenever we inside the space itself. For instance, like Tadao Ando that he mainly use concrete wall membrane as his way of architecture. Concrete wall can provide us the feeling more in sealed space because it seems placing a limit or boundary whenever we are inside the space. We will have negative emotions towards the space and it could cause claustrophobic. But Ando organise his concrete wall membrane in such a way at a certain intervals, which he always creates openings where lights can come during that give new goal feelings. "A building is enriched if these interstices are structured according to a definite design and made significant as architectural spaces. " (Dalco 1995, p. 449)

Illustration 7 & 8: The Church of the Light by Tadao Ando

Ando also keeping the partnership between human being and natures, he's not only creating an opening where the lights will come through but he also think about how exactly wind and drinking water or rainfall give other natural feelings and variety to life. Without sunlight, the area sometimes can fade at one instant, and at next time sunlight can glimmer brightly into the opening of the space. So, here we will feel like the relationship between human being and nature are working alongside one another as a team. Just as his work of the Church of Light, where he creates starting in the condition of a mix, admitting the brilliant light getting into the chapel with the movement of sunlight, while also offers an incredible sense of spiritual calm.

Wall is sound barrier that delivers protection and parting (Unwin, 2000, p. 26).

Wall casings our existences, and we often think as it is a hindrance for all of us. But Toyo Ito creates new spots that are borderless, which his philosophy is 'blurring boundary'. So he would like to give other way of emotions to the wall structure which is light and transparent.

Ito's architecture aspires to lightness. However, he is not simply endeavoring to make building as thing 'light'. He is endowing thing with 'light' characteristics to make 'field of circulation' 'light' places. The result, visually speaking, is structures that produces places where people can experience (Hara, 2001, p. 9).

Illustration 9: Sendai Mediatheque by Toyo Ito

In Sendai Mediatheque, the complete faade was made with goblet, and along this main facade the six floor slabs appear to be floating in the mid-air within the area connected only by thirteen material tube columns that rise up from floor floor to roofing, which giving the feeling of 'lightness'. Its translucent faade allowing people can see through what is going on inside. The motive here is to bring outside and inside closer by reducing the obstacles with the transparency glass faade. So in this particular way, the function of wall structure as partition now feels in different way. The wall structure remains and dividing the spots, but we will feel as if we are in one space because of the transparency of the cup wall.

F. How will the folks deal with the new way of experiencing areas without cater to visual images exclusively?

1. The hurdles that people may face in exceptional space

a. The recognition of folks inside the space

b. The understanding of architecture

2. A means of taking a look at things

a. Respond human being to space and form

"A masterpiece of design is possible only when it is experienced, and experiencing a masterpiece of design means recreating its dimension feeling. " (Juhani Pallasmaa)

Buildings around us are simply show be there. We often do not pay more attention to them. It gives certain impression and creates different reaction to people. Experiencing space appears to be a private dialogue between your creator of the space and the individual inside the space. The building is the expression of the architect, the challenge is if the person aware of the meaning that the architect transfer. All properties will just stay still as where they are built. Architect task is how to provide this 'still' form an impact and good targets. Every building is made for specific function in specific place and then for a specific population. (Zumthor 2006, p. 27)

To appreciate the architect's work demand the creativeness of the area users. People need to enhance their visual activities into spatial experience with their body system experience. They have to practice and let go all their sense and feelings in space. Perceiving the space and enjoy the experience. People may appreciate the building by its colour, texture, shape, materials and size. Architecture is a personal gratifying and necessarily experience. If people can experience space and form enjoyably, then the structures happens.


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