George Block Bridge Project Charter

This Project Charter outlines the budget, program, range, milestones and delivery strategy for design & structure of the George Block Bridge, Newport. This charter also includes the major hazards and risk mitigation strategies associated with this building Project.

Once the task charter is complete, the task team will finalize an in depth construction plan. And after the approval is awarded by the Council, the job will be guided by this Charter.

Background and problem statement

This project focuses on the construction of a reliable and safe streets bridge in Newport. It's been witnessed that during peak hours in the city, the high speed traffic makes it very unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists to mix the street. Thus the building of an crossover bridge with bicycle lanes and paths has been suggested that can increase the road safe practices for pedestrians and cyclists.


The scope of this Project includes:

Construction of a new bridge of modern expectations;

2 travel lanes;

Bike lanes in both directions on the bridge;

Trails for both pedestrians and cyclists

Separate pedestrian pathway on the north aspect of the bridge;

Traffic Sign intersection at Harbor Highway;

Links to existing and future pathways and paths;

Improved approach highways to the bridge;

Improved basic safety and ease of access;

Relocations of resources;

Decommissioning of existing engineering on the area where in fact the bridge is usually to be constructed;

Landscaping; and

Public fine art.

This project aims at providing alternative transportation amenities. This bridge will ensure that the pedestrians and cyclists can securely pass through the broadband traffic. This bridge will increase the city infrastructure and will lead to orderly traffic motion.


This bridge will be a lasting bridge with superior cyclist and pedestrian amenities. The aim of this job is to build a bridge that will provide a transportation website link on the George Street. The bridge will be constructed pursuing all the building rules of Newport city. The bridge will link existing and future tracks and pathways.

This bridge employs all the laid down guidelines of development and travel, and will support the financial vitality of the downtown. This task will create jobs during the development period and the traffic to and from the city will be minimally impacted.

Project Team

The Task Team will contain the George Road Bridge Job Director, the Task Team, which will be supported by professional competence and key personnel in regions of finance, executive and procurement. Also experts form audit, legal, communications, risk management, and from other areas as required will be helping the project management team.

The task team will also include professional engineering support from the principle specialist. The team will have support from sub-consultants which include bridge architecture, structural, quantity review, geotechnical, mechanised & electro-mechanical during various stages of the project. The chief specialist Group has knowledge and experience in building bridges. In addition to the above, the chief consulting team can provide advice related to design-assist procurement as well as company procurement.


1. Numerous stakeholders with diverse passions are participating.

2. Project wait would impact many residents of Newport city

3. Since the global economy is recovering, a sizable variety of pending projects might begin in same timeframe as George Street project.

Risks and risk mitigation

Construction tasks are characterized by the presence of several risks. Some of these can be directly handled by the task management team, while there are others that are from the market. A few of these risks are major ones that can have a substantial impact on the job budget or job agenda. The major risks and the risk mitigation technique to control risk are as follows:

Steel Prices: Metallic represents a significant portion (about 45%) of the bridge materials and cost. Metal prices are afflicted by global economic drivers. This is mitigated by securing steel unit prices by putting your signature on contracts with the suppliers well in advance or placing them on the look assist team.

Market conditions for construction: Market conditions for structure may change. This is again from the market and can't be handled by the project management team. This risk can be mitigated by acquiring a general contractor as soon as possible to utilize the design-assist team

Competing projects: Competing projects bring resources and company interest from the ongoing job. This may again be checked by protecting a builder on the design team.

Actual site conditions fluctuate - On many events the genuine site conditions fluctuate significantly from what has been expected. To regulate this risk additional geotechnical inspection work can be carried out.

Utility relocation - Significant delay in electricity relocations occurs. Project managers can work towards having more cooperation and coordination with external utilities providers.

Other dangers could be prolonged gap between development disciplines or conflicting instructions from client's personnel to contractor. These dangers can be mitigated insurance agencies better communication and coordination or with the use of appropriate cost control measures and project management techniques.

Change Management

Any Significant changes in the opportunity of the project will be approved by the Management Committee. These changes could be changes in the items list provided under Opportunity. But these changes will be well within the contingencies provided in the task budget. If any of the changes may actually fundamentally alter the mandate they will be presented to Council and the management committee for final approval. These could be changes in the deliverables posted under Scope. The power to make critical decisions will be with the George Streets Bridge Project Director.

Quality Assurance

The responsibility of overall design of the bridge will vest with the prime consultant for the project. The advisor will be responsible for the design integrity of varied works undertaken under the George Avenue Bridge contract. The principle contractor, after appointment, will be responsible for complying with the design as shown in the look documents made by the advisor Group. The quality assurance program will target at delivering regular accounts to metropolis task team during fabrication and structure phases in a pre made the decision format.


The estimate cost of designing and building the George Road Bridge is approximated at $20 Million. This estimation assumes that you will see no significant change in the current monetary conditions and the steel prices will not increase significantly. The budget also assumes that quality labour will be available throughout the building of the bridge. This budget includes a contingency of 10% as advised by the chief design consultant which was reviewed by a co-employee consultant. The engineering of this bridge involves a substantial quantity of steel, representing around 45% of the existing estimate as mentioned earlier. Cost control procedures will be employed throughout the project lifecycle to keep an eye on and keep track of the budget.

Funding for the Project is as uses:

$10 million - City borrowing

$3 million - Reprioritization of City capital projects and other inner sources

$7 million - federal government Contribution Agreement

TOTAL $20 Million


The timeline because of this construction job considers enough time required for steel processing and fabrication; erection and assessment; and structure of the piers, specific design; bridge assembly abutments and strategies. The project manager aims to complete the job by no later than March 31, 2015.

Project constraints

The following are the task constraints that can impact the conclusion of this Task:

1. Regulatory requirements

2. Disbursement of utilities

3. Development economy

4. Availability of resources and engineering materials

5. Unpredictable global steel market

Most of these aren't in immediate control of the Job Team.


The Project completion assumes the following:

1. The Economy remains almost stable

2. Material prices will not increase dramatically

3. There will be very few changes in the bottom conditions

4. Coordination with fisheries windows to minimize hold off construction

5. Material materials and fabrication resources are available

6. Resources will be available on time and you will be well within budget

7. Qualified Engineers and Contractors are often available

8. All of the decisions are well informed and are as per the schedule

The sustainability of an project depends upon the sustainability of its stakeholder associations. There are several stakeholders having different proportions of stake in a job. Stakeholder management is vital for a successful project. An active reporting system will be implemented to keep the stakeholders included and updated.

Progress Reporting

A quarterly overview statement will be provided to the Council and the stakeholders. Casual reporting may also be done through regular conferences of the job team members and/or their representatives. Active use of internet will be done to keep both the open public and the personnel informed of advancements of the task. Arrangements will be produced to update regular studies on the project website.

The project is a success if the job manager can complete the job promptly with enhanced basic safety and stability. The bridge will be a model for other engineering projects taken up in the city of Newport. The task will be successful if it achieves its goal of bettering the crossing experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

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