Globalization And Cultural Variety Marketing Essay


This is a report of case study which consists of about McDonald's work practice have impacted on different ethnicities and exactly how these different cultures have impacted McDonald's operation.

Introduction to the Case study and McDonald's

This case study explores the reason why behind the changing destiny of McDonald's. After that it converses its transfer to healthier selections and the 'I'm loving' it' advertising campaign, and terminates with a discussion of the world Glass burger advertising.

About McDonald's

McDonald's is th world leading junk food service retailer with more than 32, 000 local restaurants serving more than 60 million people in 124 countries every day. They mainly sell hamburgers, fowl, French fries, breakfast time products, milkshakes and carbonated drinks.

2. Globalization and Cultural Diversity

McDonald's is becoming symbolic of globalization, due to its vast economical and ethnical impact in every parts of the entire world. In countries worldwide McDonald's Big Mac prices can be used to compare and evaluate those countries currencies purchasing electric power equality.

McDonald's is directly recognized with america culture and lifestyle, its international business enlargement has been termed part of Americanization and North american social imperialism as well.

McDonald's has been facing competition because entrance of the sandwich pubs, coffee retailers and a broader variety of fast-food options has put more stress on McDonald's to protect its market show. Because of competitive pressure, the pattern towards healthy eating has put increasing pressure on McDonald's. so they have come up with healthy alternatives and transparency of ingredients

In the UK, public consciousness of healthy eating has been increased by some healthy scares, form BSE turmoil in 1996, which damaged confidence in British isles beef, to the present possibility of your bird flu pandemic, which may prompt anxieties about the protection of chicken. To get over the BSE crisis, it put more focus on white beef such as hen rather than beef. It experimented with a range of Quorn-based vegetarian food, with limited success

The company also believes it can provide for customers by creating selections that are adapted to local personal preferences while sustaining its iconic American charm. This shows McDonald's using expertise in multi-local marketing strategies.

Hoping to capitalized on soccer fever they have got announced the introduction of its World Cup Burger: 'The Biggest Ever before!' the globe Cup Burger was designed to promote the state collaboration of McDonald's with the event. This new product appears to rise in the face of the current general population attention to excess weight.

3. McDonald's Global Strategies

McDonald's vision is to own world best and quickest service restaurant to its customer. Available, being best means consistently satisfying customers much better than other people.

Ray Kroc who was a founder of Mc Donald's, from your day he opened up his first restaurant, he guaranteed to give his customer high quality products, served quickly with a smile, in a clean and satisfying environment, and everything at a fair price. Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V) became the attitude that drove McDonald's business.

Supporting to perspective there are some global strategies being followed by McDonald's globally:

They have to come up with

Continuous creativity in its menu, amenities, marketing, operations and technology.

Expanding its global methodology by sharing guidelines and leveraging their finest people and technology resources around the world.

Long term re-invention of the category where it competes and the development of other business and growth opportunities.

Developing its HR at every level of the organization, from its restaurants.

Continue the flourishing execution of changes.

4. Cultural Diversity in McDonald's

If business wishes to be successful globally, cultural sensitivity must be in the centre of everything they do. So McDonald's adopt the culture where they operate and made some changes to attain market expansion. I examine Singapore and India how McDonald's take up their culture

They produce diverse type of products to different countries:

India- Sandwich sauce, Shakes and tender - serve products do not contain egg sequentially to provide more variety of vegetarian consumers

Uruguay- McHuevo (hamburger with a poached egg on top)

Norway - McLaks (grilled salmon sandwich)

German - Beer

Thailand - Samurai Pork Burger

Taiwan - Rice Burger

4. 1. McDonald's in Singapore

In Singapore McDonald's exposed its first restaurant 1979. At present, they provide 1. 2 million customers every week over 110 McDonald's restaurants over the island. 7, 000 employees keep carefully the McDonald's restaurants operating in order

Adaptation of menu to Singaporeans' Tastes

For 30 years McDonald's has been in Singapore and also enhancing its product over the years. They have got made changes in the ingredients by using better alternatives such as the use of non excessive fat oil because of its French fries

Since its beginning in 1979, McDonald's Singapore has produce products that are unique to the preferences and standards of living to costume with the style of the neighborhood Singaporeans. Not merely their tastes and elements are unique but will be the names of the burgers launched for Singapore market also indicate the uniqueness.

McDonald's has made its diet information about its menu open to its customers since March 1999. Customers can also order the McDonald's Singapore food without grill seasoning or dressing. Customers who find the mayonnaise or tarter sauce used in the burger too flattening can place special purchases because of their burgers to come without these sauces.

When being too hypersensitive is a terrible thing - McDonald's makes a major blunder using their Doraemon plush gadgets in Singapore.

McDonald's started selling childrens favourite miniatures exhibiting the 12 pets of the Chinese zodiac calendar, but the pig was replaced by love god Cupid because they said it did not want to cause offense Muslims.

After a decision to leave the animal out of its Chinese language zodiac collection which upset many in the mostly ethnic Chinese and as much Chinese language customers complained in boards and sites that they would not have a chance to buy the animal sign with their birth year.

For this issue, finally McDonald's apologized to Singapore and helped bring a pig back to its toy menu (Appendix- 1).

Home delivery and online services

They have launched a home delivery service for those who seek convenience in Singapore. However, scheduled to insufficient knowledge and equipment, the McDonald's Delivery Service (MDS) in Singapore happens to be limited to certain areas of the state.

McDonald's Singapore offers you to ordering your next meal online quickly and easily with "Mc Delivery 24/7" (the only delivery service that never sleeps!).

Negative impacts

In the american countries elder peoples were grew up eating junk food and it has become a part of the culture. However in Singapore McDonald's places less importance on the elder peoples because of the culture of aged Singaporeans. McDonald's Singapore continues to be not a reach with older people people due to health consciousness.

Though, they may have planning to defeat this situation within the next 5 years, when McDonald's can be part of the aged Singaporeans culture, as they have grown up eating burgers.

4. 2. McDonald's in India

McDonald's started out its first restaurant in the year 1996. Initially, Indian critics were restless about the success of McDonald's for three specific reasons:

India has a distinctive food culture, which has survived for centuries. Attracting Indians towards North american style of food use is a intimidating task.

Multinationals are believed as a risk to the neighborhood market and culture.

In India most people choose to eat in teams at home. Eating out is a unusual trend.

But McDonald's was created a history became the very best brand in chain retail food services in India (Appendix - 2). McDonald's attract devotions of Indian consumers with a mixture of Indian taste in fast food products. McDonald's comes with an image of North american fast food chain so it desires to match well with this changing Indian cultural landscape. They unveiled several new products for Indian customers to be able to get accepted and effectively mix into local Indian culture.

Family- Centric and Child- Centric

McDonald's has sited itself as a family group restaurant in India. Its outlet stores are called "McDonald's Family Restaurant, " instead of simply McDonald's just as other parts of the world (appendix - 3). McDonalds is becoming an eye-catching place for working and active teenagers on weekdays. On weekends, residents in Delhi and Mumbai bring their children to McDonald's so that they can relax, while their children play in McDonald's greatly popular play places.

Children are really powerful medium for romantic relationship building in India. So that McDonald's has made everything feasible to appeal to children. Its "Happy Dishes" and extra Lego toys are great interest for children. McDonald's fun Area appeals to children and parents, because they're considered secure, reliable, hygienic, and kids affable.

McDonald's also promote birthday parties in India. Indian locations like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore most young people stay in small, overcrowded flats; it has become a convenient place for birthday celebration.

McDonald's has become a trendy place for many adolescents, who use the outlets as a spot to meet their partner/girlfriends, still a challenging matter with Indian middle-class individuals.


McDonald's employed mostly youngsters surrounding the world and provided them with work opportunities. McDonald's globally applied over one and half million individuals, over half of them were under 21 years of age. McDonald's provided job opportunities to youngsters in India chasing their education.

Supply Chain

McDonald's spent a couple of years setting up a unique supply chain, even before beginning its first restaurant in India. In India McDonalds focused on making an effective supply string to execute its QSCV rule (Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value), prices flexibility and new product launches from time to time. Among the distinctive principles of McDonalds resource string in India was Cool Chain. This system brought about a utter revolution, hugely benefiting the farmers at one end and allowing customers at retail counters get the best quality foods, absolutely fresh and at great value. Major resource chain of McDonalds was build by the next set of suppliers:

Dynamix Dairy Market sectors (Company of Cheese)

Trikaya Agriculture (Supplier of Iceberg Lettuce):

Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Distributor of Fowl and Vegetable selection of products including Fruit Peas

Radhakrishna Foodland (Syndication Centers for Delhi and Mumbai)

Amrit Food (Provider of long life UHT Dairy and DAIRY FOOD for Frozen Desserts)

Potato Farming in Gujarat

In early on 1991, potatoes production was discontinued, as the right quality of potatoes could not be sourced. McDonald's required some variety of potato which had to have certain size, high solids content and low water content.

However, according to its initial guarantee to local sourcing, McDonald's and its own supplier spouse, McCain Foods Pvt. Ltd. (the world's most significant French fries company), proved helpful directly with farmers in Gujarat and Maharashtra to develop process-grade potato varieties. Gujarat potato crop was used to make McDonald's 'Chatpatey' Potato Wedges.

Major Obstacles for McDonald's

Major task was beef because Hindus do not eat meat and Muslims do not prefer to consume pork. McDonald's doesn't serve any beef or pork in any of their menu and presented Maharaja Mac to fit with Indian culture.

India is not really a vegetarian country; about 20% of Indians were vegetarian. Whenever we closer check out status- level food behavior in India it shows that food tastes may differ generally on the list of country's 30 state governments and six union provinces. For vegetarian customers McDonald's offers McVeggie, McAloo Tikki, Paneer Salasa Cover, Crisp Chinese, Veg McCurry Skillet, and Pizza McPuff (Appendix - 4). For non vegetarian customers they provide Hen maharaja Mac, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McGrill, Chicken breast McCurry Pan.

McDonald's has wished to enforce rigorous standard in product development and food preparation so as to not ever mess up ethnical sensitivities of the vegetarian customers of the Indian society. All food stuffs are strictly sectioned off into vegetarian and non- vegetarian lines and distinct utensils are used for preparing food vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. French fries in India are not flavored with meat tallow. Even the mayonnaise and snow cream contain no eggs.

Rivalry from Local Food vendor

Local food vendors have been doing there business for a long time and also they are familiar with the market. Local food business comprehended the psychology of the consumers and controlled accordingly to their aroma, flavor and lifestyle.

5. Conclusion

McDonald's is a respected fast food merchant on the globe. If business desires to be successful globally it will want to look at and find out the culture where they operate. They can be successful and increase their market show. McDonald's as a symbol of success and modernity Mc Donald's have becomes more popularity although have transformed the nutritional habits leading to expenditure of beef goods, which can be high in fat and energy there are a few nervousness in health mindful.

6. Recommendation

McDonald's should want to add more promotional and advertising methods to raise its market show.

Due to the growing health conscious they need to want to provide less calories from fat products.


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Appendix - 1

Appendix - 2

Appendix - 3

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