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Good And Bad Aspects Of Religion In Books Religion Essay

Religion is a questionable topic which is a boarded in both following literature: The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hossein and THE ENERGY and the Glory, by Graham Green. Both literature are based on this topic and they show the good and bad aspects. It's important to poit out that they are not about religious beliefs but many important things that happen in this book talk about faith or are related to religion. These books do no invasion directly any religious group but focuses on religion as something standard.

The good aspect that religion has is that they comfort others and the bad aspect is the fact that in occasions it's quite common for people to use advantage of the people who have less. However with in faith social teams are made, with this everyone seems obligated to support economically their religion, in order for their sin to be forgiven.

In the power and glory the writer criticizes how the church takes advantage of the faith folks have and the money they give with devotion. This is personified by the lieutenant. Unfortunately this is very common, the people which may have less money will be the ones that are always inclined to provide more even though they donґt have the options. "the old peasants knelt there before the holy images with their arms organised outin the attitude of the mix: worn out by the long day's labour in the plantations they squeezed out an additional mortification. Plus the priest come round with the collecting handbag taking their centavos, abusing them because of their small comforting sins, and reducing almost nothing in return-except a little intimate indulgence. " PAG. 22, 23 The priest can take all that the peasants have and functions like if he were to abolish all the sins they have committed.

The loss of faith is something very common since when people are having adversities it is then that they question everything, mainly the lifestyle of God. Mexico is a perfect exemplory case of this type of religion. Mexico is one of the very most spiritual countries, Mexicans believe that there's a god who's good, as well as the saints, it is outfit to venerate these saints. However when the Mexicans do not get their wishes awarded they convert their backs on the saints and begin complaining like why performed God do that to them. "These were quite accustomed to people dying, but an unforeseen hope of enjoyment got bobbed up one of the tombs: they could boast after this that certain at least of the family had gone into the ground with the official prayer. " Pag. 48

This is a point that favors religious beliefs since it makes people more robust especially when they are really in a hard situation. To accept the death of any love one is the most difficult part of life, but many folks have the comfort that they are going to rest in a better place. To be able to lead their heart to rest they must pray. And light a candle to be able to light up them. But why don't we not forget that prayer also helps comfort the family.

And because of things such as these the lieutenant didn't believe in any faith he was always on the defensive. This is like the saying that discusses that everyone perceives or have are different perspectives of a similar thing, in events this is as a result of earlier experience they experienced. "It infuriated him to feel that there were still people in the state who thought in a loving and a merciful God. There mystics who are said to have observed God immediately. He was a mystic, too, and what he had experienced was vacancy-a complete certainty in the lifetime of a dying, cooling down world, of human beings who had changed from animals for no goal whatsoever. " Pag. 24, 25

"an enormous temptation emerged to Padre Jos for taking the chance and say a prayer over the grave. He felt the wild appeal of doing one's duty and strecheda signal of the cross in the air ; then dread came back like a medication. Contempt and safety waited for him down by the quay: he wished to escape. He sank hopelessly down on his knees and entreated them: 'leave me alone. ' H e said, ' I am unworthy. Can't the simple truth is?-I am a coward. " Pag. 49

Priests are people who have an important role in world they have to have an effective behavior. However they are humans and this should be considered, they aren't perfect. Another thing is the fact priests should be at the service of the city. They also commit blunders or function in a selfish way, for example whenever a priest will not want to revel his identify because he's aware of the consequences that this will bring to his life.

"It really is wrong to think that because one dies no. I let you know I am in circumstances of mortal sin. I have done things I couldn't speak to you about". Pag. 127 Sins are a religious principles that difference the good and bad. Religious beliefs is always in charge of the moral aspects and dictates the guidelines that a person should follow to become a good person or if these guidelines are damaged they are considered sinners.

He said, 'I don't know how to repent. 'that was true: he had lost the faculty. He couldn't tell himself that he wished his sin acquired never been around, because the sin seemed to him now so unimportant and he cherished the fruit from it. He needed a confessor to bring his mind gradually down the drab passages which led to grief and repentance. Pag. 128The principle that the church manages in many occasions accidents with the passions and necessities of the folks. and when have emerged from another point of view are not whatsoever bad or inappropriate. When father or mother have a kid that is clearly a sinner relating to church guidelines, they dropped ashamed or have to act distant. If they feel happy or do not want to carefully turn their backs on theier sons. This is comun in teenage moms, even though they are seen as sinners thay contain the support and comfort with their parents.

The kite runner is a reserve that is targeted on the religin of the pakistanґs, even thought thi booklet does not discuss much about religion, it is considered that the most important characters will be the ones which have had an encounter with it.

In this offer they mainly speak about the religion regarded as a sin. But ironically they sil didn't handle the idea of sin. He though us the intricacies of carrying out the five daily namaz prayers, and made us memorize verses from the Koran-and though he never translated the words for us, Pag. 16

"They certainly little or nothing bu thumb their prayer beads and recite a e book written in a tongue they don't really even understand. " He took a sip. "God help us all if afganistan ever before falls to their hands. " 270 these people learned the koran because they felt obligated to do it. Even thouh they read the Koran they could never understand what the texts intended. They where with the religion but they blind they could see no farther then that which was convient to them o believe.

Never mind of these things. Because background isn't easy to get over. Neither is religin. In the long run, I got in Pashtun and he was a Hazara, I was sunni and he was Shi'a and nothing was ever going to change that. Nothing at all.

But we were kids who had discovered to crawl jointly, and no history, ethnicity, population, or religion would change that either. " Pag. 25 With this quotation the author means that faith divides people, this is similar to what was seen in power and glory. However in the kite runner this is offered amir and Hassan, their relationship was conditions with their social status, that they had different religions and their connection had to be only cordial. This is thanks to their differences, it is always common to start to see the variations between people should be pointed out instead o the similitude between them.

We listen to what God says and we follow because were little or nothing, but humble, powerless creatures before god's greatness. And exactly what does God say? I ask you! WHAT DOES GOD SAY? God says that each sinner must be punished in a manner befitting his sin. Those aren't my words, nor what of my brothers. Those are the words of GOD!" Pag. 270

This is also a good example on how religious beliefs runs on the sin to punish others, but this could not be observed as a sin but justice. At exactly the same time this I quiet ironically, because how can you inform a person never to do things when this person will not anticipate with the example.

It is important that people understand that religious beliefs can offer comfort and strength sometimes, but also they need to be aware of how religion has the vitality enough to dictate the principles and attitudes of your population, and sometimes some activities that religious beliefs promotes can be questionable. Therefore, attitude towards religious beliefs should be more available, enough to have the ability to see the advantages or disadvantages than it. Besides, beyond faith, people should be mindful that flexibility and civil privileges should not be threatened or restricted by any type of doctrine. This is difficult to do because faith is something that most people have in their lives and when you expand with certain principles and guidelines they become part of who you are also to question any of it means to confront yourself, which is a thing really difficult to do. If you can decide that religion serves you and how does it serve you then you will also be able to say when faith has been used as an abusive forces rather than a moral advice for the normal good.

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