Greed Triggers Fraud And Corruption


Purpose - Greed causes fraud and problem which is one of the primary problems were facing in our country as its increasing enormously rather than decreasing. The goal of this research is to evaluate the various types of fraudulence and problem and because it is such a broad subject matter we will concentrate on a life situation which illustrates how greed plays an enormous role in the creation of scam and problem.

Design/ Technique/ strategy - comprehensive interview are conducted with a mature quantity surveyor that has been doing work for a contracting company for the past six years and has allowed me to be part of the investigation process that has been conducted. The real reason for the analysis is to determine why they owe such a great amount of money for taxes but money had been deducted using their salaries since they started out working and reasons to be unfairly dismissed.

Findings - The company of the contracting company appears to be deducting money from his employee's wages however, not paying the tax company without the data of his employees deploying it for his own private use. More information was discovered that all his workers haven't been listed under the department of labour and the company has been running for several years now and unfair dismissal was practised in the corporation.

Originality/ Value - The final results of this paper can help us understand and beware that we now have all types of corruption in the industry. Ms Anonyms will hand over all her repayments slips to the research officers to prove that she has been working and paying for her tax within the last years while working and also open a case of unfair dismissal and take it to the Commission payment for Conciliation Meditation and Arbitration (CCMA).



Fraud and problem play a huge role in the construction industry which this leads to the hindering of development in our country and the country not moving forward.


The Goal of the research is to bring the problem of scams and problem to attention of the reader. To detect risks on the market also to provide users with relevant anti- corruption resources.


To uncover what triggers scams and corruption

To what level is an specific eager to scoop low to get what they need rather than be caught

How corruption affects the Development industry

How it hinders development.


Chapter one

1. 1 Introduction

Greed is a critical issue influencing the development industry and country as a whole as it brings about fraud and corruption which plays an enormous part on the hindering of development in our country.

Chapter 2

2. 1 Greed

The selfishness of a person of wanting more and not being satisfied of what they already have.

2. 2 Fraud

A legal offence done intentionally because of personal motives that your individual will gain that can affect another specific.


Chapter three

3. 1 Case study

Ms Anonymous discovers herself in the middle of a fraudulence and problem situation that she was not aware off.

3. 2 Duty invasion





Terms of reference



Fraud and Problem are broad and intricate issues but their origins are inlayed in a countries cultural or cultural record, Political and economic development and it offers both these determined by the government, employers, employees, management personnel, individuals or a group of people who've get together with one agenda only and these dedicated is determined by Greed.

Greed steers and specific into fraud and problem which also sets off the power of your brain, when a person begins procrastinating about the huge benefits and what one shall gain they begin to get started on plotting ways in making these thoughts into truth as soon as these thoughts become reality and the outcome is greater than expected they start abusing the problem into their own edge.

The engineering industry sector is recognized as carrying the highest risk of problem, the rate of problem and fraud in the industry is increasing enormously alternatively than reducing which is slowing down the economy and surprisingly it is becoming a typical and normal habit that has been practised. It really is almost just like a pool which every person now would like to jump in and swim in the profound end not bearing in mind that not everybody can swim.




Greed is the fact extreme desire to achieve or posses more than what you have such as materials riches which is usually more than what you need and deserves. In addition, it requires using being prosperous to gain electric power over others also denying others of wealth and electric power.

It is basically being selfish, thinking about one's do it yourself while at the same-time impacting other folks negative way. For instance if a building inspector would admit a bribe from a company to approve and state that all work done is of good quality and condition while that's not true than that is an act to be greedy because taking a look at the situation really the only people getting here will be the building inspector and the company while in the long it'll negatively affect the community as a whole or the people who will be in use of the premises that is being built.


In the country we reside in scams is a criminal act that would disadvantage a person or a group of people and it is also a civil legislation violation. Fraud is done intentionally that involves dishonesty for personal gain or harm to other individuals. Scams can be classified into many varieties for example theft and embezzlement.

In an instance of fraud you would have for example a person this Alien (not owed on the market) who has learned little or nothing about the engineering and the whole background of computer having certificates qualifying him in erecting projects in a case that he doesn't even how foundation is done.


Corruption in any case is the function of being dishonest and abusing electric power or the individuals position. Corruption can happen anywhere and is usually committed by an individual or a group of men and women such as officers or private persons. Corruption will come in many varieties such as bribery, nepotism, cheating, vote rigging and extortion.

An example of corruption would be paying down kickbacks to get multi million rand contracts for dubious reasons, having to regularly donating huge sums of money to maybe politics people or buy expensive products such as automobiles worth millions rands in-order to get something in exchange.

"Problem and fraudulence come in with greed because they're actions stem from having less ethics and undermine real human institution and human relations. "



Ms Anonymous and Contracting Company.

Ms Anonymous has been doing work for a contracting company for the past 3 years as a older quantity surveyor for this company. She did more than simply her hired position where she also worked in the civil part of the task and some other work that needed attention she would be gladly to assist in other words she was more of a secured asset to the business and they had described that to her as well.

The problem began when Ms Anonymous received a notice that she needed to go sort out her taxation statements. When she went to pay a visit at the duty company (SARS). S he was enlightened that she owes a lot of money and was asked why she was not spending money on her duty? She was stunned and advised them that she has been paying for her tax since she started working for her recent company days gone by 3 years. They told her to demand and RIP5 form from her workplace and also to keep all her pay slips as proof of payments for tax when had a need to check her profile and also that her company was one of the companies that were chosen for audits in 2012 so they would be a study in relation to her subject of not paying tax and would take things after that.

Audits where later on done of the company and it unveiled that they owe a good deal amount of money and they havent been paying whatsoever. They advised Ms Anonymous to bring all data as evidence that money has been deducted from her account for tax and they had promised that no information regarding with her profile would he linked to the owners of the business and had reassured her that she do nothing wrong as they had called in her to query her about her tax number. Investigations extended as the tax investigators kept coming into the office to do Company Audits and given that they had no financial and standard bank statements and exactly how much is being billed from the workers it pin directed that they have been not paying such as VAT and PAYE.

Things began to be little offish at the job where they were all panicking and looking for hands to point as they were not aware how and what experienced led SARS to come and audit the company with realising that SARS possessed chosen them themselves than rumour went out the Ms Anonymous possessed went to SARS. Down the road they made wrong pay slips declaring as he was paid more than she had been paid such that it will show as though she was the main one who was not paying Taxes but then Ms Anonymousness Payslips had proven all of that wrong.

A month later Ms Anonymous was called in to the Bosses office and was advised that anticipated to financial constraints they have let her go because they'll not have the ability to afford and they'll be supplying her three months to look for her job and are willing to give her good recommendation.


The importance of paying tax

Nobody needs to pay tax which is highly understandable but that money is the only money raised through tax that the federal government relies on to create public revenue to cover public expenses offering goods and services to the public. Without tax and people not paying it becomes quite difficult for the government to try meeting the basic needs of the country. Both the talk about and the local governments are imposed in collecting tax.

There are different types of fees that require to be paid that happen to be:

Income taxes

Payroll taxes

Sales taxes

Excise taxes

Wealth taxes

"Article I, Section 8, says: "The Congress shall have Capacity to lie

And collect Fees, Tasks, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Obligations and offer for the common Defence and general Welfare of the country"

Benefits and uses for tax

As mentioned above that tax will pay for goods and services for the general public such as:


Public housing

Public welfare such as security

Unemployment benefits

Highways and open public transportation



Fire protection

Tax also contains daily operating bills of the government and also salaries of the federal government employees and also interest on credit debt owed by the federal government. It is very important as the great things about tax keep the country set up and working and also calling the folks who are unable to afford from themselves. The highways we walk and drive in everyday is as a result of tax that has been paid, the public clinics and private hospitals that help our visitors to get treatment and be attended to when they can not manage when they are unwell is because of duty and the list goes on but overall it is beneficial for the united states for duty to being paid.

Responsibilities of income tax payers

The income tax system is a voluntary action and compliance but it generally does not mean that duty payers can only pay taxes when they would like to or not pay duty when they also don't want to. Quite simply everybody who's working must pay taxes and in order foe people to adhere to the legal responsibilities the tax legislation must be good and strong.

When considering being fair, the federal government must be good enough regarding the people paying taxes will not resent him as the federal government and the first choice of the country and also resent paying duty at the end of your day and making sure that every person complies. When looking at being organization, people who don't adhere to this legislation and try to duck it must be punished and made seen that they are committing a unlawful offence and really should pay dearly for such action.

Penalties for Tax Fraud

In most instances people who don't pay taxes are due to carelessness or neglect or usually done intentionally and discover ways to avoid paying taxes which is seen as tax scams and these people are faced with taxes interest or tax penalties. Tax fraudulence is when people who avoid paying duty and aren't honest to the federal government about their regular monthly/annually incomes so they can be taxed pretty in relation to how much they earn plus they lay in-order to pay little taxes which becomes unfair to the federal government and all the tax payers.

Tax fraud is a criminal offenses and people who commit such criminal offense face high results close to about 75 percent financial fines. There is no way of ducking and hiding from paying taxes because eventually everyone is caught that it could not be now however when it involves fraud and corruption someone always slacks up and leaves ft. prints.


The labour relations act is the partnership between people who work and those who they work with. The labour relations work was reshaped and put in place to create a good and working-full environment at work. To give an employer and a staff to work under good and fair key points knowing their privileges and limits and which lines never to cross. To protect the employee from the employer and also to also protect the employer against the worker however in most cases employees are opening situations against their employers. it is hoped that democracy in the workplace will bring professional stability, economic expansion, and labour serenity.

Dismissals of the Labour relations act

Chapter VIII of the LRA concerns unfair dismissals. Section 185 information that every staff has the right never to be unfairly dismissed. The word "dismissal" is examined in the section 186 and includes:

A termination effected by an employee with or without notice.

An employer's inability to renew a set term contract when a worker has a reasonable expectation

Refusal of employer to permit an employee to come back to work after maternity leave.


When retrenchment is created it is almost always whenever a company is facing some financial issues and is performed for the followings reasons, economical, structural or specialized reasons and before retrenchment occurs a proper method needs to be taken in-order to allow for retrenctment which is as follows:


Immediately when the employer has no other options but to apply retrenchment, he must advise his employees buy supporting a mass getting together with where everybody is present or he could carry individual conferences with the individuals who will be involved in the retrenchment.

Employees are allowed to connect to the company and also suggest other choice ways which could be looked into such as minimizing working time and also workings days, the appropriate approach to be used for individuals should be dismissed. Minutes can be taken in cases like this as it could help for misunderstood situations and also to protect both the company and employees.

When consultation is occurring participants of the trade unions can be present to safeguard their workers and everything the commission payment for conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) can even be present to intervene in this subject.

Disclosing of information in writing

When complementing retrenchment the company or the employer should issue characters to the employees which will be influenced because of retrenchment. The information should notify the employees of the pending and the times of retrenchment, reasons why they'll be intiating retrenchment, the servenrane pay that is suggested, the help of the employer with respect with interviews and supporting them in getting new employment if possible.

Should there be any misunderstanding or any disputes that may happen than the company shall refer to the written information to clarify any mis-understandingand these disputes could be dealt with by the labour judge or the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

Opportunity for feedback

The workplace should give employees the possibility to give reviews with the proposed retrenchment that will need place, provide them with a chance to make presentations and whatever is said and shown must be taken inot account by the company and make an effort to negotiate as so all paryies are happy.

The previous in 1st out rule should be applied when coping with retrenchment as you can't compare someone who has been working for a firm for days gone by 3 years over somebody who has been around the company for 2months. If the company is going through financial constraints and they wish to let go a few staff than they should consider the last lately employed personnel.



Data collection

With the information gathered in relation to Miss Anonymouses case we can draft the next checklist:

The company has been deducting tax from her salary

She received a regular income

She enjoyed gross annual and tired leave, UIF and PAYE benefits

She has been working for the company for days gone by 3 years

She signed an employment deal of reinstatement in September 2009

There is not any proof of her being registered by her company under the Labour court

Data analysis

With the compiled information it demonstrates Neglect Anonymouses was a full employee of the business which also makes her fall under individuals who should be paying taxes to the government every-month. Taking a look at her payslip it plainly implies that money has been deducted for duty from her payslip and with her knowledge she's been paying for tax. Additional information has been found that she was has not been documented under the labour courtroom meaning she can not be taxed as they might not be aware of how much she gets paid which is would make it hard for the taxes man to taxes her properly. The company is at problem for using moneyof the employees for his or her own personal use and without their knowledge which sot of behaviour does are categorized as fraud and corruption which is a offense.

She has been doing work for the company for over the past 3 years so if the company was going right through any sort of financial problems plus they noticed using the retrenchment system as part of covering costs than they did not follow the correct steps of dismissal, she had not been even consulted properly or given a chance to discuss the problem and negotiate or think of other substitute ways to avoid such dismissal.

Re-solutions, suggestions

When discussing the research study, the best possible steps that may be taken here is that Ms Anonymous keeps all proof of her payments that she can signify to SARS, write every single single thing thought to her and if indeed they is anything asked or informed to ask for it in writing and authorized for because in the united states we are in anything can be done and also to make life easy is having all evidence and evidence just to be on the safe part.

With respect to unfair dismissal, she should take the problem to the CCMA and survey the function of unfair dismissal because no proper steps where taken so it is either they have to compensate her even more or giver her, her job back if she actually is willing for taking it back. Every single employee has a right to be treated pretty in the working environment and legal action can be taken in situations like this.



Fraud and corruption is everywhere which is brought on by greed of a person and it reduces monetary growth, standard of living and undermines federal government creditability and reduces performance. The fight them should be provided in a short time period to be able to fight corruption. Every federal department and agency should work together frequently. Audit and exploration s may find any corruption or fraud conditions, but the most crucial thing is to identify preventing and identify them at the initial level possible.

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