Hamlets Soliloquy In Work 4 Landscape 4 English Books Essay

Hamlet then presses himself to do this. We can see this from where he says "Of pondering too exactly on th' event". When Hamlet says "I really do not know why yet I live to state 'the thing's to do'" we know that Hamlet has finally come to terms with the actual fact that he has were able to achieve hardly any, and is now looking at what he is able to do to break his procrastination. He is convinced that up to now he has put too much work into contemplating what he should do rather than actually doing it. Following this, Hamlet then says "Sith I have cause and will and power and methods to do't" From this, we know that Hamlet continues to be slightly uncertain of himself, as he seems the need to reassure himself, and reaffirm the actual fact that he has sufficient "will" and "means" to take action against Claudius.

Hamlets thoughts then decide on Fortinbras, and what Fortinbras has managed to achieve in comparison to what he has achieved. Hamlet has done nothing since the murder of his dad, but Fortinbras has were able to become the head of an mighty military. This serves only to remind Hamlet that he must do something, and it should be drastic in order to make up for the action he has didn't take so far. We can see that Fortinbras has achieved a lot from "Witness this army, of such mass and demand, led by a delicate and sensitive prince". Hamlets also talks this line during his soliloquy "to all or any that fortune fatality and danger dare, even for an eggshell. " This shows us that Hamlet and Fortinbras are different. Hamlet has resorted to procrastination up up to now but now seems as though he must try and follow Fortinbras' example, as Fortinbras resorts immediately to action, even if he may lose many men while only obtaining "an eggshell".

Hamlet then proceeds to compare himself with the soldiers he is spectating. Each goes to battle and place their lives on the line for meaningless orders that represent something so insignificant, while Hamlet is incapable to do something for a hugely important reason compared; that his father has been killed. We can note that they make such a huge sacrifice from "The imminent death of twenty thousand men", and "Whereon the volumes cannot try the cause" shows us that the reason why they are struggling is so unimportant. These troops increase Hamlets move from procrastination to action as they cause him to feel guilty for his lack of action.

Hamlet closes his soliloquy by talking about the revenge he will draw out on Claudius. Hamlets last line shows the audience how he intends to punish Claudius. Hamlet says "My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!" the term "bloody" means that Hamlet intends to adopt violent action, and that he has finally made a decision what he'll do, on the other hand with earlier occasions in the play where he has done nothing at all, for example "Haste me to know't" shows us that he is looking for further reason to resort to action, when he has an adequate purpose for revenge already. This quotation also means that he is frustrated with himself for avoiding action until now; he thinks that his thoughts and even his very lifestyle are "nothing worthy of!" unless he is planning revenge on Claudius from this instant onwards.

Hamlet has transformed his notions immensely from the start of the play. He has decided on a company plan of action alternatively than questioning his motives. Hamlet wants to wipe out Claudius and no much longer has any misgivings that the task that should be carried out exceeds his expertise, and it appears to me that he no longer cares the particular penalty of what he's going to do may be, as long as Claudius suffers for what he has put Hamlet through. I believe this is the seminal point in time in the play because this is actually the point in time when Hamlet finally chooses vengeance, something that he has been considering doing throughout the play. Hamlet makes a choice, and with this choice he manages to lose some of his sanity.

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