Healthy and Safeness Overview of Business





An in-depth overview of work health and safety from within the Bolt And Capture Pty Ltd business. This article will additionally add a formal WHS audit and recommendations for advancements to various work place health and security aspects of the company.

Reported conducted and written by Edin Jusupovic.

Scope of Report

Report Objectives

The objectives will be the following for this article.

  • Identify Workplace Health and Safe practices legal requirements for Bolt and Capture.
  • Identify all potential risks in the B & C risk register.
  • Identify potential risks, evaluate any associated risk and, subsequently, develop appropriate adjustments for the identified risks - also record any obligations and set key performance indicators in the form of completion dates for just about any actions that are to be taken.
  • Develop a draft procedure for identifying risks, hazard assessment steps and handling any associated risks.
  • Provide tips for making sure continual compliance with any relevant legislations for workplace health and security.
  • Conduct an audit of the workplace that will later be used to attain the outlined report aims.


The parameters, usually known as restrictions or "scope" of the statement will be specified below.


  • Limited to the results obtained through the audit of the article.
  • Parameters limited by the Bolt and Catch business only.


Any suitable constraints to the record will be the following.

  • Any research must be using appropriate legislations that are applicable Australia huge or local (suitable to NSW) and as such, should never use other any other states workplace health and safety regulations or legislations for the purpose of this article.



Bolt and Capture is an ASIC signed up proprietary limited company located in Australia, New South Wales. The company is a huge maker of gate bolts and hinges with a long reputable history of well over seventy years in the industry.

The company offers a variety of manufacturing products personalized for both commercial and agricultural use.


Bolt and Get currently uses 120 people spanning a sizable variety of company areas. These personnel departments include areas such as;

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Engineering
  • Trade and Production Personnel.


Bolt and Capture has an initial part of work in developing gate bolts and hinges. These manufactured goods are then deployed by other businesses for a number of purposes such as commercial and agricultural use.

The company engages in both manufacturing and marketing of the merchandise, alongside sales; this is manufactured possible through dedicated departments within the business.

The B&C risk register is seen in Appendix A. This register was obtained through Safe Work Australia - Code of practice for management of work health insurance and safety dangers, 2011 model.

The B&C risk register has several practical components;

  • Hazard
  • Harm therefore of discovered hazard
  • Likelihood of threat occurring
  • Level of risk
  • Effectiveness of current controls
  • Further control requirements and suggestions
  • Control execution information

The following can be utilized in the risk register as identifiers;

Level of Risk Scoring









Likelihood Scoring









The B&C risk register can be an important audit tool for looking at the workplace health and security at Bolt and Capture Pty Ltd.


The purpose of this report is to make a procedural system for guaranteeing hazards are diagnosed, assessed predicated on risk and are managed to provide effective protection management in the Bolt and Get workplace.



Through New South Wales place of work health and basic safety legislation, we identify a PCBU, or elsewhere known as a Person Conducting AN ENTERPRISE or Starting with certain central safety duties under the Work Health and Security act of 2011. This legislation says that a PCBU must take care of risks to health insurance and safety as far as is fairly practicable. A risk management system consists of considering the careful id of applicable risks and providing examination of these dangers and hazards followed by the expulsion and removal of any dangers in the first occurrence, or, if this isn't possible - reducing these risks as far as is fairly practicable.

The risk management system is strongly suggested for the following reasons;

  • It is an extremely feasible and easily relevant methodology and system.
  • Cost effective when compared to similar management systems.
  • Provides a wide range of support for all those associated functions including - staff, contractors, visitors and any other folks associated with Bolt and Capture.
  • Allows Bolt and Catch Pty Ltd to supply the required degree of duty of health care to all staff, customers and contractors and, so the company may meet all necessary legislations regarding health and safe practices.

Workplace health and safety hazard identification, examination and potential control is a continuing process that must definitely be executed throughout various durations and situations, these range from;

  • When new data is made available in regards to a risk and/or if issues or concerns are lifted about any existing risk.
  • Continuous improvement by ensuring regular reviews at appropriate times at work.
  • The process should be undertaken if it has not been conducted before.
  • The process should be conducted if a threat has been identified.
  • Undertaken within responding to an incident, whether or not a personal injury has or hasn't occurred.
  • The process should be executed when any changes are unveiled and/or any changes that may affect a threat or cause a potential new hazard. The scope of the range from any changes in the workplace, equipment, procedures, basic environment or techniques.

The procedure layed out below is designed to be an easily applied guide to assist in ensuring the protection for workers, contractors, site visitors and any appropriate associated parties with Bolts and Catch Pty Ltd. The insurance policy will assist both employees and management, through careful consulting, to comply with workplace health insurance and safety legislation. Saving and bookkeeping of any risk management activities, such as risk assessments and appointment processes will be needed.

This process will assist in;

  • Discovering any potential new dangers at work.
  • Monitoring, auditing and researching the potency of any applied control steps.
  • Setting and identifying control measures to be able to expel or lessen the magnitude of any hazards at work.
  • Conducting assessments to assess the risks which could potentially derive from hazards.


This section will provide clarification for just about any explanations in the coverage.

PCBU: A 'person doing a small business or starting' (PCBU) is a legal term under WHS laws for folks, businesses or organizations that are executing business. A person who performs work with a PCBU is known as a worker.

Risk: A situation involving exposure to danger.

Risk control: Risk control is the technique by which firms evaluate potential losses and do something to reduce or eliminate such hazards.

Risk assessment: a organized process of analyzing the potential hazards that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking.

Hazard: A threat or risk.

Hazard identification: Hazard identification is a process used to identify possible situations where people may be exposed to injury, disease or disease, the sort of injury or health issues that may result from these and how work is organized and managed.

WHS: Occupational safety and health (OSH), also commonly known as occupational health and protection (OHS), occupational health, or work environment health and security (WHS), is a multidisciplinary field worried about the safe practices, health, and welfare of folks at work.

Monitor and review: Monitoring and looking at is a well planned part of the risk management process and consists of regular checking or security. The results should be registered and reported externally and internally, as appropriate. The results should also be an insight to the review and continuous improvement of the firm's risk management construction.


Ensuring the useful and effective management of risk requires continual dedication to the process and system from all managers and officers, including any source and involvement of personnel or applicable personnel.

The responsibility of work environment health and protection additionally reaches all management and supervisory personnel - the opportunity of their role in WHS is to ensure that this insurance policy, in its entirety, is completely integrated in their regions of potential control and, to check with where possible with individuals, contractors and other applicable staff within undertaking the hazard identification, risk analysis and control process layed out in this policy.

A key accountability area in any WHS insurance policy are officers; whom have a primary responsibility of safeguarding and ensuring that their area or areas of control are completely compliant with all relevant legislative requirements.

Risk Examination Procedure

The bibliography section of this report provides any sources to links, images or resources which may have been employed in production of the WHS report.

This webpage has been kept blank

Appendix A




What is the harm that the hazard could cause?

What is the chance that the harm would take place?

What is the amount of risk?

How effective will be the current handles?

What further handles are essential?

How will the control buttons be applied?

Action by

Due Date

When Completed

Some staff in the press room are failing to wear protecting equipment.

  • Personal Accident.



Current adjustments are intermediate however, not enforced.

  • Further safe practices training required.
  • Supervision.



No protecting equipment around the three new Chinese press machines.

  • Limb damage.
  • Personal Damage.



Current settings are poor as the machines lack cover.

  • Implement and add safe practices equipment to machines.



Noise pollution in progress room, staff shouting to communicate.

  • Prolonged exposure can result in hearing reduction.
  • Inability to converse.



Current controls are very terribly effective.

  • Supervision to reduce risk.
  • Find new communication methods
  • Implement security equipment for ears.



New Chinese language presses don't have adequate security features - no head guarding around stamp press.

  • Machine may malfunction, cause serious security issue.



Current controls are extremely poor and nonexistent.

  • Purchase and put into action new safe practices features for the stamp presses.



Imported Chinese language presses do not have English instructions and have words translated by an employee.

  • Misuse of machine consequently of poor instructions.



Current controls are intermediately effective.

  • Obtain certified translated instructions by the translator.
  • Ensure personnel review new instructions.



Sign positioning is inappropriate - start, run and stop switches positioned out of look and directly above operator's head, outside line of sight.

  • Inability to shut machine off in event of disaster.
  • Inability to attain controls accurately.
  • Operator(s) injured or damaged.



Current control buttons in their present state are poor.

  • Placement of symptoms will need to be moved and modified to make sure it is within compliance.
  • Ensure signs can be looked at.



Fork lift individuals in carpark.

  • High risk for folks who regular hotel area - may lead to accidents.



The current control buttons in place aren't existent and poor.

  • Implement signage.
  • Train and development for forklift drivers.



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