History of Art: Classical to Minimalism

18th Century Neo - Classical

Neo classical art work was the name directed at the art, structures sculpture that began emerging in the mid eighteenth century in European countries, it was the modern interpretation of traditional artwork, taking its enthusiasm from experiences and great works of art of the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

Johann Joachim Winkelmann's work 'The Record of Ancient Artwork' was one of the major inspirations for the go up of the neoclassical movement. Simpleness and symmetry are the stand out characteristics of the task done in this activity. Some of the famous artists include Pannini, Benjamin West and Jacques Louis David.

The design is retained austere and linear and is a lot more appropriate in its depiction of the historic times. This is also motivated by the recent excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii by Winkelmann. Winkelmann himself was a great admirer of the traditional civilizations and encouraged artists to follow their style of art stating " it contains a noble straightforwardness and a calm grandeur" he presumed that the Greeks artists came as close to perfection as is feasible and by pursuing them current performers could come near an idealized depictions of natural form which has been stripped of transitory and individualistic aspects.

One work or fine art which comes to fore as a genuine depiction of most that Neoclassical work means is, Oedipus and the Sphinx, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, painted in 1808 and reworked at in 1826 when it was finally completed. It's the depiction a landscape from the Greek play Sophocles where Oedipus, is discontinued in his paths with a sphinx, who asks him a riddle, on responding to correctly Oedipus received the kingdom of Thebes and a partner. The work is Essential oil on canvas. As is typical of this period the design is held austere and linear. Oedipus's stance can be captured perfectly in horizontal and vertical lines, a typical neoclassical feature that uses balance and lines to highlight beauty and harmony. Another impressive feature is imperfectness of Oedipus which makes him a perfect depiction of human form as most of us carry our flaws consistent with what Winkelmann said.

The simplicity of the fine art can be viewed as dropping the excesses of the Rocco motion. As this form emerged through the French Political and the English Industrial movement, it offers the impression of abandoning frivolity and going towards depicting a far more serious form of real human nature and philosophy.

19th Century - Impressionistic

Rebellious, vibrant, brilliant are a few words which come in your thoughts when speaking about impressionistic art. From the middle nineteenth music artists such as Degas, Morisot and Monet, began to break the norm of academic painting, by giving through to the precise stillness of the educational painting and bringing in the restlessness of the world around us into artwork. The name impressionistic was coined from the creativity behind the fine art, which is 'as the human eye views it'. Impressionist painters tried to capture movements as best as they could, that they hired light as their favorite component, with different perspectives of accentuating light being used to depict motion set up and time. This is done with the aid of free and brief clean strokes of called cracked strokes, colors were unmixed offering vibrancy to the look. The difference between impressionistic art work and the skill before it can be captured by looking at a tree outside the windowpane, if we take notice of the tree directly we observe minute details if we consider it fleetingly we get another type of impression. Thus the earlier art aimed to fully capture every details of the tree, impressionistic fine art would catch the tree as we will have it if we just casually look up while walking past it, a little hazy, a little blurred, swaying with the blowing wind, with the light making the same green look like a million different colors.

One of the most famous artists of this age was Claude Monet and his most famous work Soleil Levant or Sunrise, colored in 1872, petrol on canvas. It really is probably the work of art that gave surge to the term Impressionistic as it was identified - the impression of the harbor as Money noticed it from the window. Another special feature of the work is the utilization of color makes the setting up sunshine look more vibrant than all of those other sky, but that is merely the notion of the human eye, as a black and white backup of the painting shows that the sun just disappears in to the sky, capturing the nature perfectly.

20th Century - Surrealism

As depicted by the name, Surrealism is designed to blur the lines between dreams and reality. The main characteristics of this form of art are that the ideas and moments chosen were illogical and odd to the point of being stunning oftentimes, but they were attracted with photographic accuracy, such that they seemed to be chosen of some unnerving different reality.

Elements used were surprise, drawing something so far taken off the viewers creativeness such that oddity would drive them in, this is achieved oftentimes by juxtaposing truth and fiction, good and wicked, truth and falsehood and sometimes by breaking the sequence of actions that people automatically believe would follow a certain design.

Surrealism was also thought to be inspired from the Dada activity which began in Europe after World battle I. It had been led by Parisian painters, still fresh from the horrors of "THE FANTASTIC war" attempting to leave reality back of, driven by the fact that bourgeois rationality in thought movement and action acquired brought the warfare upon them

One of the more controversial performers of the movement was Andre Masson, for he used a technique viewed with skepticism by many, Car- pulling or automatic pulling, he'd go for times without food and water and use drugs to place himself in a trance like state do that the task of art is truly drawn from point in your brain between dreams and consciousness. This can be very plainly seen from his work also called Automatic Drawing, drawn in 1924, ink on paper, the vivid sight seem to belong to creatures from some dreamlike talk about and curvy lines appear like an attempt to five them human being form

Late 20th Century - Minimalist

This form artwork was one of the very few that commenced by finding its footing in post-World War II America, often viewed as an a reaction to Abstract Expressionist fine art of the prior decade, minimalist fine art as advised by the name aims to shed all the excesses transported by the design to bring out the real form. This can also be viewed as a a reaction to modernism, that induces modern culture to shed it excesses or it may also be called as a reductionist form of art. Another way to comprehend it is usually that the art is designed to expose the essence and it does by slowly taking away all the non-essential varieties incumbent upon the proper execution. Many designs are depicted by geometric patterns where the corners are slender and sharpened, and colors have not been found in modulation. This masterpiece of design is nearly always the artist's notion, derived from an individual experience, it do not need to follow any mathematical or lyrical sequence, which is an attempt to present what is exactly as it is, as seen by the eyes of the artist

Frank Stella was one of the earliest designers to take up the minimalistic form, her work Die Fahn Hoch! Painted in 1959, teeth enamel on canvas is regarded as a forerunner of minimalist fine art. The painting on the outset seems like a simple assortment of lines, it brings out many invisible meanings and interpretations on closer inspection. Another feature of this and many other paintings by Stella is that the subject chosen would be buzzing with thoughts of temper and hatred like Die Fahn Hoch which is eerily similar to the Nazi title. Through the use of such emotive game titles for her simplistic interpretations, Stella allows irony do the communicating.

Though each form of art chosen above, alone has broken the norm of the existing age, Impressionistic skill appears to be the most intriguing. It broke typical of the day by bringing out, that really the only purpose of fine art is not depiction of form, painting can be truly emotive and intriguing if perceptions and personal views are made to play a role in the final outcome, in lots of ways Impressionist Art laid the building blocks for many other styles to come

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