Home Appliances Are Very Important Marketing Essay

I am going to complete my master's degree in Business Administration from COMSATS Institute of Knowledge and Technology Lahore, and internship is compulsory because of this degree because college or university has advised the internship. Internship helps us to get the practical understanding of the field and we get a chance to implement our knowledge which we have got from our sixteen years of education. We become

aware from the field and its requirements whatever types of talents we have to have so that we is capable of doing well in the field. I did the internship in Super Asia G. T Road Gujranwala. Super Asia is the developing company and named as much industry of Gujranwala in Pakistan.

Home appliances are incredibly important component of our life and are necessary things inside our homes, without home appliances it is very difficult to spend our lives. It was the time when people didn't have the washing machines, enthusiasts, air coolers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, water coolers and heaters but time makes the innovations and needs make the inventions. Now at this time it's very difficult to spend the life without these appliances. In Pakistan a large of companies like, Waves, Dawlance, Pel, Pak, and Nas Gas etc are providing and producing the house appliance. Super Asia is one of these companies. Super Asia is the heavy making industry of Gujranwala in Pakistan. Super Asia is producing and manufacturing a lot of kitchen appliances like washers, fans, ac units, microwave range, geysers and drinking water coolers. And it has additionally launched Super Asia bike SA 70.

Like all heavy establishments Super Asia also have defined their visions and missions, it has its principles and objectives which the company has to achieve. It includes its branches in big cities of Pakistan like Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Faislabad and Rawalpindi. In Gujranwala the branch is situated in an exceedingly large area and has a large number of departments like making department, assembling department, tool shop, packaging department and gowdowns. The office buildings for the management are individually situated in independent building. Finance office, human resources division, marketing department, purchase and sales departments will work in Super Asia.

I did the various examination of the industry like the SWOT examination and PEST examination. In SWOT evaluation I have examined that how the weaknesses of the Super Asia can be beat by using the strengths of the business. And how Super Asia can save itself from available opportunities. Super Asia have large numbers of weaknesses like low consumption of modern and advanced equipment, very low ad budget, there is over personnel in the management etc.

these are some of the weaknesses of the company but management can overcome these weaknesses by its strengths. In a few areas company possess the strengths like it is situated in the market, have a trust of customers. Super Asia is facing a large risk of its competitors. The company is damaged by the political power and authorities, economy and due to the new and advanced technology. I also does the PEST examination which is politics, economic, social and technological evaluation.

Then within the last of my internship statement, I included my internship experience. I did so the internship in the marketing department of Super Asia and acquired a lot of knowledge from my supervisor Mr. Abdul Hafeez (HR Director). He was an extremely skilled and experienced person and possessed a lot of knowledge and experience of HRM. He was keeping the whole HR system and everything the subordinates answers to him and he right answers to the general supervisor. In marketing team whose administrator was Sir Mustajab he was a very skilled and experienced person and acquired a great deal of knowledge and connection with marketing. There was some sales rep in the staff who was responsible for the requests and delivery of the products. All of the decisions related to marketing and sales were used by the marketing administrator who was simply answerable to the general manager. My responsibilities through the internship were helping the supervisor of the team I am working weather it is marketing. HRM or accounts depatment and do the survey of market about the sales of products of Super Asia. I did review about the sales one was sales of washers of Super Asia comparatively sales of other companies. Also I often go to different banking companies with the field males and deals with the different bankers for different responsibilities. In marketing the things required for the marketing jobs are to look energetic, motivated personality and strong communication power, and I learned some that how to communicate with the customers in the market. I wish to turn into a marketing guru and the items necessary for becoming marketing gurus were available in the personnel of the Super Asia.

In my final project are the analyses which can be related to the marketing. First analysis which I do relates to the marketing strategies whatever one strategy is applicable in the Super Asia. The examination is the merchandise life cycle. All the products passed from all the phases of the life span cycle, the merchandise when produced are launched on the market then their sales upgraded with the passage of time and enough time comes when their sales reaches at maximum level. Over time the tough economy start and their sales start lessening.

In the previous, I supply the conclusion relating to this final task and my internship in Super Asia. What exactly are the things which I learned out of this internship survey and what are the abilities and strategies that i should implement in my life and personality so that I can achieve my goals and goals. At the end of this record I gave the references of all the data and information which I have included in this report. The sources receive in APA format.



History of Industry in Pakistan.

History of Orgnization

Information about Orgnization. . . . .

Vision/ Mission. .

Products. .

Orgnizational Composition.

Hirearchy of the Orgnization

Administration Office. .

Human Learning resource Management. .

Accounts and Money. . . . .

Sales and Marketing Division.

SWOT Annalysis.

PEST Evaluation.

Internship Experience

Working Experience (Tasks / Obligations ). . .

Learning Achivement.

Skill Used and Aquired

Marketing Strategies

Product Life Cycle


Refrences. . .


Super Asia is involved in producing top order kitchen appliances in South Asia. Popularity of its successes in quality products are manifested by means of the ISO 9002 qualifications. The success tale spread well over 25 years when Super Asia produced the first washing machine of Pakistan. Later on Super Asia started producing room air coolers, gas and electric geysers. Keeping in view the requirements and purchasing electric power of all sections of the world Super Asia has created different washing machines to meet their requirements. Super Asia has the honor to produce complete cheap body washer for the very first time in Pakistan. Another hallmark in quality products is introducing the two times action cleaning technology through aspect and centre Plaster. In Pakistan Super Asia has not only introduced a large selection of Room Air Coolers in plastic material body, but in different sizes and values as well.

Super Asia in order to maintain its superiority in producing general public electricity products has launched hot and cool, and only cool water dispenser. It was an instantaneous success because of its design, effectiveness and affordable price amidst the consumers. In the same way the complete range of super Asia admirers is of international standard. There are different sizes, colors in Roof, Pedestal, Bracket, Circu-matic and Exhaust Enthusiasts. Research founded products of Super Asia relished a sense of superiority over similar products in the wild market. The target is, however, to offer consumers products of international quality at affordable price and this can be judge by the fact they are being exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar from the previous so a long time, and their demand keeps growing day by day. The success account of Super Asia is due to its chairman Haji Mohammad Yousaf while Controlling Director Haji Muhammad Afzal looks after the production aspects of the stock. He has a critical approach towards the products and their prices made available from their competition.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf, LEADER of Super Asia has played out a respected role in the marketing aspects of the products. He's fully aware of modern fads in the International Markets. It will not be out of destination to discuss the services of Mr. Faisal Afzal, Mr. Abdul Razaq, Mr. Sohail Yousaf and Mr. Umer Ashraf, that is looking after different departments of Super Asia. These four young fellows with their higher education and flourishing on the experience of their elderly people have produced positive results. Apart from looking after the affairs of manufacturer, chairman Haji Muhammad Yousaf is equally paying his attention towards religious affairs and sociable work. He has constructed a Mosque; Mian Muhammad Din Trust Clinic is another example, where free medical treatment is being provided to factory workers, and the needy of nearby localities.

History of Industry in Pakistan:

Home appliances are the necessities for living, without kitchen appliances it's very difficult to invest our lives. It had been the time when people didn't have the washers, supporters, air coolers, ac units, microwave ovens, water coolers and heaters but time makes the inventions and necessities make the inventions. Now at this time it is very difficult to invest the life without these appliances. A whole lot of companies are developing these home appliances in the Pakistan like Stylo, Toyo, Asia, Nasgas, Super Asia and a huge quantity of local companies.

Kitchen equipment were designed to make life easier when cooking food and preparing food. Since the mid-1800s, folks have been thinking of new and innovative ways to store food, prepare food food and clean up after consuming food. Many of these ideas were good enough to be utilized by a large quantity of people and they are still around today. Inventors are still looking to make things easier by discovering new products that do more things. Following is a few of the inventions that have stood the test of time and continue to be used by millions of People in america today. In Pakistan it was the 1970 and the home equipment are started to uses to help make the home life easier. No doubt before 1970 home appliances were used but only top notch families were able to purchase cooking food range, air conditioners and microwave oven. There were very minimum amounts of companies in Pakistan before 1970, and very exceptional people began to produce the home appliances at local level. In the beginning, many people who start this business, have a start with only 1 product and slowly and gradually gradually start the development of other products. Most of the companies were coping only with one product like some with washing machines, some with enthusiasts, some with hot and cold coolers and geysers in Pakistan.

But when the producers notice that the forigner companies are taking the marketplace and tke product line of the companies is large, the local companies decided to increase their products. Pakistani companies begin to produce the complete line of kitchen appliances in their companies and little by little slowly enhance their image in the intellects of the clients. You will discover few cities in Pakistan like Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi and Gujrat that are fulfilling the needs of home applinces on the market of Pakistan. There are large number of industries producing the washing machines, spinners, cooking food range and ovens in Gujranwala however in enthusiast industry Gujrat reaches the top. No doubt, the foreign companies and Chinese products are the big threat for the local industry but still local companies are receiving the customer thoughts by providing necessary to resist on the market.

History of Business:

It goes way back to 1968, when Mr. Mian Muhammad Din, the founder of Super Asia, offered its first ever product, WASHER, with processing facilities at a little scale to the neighborhood community of Gujranwala, city of Punjab. It was about to change the approach to life of that generation and was challenging to facilitate the end user with automatic technology. He was visionary to anticipate the style of expansion in KITCHEN APPLIANCES Industry across Pakistan. It got greater than a decade of painstaking executive work to develop the brand name, Super Asia, which had become the icon of Quality, Toughness, Innovation and Overall economy. Today, it is just a conglomerate of companies with more than a dozen different products providing much industries of modern culture. The success story spread more than 25 years when Super Asia produced the first washing machine of Pakistan. Later on Super Asia started out producing room air coolers, gas and electric geysers. Super Asia in order to keep up its superiority in producing public utility products has released hot and cold, and only cold water dispenser. Similarly the complete range of ultra Asia supporters is of international standard. There will vary sizes, colors in Ceiling, Pedestal, Bracket, Circu-matic and Exhaust Admirers.

Chronology of Situations happened at Super Asia is as under:

1972: Super Asia produced its first ever WASHER in Pakistan.

1981: Introduced Air Chiller on the market.

1985: Offered Geyser in the market.

1995: Introduced Water Dispensers available on the market.

2003: Motorcycles launched.

2003: Insulation sheet entrance on the market.

2004: Air conditioner and Microwave Oven offered.

2006: Automotive Parts presented in the market.

Information about the Organization:

Every successful company and orgnization defines its visions and objective and makes the strategies and guidelines to attain these missions and visions. To attain these visions and missions the organizations and companies have to satisfy the objectives so the long term visions and missions may be accomplished. Same like that Super Asia likewise have defined its eyesight and mission which are quoted here.


"To be the market head in every of our own products,

Nationally and regionally"

Our foremost aim is to think big, be the tempo setter and modernizer. Since 1972, being the marketplace leader in washing machines, we have concrete plans to reproduce our guidelines in every of our own offerings, over the region. It is the VISION that every employee of the organization is clear about.


"To win the most satisfaction, trust and loyalty

Of our valued customers"

Super Asia uses the best prevalent tools to succeed and maintain the satisfaction trust and commitment of its valued customers. Quality, Delivery and Innovation will be the core components of our viewpoint. Stake holders at every level make an effort to maintain the position quo of the business, to deliver the best. Continues have a problem with commitment is technique to accomplish this MISSION.


Super Asia offers a whole lot of kitchen appliances because of its valuable customers. Super Asia is a leading production company in Pakistan and is also competing with foreign companies with its weapon of quality and client satisfaction. Super Asia is the biggest home appliances maker in Gujranwala and will be offering leading kitchen appliances. They offer with lot of home appliances which contend with all international products because of its fine quality, specifications and customer satisfaction. Following are the products which Super Asia offers in the house appliances products:

Washing Machines with its large numbers of models

Best performance and electric economy with heavy-duty electric motors.

Double strike pubs for clean, dazzling and extraordinary cleansing.

Ideal lightweight washers for large, medium and small households.

Maintains its performance even on low voltage.

Save time & detergent while brilliant washing.

Microwave Oven

Defrost Setting.

Painted Material Cavity.

Push Button Door.

Painted metallic cavity.

Air Conditioner

New Wall Mounted Series.

Built to the highest international criteria.

Ensuring maximum efficiency, performance and dependability.

Fans of most types and with large number of models

Quiet operation.

Specially designed blades.

Even air put & Revolving grill.

Room Air Coolers

Ultra cool air and quite performance.

For the first time in Pakistan create water evidence pump.

An efficient and energy saver coolant system.

Water Dispensers

New & easiest way to get hot & chilly drinking water with water safeguard.

New stunning design.

Low energy utilization.

Easy to install

Attractive low price.

Electric Water Coolers

Complete plastic forward.

Continue supply of cold water.

Seasonal effects and rust evidence.

Completely examined.

Gas Normal water Heaters

Very low ingestion of energy.

No chance of drinking water leakage.

Finished with imported powder covering.

Available in various colors and sizes.

Orgnization Structure:

Super Asia is market leader in Washing Machine, Air Chiller and Geyser, till today, given the presence of several local and international brands in Pakistani KITCHEN APPLIANCES Market. We stand for as top five in Enthusiast industry and among the very best ten producers of Motorcycles in Pakistan. Super Asia Spans following divisions:

Hirearchy of the Orgniztion:


Director Finance

Director Production

Director HR

Managing Director

Chief Executive

Director Marketing

General Manager

General Manager

General Manager

General Manager

Home Appliances Division:

Super Asia Administration:

All large organisations depend on an administrative spinal column. Coping with enquires, communicating messages and producing documents for the workforce are all examples of administrative tasks.

The administration section of super asia is actually deals with every one of the paperwork within the business. The admin section can look for addresses and send words to existing customers and potential clients, for example. The section will keep all of the records for the whole of the company.

The administration department and the marketing team work closely at all times. For instance, if the marketing section holds out a study with questionnaires, the administration section will collate the results for them, and then give the results to the relevant other departments. Also, any meetings that the marketing department would like or needs either internally, with customers or with clients, the administration office will straighten out times and times etc.

Also, the supervision office will be in charge of sending promotional campaigns that the marketing office has devised, to customers, and the administration department will often have the first point of contact with clients and customers, before they go into the company.

It is basic to see what might lead to the conflicts between the two departments. First of all, inappropriate data collation of marketing campaigns may result in bad investments which will, in turn, lead to a damage in earnings.

Also inappropriate information handed down from the marketing office to customers/clients about achieving times etc that could lead to bad emotions between the company and the customers. Finally, any information sent to the incorrect people may lead to lack of money and bad emotions between your two departments.

Production Team:

The main role of creation is to turn inputs into outputs. Outputs refer to a finished product or service and inputs will be the materials that are had a need to produce certain goods. Whenever a business completes this technique they are able to achieve customer satisfaction by producing products that are prepared to be utilized and fit for goal.

In Super Asia company the development function may be split into five sub-functions:

The development and planning division will set expectations and targets for each section of the production process. The number and quality of products arriving off a production series will be directly monitored.

The purchasing team of the business will be in charge of providing the materials and equipment required to keep the creation process running well. A vital facet of this role is ensuring stocks arrive promptly also to the right quality.

The stores division will be responsible for stocking all the necessary tools, spares, raw materials and equipment necessary to service the processing process. Where sourcing is unreliable, buffer companies should be held and the use of computerised stock control systems helps keep stcoks at a minimal but necessary level.

The design and tech support team division will be responsible for researching services or improvements to existing ones, estimating charges for producing in several quantities and by using different methods. It will be accountable for the design and screening of new product procedures and product types, together with the development of prototypes through to the ultimate product.

The works division will get worried with the manufacture of products. This includes the maintenance of the creation series and other necessary vehicle repairs. The works office may also have responsibility for quality control and inspection.

In very asia the development department have the next sub departments.

Tool Shop

In Tool Shop Mr. Khalid Khan is the incharge of the that shop. You will discover new development and maintenance of various areas of home appliances products like washer, room air chiller, fans, motorcycles. There are 32 workers employed in division like die casting, polishing, chopping, dryling, welding. You can find two lifts to carry heavy machines and materials to the precise position. The salary of personnel are demanded regarding with their work, and earnings are set for permanent staff. There's also some personnel who works for the daily basis system.

Molding Shop

Mr. Fareed Tabasum is the incharge of this department. It is a big division of production in which heavy machinery is install. These machines are import from foreign and operate on gas, electricity and diesel. The cheap products of washer, room air much cooler are made here. 25000 washer body, 18000 room air cooler bodies, are created here. You will find 190 workers in which 120 work day time and 70 works for nighttime. All production is decided by production manager. Defective material is reprocessed. Addititionally there is one electric power controller plant to regulate power of the department. Within this section they made the different plastic parts of the washers, lovers and other products they acquired a regular monthly plan with their employed in the section. And according to this they have to supply the parts to the worried departments.

Sheet Shop

Mr. Ikram is incharge of sheet shop. It really is a very small division. In sheet shop there is a cutting of bed linens by the machines that happen to be controlled by older workers plus some are helpers with them. After the cuttint the bedding they sent onward to trhe concerned department. There will vary machines that happen to be use to give bend, curve and style to your body. You will discover 25 workers working in this department. A couple of Salaries and pay are retained by the mature manager of production department.

Assembly Shop

Mr. Arif is the incharge of set up team where he provided all information about set up department. In set up department, you can find assembling of washing machine, room air cooler, water much cooler and geyser. In assembly department, there exists assembling of washing machine, room air much cooler, water chiller and geyser. 1000 washing machine, 800 room air much cooler, 20 water coolers are set up on daily basis. 3 stores are fastened with assembly office in which parts of gadgets are stored. In this division there are 270 workers, some employees are permanent and some are on daily salary these employees are split into different group.

Each group have to given different types of machone and room chiller models and they in an organization have to assembel them all the elements of a machne they get from the store. After assmbling and packaging the machines they delivered these to godown. The repayment is made only when the complete machine will b arrived in godown. The repayment will nat b made if indeed they even made 100 machines nonetheless they remain in the assmbly office. So for the repayment copmlete machine shoud b in godown.

Fan Shop

Mr. Gazzanfar incharge of enthusiast shop. It were only available in 1999 and Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf was the chief guest in starting ceremony of fan shop. In this particular office there are 5 sub departments and 2 stores one of natural materials and the other for done goods


Management Department

Production Department

Assembly Department

Print Department

Quality Control Department

There are also different types of followers like

Ceiling Fan

Bracket Fan

Exhaust Fan

Pedestal Fan

Table Fan

These sub - departments are inter associated with each other. As possible seen in this chart, production procedure for a fan begins with pursuing basic elements

Fan body


Copper wire

Unbent blades

Miscellaneous parts

All of the things are available in local as well as foreign markets and are purchased on competitive rates. Fan Body and rotor are also produced in manufacturing plant by using Roller Die Casting method. Billets are purchased from local market to be used as raw materials in this technique. Now, Supporter body and rotor are not stored and are directed directly to development facility for even more processing. Copper wire, rotor blades, and other miscellaneous parts are stored in a store room.

After this Mr. Gazzanfar told me about the working of management section that the way they control the management. They follow the ISO benchmarks he proved me computerized doing work for the calculation of all types of cost. They use Microsoft excel for the calculations. From then on he offered me an assignment of cost of goods produced to determine cost of materials and labor.

3 persons in general management to perform all working of lover shop. Mr. Gazzanfar incharge (Incharge) Mr. Shamim Haider (Foremen) and Mr. Asif (Supervisor).

In this section he manages all the development, that from where they accumulate raw materials, how much production they made, how they assemble the supporter. For the creation they get organic materials from main store. They purchase uncooked material from local vender. Thus management decided the total production according to the demand. On daily basis they manufactured approximate 1400 roof supporters 800 pedestal admirer and 400 bracket lover. He provided me an task that how we improve the efficiency of production to get higher productivity. I advised them to set up most advanced technology in machines and by employing new skilled and experienced labor so that they can get higher result.

In print office they use two type of print method. Some may be powder layer and repots the other the first is spray. In quality control treatment, there may be check and balance of every fan for the mandatory procedures, then after these defective fans are returned to development and non-defective fans are delivered for the packing as finished goods.

Store Department

The entire process in the store starts off with placing the purchase order for the brought in raw material from Japan, Holland, China and other countries. After selecting the parts they delivered the examples to the product quality for looking at the performance and then your repayment for the material is done. After screening the material a label is attached to the materials and then send to the stores room to be kept in various racks, which are of 20ft elevation. This tag includes information about the natural materials i. e. the name, adopted by description of the material i. e. its quality followed by the name of the dealer.

Then the quantity of the materials is given, followed by the products receipt no and the time the material test record no and the particular date. With this label there isa perforation label, which is torn off during the product quality inspection of every bag andonce the quality check is complete the product quality office stamps each bag and keeps the perforated tags for records, only then your materials are forwarded to the stores departmentto be stacked is different shelves. This is a primary store where in fact the purchasing items are stored and they are transferred to other departments when they want for creation.

There are two types of attempting to take care of this store first by by hand and second by computerized. Different types of vouchers are used in store such as goods acquiring card (goods received locally), store credit card (estimation of stored items), materials issue requisition (material issued to departments). All the things are on record by making these vouchers. There's a weekly appointment of store incharge with directors to article with all conditions. Special Software is utilized for preserving all the working of store named as Microsoft Dynamics AX. This software makes the working very easy and effective. I also made vouchers of different items by physically and computerized.

Services depatment

After deal servics division incharge is Mr. Waqas ayob. He handles the after sales services. To provide customer fast, quality and reliable services at their doorstep Super Asia has a greatest after sales service network through the united states. To care for customer devices all services centers have latest tools, instruments and machineries. We take care of our customers by left over in contact with them so that they should not face any type of problem.

After sales services team involves Technical engineers and highly trained staff with great professional methodology due to this reason customer feels self-assured, once their kitchen appliances being maintained. Super Asia after sales service also supplies the center to customers of lifting their items from residence to service middle and providing them within 48 time. He explained the whole process of the way they check and controls the comlaints using their company costomers. They have three different kinds of warrenties that they offer to the clients. He have 25 employees working under him. They may have different codes on each one of the parts and they are hidden only their workers see them by way of a machine. He manages all the Gujranwala area as well as the other branches mamagers related to after dales services studies to him records to him. Mr. Salman Ali immediately studies to the director Mr. Afzal.

Purchase department

Mr. Ansar Ahmad is the manager of purchase section. He has 2 associate managers and 4 field guys. Mr. Ansar immediately reports to the 3 directors Mr. Faisal, Mr. Umer and Mr. Afzal. They got a monthly development plan from sales and marketing department that plan would go to the production department, they told to the store that we need raw materials then your store section check the raw material and if they have a scarcity of material they then informed to the purchase section. So now purchase office have to choose the required materials locally and also largely they import the raw materials from china and other countries. Locally they have got 3 to 4 4 vendors of every item.

When the terms and conditions like price, rate, grade and quality have been decided they send the parts to the product quality team for checking and performance of parts they choose the materials. Mr. Ansar handles the new seller party but the assistant manager deals with the regular gatherings. They made payment by cash, cheque and by pay order. The buys mostly on credit basis. All of the payments created by the profile office on 25th of each month by the need of purchase section. Mr. Ansar also get a daily plan of various things and the field young boys deals with that things which is mostly purchased on cash.

Export Department

Mr. Zaheer is the export supervisor and handles the all types of exports. He has been here since 12 years. Super asia exports their goods to Sodan, Africa and Gulf countries. Export products are following


Washing Machines

Room Air Cooler

Auto Rikshaw


Some times they export goods by parts like car rikshaw but largely assembeld like washing machine or room air cool. There is absolutely no custom duty they have to be paid. There are no warrenties in export countries nonetheless they only provide parts to the retailers as required. Therefore the dealers offer itself with the client related to statements. Their highly profitable products are enthusiasts and room air chiller largely in Gulf and Africa region. As the order is concerned they get orderd based on the season. The communication stratgy is through internet and mobile phone. Export marketing is also offers by export administrator. There may be two types of marketing the first is through e-marketing, offers on sites, email messages and telephones. The second one they organize exibition on different countries to have the show of market. They are doing exibits in Gulf and Africa region but now they are planning to set up the exibition in china also. Mr. Zaheer Ahmad immediately reviews to the director Mr. Afzal Akram.

In documentation they have made the following

Commercial Invoice

Packing List


Clearance of Custom

Clearance of Port

Issue of Costs of Lading

After the above documents is arranged then the documentation process completes. For as the trials of documents is concerned the chamber of commerce have to check the documents and give a clearance, for this reason they find the discount on different products like on admirer they get 1. 72% discount and on washing machine 1. 41% rebate. For the whole process they used Karachi sea slot for the clearance of delivery.

The main competition in international market is China. Super asia cannot compete china properly however in Room air cool Super Asia have an advantage on china because they did not made the area air cooler instead they made big cooler used in big factories and sheds.

All the obligations have to be created by the accont division on the submission of export administrator. Every country have its own different documentation (safety measures) required and they have complete all the documentation. For instance in Kuwait there is KASO. In Africa you can find SABS and so forth. Because they are electro-mechanical products so that's the primary reason they required safety precautions.

Import Section:

Mr. Sharjeel Aslam is the administrator of imports office since last 15 years. Super Asia imports 50% of fresh material and assembeld goods from China and also from Japan, Korea, Sigapore and Malaysia. They import virtually all the raw material of washers and other products from china and other countries, like coper cable, plastic material dana, ball bearing gear and timer etc. In addition they import total assembeld goods from china like AC, Microwave, Instant normal water gyser and Drinking water dispenser. In here they just change the packging and print out the logo of the company. Also motor bikes parts are import and assembeld here, only few of parts purchased locally plus some manufactured in the compny.

The custom duty on each one of the product is different. Sale Taxes rate is 16%. And Tax rate is 5%. They have got a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) certificate so that it waves off the work by 3 to 4 4 %. If indeed they import total assembeld goods then its obligation is high. For exmple in drinking water dispenser they need to pay 25% and if indeed they transfer in parts and assembeld here then your work will be 15%. In Koria (FTA) natural material responsibility is 10%. And in China FTA fresh material duty is 6. 5% and so forth for other countries.

In trade like AC, Drinking water dispense and Instant drinking water gyser they have got three to four 4 parties. Prior to making the agreement they check their price, style and model and they select the get together for trade. But in raw material they do not have a specific party like in case there is AC and other products they purchased organic material from open market where they can get good deal and better quality parts. There is also to mention the class and quality on each one of the product.

In paperwork process they work out with the get together related to its product and the conditions and conditions made such as price, rate, quality and way of transmition. Then your company issue performa invoice, then they open Notice of Credit (LC) in the lender, and the procedure of documents will be complete. Mr. Sharjeel Aslam directly records to the director Mr. Afzal Akram. Once the store division need any thing for development they advise the transfer office 3 months before, because the shipment process can take 60 to 72 days and nights. All the payments made by the accounts department as the request of Mr. Sharjeel Aslam.

Human Learning resource and Management

Mr. Hafeez is the HR supervisor in the in Super Asia. Super Asia is an ownership company so there isn't much complicated and sophisticated HRM system. You will discover 1800 to 1900 employees employed in the very asia. In the HRM division.

Mr. Zubair (Country Supervisor)

Mr. Abdul Hafeez (HR Director Gujranwala)

Mr. Bilal Danish (HR Asisstant Supervisor)

Mr. Umer Akram (HR planner)

HR Manager

Asssit HR manger


Time Keeping Canteen

Salaries & Salary Hospital


Building Maintained

Area Maintained

Mr. Hafeez explained that we look at only three things that are following

Hireing and elimination

Performance of the employees

Employees benefits

Also in Super asia they gave them some additional departmennts that is also run by the HR director they are canteen, security, clinic and building maintenance. They also have to provide for them and the incharges of the departments also reports to the HR manager.

MR. Hafeez described me about the whole procedure of worker hireing, performance and their benefits. For the goal of hireing of the applicants they have a one proper system to that they first decide need of employees for a specific job, then they made a job description then from then on they have a APPROVAL FORM. Approval form is basically use for the hireing of the new employees in the business. This form is approved by the HR administrator Mr. Hafeez then the new prospects for the mandatory job apply. The HR asisstant manager Mr. Bilal Danish must examine the documents of the applicants as their certification, experience and their qualifications status. They took the interview of the individuals according to the dynamics of the careers.

After selecting the prospect they have an ENROLLMENT FORM. That form provides the total information of the employees. Then this form transmits to enough time OFFICE, where they have to note the time frame of getting started with of the employee, they also assinged a particular code for the staff in enough time office. The salary of the employee is decided by the incharge of this particular department. After that procedure is performed then the complete record related to the employee enters in to the computer software combined with the code.

As for the performance of the employees the HR supervisor have to demand for the performance survey of this particular staff to the manager of that section. The department supervisor have to check the performance of the employees and have to make an report and sends to the HR director. Where they further analysis the performance of the worker and acccording to this record they make decions about the increasing of salary and some other worker benefits they need to give to the worker. The performance of the employees is examined twice in a time.


In Super Asia there are different types of benefits provided to the employees. Where there can be an later years benefits (Pension account). Other is the social security credit card. This cards is prepared following the three months from day of joining. Addititionally there is accomodation service provided to the employees. In addition they provide trasportation facility to the employees. They provides the cars of the most notable level management of the business.

Employees are paid salary double per month. Also center of advance payment of salary can be obtained. Not a one leave permitted to the staff. The probation period at Super Asia MDS is three months. Insurance service is not provided to the employees. Sociable Security Finance is retained for the benefit for employeesPension center is not available for employees. they have insured all their factory like



List of most machines

Detail of damage to machines

Work executed by machines

Store of Finished Goods

Photo duplicate of store ledger

Sales tax come back of previous two months

Auditors' report

Daily development stock ledger

Accounts and Financing Department:

Mr. Shahid Iqbal Chana is the fund manager of ultra asia. Heis working within previous 16 years. Shahid iqbal is responisible for whole finance department. Each and every transfer related to cash or standard bank is in charge of Finance Administrator because he the head of the Finance Department. The following is the hirearchy of the accounts and money department.

Mr. Shahid Iqbal (Funding Manager)

Mr. Mubasher Yasin (AssistantManager)

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa (Accountant)

Mr. Zain Butt (Accountant)

Mr. Bilal Arif (Data entrance Operator)

General Manger

Finance Manager

Accounts Manager

Mr. Shahid Iqbal have to do the following obligations while accomplishing their job

Preparation of Financial Claims like Income and loss

Accounts and Balance sheets

Consult finance issues with Standard manager

Approve factory expenses

Approve of salary to labor

Anticipation of fund (i. e. capitalisation)

Acquisition of finance(i. e. Bringing up of money)

Allocation of finance(i. e. financial commitment)

Assessment of finance(i. e. evaluation of financial activities)

Mr. Mubashar Yasin have to execute pursuing things and everything related to below have been approved by associate accounts administrator.

Issuing Company cheques for manufacturer affairs(expenditures)

Monthly arranging repayments of suppliers, through company bank account cheques/Wada purchi.

Making inquirie s about the online receipts/deposits and debits of cheques issued.

Filing of Directors documents and Finance related data files.

Maintaining upgrade DGRCC payments record.

Casual posting of vouchers.

Arranging standard bank and journal vouchers, and delivering it to cashier by the end of day.

Translating bank, journal vouchers into Urdu.

Drafting characters and setting it up typed in the computer.

Assisting Manager Financing, for allocation of daily expenses, project repayments and issuing trhe cheques appropriately.

Issuing ION Advised cheques on records and home accounts.

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa want to do the following things during his job

Posting of receipts and payment vouchers

Posting of loan company journal vouchers

Maintaining all branches petty records

Posting it to relevant branches edgers

Sales and Marketing Division:

Mr. Mustajab Hussain was controlling the marketing department. Haji Muhammad Ashraf leader of the company has played a leading role in the marketing areas of the products, he is fully aware of the international modern marketing tendencies. Mr. Sohail Yousaf is the director of the marketing section and Mr. Mustajab Hussain is the marketing administrator. And a team consisting of the assistants and the sales men is working under the marketing director. As sales team is also considered under the marketing office so the sales related issues are also managed by the marketing director and administrator. Salesmen have to analyze the marketplace by survey and discover their position on the market.

Marketing Director

Marketing Manager



Salesmen of the business have to fully capture the dealers in the market, and the salesmen are also responsible for the recovery of the repayments. First they take the orders and then these orders are delivered to the production section. Production department supply the items of order to the carriage team and following the delivery of goods the salesmen go for the recovery of the repayment. The main task of the salesmen is to get the new sellers on the market.


In my final task of internship I've done the examination of Super Asia. Here I did so two kind of research; first one is SWOT analysis in which I evaluated the strengths, weakness, opportunities and dangers confronted by Super Asia. And second examination in this chapter is PEST research which is approximately politics, economic, communal and technical changes. First I did first SWOT examination and then Infestations analysis.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT means talents, weaknesses, opportunities and hazards. This is the evaluation related to the advantages which Super Asia proudly have, weakness of Super Asia, opportunities which Super Asia can avail to prevent from the hazards faced to the business and the weaknesses of the business. The reason to do this analysis is to learn that, what are the strengths of the business which can defeat the weaknesses of the business and to determine the opportunities which can company avail to prevent the risks to the company. I will singularly examine the talents, weaknesses, opportunities and the risks experienced by Super Asia here.


The company has generated up goodwill on the market of Pakistan, from a long time.

The company gets the largest market talk about throughout the country in the WASHER industry.

Brand name of Super Asia is known to almost every person in the united states and is very famous in kitchen appliances industry.

The company offers in all sorts of kitchen appliances, like WASHER, Spinners, AC UNITS, Fans, Geysers, Drinking water Dispensers, Room Air Coolers, Microwave Oven and Cooking food Range.

Super Asia is also the tactical spouse of Procter & Gamble. The strategies of Super Asia are like Procter & Gamble.

Continuous achievements of FPPCI exports Trophy.

Super Asia is exporting its products to various parts across the globe mainly market segments like Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The company is having lots of old employees who are committed and dedicated with the company.

Super Asia retains its employees by offering benefits like later years benefits, impairment benefits, disease benefits, medical facilities in the business hospital and progress pay etc.

A large number of models are available in the range of every product of the business.

The company has triumphed in the Merit Trophy 2004-2005 of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Business & Industry shown by General Peres Musharraf to the principle Professional of Super Asia.

The company also offers triumphed in the Merit Trophy 2005-2006 of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry presented Shaukat Aziz (Best minister of the time) to the Managing Director of Super Asia.


Technical labor of the business has the negative views about the management of Super Asia.

There is shortage of skilled labor in the company due to that your company must face a big of competition.

The advertisements budget of Super Asia is very short comparatively other brands on the market.

Most of the managerial staff is not well informed.

There is also an extremely weak point in the management which is overstaffing. You can find overstaffing in the management.

The salaries of management personnel are incredibly low anticipated to that your well educated and experienced people does not come for the work in company.

The management staff don't have direct link with their dealers (vendors of Super Asia's products).

The complaints division does not supply the proper services to the clients of the company.

The company has not developed the correct promotional approaches for international marketplaces.

Dealers of the business complaints for the reduced profit margin in Super Asia' products.


Due to Federal government insurance policy of low export work, Super Asia has opportunities to increase their exports.

Due to the strong budget of the company, the management may use the latest technology in their products.

They can use the brand in the international market to increase their sales of Lovers like their WASHERS.

As the business is financially very strong, so it may use electronic and print out press to increase their sales.

They should invest in the SBUs like AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT and Microwave Range that have low market talk about and very low development rate.

Super Asia should come in the international professional exhibition. It really is a big chance for the company to build the knowing of its brand in the international markets.


Chinese Technology is the big danger to Super Asia.

. Other competitors of Super Asia are offering the same products at relatively lower prices.

A large number of new incoming companies are increasing the competition in the market.

Stylo Washing Machine Company is trading much budget in the advertising of their products.

Current Electricity & Electricity crises are incredibly big hurdle for the manufacturing unit of the business. Because of the shortage of electricity the business may be unable to meet the orders.

The complaints in some particular SBUs, like Motorcycles is a huge danger to the brand of the business.

Pest Analysis:

A check of the exterior macro environment in which the firm works can be expressed in the following factors;





PEST analysis is employed to describe a platform for the examination of these macro environment factors. A Infestations analysis works with into a standard environment check as shown in pursuing diagram

Environmental scan

Macro environment

Micro environment


Political Factors:

Pakistani authorities is somehow stable nowadays and focusing on the foreign trade. Super Asia is taking advantage of this move by administration and is trying to increase their exports.

Government offers opportunities to the firms to provide benefits like old-age benefits, disability benefits, pension, etc. These benefits should be provided by every company under the supervision of Social Security Ordinance. Super Asia is also providing its employees the advantages of communal security.

Government has allowed the Puffery claims in ad but there should be truth in advertising and deception claims are not allowed.

The company has a trade tag and a trade name that provides the company a special right by the government policies to use it and enter agreements and dealings through its documented trade name.

The company will follow the employees safety restrictions as laid down by the employees safety action.

As the policy of federal the minimum wage that needs to be given to a worker is 6000/= but Super Asia is not following that policy as other companies in the region are also not following it.

All the taxes related insurance policies are being followed by Super Asia.

The company also publishes its twelve-monthly records as are compulsory to publish by the government.

Economic Factors:

Super Asia plays an important role for economical growth by adding to the current economic climate of the country.

The cost of development includes wages of workers, wages to the staff, purchases, utilities, carriage inward and outward, etc.

The company offers a number of products for different classes of customers. For instance, good quality and a bit expensive products for higher school and cheaper products for middle and lower class customers.

Some SBUs like washer and fans are at their boom while some like motorcycle, oven, AC, etc are in their growth level. It never happened that any one of Super Asia's product proceeded to go into its tough economy stage.

The prices of products of Super Asia are higher than products of its competitors but nonetheless Super Asia has the largest market talk about due to the quality of its products.

The exchange rate of the company is high credited to which the customers have self-confidence on Super Asia.

Social Factors:

The wages and pay of the staff and management aren't satisfactory therefore the income syndication factor is not sufficient.

Super Asia is funding many NGOs and welfare organizations in the whole country.

Super Asia has the honor to be the first in support of local home appliances company to sponsor an international cricket series.

The company is running a medical center "Mian Muhammad Din Memorial Trust Medical center" for the welfare of its employees as well as the people of the close to vicinities.

The company offers numerous kinds of home appliances which are supporting in improving the life style of people.

The company offers models in a variety of fashion which is often used in another way at different places.

Technological Factors:

The company is having a computerized lath machine which helps in reducing labor cost and time needed to create a dye.

Due to scientific advancements many items are available at lower prices from China and Super Asia is taking full reap the benefits of it.

The manufacturing division also has different types of dyes for different models or figures of washing machine and supporter.

A tool shop also works within the factory premises, which companies its own tools to be utilized in production.

Latest technology is being used by the business for motorcycle engine and air conditioning equipment machinery.

The company is also thinking of introducing a new swap machine that would observe the attendance of each worker when one will swap his credit card into it. This machine will also provide the management with the claims showing the overdue minutes of every staff and the leaves in the month.

The company has provided the personal computers to the workers to eliminate the cost of stationery also to save the time.

Different software are being found in every office for advertisement, worker data basic, payroll as well as for the maintenance of accounts.


In my final project, I've included the marketing research, in this examination I examined whatever of the marketing strategies Super Asia is using to maximize the sales of the business, the second analysis in this chapter is Boston Consulting Group research and in this examination it is set that where stage the various products of Super Asia is situated, this analysis is called the Boston Consulting Group. Within this analysis stage of every product is set and these periods are related to the sales position of this product. The third analysis in this section is product life circuit. Product life cycle shows the all phases of sales from its creation to the decline of the merchandise. Every product when produced moves from different phases of the sales, sometimes its sales is going to increase and sometimes its sales starts off reducing. Sometimes its sales are in the boom position and sometimes theses will decline.

Here I am doing these three analysis related to the sales of Super Asia one at a time.

Marketing Strategies:

The marketing reasoning by which the business unit hopes to accomplish its marketing aims. The strategic ideas define the company's overall quest and goals. Marketing's role and activities summarize the major activities involved in managing online marketing strategy and the marketing blend. Next comes, marketing strategy-the marketing reasoning by which the business hopes to attain these profitable associations. Through market segmentation, focusing on and the placement, Super Asia makes a decision which customers it'll serve and how. It defines the full total market, then divides it into smaller sections, and focuses on serving and gratifying customers in these sections. A couple of things come under the top of marketing strategies:

Customer-Centered Marketing Strategy

Marketing Mix


In today's competitive software industry, companies' must customer centered. They must succeed customers from challengers, then keep and increase them by delivering higher value. But before it can gratify customers, a firm must first understand their needs and would like. Thus, sound marketing takes a careful customer's analysis.

Super Asia recognizes that it cannot profitably provide all consumers in a given market-at least not absolutely all customers just as. There are too many types of customers with way too many different varieties of needs. And most companies are able to serve some sections better than others. So Super Asia has divide up the total market, pick the best segments and design strategies for profitably providing chosen segments. This technique requires three steps, that are:

Market Segmentation

Target Marketing

Market Positioning

Now they are explained singularly here:

Market Segmentation:

Dividing market into distinct sets of buyers who've distinctive needs, characteristics, or behavior and who may need distinct products and marketing mixture. Rather than Super Asia supplies the same marketing combine to significantly different customers, market segmentation makes it possible for Super Asia to tailor the marketing mixture for specific target market, thus better satisfying the customer needs. Not all components of marketing combine are necessarily transformed from one portion to the next. For example, in some cases only the promotional promotions would differ.

A market portion should be:


Accessible by communication and syndication channels

Different in its response to a marketing mix

Durable (Not changing prematurely)

Substantial enough to be profitable

Super Asia has segmented by various bases, and professional marketplaces are segmented somewhat in another way from consumer market segments. A basis for segmentation is a factor that can vary among groupings within a market, but that is consistent within communities. Super Asia has segmented the marketplace on the following bases:

Geographic Segmentation:

Geographically Super Asia segmented the earth market as that, the company normally targets the Pakistani market for whole entire of its products. Pakistani market is the mark segment of Super Asia. They make the sections of the whole world market and then opt to focus on one segment which is the Pakistani market.

Demographic Segmentation:

Super Asia divides the market for different products on different way. A couple of lot of sections of market on the bases of demography, like; on the bases of gender, age, education, job, income and family position. Super Asia has to choose different segments for his or her different products. For every product of the business there differs segment.

Psychographic Segmentation:

On the bases of psychology the company has made the segment on the bases of lifestyle, ideals and attitude. There differs degree of products for different position people. This segmentation based on the lifestyle and family status.

Behavioral Segmentation:

This segment of the company is dependant on the utilization rate, brand devotion, price sensitivity and great things about the merchandise.

Target Marketing:

Target marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing initiatives on one or more key segments. Target marketing can be the key to a tiny business's success. The wonder of focus on marketing is that it creates the promotion, pricing and circulation of your products and/or services easier plus more cost-effective. Ta

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