How Culture Impacts Domestic Violence Sociable Work Essay

All countries developed and are expanding, have a culture. A culture in turn can be displayed by specific things like a person use of terms, choice of clothing and mass media and advertising portrayals. These representations mirror a variety of influences and affect how people treat each other.

There is not enough support from the government when we go through the case of Sabine Akhtar, she was 26 year of age and was stabbed through the center by her husband Malik Mannan in Manchester in 2008 and police force had previously caught him double and gave him a order to remain from his wife but no charge had been helped bring the 36 calendar year old partner and the authorities made an incorrect decision in failing to charge the man at an earlier stage. (BBC 2009)

The British Criminal offense Survey (BCS) measurement of the culture influence on domestic violence differs to the police statistics based on the statistic. The culture influence on domestic violence takes on an important role here

The aim of my research is to define the way the culture impacts domestic assault in UK. During the last three years the Coventry Refugee Centre has changed my life I learnt too many things about the various culture of several countries.

In UK home violence has effects on women and children lives. For most women home is where they face an abusive of romantic relationship at hands of a person really near them. They undergo a long term of physical and psychological. They haven't got any chance to make their own decision and voice their viewpoints cannot even protect them as well as their children.

This research looks for to determine the several impact of social effect on home assault in women and children in UK. It will also determine the impact of home violence for the physical and mental health of women and children in UK.

The beliefs of abused women may participate the reason and woman allows the violence and continues to be in the partnership for example witnessing physical maltreatment during ones youth may predispose some women to think that it is tolerable in adulthood. Female who witnessed parental abuse as children tended to be more depressed which may put them at increased risk for tolerating maltreatment. (Davis 1998) as he known specifically that such girl tended to reproduce with their parents violence and this may educate them that a passive response is the best. As the (Home Office 2008) statistic demonstrates 54 % of woman in persistently abusive human relationships possessed witness's parental misuse. Woman's cognitive and psychological development may be afflicted by parental abuse so concerning place her at increased threat of victimization. One reason that girl stay is the fact that they may believe that their husbands have the right to overcome the

Key literature

Research literature recognizes the following risks factors of domestic violence that can be encountered by minority cultural women:

Endorsement of patriarchal views of matrimony and woman's erotic autonomy

Members of an community or family not intervening in situations of local violence

Isolation from the rest of their community

Immigration and asylum legislation that increase dependence on their partner

Changes in status, gender assignments and traditional holds following migration

The low income has also been identified a risk factor for domestic assault and minority ethnic. Woman has a greater risk of residing in poverty than majority cultural women (Newburn 2003)

These risk factors also become barriers to departing a violent romance and or even seeking support. Patriarchal norms lead to organizations of stigma and shame with leaving a violent marriage. An d also restrictive immigration regulations have been recognized as a capture for immigrant woman experiencing domestic assault and in response to the concern many countries have adapted their immigration laws and regulations to include local violence concessions. Minority ethnic women can face discrimination from the majority culture while simultaneously experiencing sexism against them from both bulk group and their own minority cultural community. This racism and sexism can also make it more difficult to seek for help. Fear that the perpetrators may be caught or doubts to immigration position and insufficient trust in the authorities all serves ad deterrents to seeking support from the authorities for minority ethnic women.

According to the statistic the press has been considered one of many contributing factors in domestic violence. It has been criticized for its portrayal of assault in movies, tv and imprinted form resulting in the desensitization of individuals with regard to their tolerance of assault. on the other palm the media in addition has been used a modern communication tool in increasing general public awareness of home violence and increasing support for ongoing research, financing education and protection and treatment programs and support for improvement in the laws the criminal justice system and the public policy.

The impact of income inequality and cultural structure could also crate more domestic violence to women's. Men's unemployment or in your free time career has been associated with an increase of rates of local assault. (Natalie, Sokoloff and Pratt 2005) Recent review found that unemployment was a significant predictor of violence. That suggested that some men might understand employment as a crucial element of their masculine individuality and holiday resort to violence as an effort regain lost status.

Some studies record that middle class Asian women are more likely to experience domestic violence than white middle class women among some ethnic and racial minority teams are attributable in part to poverty. Some research has recommended that the discrepancy between employment and income places women vulnerable. When women earn more than men or have a higher education certification and occupation skills, a lot of men feel psychologically threatened plus some use violence to reassert electricity in their relationship (Lockton and Richard 1997)

Immigrants arriving to the united kingdom seeking a much better quality of life for themselves and their families but the obstacles they face are marvelous. Fearing deportation and or the loss of her children and women may be intimidated by her partner's threat to record her to the UK Immigration and Naturalization service. She might not recognize that the domestic violence is against the law that she has the legal option to avoid the battering and the ones agencies and community resources can be found to aid her. Different countries and ethnicities may have their own values and attitudes toward a woman place family, relationship, sex functions and divorce

Domestic violence against women occurs in young families from all social and ethnic teams (Roberts 2003) and intervention policies and procedures in treating battered women should provide their diverse cultural backgrounds

According to the Uk Crime Study statists demonstrates one in five women have observed domestic violence in their lifestyle and several women finished their relationship because of abusive romantic relationship. . Based on the survey demonstrates woman thought we would stay in abusive romance because of dread if they try to leave, they will be tracked down and beaten or killed for that reason the majority of the women feel that any jail time would be non permanent and the next and consequences a whole lot worse.

When it comes to the culture influence on domestic violence Uganda has the highest criminal offense rates of home assault, 41 % of women reported being beaten or bodily harmed by their husbands. It is because related to the economical factor as well as different way of life and culture variations in Uganda.


" research is a intricate process, rooted in school of thought in terms of what's there to know and just how do we go about knowing it. " ( Jewell 2007-2008, 4. 4 p 71 -72) I will be dealing with individual rather than materials and in order to finish my dissertation and I have to understand the behaviour of the women's with different culture and perception and religious beliefs e. g. WHEN I put in of my 2 yrs at the Coventry Refugee Centre as an Interpreter and Circumstance worker this provided a good understanding of diverse people and I am aware their viewpoints and feelings. It will be easier for me personally to do my interview by using my experience before. To spell it out this viewpoint Saunders said that "the task here is to enter the public world of our research subject matter and understand their world as their viewpoint".

To complete my research I'll use three data collection methods:

Secondary data



The secondary date will be used from catalogs, articles to update my literature review to really have the best knowledge and understanding of the general theory aspect on culture effect on domestic violence. I'll also get some good help from the Coventry Refugee Centre by going on the websites and speak to them in person when needed. This secondary date will help me to building the interview questions to be able to get the best answers.

I will also organise some face to face semi organised interview to understand the effect of culture on local violence. I am going to also use search on the internet because of this search. I've already offered my help victim support to work with them without getting any paid and hopefully this work location gives me more about the victim of domestic assault in order to complete my dissertation.

I can do some questionnaires to assess the domestic violence this will provide me a good reviews about the local assault and the trust in the authorities and Lawbreaker Justice System. These questioners provides me some quantitative night out to be able to get the perfect answers these questioners will given to the random women's.

Qualitative derive from interview I will use them in a two various ways first I'll compare it to the extra data which is (theory) second to the questionnaire results (practice) will verify the peoples view on domestic assault.

Results that extracted from the questionnaires will be quantitative. The statistic will give me a chance analyses the results to be able to build some graphs, graphs and pies.


As I worked well as an interpreter and case worker at the Coventry Refugee Centre it is simple for me to access into the centre and find the support that I need. I chosen my participant through my experience place because my issue is dependant on culture effect on domestic violence there are a lot of women been victim of domestic assault in their house countries. I will hopefully do my interview at the Refugee centre everything will be confidential and nobody will be permitted to view it. However there are some difficulties to get this done interview. I will try to set up an interpreter for the kids in order to finish my research proposal.

Ethnical issues

A different example is research on home assault for example interviews with those who haven abused to determine the effects of such violence or research of how frequently such shows take place (husbands being violent with their wives or children and wives being abusive towards their husbands). Research on domestic violence investigation subject matter that are private and nerve-racking and due to this have the potential to cause further pain harm to individual who already are experiencing abuse. It may also expose incriminating information and expose individual to associated risk. Therefore I need to be fully prepared to deal with the likely ramifications of the research including the effects on members on their individuals on the studies themselves (conduction such research may be distressing) and on the implications of the study for legislation.

Another example of a sensitive issue the false storage area and recovered memory debate( ) within the last twenty years the famous storage psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has discussed the validity of recovered memory of childhood maltreatment. These thoughts commonly come to light only after healing sessions with people who use techniques such as led imagery to explore early on life experience. This home violence research is socially delicate because there are potential repercussions for people who have claimed to get recovered thoughts and for his or her households. Therefore to complete my research some ethnical rules that I must take into account and consideration to be able to achieve the best results. I will signal the ethics checklist and compliance form and will sign it'll give it to my supervisor.

And also the questions that I'll ask through the interview have to approve by my tutor. For every interview that I am going to require a signed arrangement as a substantiation for my research. Interview data may be confidential therefore I must keep this data and let anyone else to see it. I QUICKLY will show my questionnaire to my supervisor before I giving them out to the individuals.

I will be dealing with woman with ethnic views, being sensitive to other civilizations is simpler said than done. Cultural level of sensitivity has nothing at all to with the skill and music of a culture and almost everything to do with respect, shared decision making and effective communication. Too often researches dismiss these values, the life style and the cognitive and affective world of the subject.


I have learned too many reasons for having the research method and technique that are used in it. Having completed this research that based on culture effect on domestic violence upgraded my debate skills in a newspaper. Using and collecting the data's and exemplory case of statistics my quarrels has become much better than what it used to be. And a reader will need my arguments more significantly.

My researching skills also better in a positive way in this research proposal. In previous researches for my analysis I used to caught on how to assemble information however now I am in a position to use a largely different of sources I can now understanding this issue more widely and it also helps me to make a much better argument. In my own opinion this research my best research paper which i dine in my own life the quality that I'll get for this might not show a good class but what I learned from it'll profit for my future researches. I spent approximately two days simply for doing then genuine research. It'll be useful for the next 12 months when it come to the dissertation by using these new techniques that I've learnt out of this research proposal my arguments will maybe more clearer and you will be more apparent. How to write a study proposal will advantage me in future lessons in my life from this view of benefit I am able to give good examples about the topic that I really do I am going to also have the ability to give and create a much better discussion for research proposal. If you come to the conclusion for your quest you than start thinking that you have achieved something that'll be useful in future to aid your studies.

To do my dissertation I have to stay give attention to my chosen subject in order to complete it by using different skills that I've learned out of this research proposal.

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