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How To Express Poetic In Structures Philosophy Essay

We stay in the made world, where a lot of buildings are built, from the tallest tower on the planet to the small homes, its keep increasing, and keep constructing. But is there any aspect that we can get from it? Or are they just such a form for us inside our living world? Frequently we as the living human being is easily to get used with the things all around us, we do not necessarily take any attention or good care to the encompassing, most of enough time we precept it as things that supposed to be there.

Jun Ichiro Tanizaki says that we as a individual, it is our individuals nature that every one of us have a simple and basic requirement of dwelling, it is not only the interaction between individuals with real human, but also real human with where we belongs. It offers pushed our individual action to be eager of inhabiting action to be able to interact and accomplish our fundamental needs. And an area that we seek it is not simply an ordinary space that predicated on the physical aspect, but it based on the quality of its efficiency, by means experiences the important values in space that's more than simply a shelter. Marilyn Monroe said that everything happen for grounds, where buildings built it's not with regard to nothing or perhaps be considered a shelter for us,

"Architecture are definitely more fully than simply a forms, it is engages the immediacy of our sensory belief. "

Steven Holl, Question of Perception

it is more than only a form, its regarding several elements like light, shadow, and transparency like shade, texture, material, and details, it's the reason that buildings are convenient to stay in, and make us enjoyment to maintain it.

"Our live ornamented with physical items, but created into this world of things", Steven Holl, Do we be able as a individual to experience fully all the elements of their interrelation, to derive our joy from our belief.

Steven Holl in his book "question of belief" said, structures must have an experiential interconnection, a metaphysical link, a poetic link. It's described that architecture it must exhibit the poetic of its building, where means exhibit just how of considering to let us as a human to experience quite value in the area.

Thesis of Statement

How expressing Poetic in architecture fully to the space?

Could the Poetics aspect in it aware visitors to experienced it? Specially in light?

Definition of Poetic

"Expression of folks thought, emotion, thoughts, and personal information" Anthoniades, Anthony C. , Poetic of Architecture, Poetic is an expression of men and women thoughts, emotions, feelings, and personality where people explained it in the poetry way, with simple emails but contain intense thought process, said John Pawson. Sometimes poetry can have an ambiguous definition

"Poetic as a perspective of architecture" Le Corbusier, because of computer is a present-day of unique arts works in structures, where it is the combination of size, light, colour, materials, form, material, which translated into the space.

"Poetic as a feeling of beauty in experiencing space" Steven Holl. Corresponding Steven Holl Poetic it is also means as 'Reasonable understanding in architecture", where it is always related and mediated with linguistically in human experience and framework, based and expressed through different aspect like light, shadow, and transparency: shade, texture, materials, and details all participate in complete connection with architecture.

"Poetic Aspect is a romance of feel and of construction, in nature colour, light, reflection, Surface, and in the way material are juxtaposed" Steven Holl, by means its marriage of all the elements of architecture expressing the poetic detail. Building should always be more when you are into it, Steven Holl said in his the Poetic of details', it is true, that building must have more attraction when we go into it, or so called experience it, through this is of the poetic in to the space itself.

John Pawson said that poetic means simple information in form and appearance but with an intense way of thinking, using all the elements of structures like : materials, mass, lighting, composition, ritual, scenery, order, containment, repetition, volume, essence, and manifestation to express his poetic works.

"Poetic means a reflection of the luxurious simpleness of vital thinking about the architect" and "Poetic does mean point out through emphasizes and consider by primary importance prices of the articulation of places, anxiety, and mass" John Pawson

Poetic into space

Could we translate poetic in architecture? Poetic this means actually translated it is certainly not have the ability to translate it into the space function, Steven Holl said that written dialect its expect the silent intensities of structures, it is brought on the abstract words that poetic has contain, not concretized in space, materials, and direct sensory experience, this attempt to penetrate architectural so this means through the written terms will associated risk disappearance.

If structures can be said to have poetic so this means we must recognize that what it says is not 3rd party of what it is, Steven Holl said, where architecture it isn't an experience the words that translate after it, it includes its own meaning even before, it is an thought process of your architect in the way to indicated their arts work of design. It is figures as occurrence that constitutes the means and ends of the encounters.

The beauty of poetic is merely be able to see when it grows to the world of pondering process, not simply reach the architect thinking process, but it really beautiful when it extends to the realm pondering process of an individual where poetic creates the present or atmosphere or atmosphere that provoke the emotions of folks, not merely only translated physically as a poetry words but duel with psychology or mental way of thinking. As how Le Corbusier said, the wonder of poetic is when it is reaches the realm of thinking process.

"Need to make an structures is to make a living being. "

Le Corbusier

Admire Le Corbusier much in how he indicated his works together with poetics of space, is by his own design of forms, he used varieties and shapes combine with the genuine creation of his heart, that he affects us in our deepest sense degree, and provoke our sentiment through wakes us up with profound echoes, and give us simple understanding way of measuring of his, where it is give us a feel to be accordance with this understanding, and then that the sense of beauty we experienced and translated into the space effectively. He used the concepts of Right Angle, written in His publication of Poetic of the right viewpoint, where the space that integrated all varieties was the right perspective, through his ideas from Piet Mondrian, used amounts were taken to the surface taken to lines helped bring lines to two lines which vertical and horizontal and helped bring lines into a single unity that called the Right Angle, this is is basic human thought. Le Corbusier was a complicated level of lines, planes and volumes which he taken to a simple way and unity mad possible by spatial orthogonally.

Differently with John Pawson, his manner he used are materials, mass, light, composition, ritual, landscaping, order, containment, repetition, volume level, essence, and expression, his main works is using light, influenced by Louis Kahn, is a materials that his combine with or embodies a certain poetry and where visual effect are metaphors, he used simple information or called as simpleness of proportion and restraint in his form and appearance of his works but with an intense way of thinking. And John Pawson Achieved dematerialization of the building using the structure of the building itself, so the internal of the building vanishes visually amidst clear fragility and transparency, so it is the way Pawson reaching a poetic of stillness, defined architecture sharply, spaces that enough, with simple white interior, and an equilibrium form and materials, where the majority of the time he disappeared the boundary between interior and exterior, manages to make at the same times framework and place, light and lighting become one. And the email address details are bring luxuries straightforwardness of the essential thinking about himself.

After understand both example person in translating poetic in architecture or in their own artworks, both of these are merging all the elements in structures, like material, form, level, light, color, and music, to create an easy understanding way in space with an extremely deep thought to let we as the user to be easily understand what they actually wished to express inside our measurement level of thinking. And little by little we recognize that it provoke our feelings whenever we walk through the area that we found greater joy in experienced the space.

Elements Architecture

And what exactly are the elements in architecture that we are able to use to express the simple concept of poetic in our space?


There are several different type of materials on the planet we are living now, like lumber, rock, granite, brick, cement, plastic, glass, fibers, etc, each one of the material has their own attribute, textural results, surface, pattern, colorings, and finishes effects, and each of this material has something to reveal, most of the time they impact our feeling when we are near them.

Texture gave the best impact in impacting our mood, smooth or rough, shiny or. Material its not position alone in structures, it always stand together with forms/ planes, it is give a distinction treatment to the form whether strong sound effect, rough impact, or smooth sooth and lightness impact, while at the same time also play of duality. Not only only varieties, but with light as well, light give the sense of shadow representation where it gave the 3dimensional impact, where its strengthen the textural result in material, material also use colour, different shade give us different moods. Often material are being used to emphasize certain area in structures,

"Value for the inherent qualities of materials is one of the most decisive elements in the creation of powerful structures"

John Pawson

John Pawson used same materials between outside and inside to stay away from the junction between one material and another. And same as Le Corbusier, He used materials, with volume level, light, and colour to express the symphonic discussion and make structures a total work of arts.


According to John pawson













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