How Truth Differs In Mathematics The Arts And Ethics School of thought Essay

Truth is really as varied and complicated as the individual mind. It acquires some other meaning in a variety of areas of knowledge and here I have been asked to comment about it in math, ethics and arts. The reality in math could be reported to be proven logical reasoning at its best with a convenience of practical applications. The truth in arts is a treasure trove of history and culture as conceived by the inventor of the talent and the reality in ethics is fact which binds humanity across the globe encompassing intelligence laced with compassion, handed by one generation to another for the success of the human race with dignity and harmony.

Truth in a math classroom which I was subjected to were the concepts of addition, subtraction, department and multiplication at lower levels, and as we advanced, calculus, theorems, equations etc at higher classes. These truths were exact, conclusive and last and the results were not available to arbitration as they may be proven beyond any doubt. In the arts school room, one was subjected to the wonder in everyday routine and dynamics through poetry, painting and crafts, and we were taught to perceive the truth according to our individualistic view. My interpretations brought out understanding or disapproval from the tutor or my classmates but knowingly or unknowingly, was allowed to explore or modify the truth relating to my conception. Within the ethics school, we were educated a moral code of do or truths that would help us to lead a disciplined and righteous life both inside university and the exterior world.

As a 12th grader in an IB school, I am asked by my educator not to skim the top of regions of knowledge but to ponder deeper involved with it and I have come up with the following facts:

Truth in mathematics can be said to be omnipresent in the universe, only holding out to be found out by the right person at the right time. This is explained by the following example. The English mathematician G. H Hardy frequented the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan in a healthcare facility as he was gravely unwell. G. H Hardy remarked that he previously come in a cab with an uninteresting number 1729. Ramanujan immediately responded that it was not so. He said it was the tiniest quantity expressible as the sum of 2 (positive) cubes in 2 different ways. 1729 is equal to 13+123=93+103. The number 1729 has been associated with other attributes but this attribute of the quantity expressed in the shortest possible time, only subscribes to the fact that the numerical truth is waiting to be unearthed. Fact in arts prevails in the mind of the inventor and needs to be presented by the creator from his point of view or a general perspective. It could be associated with either to the individuals form, nature or something abstract but do not need to be turned out absolutely beyond doubt for the reality to be portrayed and accepted in an art form. In the poem by John Keats "Ode to a Grecian Urn", the concluding enigmatic lines, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, " implies his view that beauty and fact are one and the same but still left open for individual interpretations. Alternatively, truth in ethics is vital because humanity can coexist only if a code of conduct is used and approved by the community at large. The truth in ethics has to come from profound rooted convictions and conditioned by situational requirements and common beliefs in contemporary society. These written and often unwritten convictions have been accepted as moral or honest truths. These are the basic foundations on which truth in mathematics, arts and ethics are established and on further exploration, more different differences are available out than what is apparent.

Truth in mathematics is puzzling to the uninitiated but worthwhile to the mathematician. The reality can be portrayed in different methods however the results cannot be varied. A good example would be of amounts two plus two which equals four, which can be portrayed in numerical denomination i. e. 2+2=4 or can be proven by using objects such as 2 oranges + 2 oranges = 4 oranges or using icons || + ||=||||, the final fact being conclusive and same which in every instances totals to 4.

Truth in arts sets off the visual sense of man providing mental pleasure and a value that is better than logical reasoning. Real truth in arts can be an umbrella term used for various styles of performing aesthetic, creative and artistic ability of the originator using his imaginative brain. Truth here is as assorted and changing as civilization itself. Traditional paintings by Michelangelo, Renoir or Vinci that depict images of manhood in all its glory have given way to fine art depicting human being form in abstract patterns by painters such as Picasso and M. F Husain. This only demonstrates how fact in arts is not rigid in regards to change but widens its embrace to include changes when delivering truth. Quite simply the changing methods of portrayal of real truth have been accepted as a reflection of passing fads and time.

Truth in ethics can remain unchanged if it is accepted universally in any way points in time. It is truth which benefits mankind and helps maintain harmony in society. Ethical truths which become contrary to society's acceptance over the period of time can be modified to suit its demand. The Delhi High Court's move around in 2009-08-14 to improve the 140 year old British laws to decriminalise homosexuality which was considered to be ethically and morally incorrect shows how honest truths can be transformed to suit society's changing needs.

One can also see how truth in a single part of knowledge is offered using another portion of knowledge. If we take the truth in math, the reality can be indicated using another region of knowledge like arts but the truth has to be unaltered irrespective of barriers of their time, geographical limitations or ethnic dissimilarities. I'd like to quote an interesting example from "Vedic Mathematics" by Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja where he used the Sanskrit Devanagiri script to prove the value of pi divided by 10. That is given in a specific decimal code of certain set of rhyming syllables within the verses in a poem. He provides poem within an alphabetic code terminology that has 3 meanings, the first one being truly a hymn to Lord Krishna, the next one a hymn to Lord Siva and the 3rd the value of pi divided by 10 to 32 decimal places. Pi/10 =0. 314159265358979323846264338332792. . . . . . . . , with a home contained grasp key for increasing the evaluation to any number of decimal places.

When the truth in arts is known as, this reality is often used to draw out the real essence in other truths to help build it better in the minds of people. Moral truths about child misuse, drugs, poverty and other sufferings on the planet have been presented through music by singers like Michael Jackson and so helped in public initiated reforms. The onslaught of globalization and progress in technology hasn't only emphasized the age old ethical truth of how good makes of nature triumph over bad through children's books like the "Harry Potter" series but in addition has brought out the hurting of the Afghan female in Taliban stricken Afghanistan through books like "One thousand marvelous suns" by Khaled Hosseini to the knowledge of individuals worldwide. I could convincingly say that truth in arts by itself can make an enduring effect on the minds of men and women and also act as a powerful catalyst as far as truths in other areas of knowledge are concerned.

I wish to point out that fact in ethics is absolutely needed for the harmonious and peaceful coexistence of man. This real truth when helped bring through literature, drama, boogie etc creates an indelible impression alternatively than just thoughts and viewpoints, written or unwritten. Issues like rape, dowry fatalities, abortion etc, that have been discussed in hushed whispers in India are now are a subject of open issue. The observed Indian traditional dancer, Mrinalini Sarabhai's, boogie on dowry fatalities initiated the state minister of Tamil Nadu in India to execute a review on dowry deaths which brought to open public view the high reports of such fatalities in the area of Salem in Tamil Nadu. Honest and moral truths by making use of truths in other areas of knowledge help it to become larger than thought and make people evaluate the situation reasonable and rationally.

After studying the various regions of knowledge, I have come to realize that truth in math appeals to the reasonable brain whereas truth in arts provide an visual experience to uplift man from his mundane existence but it's the essential ethical truths that help bind truths in the areas of knowledge and allow it flourish. Hence the truth in mathematics, ethics and arts, can help us understand the complexities of the human being mind and need not be bracketed directly into water tight compartments but can be accepted for what they signify; an ever growing pathway of breakthrough, introspection and renewal.

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