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How Natural Technology And Arts Made Progress Philosophy Essay

Everyday in our life, we will learn something new either we realize or not. We gain the data through our very own experiences as well as other people's activities. From those encounters, we learn that happen to be right or wrong. When we get the knowledge, how do we recognise when we have made improvement in the seek out knowledge? This article will be reviewed two regions of knowledge, Arts and Natural Technology. This essay will discuss how Natural Research and Arts made progress in the framework of Scientist and Painters themselves as well as in the context of your knower in the general public.

Yes, we can recognise that people have made progress in some regions of knowledge if we can first gauge the expansion of the knowledge. We measure the development of the new knowledge by evaluating it with the present knowledge.

In Natural Science, we gauge the extension of the new knowledge by evaluating it with today's knowledge. When the new knowledge has more advantage compare for this knowledge, we consider we've made progress in this area. We are able to say that we recognise we've made progress in the search for knowledge because we can see the benefit of the new knowledge.

Here, we take a good example of X-ray. Wilhelm Roentgen was the one who found X-ray accidently. He did not know what kind of ray was it, so, he called it X-ray. This is the new knowledge that he uncovered in those days. The other researchers made further research about X-ray. They compare X-ray (new knowledge) with today's knowledge, which is light because they discovered that X-ray is one form of light. Therefore, they compare the properties of X-ray with the properties of light. Then, the good thing about X-ray was driven. One of them is X-ray have high penetrating electricity. Other studies were made, now, the X-ray is utilized in medical field. We use X-ray to start to see the structure of the bones in the torso. Besides, X-ray made progress as it can be used not only in medical field but also in motor vehicle industry as programmed X-ray inspection. Here, the knowledge expands and we realize the development by checking it with the present knowledge and we can see the benefit of the new knowledge.

However, imagine if there is absolutely no good thing about the new knowledge? With all the help from the most advanced technology, the experts found that there may be one area of the intestine in human body that called appendix. If they made more research, it is find surprisingly that the appendix does not have any benefit and if it's remove from the body, there is no negative impact. Yes, it helps for many who has appendix problem if they need to remove it but for whose haven't any appendix problem, up to now, does this means that this finding is not knowledge to them? It really is indeed knowledge and new progress that we know it offers no negative affect. Alternatively, I'd like to think that it will need to have good reason why God created it. It is right that people still should do more and more research before we make a fresh improvement that is to learn its function and its benefit.

Can we measure the progress in the seek out knowledge in arts? In arts, we still measure the enlargement of the skill by comparing the new piece of art with days gone by and present arts. For all of us to recognise that people have made improvement in the search for knowledge in arts, we can easily see it in two ways, from the satisfaction of the musician who produces the arts and the approval from the audience. We know that in arts, there is absolutely no absolute fact. Everything can be real in arts. So, here, we can say the extension of the arts can be seen from the center of the artist and the audience because both of them might not exactly have the same thoughts and opinions.

Imagine that an artist begins painting pictures and sell them on the block. Then, the artist tries his best to produce increasingly more pictures that he satisfies until he is able to display his bits of arts at fine art exhibition. After subscribing to the art work exhibition, he becomes popular and his paintings become popular throughout the world. The artist must sense content with himself because he and his paintings has been recognized from on the neighborhood to the skill exhibition. Inside the eye of the musician who produces the arts, he must be really satisfy because his pieces of arts extend and made improvement from the road to around the globe. We compare that the artwork that at first produce over a block now being presented through skill exhibition. Before this, the painting just known at the street however now, it becomes popular around the world. This is the way of measuring that his content is progressing, his popularity is progressing and the sale of his painting is also progressing. However, imagine if the followers do not agree to that piece of art? Despite the fact that the artist seems content with his artwork, this means that his content is improvement, but if the audiences don't have the same view, the artist cannot make progress in his acceptance and sales on painting. When the artist produces many paintings however the followers do not buy or accept them, the designer cannot become a member of the artwork exhibition. Therefore, for the designer to recognise that they have made progress, they have to consider the thoughts and opinions and approval from the people.

In any progress made while seeking for knowledge, we will discover more about advantages and the down sides of the subject. Whenever we find more drawbacks, can we claim that we've made progress for the reason that area of knowledge?

In natural technology, we take the example of X-ray. About X-ray, we know that we have made progress in the knowledge about any of it. X-ray offers good impact such much like X-ray, we can see the composition of the bones. X-ray helps the doctors to look for the bone's condition of the patients. Then, the doctor can decide what to do next. X-ray makes everything easier for the doctors and patients. The discovery of X-ray brings very good impact in medical field. However, X-ray also brings harm to the individuals around it, who expose to it. Too much uses of X-ray can lead to the forming of cancer. This implies, if the patient goes through too much X-ray test, he/she will have higher trend to get malignancy. A similar thing happens to the doctor or nurse who carry out the X-ray test. He/she is subjected to the X-ray for a long period. Thus, he/she can get cancers. If we do not find ways to beat the danger of contact with X-ray, this will bring more harm than good. But, with X-ray, it gives a lot of knowledge about one's health. That has lots of great benefit. Therefore, it is considered as the data made progress.

Progress in arts, for example in picture taking, there is improvement from 2D photography to 3D photography. As the arts make progress into 3D, it brings negatives when it produces pornography. There are plenty of form of pornography, one of them is pornography in movies. Although photography in 3D brings good impact in arts, as it creates art more natural but with the present of pornography, it brings negative physiological result to the contemporary society. One of these is it leads to anti-social behaviour and behavior to the individual who is in love with pornography. "Male visitors tend to be more extreme toward women, less responsive to the pain and fighting of rape patients, and more happy to accept various myths about rape". (Anderson, 1992). Besides, "pornography leads men and women to experience conflict, suffering, and erotic dissatisfaction". (Anderson, 1992).

In both regions of knowledge, natural science and arts, we can realize we've made progress in the seek out knowledge by looking at the new knowledge with today's knowledge. In natural science, if we find the benefit for the knowledge when we compare it with today's knowledge, then we can understand that people have made progress. Although there could be disadvantages of this knowledge but as long as the huge benefits if more, we can still consider that the data develop. While in arts, we realize we have made improvement when the designer satisfies with the artwork.

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