How have the Dada Artists Challenge the Contemporary Art?

This essay will dive in to the world of dada by first of all exploring the movements with an in-depth look into the brief record of dada and the foundations which it was built around, how it modified art


Dada was not merely an art movements but as a lot of an cultural motion, this revolutionary movement originated in Zurich, Switzerland in the first calendar months of 1916 it was one of the shortest resided art movements in support of survived less than 10years until 1924


Dadaism didn't start off as a skill movement it was born of more as a imaginative protest that grew as a reply to not only the carnage that was world conflict one but also to the destruction of society that was crumbling around them, as the conflict spiralled across Europe a lot of the designers who founded dada acquired observed the relentless slaughter of innocent men, women and children as undeniable confirmation that the nationalist government bodies had failed world and was undeniably corrupt. With most of the Dadaists being straight damaged by WW1 and fleeing from across Europe themselves to seek refuge in Switzerland as many people does with Switzerland being natural within the wall it became a safe haven for a wide array of folks including many designers and intellects who found sanctuary in Zurich, that was the birthplace of dada contained in the refuges that escaped the damage of the battle in which a young few from Munich, Germany named Hugo Ball who was simply a former theatre director and his partner Emily Hennings a dancer who also composed her own poems and catalogs not long after arriving they truly became the parents of dada when they persuaded the owner of a close by caf to let them hire a room from him to get started a cabaret membership. They called their membership "Cabaret Voltaire" (fig. 1) after one of France's ideal entitlement freelance writers Francois- Marie Arount and often called "Voltaire" he was a famous article writer, historian, poet and philosopher but was most well-known for his wit and his attacks on the roman catholic chapel along with his advocacy of liberty of religion and speech you can see how the young couple related to his prices and values and used him as an advocate and creativity in the laying of the foundations of dada.


Cabaret Voltaire opened its doors February 5th 1916 with Hugo Ball delivered a news release that translated "Cabaret Voltaire under this name a group of young music artists and writers has formed with the aim to become a centre of artistic entertainment in rule, guest artist should come and present musical shows and readings at the daily conferences. Young painters of Zurich whatever their tendencies, are invited to come with suggestions and contributions of all kinds" and with this release the dada family was formed with a couple of like-minded misfits who included Marcel Janco, Tristian Tarzara, Richard Huelsenbeck, Hans (jean) Arp, Sophie Taeuber, Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp and Joan Miro ( fig. 2) all arriving through the doorways within the first couple times of the golf club opening and they quickly bonded over not merely society but fine art plus they woes of the world surrounding them and just how many in society didn't know or care with the globe bordering them, this small group of individuals connected over skill and the discretion of the world around it and became close friends spending most days and nights jointly talking about and practising their own politics, views and artwork. Along with the Cabaret Voltaire being run by this close group of friends it became a cross between a nights golf club and arts centre while here designer could showcase their work in a whole new experimental environment, often experimenting with music, party, theater, poetry, readings, picture taking and all picture taking and often tinkering with visual art's. while showcasing their art work to the skill contemporary society of Zurich they could discuss the world around them and the founders became united in their views and their protest the conflict, modern culture and the establishment.

Performances initially were relatively normal being true to an assortment show but as WW1 grew so have the artist's anger and seeking for change and realisation, part of the movement was a full-on hit on the art work world which they saw as part of the system it was considered similarly accountable and for that reason needed to be overthrown. Dada questioned the value of all fine art and whether its presence was simply an indulgence of the middle and upper-class they confronted traditional creative worth with nonsensical and irrational attitudes and with these provoked traditional complacencies with outrageous claims and actions as within a couple of weeks the music artists at Cabaret Voltaire were tinkering with shock tactics becoming more and more unorthodox and rebellious with its art and when the founders became aware that the crowds were drawn to this type of art work and valued it they started out to perform with it they started to showcase their own politics and views and rebelled increasingly more against art, modern culture and the battle. Although Dadaists were united in their ideals they had no unifying style, an between your short lived period of Dada group it drawn many different kind of artists who weren't willing to comply with societies requirements of art which intended the designers could allow the movement to obtain so many diverse styles which allowed those to play with their skill and grow with new styles and bring to life new art. The Cabaret Voltaire and its members pushed the boundaries that surrounded them in an exceedingly short lived time collectively at the Cabaret Voltaire as it was compelled to shut their gates only six months after it exposed due to the nightly antics of the huge crowds which were drawn to the team and the calm character of the rent owners not paying rent.

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