HRM In Vietnamese Businesses

Every organization can't be flourished lacking any efficient human source even if it has modern facilities or numerous capital. As a result, human source management plays an important role in the success of organizations. Human resource management (HRM) is a complicated and difficult field in conditions of managing. It really is related to physiology, society, ethics and many other aspects. Therefore, it can be considered as a combination between the science and art - the skill of handling people. Until recently, the definitions for the term human resource management a wide range of, from simply to sophisticated ones. A materials from International Institute of development sciences Calcutta citing a view of Ivanchevic and Glucck areas that human source of information management is an action taken place in organizations which makes the most effective use of employees to be able to attain the goals of the complete organization in general and the ones of individual in specific. In addition, Scott, Clothier and Spriegel described human resource management is one of the areas in general management activities. Its responsibility is to concentrate on aspects of businesses involving with the two-side connections between "management to employees" and among employees as well as with the introduction of both specific and business. However, organizational capacity development and management institute (n. d) expresses that HRM includes all management decisions and activities that influence the relationship between the business and the staff of the venture. In addtion, Wendel People from france (n. d) affirms recruiting management is the systematic planning and control of a network of important organisational processes affecting and concerning all organisationalmembers. These processes include human source planning, job and work design, job examination, staffing, training and development, performance appraisal and review, payment and pay back, employee safeguard and representation and company improvement".

Overall, human source of information management is an activity by which firm can have got well certified employees, exploit and take advantages of their forte for the organization's prosperity and achievement of individual goals.

According to Nguyen (2011), human source of information management has four typical assignments. The first role is to ideal use of recruiting of the organization. Second, it is HRM's duty to create new labor attributes also to ensure that organizations develop constantly and regularly. Thirdly, human source management's contributions are to promote your time and effort and mobilize the creative imagination of individuals and strengthen collective vitality in company. Finally, human learning resource management helps business adapt to the environmental change. However, in the e book name "Quan tri nhan su", Nguyen (2002) clarifies that individuals resource manage has many functions. Firstly, it has to recruit appropriate employees and appoint them in suitable positions. Secondly, managers are those supporting new staffs get used to new careers and framework of organization. Thirdly, training and increasing employees' skills are next two obligations of the management. Besides, they need to strengthen the working coordination and good interactions among staffs. On top of that, their tasks are also developing potential talents of the labor forces and ensuring

Challenges towards real human resource management in Vietnamese businesses

The management of recruiting is always considered as an important part of any group and business because it has an essential impact on the success and development of the organizations. The management has been organized specifically on various theories, however, when entering practice, the management of recruiting must face many issues. Actually, there are numerous ways to classify obstacles depending on every individual. However, in this paper, challenges are split into 3 main categories relating to external, organizational and individual elements.

In conditions of external factor, globalization, clinical and technical progress and environment are three classical factors affecting individuals reference management in Vietnam. Nowadays, many companies or companies want to become flourished by seeking opportunities in global market ( Snell et. All, 1998). This means that multinational companies and firms between countries or join-stock companies come into exist. This is especially true for many cases in Vietnam, taking PVN, FPT and Vinamilk as typical types of multinational firms of Vietnam and KFC, Lotteria, Coca-cola and Pepsi as types of multinational corporations having headquarters in Vietnam. Because of this global pattern, management of recruiting enters troubles due to geographical distance and the culture is various across nations' boundaries as well as continents. Vietnamese managers may not find out about the staffs far away approximately those in Vietnam. Therefore, it requires them very long time to comprehend the customs and working styles of employees in counterpart countries. In contrast, because of the different in culture between Western and Eastern countries, foreigner professionals also find it difficult to apply handling plan from Traditional western countries in Vietnam. In conclusion, managing human resources in transnational organizations provides potential opportunities for professionals, it also remarks a huge jump in the intricacy (Snell et. all, 1998). Besides, service industries in Vietnam are producing significantly, so new jobs will be created. Human being learning resource management system, because of this, must perform more effectively than before in order to discover employees who are active in a day-to-day changing market. Additionally, HRM's task is also to retrain people whose skills are improper to the service sector.

Scientific and technical progress is the second factor affecting the management of people in Vietnam. Additionally trend, new research and modern tools have created troubles for organizations. For the success and development, organizations have to meet up with and spend money on modern facilities. Therefore, the professionals should be processed in choosing employees who can handle adapting to the changes in research and technology as well as retraining their employees because careers change plus some unneeded skilled should be dismissed and replaced by new appropriate ones (Ha, n. d). The change in technology means that the number of labors should be reduced, but the capacity of the company has to stay or even if get higher. This places manager into a difficult situation in which she or he has to select from cutting down how big is labor force and spinning employees. Lastly, the environment is the previous external factor described in this newspaper. As our contemporary society flourishes, environmentally friendly issues are getting increasingly more attention. The management of man resource becomes more complicated due to the complexity of the environment. Vietnam is a growing countries, therefore, the industry is concentrated the most. Appropriately, industrial organization has negative influences on the environment namely the pollution. So, enterprises must upgrade and invest in environment-friendly facilities which always require special skills to operate. The human learning resource management finds it difficult to rotate labors or have a proper work force outfitted with new skills and knowledge in a short time because the procedure of recruiting new employees or retraining available staffs will need a lot of time. The impact of environment aspect in a few ways is comparable to that of methodical and technological progress because both factors challenge the management of human resource with the ability to turn or retrain the employees in order to adapt to the change in new modern equipment.

In today's contemporary society, like many affairs that other countries have to face, Vietnamese organizations and businesses not only compete in products but also in workers, proved Ha (n. d). Hence, professionals have to intervene in time in order to sustain their most valuable employees, or their work force may be fascinated by their competitors. To avoid this truth from happening, the management of individual reference should make sensible personnel policies, provide encouragement and rewards and create a comfortable and sticking working environment for all of the organization's members. Thus, it could be easily recognized that competition between organizations is also one of the factors challenging the human being resource management in Vietnam.

Regarding the task relating to individual, efficiency, brain drain are two typical elements evaluated. Firstly, it is greatly recognized that Vietnam is a country that has considerable work force; however, their skills are not high enough. To prove for this idea, creator Nhat Minh (2010) quotes an analysis from Teacher Michael Porter (*) that productivities in the Vietnam work force are still quite low. Owing to this reality, the management responsibility is to recruit remarkable people in the labor force which used to be looked at as a minimal produce labor market.


Human Resources is a valuable resource in virtually any organizations and businesses. Although businesses have abundant capital or modern equipment, they can not develop prosperously with no skilled recruiting. Human reference is the goal in organizations, so to be able to survive and flourish, there is absolutely no better way than managing that make effectively. Nowadays, the management of human resource still has to face many issues because it is still quite a new filed

Nguyen T. H. G. , 2011,

http://dlib. ptit. edu. vn/bitstream/123456789/550/1/Tom%20tat%20Luan%20van%20-%20Nguyen%20Thi%20Thanh%20Giang%2025-6. pdf/

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