Human Resource Management in Healthcare

  • Anna Marie Biñas


In order for an company to succeed, it takes to have a "map", that will give direction to the business enterprise, and this is the proper plan created by experts in individuals source of information management. The human resource department must clearly understand where in fact the organisation is going. Familiarisation with the strategy, eyesight and values is vital for them to make HR strategies that can support business progress and development. Individual resource managers need to work hard to show that well-thought out people can play a crucial role in structuring the high performance the organisation must uphold a permanent growth.

Human resource team must have the full awareness of what is going on inside the organisation from knowing the amount of staffs to the sort of available skills, so they can make strategies that can fully utilise the talents of the employees to aid the progress of the business. It is significant that the organisation is flexible to improve. As the business enterprise prosper, it's important not to be too much mounted on the previous strategies used and forget about the areas of the organisation that no longer in line with its perspective.


Business decline can be an indication that an company has poor performance and various areas need to be evaluated to determine what must be increased. When the business is not prospering the most frequent response of the HR team is to lessen its labor force. However, the consequences of this type of scheme can be quite distressing for the employee, their own families and the whole communities. While workforce reduction is sometimes unavoidable, there are explanations why it should be the final resort when handling business decrease.

For example, after having a annual audit to a particular slumber home, the results show that quantity of residents perished because of contamination and falls increased tremendously therefore with instances of medication error resulting to lower quantity or admissions for this season. The HR managers can used those leads to devised programs like Health insurance and Safety Training seminars, Medication Competency, Infections Control Programs for the staffs instead of reducing the labor force.


Flexibility and adaptability are traits that an organisation must have. The organisation can adjust to the continuous change occurring on the market. The human source of information management plan should contain methods, standards, procedures and processes that are not too overdone or underdone. To make this kind of plan, there will be a location for revision or improvement without totally influencing the operation of the company.


All organisation faces competition. Competition prevails when various organisations offers equivalent products. You will discover two types of competition; immediate and indirect competition.

Direct competition occurs where organisations create similar products that charm to the similar group of customers (Studies, n. d. ). For example, in New Zealand there are a huge selection of nursing homes offering similar service to the older population. Alternatively, indirect competition occurs when different businesses produce or sell products which although not in face to face competition still contend for the same money in the consumer's pocket. For example, a shop that sells modern day CD's may be indirectly fighting with a movie house that allures young consumers to spend their money on leisure activities.


In the modern world of business, the HR departments are facing the challenge of standardising real human resource processes by means of enhancing HR information. One way of obtaining this is by moving away from "just how we've always done thing' towards an innovative and modern tools that requires a huge step into unfamiliar facet of the company.

Modern technology can be advantageous to the organisation. For instance, when operational costs and spending are questioned and scrutinised, integrating HR and Payroll technology can be viewed as due to its efficiency. In addition to that, the current war for skills, employee experience, retention and employee engagement are more difficult now that they are significantly mobile and designated in a variety of locations; however this is handled by modernising the method of communication and coordination in the company.


Labour market can be grasped as the mechanism through which real human labour is bought and sold as a product and the means where labour demand (the quantity and type of available jobs) is matched with labour supply (the number and type of available staff) (Sagepub, 2005). When numerous organisations produce similar products they'll be competing in employing for individuals with the wonderful and relevant qualifications.

In order to attain the objectives of the organisation the HR division is now test on how to employ and catch the attention of the right people with the right skills, knowledge and attributes in the correct positions despite of the prevailing competition in the labour market. In dealing with this business factor, the HR director can opt to design and improve HRM activities to achieve the organisation's human tool requirements by developing existing personnel and keeping their services in the long-term.


There are four resources that all organisations should manage well: money, equipment/machines, information and folks. Investing in the introduction of the employees can cause their increase productivity which will immediately donate to business growth. The goal of the staff development is to increase the capabilities of the staffs and increase the organisation itself.

Employee development programs may focus on individual personnel or as a team. The HR professionals can create and execute development programs based on the determined needs of the company so that the money and time invested is based on the objectives of the business enterprise (Patton, 2002).



If there is any job vacancy in the organisation there's an instance when managers load the available position with current personnel. Frequently, the company will enable any current worker to apply in other places in the business. This type of internal recruitment will be able to help the company retain highly-skilled worker.

Moreover, it may include reassessing the best framework of the vacancy in a particular area, and/or relate with the desirability of developing, sustaining, and retaining respected and talented member. There is also no need to promote a role when there is an acknowledged job development path in a division and the section desires to assign that role to a present staff that is rolling out over recent years, has the suited experience, and it is the best inside person to fulfil the precise requirements of the role.


Employee Relation

Internal rules and procedures affect HR activities. For instance, if the firm is dedicated to promoting from within, HR must ensure staffs obtain ideal training and development to be ready for promotion when enough time comes. HR should screen the amount of staffs certified for retirement living and ensure possible replacements or other workers are trained to avoid an unexpected departure of business knowledge. Exterior influences, political factors and organizational culture all effect the amount of grievances and grievances HR must focus on.


Labour source drives the extent of payment a small business must offer to entice employees. Within an oversaturated market, when unemployment is high and so many more qualified applicants can be found than job opportunities, the quantity of compensation you must definitely provide is significantly less than when a shortage of candidates is present and you are rivalling against numerous others to hire employees.

HR must frequently assess the compensation structure by conducting industry- and location-specific salary surveys to ensure wages remain competitive enough to catch the attention of and hold on to key workers but low enough that the business remains financially competitive. HR must also ensure that the internal compensation framework is fair -- for example, experienced staff with specialized qualifications should earn much more than recent college graduates undertaking the same jobs.


Legislation affects all HR activities. Federal government and talk about legislation normally determine how much time an company must maintain staff data and other employee information, what can be placed, and how. HR specialists must stay well-informed of legislation and train managers on the responsibilities.

Human Resources are immediately related to Labour and Work regulation and encompass the many laws and suggestions specific to individuals resource experts. It deals with the issues that HR professionals must cope with in the majority of their work functions, mainly in supervising and managing obligations related to hiring, firing, staff benefits, salary, pay bank checks, and overtime. It may also pertain to workplace safe practices, privacy; and stopping discrimination and harassment.

Furthermore, other common legislation issues of concern to the human resource managers include personnel handbooks/guides, creating procedures and steps, confirmatory action programs and policies, agreement and salary regulations, conformity audits, confidentiality contracts, drug abuse and drug assessment laws and regulations, and unemployment payment.


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