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Hypermasculinity And Homosexuality: BLACK Culture

Through past experience and research, hypermasculinity has led BLACK culture to be defined as a culture that strongly fights for their sign of position, and erotic aggressivity and dominance seem to be highly regarded. Research has concluded that media and wrong misinterpretations of hypermasculinity are the key causes, and the strong affects they have got are triggering these dominant, intense and requiring behaviours. Research has been done through personal interviews, field work and observation. Perhaps present and prior research is demonstrating a much better understanding for many cultures as to the reasons DARK-COLORED men screen certain characteristics, where demonstrate ability and control. Furthermore studies are creating awareness for modern culture, although they are not justifying these behaviours to be acceptable.


Life threatening situations are helped bring after us every day even as walk out leading door, into the bus or in to the front doors of university. Growing up in the current population and conforming to various norms, worth and behaviours in which one witnesses, is traumatic and time consuming amongst teenagers and women, especially young BLACK men. Gender tasks and societies' expectation are provided at such a young age, this leading to pressure and unjustified behaviours, such as drug trafficking, prostitution and pimping. Within DARK-COLORED society, gender assignments are depicted exactly and implemented. Various different ethnic groups live in various parts of the world, however the "status of dark guys in American world has been around flux for the last several decades (Lips 2001, p. 5)". The reasons why all these teams must show status is to prove their images of what it means to be masculine. "Sentimental, submissive and superstitious (Lips, 2001, p. 5)" are qualities associated with females in every country. Alternatively males will be connected to characteristics resembling "dominance, forcefulness and durability (Lips, 2001, p. 5)". In a variety of Hip Hop, Rap music video clips, the images being portrayed of how teenagers must react always consists of the same factors; dominance, power, aggressivity and the 'challenging person'. The question of how hypermasculinity is defined in African American culture and just why erotic aggressivity and dominance seem to be highly regarded within this culture, has been an ideology for most. Despite wrong interpretation that the marketing portrays, and the pressure of "role models" and "real men", the next paper will verify the main points and answers to these questions. Furthermore it will take notice of the use of the term "nigga" and "gansta" from an available minded point of view.

Hypermasculinity defined and expressed

Hypermasculinity is an extremely important indication of status for black men. Hypermasculinity is described in the (Oxford Dictionary) as an "exaggerated masculine features", although this term can be negative, it is also personalized when examining these behaviours as adaptive or maladaptive impassively. The term 'gansta' for example comes from the word gangster, which means a criminal who's a part of a gang; who would want to be viewed as a criminal. The other term often miss used, is the word 'pimp'. A 'pimp', can be an agent for prostitutes who lives off their cash flow (Oxford Dictionary)". Today pimp has been used to make reference to guys who sleep with many females, or the ones who can pick up any girl they want. Where will modern culture draw the series, and who involves decide whether one corresponds to the definition of a guy "an adult human man, sometimes also used to recognize a male human regardless of years, as in phrases such as men's privileges (Oxford Dictionary)".

DeReef examines DARK-COLORED behavior and defines masculinity to "the degree where a male is able to successfully express their features (DeReef, F. J. 2006, p. 46)". These behaviours are being shown in various ways where males are changing or distorting their real behaviours in order to conform into society, in regards to what appears to be "correctly" appropriate. Over an extended time frame until today black colored compulsive masculinity has been a dysfunctional respond to solving racial domination and has been causing more problems within the environment. In other words dark compulsive behaviours is an ideology composed of African consciousness, in which has generated a reactionary masculinity in many African American guys who "seek to imitate their white man counterparts (DeReef, F. J. 2006, p. 47)". According to Wolfe BLACK males strongly believe it is hard to accomplish masculine identification through regular work or responsibilities. These are justifying their behaviours through assumptions in which they believe they will be the only ones who must work hard and have responsibilities in order to accomplish masculine personal information. Maladaptive hypermasculine behaviours such as medication trafficking, or being a pimp are the ones being justified because there is not enough employment opportunities given to black men. There has been a correlation between joblessness and higher incidence of various maladaptive behaviours.

Hypersexuality and homophobia

Black guys, especially young men are so frightened to be referred to as "wimps", or "homos", they have even created the term "no homo (Masculinity, homophobia and HIPHOP, n. d )", . The word 'No homo' must be said by the end of each sentence, in order for people never to think they appear gay, or they said something gay. During an interview about the term ``no homo``, guys claimed not to be reinforcing that their not gay because they know they're not, but they are just ensuring when they speak others don't believe they're gay. Homophobia is a major issue that has aroused and has become serious within the era today. Elijah G. Ward, discusses how the dark churches are also encouraging homophobia amongst dark-colored males and the majority of the time those who find themselves against homosexuality are uncertain of their own sexuality and fear that they can be categorised as a community. This strongly stresses their powerful values that heterosexuality is the correct way. Many cultures do not support homosexuality, a significant amount of dark-colored people according to Elijah G. Ward, see "homosexual interactions as undesirable and morality incorrect p. 494". Within the dark-colored community a famous gansta-rapper Snow Cube has implanted in another of his famous tunes "true niggers ain't gay (Ward, G. E. 2005, p. 497)". Homosexuality is seen to be a sign of weakness and it is associated with female characteristics, these also stimulating labels towards men such as 'fags' or 'queers'. The dark church strongly enforces that homosexuality is not what a 'man' is and a man should be violent, requiring and have control. Their main priorities are their brands and they pay close attention, never to be called 'sissies' which is the opposite to be cool. They would like to portray that hard center 'gansta' rapper role model who is an "intensified, dark male cultural reflection of patriarchy, sexism, hetorosexism and gansta-style (Ward, G. E. 2005, p. 497)".

Violent behaviours and "gansta"

Throughout record, the black populace have been subject to several changes some harder to adjust to then others. The main concern with behaviours constantly changing and deviance sometimes being accepted, is when you adjust to an aggressive prominent behaviour you do not want to forget about that control you have obtained. A problem which includes occurred and is also important to understand is to learn the difference between, understanding what you have been informed and believing and making your own judgements consequently; if it's right. For example in the black society this is a "sign of status", to sleeping with as many women as you can. William, A. & Wolfe, summarize in their article that "it is to deceive a woman in order to have sex with her (Wiliam, A. & Wolfe 2003, p 848)" and that they don't believe in the use of the condom for a straightforward reason that they might be "undermining their masculinity (Wiliam, A. & Wolfe 2003, p. 848)". Black colored males have been socialized into using their penis as a way to achieve manhood. Different targets inside a culture or modern culture and how values have changed over time. It has also caused many DARK-COLORED women to fear their partners, and studies say a woman has been around an abusive relationship is much more likely not to speak up and battle her partner. When it comes to sexuality and vitality the black BLACK society believes that when "sexual aggression prevails in a romance (Wiliam, A. & Wolfe 2003, p. 848 )", this shows assault is engaged therefore he's a man; concluding violence is manly. Adolescent dark-colored men are also accounted for possessing a "higher victimization rate than any racial or generation (Gregory, S. 2007, p 371)". DARK-COLORED women compare to their counter parts are the ones to usually get involved in abusive human relationships and stay calm because of their surroundings and or an abusive father. African American women are usually more vulnerable and listen to their lovers when they use intense behaviours. This also brings about reports which show that over "50 percent of babies are born to minimal females, fathered by African American men. In addition they show that the daddy is usually normally 26. 1 years older (Wiliam, A. & Wolfe 2003, p. 849". Out of this one can plainly conclude that a young BLACK female is no way has social skills and dominance over her partner to demand the use of any condom.

Furthermore, black guys are often trained or trained to regulate their feelings internally towards exercises that stimulate small aggravation, although this does not emphasise the power that long term "maladaptive, do it yourself destructive and life threatening (Gregory, S. 2007, p. 386) " consequences have above it all. An infant who is brought up in an unhealthy neighbourhood, went to an unsafe college and dealt with racism is more prone to recognize emotions towards hostility and violence. Black color men who have experienced a tragic event of any life intimidating situation would want to be prepared if it ever happens again, this is the reason why Gregory, S. discusses the use of carrying of your weapon. Generally in most neighbourhoods today and universities, young teens will not walk around with knifes and use it as a justification of security purposes, although in neighbourhoods where there are at least three people getting stabbed every day, these small children want to feel safe. The school of NJ evaluated that guys will bring a weapon than females, and a study in 2007 proved that 27% of children did carry a weapon (Gregory, S. 2007, p. 369). Hauling a knife or a gun is an indicator of security, despite its encouragement towards violent behaviours. A weapon stimulates the "fight or journey" response which really is a decision you make when experiencing an unhealthy situation. Is the individual going to walk away, or will he make a decision and fight. In a situation where someone is having a weapon, almost one hundred percent of the time if they feel safe enough to battle and succeed, the weapon is their support and will cause them to partake in this dangerous behaviour. Reports show that" in 1994, gun control accounted for approximately 1, 700 Dark colored youths aged ten to nineteen (Gregory, S. 2007, p 368)". The next statistics reveal that the majority of crime is being committed at a age by children. Young children are the ones who are victimised, especially in academic institutions in poor neighbourhoods and the fear they experience is distressing and it creates an awareness of risk.

Hip Hop; a justifiable reason leading to hypermasculinity

The third point, if not just one of the most influential one in contemporary society influencing ability, dominance and control is HIPHOP. All together Hip Hop has turned into a culture for some black DARK-COLORED men and this has taken up a new image of appropriate behaviours and hypermasculinity. Many video clips you watch or lyrics you read aren't only packed with vulgar language, but it's always a battle over a woman, electric power or insulting someone's mother. Rap has created a fresh lifestyle for young men, and also many role models like Eminem, 50 cent and Tupac. Luxury in addition has become a large part of status. Many BLACK men today assume that rap is a way to point out their true dark-colored life. There are different varieties of rap music, this affecting different kind of behaviours that are being acted out in world. Rap is categorised using five different varieties. "Teacher-rap, nation mindful rap, gansta rap, player/lover rap, porno rap and last spiritual rap (DeReef, F. J. 2006)". These different varieties of rap all affect different ideas from social commitment to have difficulties, romance, sexual aggressive behaviours and spirituality of Christianity and Islam. It is amazing to hear a rap tune and interpret each one of these different ideas, and feels to yourself, how do a fifteen or sixteen calendar year old kid understand why. What's being said is sometimes due to an individual experience or the rap musician is expressing his feelings and or feelings. Media shows violence to be a part of masculinity, that it has turned into a norm and it is no longer deviance within contemporary society. Statistics show that one in four men will use assault against their spouse, and eighty-five percent of murders are being devoted by men. As one can witness sexuality, criminality and violence play a strong role as being partners. Hip Hop role models like Lil Wayne screen high rates of criminality for young BLACK men, and also use assault and durability towards sexuality. Young males are being brain washed and inspired when it comes to these being the real characteristics of men and it's a direct justification for hypermasculine behaviours.

Roots of slavery

The 17th century BLACK slavery was damaging and today has become a part of record. Slaves weren't entitles any equivalent rights compare to what other had. These were demanded to do hard labour work and were treated with cruelty. Slaves were working absurd amount of time per day and weren't even treated as human beings. These slaves were for sale as if these were goods from city to city. Slaves were seen by many as a different class of individuals in society. Many slaves tried out to battles their expert although there was not much success as they would be imprisoned or sent someplace else. Slavery today takes on a role on how society view dark-colored males and exactly how they view themselves compare to population.

The expression "nigga"

The term "nigga" is a good example or a term that has different meanings and that has been re-appropriated in culture depending on who uses it. The term "nigga" originates from the term nigger that was originally used to make reference to black people. The word was also used in the time of slavery for the dark colored who were attempting to escape. Today many DARK-COLORED men use the term amongst each other like white people would use the term "brother". Although in case a white person were to use the word nigger it sometimes appears as insulting and some DARK-COLORED men take it to the extreme to be offended they might even overcome someone up. Nigger for the BLACK culture is an indicator of self personal information amongst one another and pride. It is a moment in time of history and they want to carry onto this. Within the 1970 the word nigger was seen as racists, offensive and as early as today this is a word that lots of will refrain from using.

Slavery and hypermasculinity

Men have enslaved other men showing their mastery over them, and think it is a weakness showing or express their thoughts towards other human beings. Patriarchal masculinity has caused issues that are so sophisticated. Long after "legal racial segregation finished ( Lips, 2001, p. 2 )", it is still clear how the white society treats Black color men. Unless close attention has been payed to little factors which make a difference; often Black men are "referred to much less men but as kids (Lips, 2001, p. 20)". African american men lived through times where they were never given the same privileges as white men, and they always were required to earn their masculinity, almost all of the time not feeling good about being a man. Black guys were always considered inferior compared to other ethnicities and always needed to prove themselves one way or another. They were always stereotypically related to drugs, poverty and assault. Black American young ones during the period of black power to HIPHOP, were denied opportunities to exercise their citizenship; this having an impact today, they don't really want to land back off beneath everyone. Being denied opportunities, rights and not able to achieve personal goals has jammed with the black society until today. Not only is being labelled "black" a mental harm, but creates physical hostility as well.

It seems an individual who has been constantly emasculated over time would at least try to conform to the dominant culture in desire of their being some acknowledgment of acceptance. It has been established throughout contemporary society especially in the United States, that growing up as a black male has been a hard process. "Being a black male is a burden at times because some people see and think of me, and men like me, as "menaces to population. " The masculinity that has been a part of my life has been one that has been used to oppress others and oppress me (Clifford, A. 2006, and p. 4)".

The status of poverty for DARK-COLORED junior is the the one that is the most revealing. " In 2001 among all American children under age eighteen, the poverty rate was sixteen percent, but it was 3 x as high for black children; thirty percent (Collins, H, P. 2006, p. 3)". Black colored youth are the ones who are afflicted the most by sociable problems. Increasing employment opportunities for BLACK males would be ideal, this might give them an improved environment, better environment and influence them they are like all of those other society. That is also why many black guys rape, because that act of aggression towards a women is a form of status where they would use in a place of work which is often unavailable for them. Quite simply, having the to work and live a "normal life style", will impact them positively. Several DARK-COLORED men have designed their understandings and realities predicated on the past and keep training those activities. Having a normal life style remains a aspiration for many dark youths living under age eighteen. The primary problem that details upon poverty is the "ineffectiveness of politics strategies that strive to resist it (Collins, H, P. 2006, p. 9)". The civil protection under the law movement was the principal technique to solve racial integration, although BLACK politics are trying new social issues to meet old replies. Despite some fulfillment, African People in america are frustrated because they don't really see anything opening up ahead of them and they are still interacting with high unemployment rates. Beyond cultural problems resulting to poverty, unemployment and lack of civil privileges, masculinity today is a big part relating to the past. African American societies are suffering from strong personalities to confirm who they are and what they can handle. For example when you look around today, you will notice more black guys working, neighbourhoods are less poor and opportunities and chances have been and are being directed at black communities. Considering that young BLACK males occupy such a noticeable position within world, they have shown a zero tolerance for "contest, nation, gender, years and sexuality (Collins, H, P. 2006)". Each one of these different aspects that influenced dark-colored men have created the drives towards manhood today. When black men were in slavery these were being ordered around and always given orders; comparing that to this new years they will be the ones who are in control, as well as for the most are the ones providing commands.


The problem of hypermasculinity is one that is quite sophisticated and a complete solution cannot be found. Research has shown that DARK-COLORED men believe in showing themselves as "real men"; this leading to behaviours where can't be operated. These actions are being 'tolerated' by society today specifically for young black males. Sexual aggressivity, dominance and hypermasculinity are highly responded within the culture for a many amount of reasons. Mass media is portraying wrong misinterpretations in regards to what this means to be masculine, there is always a continuous pressure being helped bring upon black guys which enforces violent and controlling behaviours and they are being accepted as 'normal'. Thirdly, African American culture has such a strong influential past of slavery that their culture is looking at modern culture by using a different zoom lens.

Black male needs to accomplish supplying themselves an identification that may cause those to be comfortable with themselves. Ideally dark guys should critically assess the dominating culture's norm of masculinity instead of reworking the norms to satisfy their public situation. Many dark males have failed to see the condition of the prominent culture's norms of masculinity in their lives. Culture generally has labelled black men to be dangerous, and regardless if you know the person or not before even talking with many dark-colored men they fall into that category that they are violent, dangerous or a sex maniac. Society has enforced dark men to feel this way and lead them to do things where they shouldn't do. It has caused a internal problem which is hard to erase. By no means do African American men imagine they can show weakness, this would mean they are not men. Assault in the mass media is glorified, and is also exposed to children of all ages. Police will not hesitate to make use of assault against suspects, and these young dark males tend to be the focuses on of violent behaviours in their neighbourhoods; drugs, rape, gang related fights or domestic violence.

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