Impact of Technology on Information


Write 1500-2000 words describing with example how technology has evolved the way information is used. Your essay should cover four technology. For the purpose of this essay it is recommended that you do comparative research on solutions and their impact on information.

What is the Information Technology?

Information technology (IT)

The Application of computer systems and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and change data, often in the context of an business or other venture. Information technology made real human life is so easy in the 21 century. Our life is improved greatly increasingly more in previous few 12 months. What the real reason for that? Ofcource Technology is a main factor producing and promoting of changing individuals life. All systems who use information that are most important of on the globe. In Google map, you can find any location easily and reach there. In travel, you can get information of timing of introduction and depart of buses, trains, planes etc. Many people are being attentive music or reading reports or viewing movies from the palm electrical stuff, Mp3, I pad, mobile or other similar things.

This article is look again of technologies which are conduct or related information growing, collection, retrieving and request. It would be ungrateful on our part not to recognize how immense the boons are which modern tools has directed at mankind. Can we think of living without personal computers, mobile phones, electricity or modern methods of publishing? Everybody knows the impact of technology in medical technology & education system on us.


How education system change in previous years. A lot of changes are made compare to previous. At days gone by student learn from his teacher. They had reserve knowledge. All information can find from only reserve. It really is so time consuming. Finding information from booklet is get bored to death the student. Professor ask question to learner and college student answer the questions. Information can get so far from books.

How Changes made in education system?

First change in education system is E-Learning method. In earlier year if pupil want information and analysis about that they want to go at particular place or get information from booklet. Now in E-Learning system learner get information at the home using internet. They can simply learn from so many easy method without moving place. Learner get immediately get information from web. Like this so many change made in education system.

Bernard Luskin, an educational technology pioneer, advocated that the "e" of e-learning should be interpreted to mean "exciting, full of energy, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent, and educational" in addition to "electronic. " Parks suggested that the "e" should make reference to "everything, everyone, engaging, easy". These extensive interpretations concentrate on new applications and innovations, as well as learning theory and multimedia psychology. (Education technology article)

Main reason for E-Learning system is that to share method and home elevators E-Learning, development of common and Euro control deliverables, including the best practice and service provide paperwork for E-Learning development and the digital learning asset sharing platform

A learner can have more knowledge and information from visual ex. Training video, Poster Mother board etc. compare to audio. Poster mother board take place of audio visible in this modern system. In college, Colleges everywhere learning can done by projector or panel. It is straightforward to capture up information for end user. Speaking of textbooks, e-books are becoming more prevalent in academic institutions with the advancements of e-reader and tablet pcs. I think soon that students will not take with you big large Backpacks filled up with heavy textbooks.

In past learner hold the heavy e book and get information. The boring move to make. In present year, scholar can download e-book in your laptop, telephones, and tablets. And every time they information or anything they take mobile phone and get information in easy way. In such a present year people can broaden yourself from knowing different languages. Technology facilitates our ability to increase school room community by using web-based platforms. Educators and students may use this platform to go over homework, post tasks, and connect to peers as they focus on projects. We now use libraries, but so much of our research and learning is now more web-based. What used to take hours in the library to find, we find instantaneously. As a result, we need to sort through huge amounts of information effectively. We know the way to get and use information. I would argue that because it needs less time to find information, we spend more time digesting, thinking, and studying new information.


Radio is the device that get information from anywhere in world. This is and use of the term "radio" is rolling out in parallel with trends within the field of communications and is seen to acquire three distinct phases: electromagnetic waves and experimentation; cellular communication and complex development; and radio broadcasting and commercialization. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Record_of_radio). Radio technology commenced with wireless technology. Radio technology relates to other wireless invention "TELEGRAH", "Cell phone". In fact all three technology are similar. In 1873 James Clerk Maxwell tests with the radio waves through free space. After more test by David E. Hughes and Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in transmission from radio waves, they invent the idea of radio.

Radio is first device that permit the mass communication. They have able to information transfer from far and wide area, not limited to national extensive, it include also international extensive. Pursuing image of old radio.

First mainly use of radio is contact between boats in the ocean. During time of stress, a sinking ship would use a radio messaged near by vessels and channels on the land to require aid. The radio found a surge of use through the First World Conflict. Both sides used the radio to relay information to troops and top representatives as well as people not on the struggle front. By the end of the war, President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Things was sent to Germany via use of the radio. After the war's end, with the grow up broadcasting started in Europe and United Condition. Radio-telegraphy is the mailing by radio waves the same area dash concept (Morse code) utilised as part of a telegraph. At starting transmitters were called flash whole machines. It had been created and applied generally for the correspondence of boat to-shore and boat to-ship. The imparting was between two centers, and it had not been open radio tv set as that which you are utilizing these days. It was an upheaval in individuals data change and transmitting. As soon as 1899 the United States Army set up wireless communications with a lightship off Fireplace Island, New York. Before a radio system was employed by US navy, they even used homing pigeons for communication. As soon as 1899 america Army create wireless communications with a lightship off Hearth Island, New York. Before a radio system was employed by US navy, they even used homing pigeons for communication. Though we've plenty of choice of new products to hear news or other activities but radio with AM function is still used now by many people, probably by more older users who are being used to hear the traditional radio models in daily life. In fact home radio receivers portable or dest one got long been used as a main device for individuals to get media around the world before the Television was invented. For radio broadcasting, it occurred in 1915, when human speech was first transmitted across the continent between NEW YORK and San Francisco and over the Atlantic Ocean between Naval radio stop NAA at Arlington, Virginia and the Eiffel tower in Paris. We have to recall that people can get gigantic way of measuring data however we need to utilize our cerebrum to anaalise those data. Since data we go anyplace like online or radio or etc, it doesn't mean they are simply genuine or helpful. In the event that we are used with one gizmo for quite a while we may lose one capacity around there. Case in point when individuals use GPS to operate a vehicle, without Gps device, they might not know to discover the house. Perhaps we can not stop the new enhancements to get into our life, we can not stop ourselves to purchase new versatile, new I-pad, however the paramount thing is the fact how exactly we utilize them as part of right way in light of the fact that they have got effectively changed just how we used to get data.


Marketing is improved in past years. A lot of changes made. Main reason for marketing is attract and retain customer valuable content with the motive of changing or improving consumer action. In past yr, Marketing is done throw paper advertisements, by poster, sound notion etc. Marketing is concern with the business strategy. In past century many principles possessed change in marketing strategy. In past 12 months, Marketing is performed throw paper advertising campaign, by poster, audio tracks concept etc. In this particular present 12 months marketing done throw Facebook, YouTube, Twitter type social marketing where people can fascination with product, so Marketing is done very easily. Corresponding to Tech Goal, more than 64% of car potential buyers make an online search to research car models, features, and prices. A lot more, 68% of new car clients attest to visiting an average of seven different sites, such as Kelly Blue Publication, Autobytel, and Edmunds.

In past yr, marketing done throw newspaper. All paper composed by himself by people and present other for marketing. They are able to write document yourself writing. A couple of time consuming and misuse of paper. With this era that work done by producing machine. All doc write in computer and you will copies easily available. As long as people still read magazines and magazines, words marketing will stay important. Early mail frameworks were utilized principally for mailing individual characters and interchanges between organizations, however dashing promoters soon found that mail could be a fantastic method of market organization and its own products. while numerous individuals whine uproariously about garbage mail, there are still ways to utilize email promoting viably, and it can be an extraordinary approach to assemble a client base when beginning a business. Email promoting is not the lowest priced advertising system accessible, however it can be massively feasible if utilized effectively.

In present season marketing also done chuck audio and video recording visual. You can record your advert and advertising campaign on radio. You can make video transfer toss internet or view training video advertisements on film interval, on online web advert or on television set. You can certainly marketing your product. The popularity and rules of radio offered advertisers a fresh from the box better method of connect with potential clients. Since it was difficult to fee for usage of a radio stop, early channels depended on promoting, and radio promotions are still the essential means where radio stations produce income.

Indeed online radio stations still depend on acoustics recordings for promoting. TV promoting came a little later, nonetheless it stays as dominant as ever, and all promotion backed feature wholesalers will proceed to use feature promoting for future. Early on web browsers started out allowing images, website operators began running advertisements. These advertise were typically banner advertisings, and operators would charge for each advertisement shown. Later, only ads that users clicked leading to charges. Today, many advertisings are based on text, and marketers only pay when users select them. On popular websites, advertisers compete predicated on price for better advertise positioning. Like facebook and other public networking website advertisements Technology has long improved how exactly we live our lives, but some of us neglect to realize how deep the changes it brings are. With regards to advertising, businesses can no longer create a sign and trust that others will multiply the news. Luckily for us, there are a number of effective and affordable options for businesses of all sizes, and the ones who take advantage of what advertising can do using modern technology stand to make marvelous strides.


Communication is process of relationship or interchange phrase between people. Changing on technology effect the communication technology. Many device find for the communication as example like phone, information service, internet call, new application for communication all of that.

Many year ago people communicate with the icon. People can move the subject matter by sign. Communication done also by writing. Few calendar year ago people can write letter and post. And other folks acquire post read and get answer. That waste material the time. Cellphone is the most crucial technology by graham bell that change the communication and information exchange way. Numerous innovation can manufactured in communication. In previous people can converse just with chatting and writing newspaper and this present time people can get information throw cell phone. Just call and ask and get information. In communication that has two main part.

  • Telecommunication
  • Videocommunication

Telecommunication means communication at distance with technology. In this particular present time so many changes did. Many invention done. Like cellphone, dialling, messeging Audio-video transfer. Tele-communication included audio messages such as coded drumbeats, lung-blown horns, and loud whistle. Telecommunication can increase the ability to access chuck film and music. Telecommunication and videocommunication play most important role in sociable activities. In 1920-1930 social dimensions of the device became a prominent theme in phone advertisements. Using Television set people can seen films or entertain at home. They can not travel for training video entertainment.

With Radio and internet people can listen closely music at the home. At the past that thing not available. Now in this generation wireless telecommunication is obtainable that people can communicate with anyone at any place. Internet, radio, television, mobile phone all the major the different parts of telecommunication.

Video-communication is the do of a video conferencs by a set of telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to talk by simultaneous two-way video tutorial and audio transmissions. In former there are no any training video chatting is available. Now in a times Skype, viber so many program that use for video recording communication.


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