Impact WITHIN THE Awareness Of Airtel Cellular Services Marketing Essay

The task is a wide-ranging record how the Airtel Company markets its strategies and how the company has been able in undertaking the present tough contention and exactly how it is cooping up by the allegations of the grade of its products. The statement begins with the history of the products and the benefits of the Airtel Company.

The project aims at understanding the marketing strategies at Airtel and its own effect on the consciousness of Airtel Cellular Services.

Research has established resolutely that it's a lot more costly to succeed a fresh customer than it is to keep an existing one. And there is no better way to keep a person than to surpass his expectations. For this purpose it is necessary to know the amount of client satisfaction. The center point of my research was the way of measuring of client satisfaction level for the services provided by Bharti Airtel. I also attempted to out brand main points of online marketing strategy and Product Plan along with Environmental Evaluation of Bhati Airtel Corporations.


Introduction of Marketing Management:

Any time one tries to convince somebody to do something- to buy his product, contribute for a few charitable purpose, or vote some applicant, or sign up for a remarkable show, or recognize a social particular date with him-both of them are thought to appoint in marketing. Essentially, marketing prevails in any form of monetary system and in virtually any stages of economic development except the most prehistoric situation where the individuals are financially self enough and trade or exchange does not are present. Marketing is all intrusive in today's day world.

Marketing commences with the fundamental idea that most human behaviour is purposeful pursuit for need satisfaction and this activity is rooted in "exchange" idea. Marketing requires the continuation of two or more persons or groups each having certain needs and also possessing certain product.

"Society can only exist when a big number of folks want something some individuals have. It is necessary for both groupings to be mutually aware of this need. "

The process of planning and executing the commencement, costs, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and service to create exchange that satisfy specific and organisational goals. Several key ideas are indicated in this description. First marketing is a managerial function regarding both planning and implementation. Thus, marketing is not a group of unrelated activities but requires that are planned and executed to attain identifiable aims. Second, marketing entails the management specific elements or function: product, charges, promotion and circulation.

A brief record about Airtel Company:

Incorporated on July 7, 1995, Bharti Airtel Ltd is a section of Bharti Enterprises. The businesses of Bharti Airtel are organised into two main tactical teams - Flexibility and Infotel. The Ability to move industry provides GSM mobile services in all 23 telecommunications circles in India, as the Infotel business group provides cell phone services and Internet access over DSL in 15 circles. The business suits its mobile, broadband, and cell phone services with nationwide and international long-distance services. The company also offers a submarine cable connection landing stop at Chennai, which attaches the submarine cable connection joining Chennai and Singapore. Bharti Airtel limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. The company offers mobile voice & data services, fixed line, high speed broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom solutions for businesses and countrywide & international long distance services to providers. Bharti Airtel has been positioned among the six best accomplishing technology companies on the planet by business week. Bharti Airtel possessed 200 million customers across its businesses.


As of September 2005, Bharti Tele-Ventures was the only company to provide mobile services in all 23 telecom circles in India.

By the end of October 2005, Bharti Tele-Ventures was offering more than 14. 74 million GSM mobile users and 1. 10 million broadband and cell phone customers.

Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, the founder-chairman of Bharti Companies is today, the most famous face of the telecom segment in India. Bharti Enterprises accepted every opening provided by this new insurance policy to progress into India's largest telecommunications company and one of India's most respected brands. Airtel premiered in 1995 in Delhi. Within the resultant years, as the Airtel network expanded to several parts of India, the brand came up to designate the soul of mobile services.

Airtel provides a host of speech and data products and services, including high-speed GPRS services. Airtel offers an array of 'post-paid' and 'prepaid' mobile offers, with a variety of tariff programs that aim for different segments. An inclusive range of value-added, customised services are area of the unique program from Airtel. The company's products imitate a wish to constantly innovate. A few of these are mirrored in the fact that Airtel was the first ever to develop a 'single built in billing system'

Corporate Composition:


Airtel Enterprises' Services:

The Company is an integral part of Bharti Enterprises, and it is India's leading supplier of telecommunications services. The firms at Bharti Airtel have been set up into three specific strategic business units (SBU's) - mobile services, broadband & mobile phone services (B&T) and enterprise services. The Venture services group has two sub-units - carriers (long distance services) and services to corporate and business. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Its include-

Voice Services

Mobile Services

Satellite Services

Managed Data & Internet Services

Managed e-Business Services

Marketing Plan of Bharti Companies (Airtel):

SWOT Examination of Airtel:

Following is the SWOT evaluation of Airtel-


Cost recompense

Current leaders in superiority service

Largest allocation network

Ability to commonly innovate

Highly skilled labour force

Entrepreneurial impatience

Airtel's increased equity and market limitation

The only Indian operator apart from BSNL that comes with an international submarine cable tv.


To confirm consistency

Price weight

Require for administration support



Sales and marketing

Price conflict from BSNL and MTNL


To sustain interest and oath

Airtel's market talk about growing at other provider expense. Thus, opportunities to rinse out it out.

Conquer higher value services

Mutual business need to be explored

Straight up repeatable solutions

Low gain access to level in rural markets

Massive market


Overseas Investment

International drift moving from GPS to WLL

Look for universal sameness in telecom tariff

Competition from other cellular and mobile operator

Environmental Research of Bharti Corporations (Airtel):

It is a methodical diagnosis of all 3 levels of the environment with at least three purposes:

Perceived imperative monetary, community, edifying, ecological, wellbeing, scientific, and supporting trend, situations, and events

Identifying the feasible events and bullying for the establishment inferred by these developments, situations, and events

Acquisition an specific knowledge of your organization's strengths and margins

Escalating customer realization has elevated potential and choral demands are being uttered for consumer protection under the law; such political factors have in turn impacted the spirited environment by using gain access to of private players, sovereign guide, and a strategy scaffold tilted towards a 'level performing field' for new entrants.


A near area testing implies that the opponents are becoming energetic resource challengers apart from applying mass as customer rivals. The client has, useless to state, benefited from increased pick from within the communications services hamper itself.

Core Competence

Airtel core competencies are sales & deals and as of this moment Airtel is leading brand in mobile services in India. Airtel have three big personality Viz. Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan and music maestro A. R. Rahman for sanctioning there product and services at the moment Airtel is outsourcing there no functionality function and make an effort to fully concentrate on his main competency that is sales promotion.

Marketing Strategy and plan of Airtel:

Airtel to "Touch Tomorrow" with a fresh brand vision

The Bharti Mobile expectant Air Tel cellular goes in for moving its type image. The new brand viewpoint is defined two split fashions- the label collection "Touch Tomorrow", which highlights the leading theme for a fresh brand vision, followed by "The Good Life", which focus on a more caring, more customer centric company.

Aimed at re-engineering its likeness as just merely a cellular provider cosmetic appearance all out information communications services provider, Touch Tomorrow is intended to accept the new cohort of mobile communication services and the changing compass of customer needs and objectives which come along with it.

The new characteristics will have custom logo in Red, Black and White colorings along with lower circumstance font to suggest tenderness they kick off new brand in 2011. AirTel will slide in the latest branding in every of its communication and will soon be moving in for an increased promotional drive to determine the brand's existence.

Old and new Logo design of Airtel:


Competitive Situation:

Airtel experienced its forces before Essar and floated the market picking right up the vastness of the high utilization premium clients is within very driven diligence with two companies differentiating either on value-added service or price. Airtel can be an developed as the high class professional and has a premium likeness. Essar, on the other hand, is professed as the lower end service provider. Airtel positions itself as the market head on the basis of the number of subscribers. Essar is trying arguing against emphasising each of its systems and the quality of its service.

To persuade themselves, both the players have been fee on strategic advertising. However, they may have managed from using comparative advertising hoardings have been an extremely admired medium for carrying the advertisements Airtel in addition has been advertising on television set using the Bharti Telecom name.

Sales Team and Sales Strategy of Airtel:

Foremost Accounts (Direct Channel)

Grip commercial accounts

Forecasting of sales

Mapping the accounts

Providing after sales support to subscriber

Maintaining call accounts for files.

Providing response to the marketing subdivision regarding the condition of market.

IDC (Indirect Channel)

Handling delivery

Maintaining records and level make sure of the route partners

Target accomplishment

Training the professional of the channels

Distribution Support:


Scrutinize handset and SIM credit card desires of channel spouse and co-ordinate with store.



Offer cellular service (SIM Cards) on lease.

Provide cell phones on rent.


Call customers and create sales guide.

Follow up with the clients, if they need any support.

Pass on the sales lead to channel department


Situate retailers to available retail counters.

Supervise the retail counters.

Product Coverage and planning:

The product or service is the heart of marketing. Without a product or something customers' need can't be satisfied.

The basic product assure by Airtel is mobility. Airtel's main marketing program is usually to be an initial mover all time. They have familiar the allegation of making the first move because in the field of communication and information technology changes happen at far-fetched speed.

Effective product segmentation has to be carried on eternally because basic services can be and will be copied and with time become expected component to the merchandise Airtel seeks to handle this segmentation through proviso of new services and making new conveniences available. The product insurance plan and planning is determined by the idea of the merchandise life cycle. At present the mobile phone market has already reached at the best of life level.

Marketing Strategy Adopted by Bharti Airtel:

Bharti has spent a momentous volume on advertising its cellular phone service, Airtel. Besides print advertising, the company have set up massive quantity of hoardings and kiosks in far and wide. The aim at the trunk planning a back-up marketing campaign for the 'Airtel' service is to approve the brand conception and build brand penchant.

It is trying to create a thematic operation to put together better brand impartiality for Airtel. Since the cellular phone category itself is too managed, also the affirmation that a mobile phone is a higher offering product price doesn't qualify as an efficient differentiator.


The number of the company calculates a great deal. Given the Cell phone category, it is the network helpfulness and the eminence of service that becomes imperative. What now the consumer is looking at is to get the optimum price-performance program. This also assists as a helpful differentiator.

Brand insomnia is enlarge through the' campaigns and brand predilection through brand stature. Airtel's campaign in the resources commenced with some 'puzzler' hoardings crosswise the city, 'bearing just the business's name and without explaining what Airtel was. In the next segment the plan associated Airtel with mobile only there after was the Bharati Cellular correlation raised. Vans with Airtel logos roamed the city, offering brochures about the company and its own services to all consumers. About 50, 000 immediate callers were sent out.

As of today the recognition level is further that 70% unaided. This implies that it dormant or educated individuals are asked to name of Mobile phone provider that is on the top of his/her mind and 70%-75% of these would name Airtel.

Brand potency of a product or the vigour of the brand is considered by the percentage score of the brand on the aforementioned aided and the unaided testing. The information show that Airtel is a wholesome and a deafening brand.

Every company has an objective, which can cover a sales goal and a game plan with due respect to its opponent. Airtel's campaign strategy is designed keeping in mind its marketing strategy. The quality, drift and the position of the visible ads are made to get over the image of market leader in terms of its market talk about.

There are various other, promotional strategies that Airtel has implemented are:

(i) Individuals who have booked Airtel services have been delighted to classy premiers of blockbuster films. Airtel has tangled up with Lufthansa to offer customer bonus kilometers on the German airlines consistent flier's programs.

(ii) There have been enlightening promotions, image promotions pre launch advertisements, admiring advertisements, promotional advertisements, attacking advertisements and deliberate adverts.

The company's' steps are strenuous around India. It has 27 Franchisees and 15 Vendors in only Delhi. There is also 8'instant admittance cash credit card counters- Each franchises or distributor can have any integer of retailers under him so long as the individual is approved by the Airtel authority. Each franchise must devote Rupees Ten Lakhs to get a franchise and should occupy an officer recruited by Airtel. This person serves as a relationship between the company and the franchises. The franchises did it any number of dealers so long as their territories do not go afar. But unfortunately Airtel is not very victorious in handling territorial overlies of retailers.



After inspecting the studies of the research, I can conclude that Airtel lagged behind its challengers as far as customer service and supply is anxious. The utmost no. of folks who use the mobile is at the age band of 20 to 28. Cash cards will be the most popular kind of mobile connections, as they are consumer friendly and recharging the bond is not a problem.

Maximum no. of people spends RS 500 on their associations. As Airtel is the one company getting the highest no of mobile contacts so that it must critically look into the loop holes of the prevailing customer service section.

As we know that now Airtel has recently launched its product with logo "Aisi azaadi aur kahan" has recently became trendy in market. So we can say that in malice of so many competitors in the market Airtel is having a good position because every time, it tries its better to understand the necessity of its key customers.

From the evaluation and weighty evaluation of every aspect of business of both companies we can conclude that Bharti Airtel has to more work in every field of communication business.

It is enough time not and then make it through but to uphold searching for a long time.


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