Importance Of Work Life Balance

It`s the idea that a person's life beyond work is as important as their working life`s and this the time a person spends working should be balanced by time put in doing things such as spending time with friends and family, preserving good health, doing hobbies, going etc.

Work life balance is the point out of equilibrium between a person's work and personal life. Work life balance is achieved when an individual mixture of work, family commitments and his personal life in an effective and effectively way. If an employee is spending more time on work, he gained money but he struggling to give quality time to his family and would also be neglected from his community. If a worker is working inadequate work, then he cannot be able to provide his family a great standard of living. A single individual work-life balance varies overtime. Work life balance for a person worker differs from an individual mother or father or a parent or guardian with school heading children.

Importance of work-life balance:

The idea of WLB does indeed bring attention to the actual fact that being truly a salve is harmful to someone's physical and mental well-being; socializing, physical activity, and being with relatives and buddies are all activities that donate to being more comfortable and healthier. Adopting WLB practices, the organization can also provide a sense of interpersonal responsibility that organization isn't only concerned with the profits earning activities nonetheless they are also concerned with the non-business activities like caring for families of the employees.


Spent additional time with family.

Healthier life

Productivity increased

Clear thinking.

Better judgments.

Enjoyment of work.

Better social romantic relationships.

Broader perspective.

Less stress


Slower a better job.

Lower financial rewards.

Moving out of the mainstream.

Reduction in responsibility

How very important to employees and employers:

All round the world, many companies became aware that there surely is a link between the work life balance and the impact it could have on their business. Much business assumed on the theory that their employers must devote their work time with their work alone. Employees weren't allowed to leave the work due to unpredicted emergencies because many employers assumed that their employees were hired limited to work. As the world is changing, many employers are more flexible to balance the life situation with their workers.

The most universal problem for the employees is that they did the trick too much. They put in many hours in the office to complete their activities. For this reason a negative atmosphere may be created in the company. To overcome that negative atmosphere or frame of mind there a wide range of employers who are starting to inform themselves and their employees on work-life balance.

Employees who have the ability to balance their use their life activity are more likely to be happy. This increased enjoyment can create positive work surroundings. Employers know that friendly work surroundings mean better results and better results often translate into profits.

Developing Work-life balance isn't just good for employers. Employees, their relatives and buddies can all from reap the benefits of a good work-life balance. Once a balance between life and work has been established a working parent may be able to spend additional time with family.

Benefit not Just for Those with Families:

Many organization brought work-life balance in the workplace considering the families of employees, but work-life balance is not merely for folks with family. It is true that the employees who advantage the most from a work life balance insurance plan are those with households; however, others do as well. When work-life balance contained into the business framework it must pertains to all employees not certain one. This means that everyone, including unmarried individuals or those without children, can experience the great things about WLB.

Many employers offer work alternatives to their employees to create positive work environment. All of these alternatives are likely to decrease the timeframe that an employee has to spend at work when they already have prior engagements. Some of the alternatives are adaptable hours, working from home, or job showing.

There are numerous individual who have multiple interests. A hobby can be an activity to participate during your free time. Some of the activities are stamp collecting, photography, writing, reading tale books, playing athletics and other outdoor activities. Since work-life balance reduces the quantity of time you are providing to your job, so a worker can utilize his/her time for doing such activity. There are lots of individuals who (you should definitely working) volunteer in or around their neighborhood. Volunteering is most commonly done at not revenue charities, play categories, schools, and homeless shelters. Having a healthy balance between work and life is what permits many employees to volunteer during their traditional work hours.

Impact of working long hours:

Working eight time is known as to be as the standard time for employees in many regions of the world. But a worker often works for more than eight hours per day because workplace requires it. Regardless of the reason for doing this; it has been established that extended hours can have a negative impact on a worker and their family.

Some health issues are associated with working long hours. Stress is much more likely to occur if you are working extended hours more than the standard. It's been known a rest deprivation that is cause by stress. Individuals who suffer from a lack of sleep and a huge amount of stress are likely to have a weak immune system. To be able to prevent from these employees need to get a proper amount of slumber and leisure.

The most significant impacts of working extended hours is the amount of time you spend with your loved ones. Your romance with your family is depending of how enough time you spend with them. It isn't uncommon for pressure to be there in a household where a number of of the home occupants are working long hours. Stress is much more likely to occur whenever a household hold more than one duty and give more time to her outside work.

When an employee has regularly been putting in long hours at their office it is difficult to avoid. It is not uncommon for an employee to fear asking their company for a reduction in hours in fear of losting their job. So If employment was accepted on the conditions that workdays would be longer than most traditional ones it can be difficult that you can find a remedy to your long lasting hours. If you agreed to the work arrangement your only solution may be finding a business that values the balance between working and life.

How work-life balance should be executed in the workplace:

Earning revenue is not the only real goal that the business wants. Nowadays getting employees commitment is another important challenge that company want to attain to success in the business. In order to do that workplace should satisfy their employees. This satisfaction is most often obtained by approaching to the realization that all employees have a life beyond work that is merely as important, if less, than their career. Pleasing every worker is a difficult task but most of the successful business accomplished that task by including work-life balance to their organization.

One research mentioned that employees are satisfied when the plans of work life balance are relating to their needs. Some of the individuals needs are suffering leaves, lunchtime breaks, holidays leaves, pleasant timeframe with family and friends etc. Therefore there is a need for the organizations to build up a work-life policy that respects customer, individual and organizational needs. Same group of WLB facilities offered by the organizations can help the management of the organizations to maintain their employees with higher satisfaction levels. One important undeniable fact that organization should plainly defined the concept of work life balance to the employees in order to balance their life.

Some major procedures of WLB all around the globe:

Long hours and overworked employees is the key problem in the organization. So in order to prevent that we now have certain guidelines (versatile work practice) produced by the organization:-

Hiring two employees to load one job; this practices known as job sharing. Job posting means functions by dividing work time vacation trips, benefits, and pay between two employees.

It is currently becoming standard practice for an workplace to offer their employees flexible hours. Working hours are predetermined during the hiring process and employees are allowed to pick hours that they work every week.

Working at home is another choice work design that enables more employees to be at home with their family.

Provided medical leave programs to employees. This program enables the staff to devote some time faraway from work if they or one of the members of the family becomes hurt or ill.

Provided vacation leaves for some time frame if employees believe that they are not supplying proper time with their families.

For parents the most popular way that work-life balance is helped bring into the work area is through onsite childcare. It really is located at the same building which allows parents to go to whenever they want to.

Provide in your free time work arrangement for many who want to benefit fewer time.

Affects of versatile work practice:

Studies have indicated that introducing adaptable work procedures has lots of advantages for employers, such as a better ability to get existing employees as well as people not presently in the labor force. Research shows the provision of flexible work practices (that help employees achieve work-life balance) positively impact

Recruitment and selection

Reduced stress and working environment

Job satisfaction

employee morale

Labour turnover

Motivation and productivity


Return on training investment and personnel loyalty

Finding corporation that prices Work-Life Balance:

There are amount of things an employee must consider before seeking a business where he wants to work. Worker should determine before becoming a member of the organization that whether they value the work-life balance or not. The two most common ways to assemble information on a particular group is before you being the application form process or through the interview. While interviewing there are numerous person that may ask an company if they have confidence in the balance of work and life. This is a easiest way to get an answer to your questions, but it will also work to your demerits. Some employers, especially those people who have not adopted the favorite WLB theory, are likely to feel that you will not be a good job applicant. If you actually want to know about the employer sense on work-life balance then asks him straight in the centre or end of the interview. This shall make it appear as if that's not the only reason you would like work with them. In addition, to showing the same worth, almost all of companies want to hear that you have faith in their products being sold or services being offered.

To determine whether a firm you are thinking about applying to stocks this concept you can enquire about family medical leave, job writing, alternative work preparations, and onsite childcare. Each features are typically within a workplace that beliefs life and family as much as it can work.


Employee work satisfaction and work life balance in Pakistani perspective

As the wave of globalization captured the Pakistani marketplaces the job became more strenuous and the working hours also increases. The fast rate economical development in the united states has demanded more work from its employees. Now organizations in Pakistan are paying off good salary packages, settlement and benefits but the nature of the work is more requiring. The work related stress, work pressure, long working time causes job dissatisfaction which is one of the key hinder in the factors related to work/family interferences

The researchers made their efforts to highlight the issues of job satisfaction and work life balance in one of the developing countries, Pakistan. Through the Pakistan perspective the researchers identified that the staff is said to be satisfied from his/her work when he/she seems comfort while working in the organization. Whereas work life balance means an employee is comfortably achieving his/her work and non work obligations.

Nadeem and Abbas (2009) tested a marriage of work life turmoil and job satisfaction in an example of Pakistani employees and uncovered a negative marriage of the factors and suggested that the supportive management can be considered a medicine to reduce the discord and enhance satisfaction among employees. However, the correlation of workload is positive and insignificant which ultimately shows that workload does not affect the job satisfaction of the employees in Pakistan.

One of the analysts while evaluating the impact of rewards and identification on job satisfaction and motivation of in a sample of Pakistani test employees defines employee work satisfaction (job satisfaction) as a wonderful positive emotional condition consequently of work appraisal from one's job activities (Gruneberg, 1979; Danish & Usman, 2010).

Malik, Zaheer, Khan and Ahmad, (2010) examined a romance of work life balance/ work life conflict and job satisfaction in a sample of MBBS doctors in Pakistan and unveiled no significant aftereffect of work life balance on job satisfaction.

Another research (ijcrb. webs. com) examines the relationship of employee work satisfaction and work life balance methods in Pakistan. An example of 450 are collected via stratified sampling from both big business operating in Pakistan i. e Pakistan telecommunication limited (PTCL) and Habib loan provider limited (HBL). The results of the study show no significant difference regarding employee work satisfaction and work life balance at all the management levels. In addition, the result of regression evaluation poses a solid positive relationship between the variables which means staff satisfaction has a strong effect on work life balance. The data which accumulated in this review clearly mentioned that HBL provide more work-life facilities than the PTCL by making sure better education facilities, child facilities, interpersonal support, flexi time facilities plus more ill and education leaves. This means that HBL gets the policies related to their people that support the idea of work-life balance.

After going right through several studies it is evident that the term work life balance has been described in different by different authors.


We execute a survey of Pakistan Metallic Mills to identify that whether organization has HR regulations according of work life balance and whether it's rightly implemented in the workplace. We taken interview of Mr. Iftikahr A. Barakzai, Basic Supervisor (MTC and human being recourse division) and ask questions about HR polices related to work life balance which exist in Pak Material Mills. We also spread questionnaire to 40 employees of different section.

HR Polices in respect of WLB:

Weekly hours:

No employee shall be allowed or required to work in a mills for more than forty-five hours in any week.

Provided that an employee worker in mills involved in work which for technical reasons must be ongoing each day may work for forty-eight time in virtually any week.

Weekly holiday break:

No employee worker will be allowed or required to work in a mills on the Saturday and Sunday.

Compensatory getaways:

Every employee should be allowed for a compensatory holidays, If staff member works on Saturday and Sunday.

Daily hours:

Technical staff member shall not be allowed or necessary to work in a mills for more than 12 hours in virtually any day.

Non-technical staff member shall not be allowed or necessary to work in a mills for more than 9 time in any day.

Intervals for snooze:

The cycles of work of staff workers in mills during every day shall be fixed either -

Each non-technical employee gets 45 min. unveiling and namaz period of time and two 15 min. tea break in the action.

Each technical employee gets two 45 min. unveiling and namaz break and two 15 min. tea period of time.

Annual holidays:

Every worker who has completed an interval of a year constant service in mills will be allowed, during the subsequent period of twelve months getaways for a period of thirty three consecutive times, inclusive of your day or times, if any, on which he is entitled to a holiday.

Casual leave:

Every employee will be entitled to casual leave with full purchase twenty days in a time.

Sick leave:

Every employee shall be entitled to ten days unwell leave on pay in a 12 months.

Gazetted vacations:

Every employee should get leave of 14 aug, 23 march, 25dec, 1 may, 9 nov, 11 sep, 5 feb.

Festival Holiday seasons:

Every employee will be allowed holiday seasons with pay on all days and nights declared by the government to be festival holiday seasons, e. g. (EID-UL-AZHA).

Transportation service:

All employees shall be facilitating with free travelling.

Health programs:

Each employee can get free medical facilities and also with regards to family.


We deliver questionnaire to 40 employees to different office to look for the work life balance affect on staff satisfaction. Our conclusions are;

Apply Correlation:


After applying relationship evaluation in spss and considering work life balance as our objective variable we determined that there is no significant relationship between Work-life balance and job satisfaction, working time & working days. It means that job satisfaction have no affect on the work life balance.


The results of the current study derive from the sample of 40 employees of different section of Pakistan material mills. The effect shows no significant connection are located in worker job satisfaction and work life balance.

The study that people conducted in metal mills also determine that group has certain regulations which support specific to balance their life but there is absolutely no separate coverage related to work life balance that exist in the organization and it is not properly described to the employees. So there is needed to develop the concept of individual work life balance policies that will assist the business to wthhold the employees within the business with higher job satisfaction level.

The studies conducted up to now in Pakistani organizational environment are unable to highlight the work life balance and work life balance techniques in concrete conditions except for some big group like unilever, P&G who may have another well defined regulations related to work life balance. So there is required to make this principle clearly verify its effect on other human and organizational factors.

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