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Independent Electoral Commission rate in South Africa


The Independent Electoral Percentage is a long lasting body set up by the country's constitution to promote and organize a proper democracy election in a Country. This specific essay depends on South Africa Indie Electoral Payment and the way the management of the business will perform, Will focus on the issues that the management of Indie Electoral commission payment might come across to manage in this forthcoming election.

The Separate Electoral Commission was temporary proven in 1993 and has five administrators appointed by the leader. The president is brief to provide a free and fair election at the spheres of federal government both provincial and local.

In 17 of Oct 1996 the permanent Electoral Commission rate was proven with objectives to keep and compile the voters' spin. The Indie Electoral Fee is in charge of counting the vote, verifying, and declaring the results associated with an election.

Functions of the Indie Electoral Commission:

  • Maintaining and compiling a register of parties
  • Promote conditions free of charge and good elections.
  • undertaking and promoting research into electoral matters
  • The Individual Electoral Commission payment ensure that elections run smoothly
  • To manage elections by any means spheres of government
  • The Separate Electoral Fee ensure elections are free and fair
  • To promote voter education
  • To maintain quality database of the electorate
  • To be considered a reputable effective organization

Now let have a look at some ideals that Separate Electoral Commission payment has.

Some Prices that the IEC possess:


  • The Independent Electoral Payment is in charge of the effective use of resources, creation of true election related documents like voter's rolls and information.
  • Publish accurate election results.

Now in terms of production, The Individual Electoral Payment must all provide quality services


  • Timeously
  • Satisfactorily
  • Cost effectively


  • The Separate Electoral Commission can take decisions without fear and liking of a specific party.


  • The Independent Electoral Commission should always be neutral when serving the country during election.


  • The Individual Electoral Fee organizes its business within the confines of the legal.


  • The Separate Electoral Commission is committed to match the needs of the election to the best of its expertise.


  • The Separate Electoral Commission is convinced that the must be a free and good competition between politics parties and translucent electoral techniques.

The Individual Electoral Percentage only gets productive after every 5 many years of the election routine whereby the have to begin organizing and plan another election 12 months.

The forthcoming election will be organised in 7 of May 2014 and the question to ask will be if the Separate Electoral Commission payment management is ready to run the election effortlessly and ready to face all the problems that come along.

All organizations need time and energy to plan and deal with the event and the election is one of the primary incidents and it attracts the attention of several. Management will face many troubles that the business will come across, therefore the Independent Electoral Commission payment must be ready beforehand.

The following are a few of the management areas of the Independent Electoral Commission and some challenges this sectors might come across to during election period.

  • The financial function
  • The Human Resource function
  • The Information Technology function

Financial Function

The Independent Electoral Commission receives financial support from parliamentary appropriations according to the Electoral Take action 51. The Indie Electoral Commission Chief is the accounting official and is accountable for keeping all the accounting and financial statement. The Indie Electoral Commission Key makes certain that both accounting and financial information are audited by the Auditor Standard.

The Independent Electoral Commission money department is one of the biggest, but one of most challenging departments to control during this time period and with the country being financially challenged this makes it even more intimidating task. With Indie Electoral Commission rate only getting productive during election time, that might affect the financing office not being more ready due to lack of well preparation time, not everything will run efficiently financially but with good planning the Separate Electoral Commission can face these issues.

Let have look on some financial details:

  • Financial Planning

The Independent Electoral Commission payment management must ensure that enough funding is offered by the right time to meet the entire requirement needed through the election time. The financing may be needed to invest in equipment that'll be needed during election, pay employees, but with the Separate Electoral Commission payment being significantly dynamic only during the election time this will lead to some issues on how to plan fiscally without considering how much will be needed to spend on all the possessions.

On the financial planning side the Individual Electoral Payment will face some issues like on subscription of new voters which can't be planned by focusing on the prior election. New voters have to get registered so the Independent Electoral Payment can economically plan well beforehand about the number of voting channels and where they must be situated.

  • Financial Control

The Financial Control for the Independent Electoral Payment as a business is very important to help the business to ensure that the Election preparation meet its targets.

  • Financial Decision-making

The Individual Electoral Commission rate can plan to a certain level on how much funds the organization would need for the forthcoming election, the quantity of fund needed can't be well made the decision as there are always financing alternatives that may be consider as we approach the election day.

Human Tool functions

The Human source of information management in the Indie Electoral Commission organization is primarily interested in the way people are supervised within the business procedures system.

The Human resources are in charge of some activities in the business, activities such as recruitment, training and development etc. . .

The functions that Independent Electoral Commission human resources carries:

  • Manpower Planning

This particular point include the future planning and learning the numbers of employees will be needed during the Election Day and what types of skills if the worker have.

The Separate Electoral Commission Recruiting management having to begin getting dynamic only through the election period this will involve some challenges by recruiting the correct staff prior to the Election Day.

  • Recruitment

The Individual Electoral Commission Human resources must be sure to recruit the best people for the business during the election. This will be of great value as the success of the organization will be based on the grade of employees recruited.

The Independent Electoral Commission recruiting still occupied recruiting employee two weeks before the Election Day. This may prove how the recruitment and selection in this office, they'll definitely face some few obstacles to control the employees and do a ready selection of prospects needed to assist the voters on the election day.

  • Training

The Individual Electoral Commission Human being resource department must provide the mandatory training to the employees of the organization, in order to improve on the materials being used through the election days also to be ready to aid voters respect to any inquiries that arrives on the day.

The Separate Electoral Commission Individuals learning resource has less time to recruit the well skilled employees. This can have affects on the Election Day when it comes to helping the voters with any concerns. Employees that are being positioned two days or a week before the election without being well trained, this may cause some problems on that day of the election.

  • Implementing policies in The Organization

The Separate Electoral Commission Individual resource department must ensure that the organization insurance policies are being carried out in a good manner.

The Separate Electoral Commission needing to recruit a few of the employees at the latest level of the Election period, and these employees will involve some difficulties how to implement the organizations insurance policies plus some of the rules that's needed during the election.

The Information Technology function

The IEC Information technology department has the responsibility of working with all the issues about the technological side during the election. The objective of Information Technology division in the Separate Electoral Commission rate is to provide all the tech support team to the complete organization.

The department is in charge of all the materials operating on the election which includes the establishing of voting channels in all the areas needed, installing telecommunication facilities and setting up all the hardware had a need to link each and every voting station.

The Individual Electoral Commission rate however will face some issues during the Election Day credited to lack of preparation on the info Technology department, needing to set up and do all the set up needed on that day.

Some function of the Independent Electoral Commission IT management during the election plus some issue that the business might face scheduled to insufficient time.

  • Helpdesk

The helpdesk area of the organization will be responsible to respond to request for technical assistance personally, and via the phone or remotely. Employees need to be computer literate with the devices they are going to use, but with the recruitment still in progress few days before election, employees might have a problem with some programs that Separate Electoral Commission rate uses because of insufficient well training time on the materials.

  • Desktop and LAN

To perform research, diagnosis, and resolution of desktop and LAN problems for customers.

The Indie Electoral Commission Information Technology management will collaborate with network and systems administrator to ensure productive procedure of desktop computing environment during the election. The Separate Electoral Percentage only getting productive during the election, the business will face some issues on how the office will install, configure, test, maintain, and monitor workstations, LAN possessions, related hardware and software in order to provide required services on the Election Day.

  • Information Technology Site Management

The Independent Electoral Commission IT management is accountable for providing support to ensure that voters are fulfill on the Election Day. The team is also responsible for all desktop support and maintenance related to geographic area hardware and LAN software. Within fewer weeks to visit the Election Day, the Separate Electoral Commission IT management must work under pressure to ensure that all the materials run and work properly.

The Separate Electoral Commission IT management will face some challenges on how to handle more than 100 voting place plus the employee that will require some training on the materials being utilized so that everything can run easily regards to the Complex materials, hardware and software area that's needed prior to the election day.

  • Systems Security Administration

The Independent Electoral Commission Information Technology management are in charge of the processes during election by providing appropriate usage of and guaranteeing the supply, confidentiality and integrity of the organization. THE INFO Technology management is in charge of controlling and supervising the execution and use of security measures to protect the info Technology resources and data through the Election Day.

The Separate Electoral Commission recruitment for employees still on the process within few weeks to go to the Election Day and this can have some issues on the security part of the business.

Employing staff two days and nights or week prior to the Election Day without having to be well trained how to value the integrity of the organization as well as the election itself.


Over days gone by twenty years the Individual Electoral Commission has had various challenges to cope with from taking South Africa into a democracy and now directly into its bright future. In the past the Individual Electoral Commission dealt with many violent incidences during election times, now we live moving towards out 5th Election and judging from the past it looks like South African citizen's or voters are not fighting but instead working at making South Africa a much better place. Many people have become increasingly more proactive at their in particular political celebrations.

The Indie Electoral Fee can be thanked because of this, as it is today there are so many politics parties running in the election. This is very interesting to observe how the country grows and how the Independent Electoral Commission deals with a fresh kind of concern by dealing with all the new celebrations and the more people thinking about voting.

In conclusion, to make a successful Election it demand more preparation based on the various office in the Independent Electoral Commission firm. The Individual Electoral Commission to be able to produce a well organize Election, they will have to be more prepare in all departments in advanced, in order to face less issues as we nearer to the Election Day, on the Election Day and through the keeping track of of the votes.

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