Integrating The Sri Lankan Handicapped Soldiers Social Work Essay

Sri Lanka military was made in 1949 and was betrothed for ceremonial obligations till they demand the suppression of two rebellions led by JVP in 1971 and 1987. Uprising of Tamil motion in Jaffna in mid 80 s, reached to the culmination of requiring separate Express called "EELAM" led by the separatist group; Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) paved the way to Sri Lanka Military to veered its role from ceremonial tasks to classic role to fight against the terrorism. Sri Lankan conflict strategy is proved to be the only method which exists on earth at the moment to income the wining war up against the terrorism.

2. As challenge long term for over three decades, sacrifices made by the warring factions and the human cost of the turmoil broaden horizons of communal research to formulate the program to reinitiate those disables into the cultural system of the country. Pursuing details denotes the particulars of disabled troops of Sri Lanka Military by the end of the conflict:

3. To this end, Social responsibility is usually to be established through encouragement and reinitiating impaired war heroes directly into communal system but it could not pay the best way to integrating them into the cultural system since almost all of them are from the ages between 18 - 33 and are from the beneficial ages. Dependence family members, unmarried status, less medical assistance at rural bases where almost all of these soldiers hail from; will be the social issues need to be addressed at top priority. Inculcation of positive attitude, dignified social romantic relationship, and good attitude towards them would encourage them over level of sensitivity to helplessness, aloneness and sense dependence.


4. The purpose of this service newspaper is to examine the facing problems when integrating the Sri Lankan handicapped soldiers in to the public system and make suggestions to overcome the problems.

DISABLED PERSON AND Handicapped SOLDIER(Meanings Quoted from WHO)

5. As research progressed, necessity arises to clarify the definition of disable person and impaired soldier to address the issues and to formulate way to bring in them to the world.

a. The term disabled person is discussed; that a person is unable to fulfill his or her necessities his own therefore of deficiency of physical or mental capacities and include following;

(1) Impairment. Any reduction or abnormality of emotional, physiological, or anatomical framework of function.

(2) Impairment. Any limitation or lack of ability to perform a task in the way of within the range considered normal for a human being.

Handicap. A disadvantage for given specific, caused by an impairment or disability which limits or avoids the fulfillment of a role that is normal, depending on get older, social and ethnical factors, for that individual.

Disabled soldier is a person who becomes the sufferer of some type of physical mental retardation owing to war. By elaborating it may cause due to following reason or multiple reasons; a major accident, deceases may results amputees, blind, lack of vision, lack of ability to hear, paraplegia or other disabilities.

RIGHTS OF Impaired PERSON (Quoted from UN charter)

1. The word disabled person means anybody unable to ensure by himself or herself, wholly or partly, the needs of a normal individual and/or communal life, therefore of deficiency either congenital or not, in his / her physical or mental functions.

2. Handicapped soldier shall enjoy all the protection under the law lay out in this declaration. These protection under the law shall be awarded to all disabled persons without the exception, without variation or discrimination based on race, colour, intimacy, language, religion, political or other views, national or sociable origin, status of wealth, delivery or any other situation making use of either to the disabled person himself or herself or to his / her family.

3. Handicapped persons hold the inherent to respect for their human dignity. Impaired persons inspite of the origin, dynamics and seriousness of these handicap and disabilities, have the same fundamental rights as their fellow citizens of the same get older, which implies above all the to enjoy a good life, a standard and full as you possibly can.

4. Impaired people have the same civil and politics privileges as other humans.

5. Disable person eligible for the measures designed to enable those to became as self reliant as you can.

6. Disable person hold the right to medical, subconscious and useful treatment including prosthetic and arithmetic home appliances, to medical and cultural treatment, education, vocational training, and treatment, aid, counseling, position services and other services that may enable them to build up their capabilities and skills to the utmost and will hasten the techniques of their communal integration or reintegration.

7. Disable person hold the right to financial and communal security and also to decent level of living. They have the right, corresponding to their capacities, to secure and preserve employment or to engage in a good, profitable and remunerative occupation and to become a member of trade unions awareness at all phases of monetary and communal planning.

8. Disable individuals are to have their special needs taken into consideration at all stages of economical and sociable planning. The improvement which she or he may derive there from.

9. Disable individuals have the to live with their own families or with foster parents also to participate in all communal, creative or outdoor recreation. No disable person will be subjected, as far as his or her condition or by the improvement which he or she may derive there from. In the event the stay of your disable person in a special establishment is indispensable, the surroundings and living condition there in will be as close as is feasible to the people of the standard life of a person of his / her age.

10. Disable person shall be protected against all exploitation, all polices and all treatment of a discriminative, abusive or degrading dynamics.

11. Disable person shall be able available themselves of certified legal aid when such help proves essential for the safeguard of their people and property. If judicial proceedings are instituted against them, the legal process applied shall take their physical and mental condition fully into account.

12. Organizations of disable persons may be usefully consulted in every matters regarding the protection under the law of disable person.

13. Disable person their own families and communities will be fully informed, by all appropriate means, of the privileges within this declaration.


1. Lack of professional knowledge restricts eligibility for job.

2. Limited access to sources of information thus, kept uninformed on opportunities available.

3. No representation in insurance policy and decision making.

4. come across inconvenience entertaining services offered by public

Institutes since them haven't any facilities to have wheel chair in.

5. Restrictions on functioning of body organs and activity restriction would cause mental traumatism and become averse to reside.

6. No active participation at interpersonal activities, due to conception of dependence, concern with discrimination by the modern culture.

7. Many handicapped persons who undertake to work and need to work are kept quit following a reasons such as physical and communal circumstances and the assumption made on their working capacity.

8. Many warfare veterans who returned home suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

9. Often spouses give up work special offers, pensions, and benefits allowing their husbands to continue job in the armed service. If they go through any injury, families should support to recuperate stress of these illness or disability. Severe injury or health issues would have an effect on the family psychologically and economically.

10. Singles come across a venture to find a partner for marriage and the ones married would suffer with partner-hood and parent-hood as a hubby and daddy.

11. According to the UN charter impaired persons have the same privileges as others. No sanitary facilitates available or no places created on their behalf especially in public areas venues.

12. Those parents who have no every other means of income except of victim's would land upon dilemma to get the living.

13. Though they wish to try some other methods to earn extra money they are really being limited by the circumstances therefore have to handle their salary.


1. Empowering impaired experienced the work constraints if not the careful rehabilitation or reintegration plan is not made according to the special requisites of disables. This empowerment plan must include recommendations for medical and dental services, coordination of training and allowances and include the next key components:

Evaluation and planning,

Rehabilitation and employability (training or education),

Independent living.

Job ready status, and interrupted status.

2. All disable soldiers have entitlement to obtain pay and allowances according to army pay plans to enjoy satisfied life in the population but sociable idealness, after employment stress and negative emotions can make this young working category and negated feeling over their impairment if not their grievances are not properly addressed. To avoid the dilemma on the sacrifices made by them best form is to hire them in a suitable field and turnover the job may enlighten the horizons of the disables.

3. Suited service system may provided with job accommodation, job alterations, circumstance managements and linkages to the relevant service working environment as process persisted. In order to achieve employment opportunities following job systems could be released;

a. Rapid Access to Employment. This emphasizes the purpose of immediate employment which is open to those who curently have the abilities to be competitive in the work market in appropriate occupations. Among other things, disables may be provided job readiness preparation, resume development, job search assistance, and accommodations and post work follow-up.

b. Self-Employment. This is for disables who have limited usage of traditional occupation and need versatile work schedules and a more accommodating work environment for their disabling conditions or other special circumstances. They might be provided an research of the viability of the business notion, development of a business plan, trained in the operation of smaller businesses, marketing and financial assistance, and help with obtaining satisfactory resources to execute the business plan.

c. Occupation through Long-Term Services. Under this, the disables

who need specialized training or education to acquire and maintain ideal work. Training or education (or both) may be provided, including on-the-job training, apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing, work monitoring, work-study, public-private job partnering, or more education sufficient to obtain suitable entry-level work.

d. Independent Living Services. The Indie Living Services is ideal for disables who might not exactly have the ability to work immediately and need additional treatment to enable them to live more individually. Disables may discover assistive technology, self-employed living skills training, and connections to community-based support services.

4. Considering the circumstances some of disables might not exactly be employed even though the preferred it due to disabilities they possessed. They could provide with the unbiased living programme made to help whose service-connected impairment or disabilities may be so severe they are struggling to immediately pursue an employment goal. It helps them to be able to live independently, participate in family and community life, and increase their potential to return to work and this service can include followings;

a. Training in activities of everyday living.

b. Attendant care and attention during period of transition.

c. Transportation when special preparations will be required.

d. Assistive technology.

e. Specialized medical, health, and treatment services.

f. Services to address any personal and/or family modification issues;

(1) Peer guidance.

(2) Housing integral to involvement in a program of special rehabilitation services.

Training in 3rd party living skills.

Connection with community-based support services.

Training to boost awareness of protection under the law and needs.

(6) Assistance in determining and keeping volunteer or backed employment.

5. Vocational-Educational Counseling provides an array of vocational-educational counselling to disables and their dependents who are essentially involved in peer association. Slowly but surely this program may guide into Person-centred planning that allows visitors to speak up about their personal desires and ambitions and be more in charge of their lives. People's horizons extended and became more ambitious as they observed other folks doing different things, as they themselves started to achieve things, so when they acquired more used to considering and discussing the opportunities they needed.


1. Following institutes are empowered by the federal government authorities to combine disables to feudal societies. Those are;

a. Ranaviru Seva Authority. Work of parliament on 5 June 2000 mandated for campaign, welfare, socioeconomic integration of handicapped ex service members and their own families including providing service for tri service and police force personnel.

Under this proposals following measures were granted to the disables and those are:

(1) Ranaviru sansada, psychological and socio programme.

(2) Ranaviru land project.

(3) Educational scholarship or grant.

(4) Skill development program.

(5) Welfare program.

(6) Ranaviru town and welfare loan system.

(7) Directorate of rehabilitation are include actions taken to screen and praised the rendered services by these troops.

b. Directorate of Rehabilitation. Maximum effort for physical and mental modification within the limit of his impairment to enable him to live a life as useful and satisfying life as is humanely possible.

(1) Disabled soldiers obtain basic medical and surgery treatment from military medical center.

(2) Suffering loss of arms or legs, provide man-made limbs, ensure by Directorate of Rehabilitation

(3) Then they will be unveiled to vocational skills, clerical, jewel cutting, motor technicians, welding, computer knowledge, book binding, air-con, refrigeration.

(4) Then guide to discover a gainful employment which suit their skills and striving for additional financial support.

(5) Ranaviru sevana produced under the directorate of treatment for residential treatment.

(6) Rehabilitation program under ranaviru sevana, medical, educational, psycho-social, vocational.

(7) Under those programmes following services will be provided medical services, hydro remedy, physiotherapy, physical training, training sports activities, vocational training, educational opportunities, and religious activities.

(8) Training self attention skills to eliminate them of the anxieties and pain caused by both traumatic encounters at battle s well as the psycho public problems arise from other disabilities.

(9) The Ranaviru Sevana is continuing their programs plus some achievement the following:

(a) Ultimate goal is attainment of maximum physical and mental adjustment of every person with a impairment.

(b) Occupying in units

(c) Uplift their welfare measures

(d) Sport

(e) New skill and skills

(f) Unbiased life, economically balance and socially accepted.


1. Owing to the conflict which prolonged for nearly three years between Sri Lanka Military and LTTE some 21327 military have been kept with any form of infirmity making burdensome impact on the government and to a considerable magnitude on world. However, responsibility remains still to manage and give comfort and love whom indeed need such attention and good care specifically.

2. Some existing varieties for categorization of a handicapped would be, amputees, blind, loss of vision, loss of ability to hear, paraplegia and percentage of infirmity also given along with. It is apparent that these disabled soldiers go through no vocational training or have no professional skill because of the fact that they joins armed service service in age eighteen or below 12 therefore, this affect on social integration as a result. Further, this would affect their mindset thus possible ramifications are uncertainty, sense discrimination and illogical threat of future life. Minor factors such as non representation at plan or decision making, feelings of dependency, response of the mass in communal integration, choices to meet the needs at public institutes also could have an impact on adversely to some extent.

3. possible procedures to get over these endeavors and circumstances some implication would be; empowerment plan is usually to be carry out, analysis, planning rehabilitation and employability, acquiring indie living, make trades available and offering uninterrupted living. To generate employment opportunities for disabled soldiers pursuing process can be worked out: rapid usage of jobs, a number of self employments, work on regular services and 3rd party services. Some strengths observed are; general population and private transportation provides reserved car seats for disable people and able mass can take no hesitation to provide his/her couch to a disabled if needed.

4. Afford of family needs and deal up all needs with just a little income or pension are using issues lie before them. Therefore additional means of income(s) should be stored available through personal career etc.

5. Impaired soldier could be launched into the modern culture as a challenging person through id and exploiting self potential. This might require standard training and professional visibility and guidance. Federal government in collaboration with Sri Lanka Army has integrated some viable plans to veer this venture in to success: establishment of the Ranaviru Seva Authority to aid the disabled troops and their own families and Sri Lanka Army set up the Directorate of Treatment to facilities them.


1. Handicapped soldiers undertake no vocational training or haven't any professional skill prior to enlistment to the military because of the fact that they become a member of armed service service in the age of eighteen or below 12. Therefore, effective steps to be taken to exploit inherited unique functions and establishment of vocational training centers also to be integrated in to the endeavor.

2. Communication flow of the population is to be tangible and easy access to information options would keep handicapped soldier up to date on facts and benefits available.

3. Misinforming on emotional issues like uncertainty, feelings of dependency, and superstitious impressions of the mass that a disable soldier is a burden to the society and does not have any outcome or contribution to the nationwide creation should be taken away.

4. Pay credited honour and do the needful for the coffee lover when needed in gratitude of their priceless sacrifices.

5. Granting opportunities to participate in and making them coworkers in planning and decision making would talk about and satisfy their interpersonal requirements. So creating opportunities to reach this process will help them.

6. Development of infrastructure facilities at public and private institutes as they facilitate these to meet their requirements in virtually any aid of flexibility.

7. Psychological operations and regular counselling progammes to be achieved aiming disabled troops those are affected Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

8. In the event the impaired soldier is remaining unfit for further mental or physical occupation, his dependants should be stored strong to withstand the living thus job opportunities should be crate for them.

9. Handicapped individuals also should be targeted and considered when building miniature or huge general public facilities such as office complexes, sanitary, engaging etc.

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