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The company IDEO is a Greek term which means IDEOlogy and IDEOgram, where being progressive is their strategy proven in 1991. And later in 1998, the firms merged with two companies "ID Two" and "Matrix Product" with the management from David Kelly as the principle executive official. Thus the business is the very first to change their process into "concurrent engineering" - a fusion of artwork and engineering to produce aesthetically satisfying products which were also technically proficient. (Thomke & Nimgade, 2007, Pg2) IDEO is one of the world's greatest product creativity companies. An honor winning and top 50 ground breaking company, it's the most successful product designing and development company. (IDEO Inc, n. d)

Organization Structure

IDEO has approximately 300 gifted employees positioned in several countries chosen for their stimulating locations. The business consists of a straightforward and flatland hierarchy with no titles and ranking, but purely composed of project teams jogging rotational duties in different projects.

The merger in 1998 has taken the companies directories of clients under one umbrella that was beneficial for the progress of the business.

Although the company is located all over the world, they operate separately to get business locally and the employees still exchange high volume of e-mails and ideas when required.


The organization adopts a multi-disciplinary and collective procedure where team collaborates to encourage ingenuity, creativity and information posting to develop discovery products. To accomplish customer satisfaction, they may be pro-active in anticipating and understanding the customer's needs.

All the task is organized into momentary job tasks; hence there is no permanent job assignment or titles. (Thomke & Nimgade, 2007, Pg6)

Other than the versatility of movement and time, the firm also allows employees to dress openly, making the work place a comfortable environment. They are really free to design their own workspace to indicate their own personalities. Staffs are also encouraged to leave their workplace to walk around, especially during mental stop to accomplish work improvement. And because of the huge organization structure, the company has diverse and experienced staffs that help ensure that the firm seldom encounters new problems.

Staffs are also cultivated to be optimistic and not hesitate of failure, but think that failing will improve one self. Ideas generated are all cared for without prejudice, even if it looks absurd, as every idea bring them closer to completing the job they are working on. And when the ideas weren't utilized, these are archived for use in future tasks.

To motivate employees, the management of IDEO does not rely entirely on employee research, but also take the time to study the work area and discussion, with the purpose of bringing the business enterprise into the next level.

The organization shoot for perfection, sometime may lead to cost and time overrun compared to what was at first submitted to clients, hence regular meeting with clients enable them to understand the position.


In IDEO, the management is stringent and demanding over the individual's or group's project: - job leads must attend conferences with planning and documentation. Employees with high performance are compensated, like stocks in its customer venture capital bottom part. Rewards are assessed through the peer assessments and limited to challenging assignments.

In IDEO, there are only 2 core categories of men and women in the whole organization with senior management team and given project categories. The mature management team is accountable for IDEO firm decision, policies, composition and process as the other group is to complete the assigned project. Atlanta divorce attorneys project task, one of the associates will be appointed as a project head to lead the group. Therefore many people are IDEO will have equal chance to execute and motivate themselves.

Development Process

The most crucial success for IDEO is its development process. Their beliefs focuses on 3 "Rs": Rough, Rapid and Right. Employees are required to brain storm their ideas based on customers' requirements and allow customers to visualize the idea. IDEO's theory emphasizes on optimum work environment and techniques as well as getting it right at the first time.

IDEO has five development process phases beginning from understanding its customer's backdrop to implementation to making. The stand analyses IDEO phases and identify the impact to the different key point of its functions.

From business procedure perspective, a business needs to critically analyze how the key concerns have an impact on its operation; they can be Time, Get ranking, Quality, Delivery, Versatility, Cost and Advancement as shown in Number 1 (Slack et al, 2009, Pg. 141) :

Phase 0 (Understand/Observe) & I (Visualize/Realize):

These will be the most significant steps that IDEO targets. It's important that IDEO grabs your hands on time to understand and view its customers business track record, behaviors, needs and requirements. In addition to visualizing potential solutions, they intensively accumulate feedbacks from clients to make a common understanding of the context of product usage and put together of making strategy. It must concentrate on it cost, quality, overall flexibility and progressive on its culture.

Phase II (Evaluating/Refining):

After stage 0 and I, IDEO grows to the stage of analysis and refinement of functioning prototypes, at the same time resolving technological problem the users might face. Again, rate, delivery and cost are the key concerns because of this stage.

Phase III (Implement - Detailed Anatomist) & IV (Put into practice - Manufacturing Liaison):

Finally, the ideas are completely developed and ready for execution. Additional time is considered for the execution to ensure products are created correctly without any issues. The grade of output and timely delivery means success.

Figure 1

Boyle Dilemma

Dennis Boyle experienced just led his team at IDEO through the introduction of 3Com's successful Hand V, and is currently tasked to design the Visor, a fighting product from Handspring from the Hand V. Boyle is perplexed that several factors will not bode well for the job.

First of most, the Visor task itself, will probably affect just how and process IDEO usually work, time to generate wholly new ideas will be a premium due to the tight deadline, so that it might fast IDEO to soften their approach on technology and instead stick to the rigid 'tried-and-tested' methods, finally making concessions on the Visor design and operation (E. g. casing material - plastic rather than anodized aluminum, vitality source - AAA batteries rather than lithium-ion).

Secondly, rivalling products might not encourage IDEO's culture of knowledge sharing among employees and could even breed distrust, perhaps even friction between the teams of Hand and Visor job. In the most detrimental case, it may even cause displeasure on the part of 3com if the Visor project have the ability to undermine 3com's market share.

Most essentially however, is usually that the tight timetable might force his team to abandon lots of the early development techniques that are essential to developing a successful product, as it right answers important questions like what consumers actually need, which in turn enable IDEO to come up with innovative solutions. All of this could be accomplished if only they have significantly more time.

Now Boyle experienced to decide whether to simply accept the Visor job as it is, to decrease, or to persuade the Handspring management to improve its aggressive introduction schedule.


PHASE 0 and I occupies minimal cost but PHASE 0 determines the most important aspect; the feasibility of the job. Period 0 and I also provides to understand objectives from customer and consumer, and also the patterns of consumers, that will give guidelines to where innovations are to be channeled.

The second essential requirement is that it also determines the direction where in fact the final product and its making methods are proceeding so all stakeholders are in tune, so as to reduce unnecessary risks or confusion which can surface in the later procedures. Each one of these however, are the most time consuming area of the whole development procedures.

Going into the operations aspect, PHASE 0 and I are essential as this is where the objectives (quality conformance) and features (quality design) are believed of, while Stage III and IV are there to confirm the conformance and consistency of the ultimate product.

PHASE 0 and I are long phases as it requires a whole lot of thinking and development, yet it isn't really a essential component (other than feasibility studies) within delivery as IDEO possess the versatility of utilizing their databases of past ideas (used or un-used) and Hand V experience to generate a product which is often pushed to later phases as well as for implementation. It might be more without risk but the final product may not meet consumer objectives since most new enhancements are created of these two stages.

To Accept:

Therefore, as Boyle is within familiar product place, it's possible for him to simply accept as he can contain the flexibility of minimizing the time put in of Period 0 and I, using existing ideas data source and the template product way and manufacturing features, enabling them to match into Handspring's plan, but this also mean that trade-offs may maintain form of the probable of newer innovations and bargain on certain design issues like materials used. By not considering of consumer anticipations, it's possible or unidentified that the final product may or might not exactly be a reach. If it does not, then it could dent IDEO's reputation on quality design and conformance.

To Persuade for Expansion:

Alternatively, Boyle can propose a changed schedule and only maintaining IDEO's proven culture and monitoring record, the entire group of process will mean the objectives on both sides can be found, however this will never be in interest of Handspring as they will miss an opportunity to assert themselves on the marketplace.

To Decline:

Lastly, Boyle can thought we would decline the task citing the concerns above, however, he must consider that Handspring may become another big customer after 3Com if Visor is successful and IDEO will boost its reputation as well as building itself as a respected designer in this field, which might lead to more work at home opportunities from existing and perhaps new entrants, or opportunities like integrating other solutions involved with it in future.


As an international business for IDEO, Boyle should consider agreeing to the Visor task as it'll boost their international reputation and also open up their door to new opportunities, like integration into the mobile phone market. As a product design company, IDEO need to establish themselves as trustable company where customer realized that their idea or design will not be utilization in their competitors. Thus, this can help IDEO to expand their customer foundation and set up their reputation.

Therefore, IDEO need to examine to their corporation culture, development process, group and process flow management in terms of quality, quickness, dependability, overall flexibility and cost plus going to customization process to realize customer satisfaction.


With IDEO acceptance of the Handspring task, they is capable of doing as follow:

Business opportunities

Looking into the future, Hand (3Com) has the choice to choose another design company when they have got new project, other design companies may hence erode IDEO's market show. Rather than sticking with the idea of relying on faithful customer, IDEO should look into other opportunities to broaden their business profile. By creating a solid reputation and branding, IDEO can position themselves better in the market and also with the successes on PDA, IDEO can explore into other markets like mobile phone.

Organization culture

With the popularity of the Handspring job, IDEO have to alter their communication culture to include level of privacy of information among groups.

Organization policy

Due to the client coming from the same industry, IDEO should provide customer with confidence that their ideas will never be use by other customers in the same industry. Therefore, IDEO desire a set of regulations to ensure that unique designs for that customer will never be copied in another job.

Project Management

In order to meet up with the deadline besides working night and day, IDEO should apply task management to crash the job in different phases of the development process with the co-operation of the entire supply chain from vendor, distributor and also task personnel.

Risk Management

From Palm task past experience, IDEO should need to use risk management on the development process to focus on unforeseen circumstances like the glue concern (the only real person whom is the expert in using the commercial glue left the company). Another key point is that IDEO must not overlook the OS agreement between Palm and Handspring.

Process Management

IDEO should look into customizing the look sequences corresponding to different kind of assignments rather than going right through the complete cycle. For example in Period 0 and 1, IDEO can study from their earlier experience and shorten the duration rather than following through the entire cycle. In a few case like period 3, flexibility is needed rather than sticking with the initial plan.

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