Introduction Of The Total annual Awards Dinner

This assignment is about the administrative management that apply within an organization. With this statement there are two questions to be designated with regard on an activity of planning the gross annual honours function for OCBC Al-Amin Standard bank Unsecured Financing Department. In the second question, the author described what can be motivating employees in order to perform their jobs better and reaching organizational goals.

For this statement, the author categorized the project into four areas. There are introduction, the annual awards function progress, the motivation and beliefs of employees and finally, the final outcome.

On the first part benefits, the author defined what administrative management is and explained the importance careers in the administrative management. The author has also described the importance of the motivation that will have an impact on employees on the direction strength and persistence of voluntary behavior.

In finding of question one, the author has assigned to plan OCBC Al-Amin Lender Unsecured Financing Office annual honors function. On this report, the writer has describe the plan of the twelve-monthly awards, what are the current position and the problems that have occurred. The author has also recommended some of the perfect solution is for the issues and extra ideas to include in the function to makes the function better.

In question two, the writer explain the value of motivation exist in every firm and to know the ways to boost or maintain their job satisfaction. The writer has provided two ideas that emphasize the needs that drive people and that may be discovered by the management that are, the Maslow's Need Hierarchy Ideas and ERG Theories. Furthermore, the author has explain the details the motivation of the employees what really motivates employees in conditions of giving acknowledgement or appreciation for employment done well, good income, being in the know about the company concerns and an understanding attitude from the management.

In conclusion, the writer explained that being truly a office administrator will vary and challenging. It's takes a lot of capacity and capability to get the duty done and liaison with others. The writer also describe that the management should discover and understand what will be the need and drives of employees and providing employees the right motivation to be able to allow them to perform better.


Executive Summation 1

Introduction 4

Answer to Question 1 5

Introduction of the Total annual Awards Supper 5

2. 1. 1 Annual Awards Plan 5

2. 1. 2 Current Position 6

2. 1. 3 Problem Occurred 6

2. 1. 4 Suggestion 6

2. 1. 5 Overview 7

2. 2 Answer to Question 2 8

2. 2. 1 Maslow Hierarchy Needs Theories 9

2. 2. 2 ERG Ideas 9

2. 2. 3 Motivation Employees and Prices 10

3. 0 Conclusions 11

4. 0 Recommendations 12

1. 0 Introduction

Administration management is played an important role in an organization. It's the performance of management of business procedures and it depends on management to accomplish organizational goals. Administrative management quite simply focuses on how a small business should be prepared and the practice a highly effective supervisor should follow this means it identifies the actions of higher level. In administrative management, it is nervous about formulation of broad objective, plans and policies. Additionally it is a decision-making function which decides what so when is required to be done. This management is a considering function because all the business enterprise project strategies and guidelines are decided under it and the procedure professionals get work done under their guidance. The writer has been designated the task of planning the annual accolades function for an organization organization. This record is to written down the improvement of the total annual awards and report to the Management Team. This article is showing the knowledge of survey writing, planning and monitoring. In order to achieve organizational goals, Administrative Management has also looked into of motivation of the worker what really motivates employees to improve or maintain their job satisfaction.

2. 0 Answer to Question 1

2. 1 Introduction of the Annual Awards Dinner

The OCBC Al-Amin Loan company Unsecured Financing division Awards Dinner Evening is perfect for those staffs that has excellence performance throughout the complete year. All of the staffs are judged on the work performance, creativity, target achievement and efficiency. All of these performances are worth recognition to their excellence in reaching company focuses on, their contribution to the career, and displaying particular durability I in the category under that they won their prize.

2. 1. 1 Total annual Awards Agenda

This function will be kept on 4 November 2013. In the 9. 30am, staffs from outstation will be departure from other state and check out One World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Outstation staff will be reach 1230pm. For outstation staffs they will be checking in to the hotel room and get prepare for the dinner.

The dinner will be kept at 7. 30pm razor-sharp. All of the employees will advise to arrive around 30 minutes early to join up for lucky get at the access and receive door gift idea. On 7. 30pm, all the employees are arrange to be sitting and the evening meal will start promptly. Our Brain of Unsecured Financing Office, En. Muzir are asked to give conversation and break the ice and the dinner begin.

The Prizes will be giving out while the dinner is going. You will find eight awards is likely to be giving out. The very first awards is the very best 10 targets achieved awards, coming next would be the Top 5 sales increment accolades, the third is the Best Area Focus on Achieved Awards, Fantastic Area Performance Honors, Best CLIENT SATISFACTION Honours, Longest service Awards, Outstanding Area Director Performance, Outstanding Personnel Performance of the year. Lucky Sketch will be given out in every five minutes of rest time.

Later, the planner is managing a performance competition available to all state of staffs to participate in the competition. Each of every state will execute a theatre and our judges, the market leaders of the team will finalized who'll be the victor of the night.

2. 1. 2 Current Status

The team has plan for the location and has verified and booked by the planner. Food and Drinks has proved and structured by the Hotel as well as the adornments. Furthermore, the hotel also arranges 15 rooms for 3 people to outstation staffs. The planner in addition has informed and validated with the speaker En. Muzir. En. Muzir has been told that the length of time the talk will get and the theme of the award night. The planner has also asked the famous MC in Malaysia, Mr. Bernard Hiew to become the Variety of the night. The planner is going to order the trophies for all the accolades and the blessed draw gift ideas.

2. 1. 3 Problems occurred

The problems that the planner having is the travel for outstation staffs credited to some of the staffs obtain to acquire car pool to go to Kuala Lumpur. The management has provide transport for outstation staffs however, many of the staffs believe that is it more convenient to allow them to car pool to go to the dinner. For all those staffs that are looking to car pool to evening meal that cannot say for the mileage, the team has talk about this matter to the Man Resource department for adjustments and invite the staffs to promise the mileage. Furthermore, the management yet to register a permit and made scheduling for the bus carry to the annual awards meal. Besides of this, the price tag on all trophies has truly gone up and cause over budget. The customers of the management will going to work out with the seller and discuss about the budget. Furthermore, the prizes of the blessed draw are yet to be verified because of the budgets is insufficient for the earlier budget that the team plan.

2. 1. 4 Recommendation

The management team should urge the verification from HR approval on the staffs lay claim mileage of car pool to the awards dinner to be able to confirm the amounts of staffs who car pool to awards meal and team will hold the budgets and agreement for those employees who wants to have travelling provide by the management. The budget should be confirmed at the earliest opportunity so the lucky get price will be confirmed as possible in order to purchase previous. In addition, the team will have discussion on the meal and the team will plan to have some glaciers breaking session for all your employees. Purpose of this time is to break the particular level wall and allow employees and top management to have the communication and fell that people are work under a team as like a huge family. The team has come out with some ideas and we'll plan when is the right procedure to include this glaciers breaking period.


In brief, overall the twelve-monthly awards dinner nights is going well. The few of the problems will solve it properly and at the earliest opportunity to be able the progress will run efficiently without any errors. The team has designed the meal well and organize the how will perform to the honours dinner and where in fact the decision to be produced. The team has also monitored and managed the progress and also to decrease the shortfalls to happens on the supper progress. Previous, the team leads the employees to build up to complete the duty given and problem dealing with to results the evening meal will complete promptly given.

2. 2 Response to Question 2

Every specific has needs that stimulate themselves through life's quest. Desire may be defined as the subconscious process that arouse and immediate goal-directed tendencies. (Kinicki, 2008) Motivation is the process of stimulating people to actions to perform the goals and the results from the connection of both conscious and unconscious factors. Therefore, inspiration is difficult to understand because it is inferred from one's habit and you cannot actually view it or know it in another person. Every degree of management people in the organizations are required to learn many functions and given a timeframe to take care of and complete many jobs. Effectiveness is vital as it impacts the climate of these organizations. Therefore, it is important to learn the ways to boost or maintain their job satisfaction.

Manager must understand and guiding employees drives and needs. Drives are instinctive tendencies to get particular goals or maintain internal stableness. Needs are thought as physiological or internal deficiencies that energize or result in tendencies (Kinichi, 2008). Understanding the dynamics of employee motivation ideas is important. Motivation can cause goal-directed patterns as human patterns is behaving this way. They are theories that emphasize the needs that drive people and that can be learned by the management.

2. 2. 1 Maslow's Hierarchy Needs Theories

Abraham Maslow (1908 - 1970) along with Frederick Herzberg (1923-) presented the Neo-Human Relationships University in the 1950's, which centered on the mental needs of employees. Maslow submit a theory that we now have five degrees of individuals needs : (1) Physiological, (2)Security (3)Belongingness, (4) Esteem, and (5) Self-actualization.

Physiological needs- The essential needs of an individual which include food, clothing, shelter, water, self-preservation. They are the needs relate with the survival and maintenance of individual life.

Safety needs- These needs are also important for human beings. Everybody desires job and emotional security, safeguard against danger, safety of property.

Belongingness needs- These needs emerge from society. Man is a social creature. These needs become important. Such as the need of love, devotion, belongingness, friendship, dialogue.

Esteem needs- People focus on such things like self-respect, popularity and esteem from others once they meet their social needs.

Self-actualization needs- They are the needs of the highest order and these needs are located in those person whose previous four needs are satisfied. The needs for self-fulfillment to develop one's fullest probable to become the best one.

2. 2. 2 ERG Theory

ERG theory of desire is re-categorized Maslow's hierarchy of needs into three simpler and broader classes of needs:

Existence Needs- These include need for basic material essentials. In includes an individual's physiological and physical safety needs.

Relatedness needs- These external esteem are the aspiration individual's have for maintaining significant interpersonal relationships, getting cultural to public popularity and acknowledgement. Maslow's public needs and external component of esteem needs fall under this school of need.

Growth needs- These include need for self-development and personal expansion and improvement. Maslow's self-actualization needs and intrinsic element of interior esteem needs are categorized as this category of need.

Satisfied employees are an integral ingredient to an effective company. Traditional thinking uses that more you pay someone a lot more loyal and satisfied they are simply in their job. But, the truth behind employee's desire is a more complicated mix. Employees are usually more demanding. For a lot of people, money is a motivator, but money is not the biggest one.

2. 2. 3 Employees Motivation and Values

The reason for every company designs to organize an annual honours night for worker not only permit the employees to have a great time and rewards them but, it can be an the other way to stimulate the employees to work even hard for next coming year. In order to motivate employees to provide their best in their work, appreciation and acknowledgement for employment well done; which explains why annual awards exists. Recognition and praises are to make employees feel great about their work and achievements. These specific habits are accepted in result to reinforce work or lead to help the business enterprise growth.

The Second common and critical motivations will be the good income. Company can determines a settlement strategy such as, add-ons, profit posting and any program that relates to compensation. This is to make the employees to know and understand every aspect of their reimbursement plan. Money is normally not really a motivator to every employees but it will becomes a genuine motivator only when an employees is not making enough money to meet their basic needs. Then, the employees can do what is essential to generate profits to endure. addition, do provide them with difficulties, opportunities for development and advancement, reputation, prestige or a location they can feel proud at work.

Besides of that, people want to believe that are part of something bigger than their job. Being in the find out about the company issues are necessary. Company can make announcement through the annual awards night to declare financial and economic developments and issues, current company goals and future ideas. Furthermore, every team can have conversations or communication about current and new services offered, key customer and their needs or expectations. All of these areas would helps employees feel informed, and made the employees to have the greatest decision predicated on the information given by the company instead of arriving to work to accomplish company focuses on and receive salary.

Last but not least, company should make an understanding attitude from the management. An understanding attitude should be mirrored in the way an employees receive correction and discipline. The real opportunity for each and every manager in this field is really in everyday discussion and interaction. Through the conversation the manager will be able to determine if the employees are truly attention and understand or not. Furthermore, making work interesting and planning for a career path on their behalf like progression opportunities, good working conditions would display that a supervisor has taken into account a person employee's durability and abilities prior to assigning the work.


As my realization, Management is a very different and challenging job. Being a good office administrator to organize a annual prizes function requires more than specialized skills. It requires an potential to get the task done through others; planning and strategizing; arranging; controlling and growing and leading the complete team. In arranging this function the author in addition has stress to be always a good figurehead, liaison, disseminate information and function effectively. It also requires that the author gets the right individuals and conceptual skills, the right prices and the right motivations. Motivations is essential and probably the dominant element in order to maximizing employee engagement and performance. (Hill, 2008) Employees are determined by the same things. The management must try to uncover what really drives employees, spotting that employees have complex needs and drives the needs by arranging possible goals, clarifying expectations and offer reviews along the way. Besides of that, the management is also in charge of configuring financial rewards, providing formal or casual recognition to let the employees feel that they have prices in the corporation and do their best to continuing help the business better.

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