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This assignment practices the experiences of immigrant Indian/Kashmiri family in their first couple of months in Australia. The family was a period of five weeks for an interval of one to two hours per week in their family setting at home as soon as in the ultimate week on a family picnic that they were gracious enough to request me to. For discretionary purposes all personal information including brands, addresses and every other identifiable markers have been evolved commensurate with the primacy of the family's privateness.

The family consists of five individuals, the daddy Mr. Fayaz Ahmad, his partner Rubina Geelani, their two children Ahmad, a young man of 10, Maryam a woman of 12 and their 5 year old nephew Abbas. The family from here on for purposes of brevity will be known as the Ahmads. The Ahmad family is from the northern most express in India, Kashmir. Mr. Fayaz used to work as an engineer in the status of Kashmir with the municipal department of the state of hawaii as a civil engineer superintendent. Ms. Rubina has a bachelor's level in education but has never worked full time, Maryam and Ahmad were both studying in a proper reputed private college and were both undertaking above average in academics as well as extra-curricular activities, Abbas is their nephew who was simply recently see to the tragic loss of life of his parents in a militancy related occurrence in their home state.

Kashmir has had a long background of troubled politics activity dating back again to the partition of India and Pakistan where time the Muslim bulk state of Kashmir became a bone of contention between the two newborn nations. Since then there's been a slew of politics and armed forces activity that has offered and then worsen the tangled situation between the two countries with two wars being fought over the point out and an equipped uprising resistant to the Indian condition fueled by Pakistan which resulted in massive talk about sponsored atrocities as well as transgressions on behalf of the armed rebels. Other variables, like the growing influence of China, the go up of Afghan Islamist communities, political instability etc in addition has added to the significantly complex situation in the state of hawaii. The Ahmad family immigrated to Australia following a tragic loss of life of his brother's family in a armed forces encounter against suspected militants, young Abbas was the only survivor of the tragedy and was implemented by Fayaz and his partner who decided to leave the trouble torn state behind in order to secure a much better future for his or her children. I arrived to contact with them by having a mutual friend who is a volunteer activist for militancy influenced people in Kashmir and who also helped Fayaz through the formalities adjoining immigration.

Week one:

My first face with the Fayaz family was over a pleasurable sunny Australian Weekend afternoon the next day once they had moved in to their house. My reception in their home was very warm and enthusiastic with Mr. Fayaz greeting me very effusively and dealing with me with great hospitality and heat. I was told by my pal that the home was a momentary accommodation and had not been for the reason that great form, nevertheless all over I saw I could see the attempts of Ms. Rubina and Mr. Fayaz to tidy up the place. There were boxes and unpacked luggage almost everywhere but Mr. Fayaz supervised a comfortable couch space in the primary room for me personally to settle down in.

The object of my research was relatively puzzling to them as they seemed to follow me just about everywhere I proceeded to go and it needed some while for me personally to describe to them that was simply an observation rather than an interview, this was greeted with some skepticism and be concerned by Ms. Rubina who immediately wanted to know what I wanted. The initial warmness gave way to some mistrust on behalf of Ms. Rubina who instructed the kids never to play downstairs or on view but to visit their room and play there. My primary thoughts were that the mistrust of my existence in their midst was related to their negative experiences with official authorities organizations that are notorious for his or her clandestine activities among the civilian society in Kashmir. All of those other time transferred by without the major event and was put in mostly talking to Mr. Fayaz over consecutive cups of tea.

Week 2:

My second week started out right after Mr. Fayaz found a part time job at a nearby retail institute as a sales professional; on my stop by at the house he was not present as he was picking up a late change that day. I used this chance to increase my rapport with Ms. Rubina and move on to know her better, I noticed that our previous encounter had not reviewed the smoothest and after some primary reluctance she allowed me to see the children playing in the lawn. I had to assure her that I would not take any photos of the children before she'd allow me this. The children showed little aftereffect of the trauma in their past, although Ahmad was exhibiting signs of lethargy and malnutrition, upon requesting Ms. Rubina about his health she replied that he was always a picky eater and have been getting progressively difficult to get him to eat properly in recent weeks.

On closer inspection of the children I saw that both Maryam and Ahmad were seeking to involve Abbas in traditional Kashmiri games, a version of hopscotch and label that somehow always were left with Abbas winning, it was apparent that both Maryam and Ahmad were allowing Abbas win these games. Down the road while watching them I pointed out that they shied away from me and rather spent time with the mother in your kitchen somewhat than stay anywhere they knew I could see them. In normal circumstances I would have construed this as natural shyness with respect to the kids but after discovering them play I possibly could not imagine them being very timid by instinct.

Week 3:

My third visit designated the first time that the kids had started college in Australia, I had been fortunate enough to observe them approaching home straight from school. Maryam seemed very pleased and content with her trip to institution, although she spoke only in Kashmiri around her mother I could collect from the firmness that she was excited about the chance of school, Ahmad on the other hands looked like subdued and silent, on closer observation I observed the indications of a scuffle on the child, with a pocket torn off his new shirt, he was recinded by his mother to his room, I presumed this is to comfort him as there were no looks of scolding from his room. Maryam was delighted enough to interact with me and become comfortable around me, she wanted to show me her new books and notebooks, one which bore a note by her tutor praising her drawing skills and a different one which had her home work written down in her small, nice handwriting. She spoke with me in accented by fluent British requesting me about why I used to be always inside your home with them. The talk led to the matters of her brother and little cousin, she accepted that Abbas was much sadder nowadays than in the past and he frequently damp his bed at night and consequently had to rest with the parents in the other room rather than with them. I fixed to speak to Mister and Missis Ahmad about getting Abbas to visit a child therapist.

Week 4: My fourth visit was a lttle bit rocky as my past suggestion of a child therapist for Abbas had not gone down well with Mister Fayaz. He sensed that I was making unfair needs of him and this the child had been doing fine before I got there and even at one point tried out blaming me for Abbas's changed behavior. A lot of the time was put in trying to explain to him that it was just a recommendation and that he was in no way destined to do what I asked of him. Down the road he accepted that the strain of managing finances for the household was beginning to build on him and that he was concerned about their future in Australia, on further questioning he prepared me that his anatomist degree was invalid in this country and he'd be caught with lower level careers until he could complete another complex course here in Australia.

Week five: I used to be astonished by my fifth and last visit when the family decided to take me along for a shock picnic. Although not strictly their local settings I decided to go along with them to observe their connection with the Australian picnic experience. The children seemed somewhat apprehensive instead of the natural exuberance that most children would show when prepared about going to the beach, aside from Ahmad both Abbas and Maryam seemed to stick close to Ms. Rubina and reserved themselves to aiding her load up whereas Ahmad wanted to placed on his rubber wings and flippers right in the house and go to beach thus dressed. While aiding Mr. Fayaz get the car ready I came up to know that Ahmad has been having difficulty with bullies at institution who make fun of his highlight, that he has been dreading institution and relishes their outings with a relish, Abbas possessed started his lessons with a child therapist and was no longer wetting his bed and this Maryam acquired already enrolled in soccer category. I provided Mr. Fayaz with some brochures and booklets regarding in your free time courses and short term training that he could take.


There were several issues and points that I witnessed while with the Ahmad family when it comes to their reasons for approaching to Australia, their relationships with the local culture and the type of their family relations. Most importantly I came to understand about their particular needs and perspectives, their particular characteristics to what they could generate to the community, the culture they originated from and the special needs that the three children of the family that would have to be addressed. My research can be elaborated as:

For vast majority of this research the concentrate will be on young Abbas, then on Ahmad and on Maryam in decreasing order of significance with regards to special early treatment needs. The 1st observations regarding Abbas were those of his relationships with the various societal adjustments that he previously to experience. For instance his initial immigration to Australia was prompted with a drastic change in his original environment of Kashmir where he suffered the debilitating trauma of burning off both his parents, in conversations with the Ahmads I got eventually to know that Abbas was effortlessly a shy child and following the death of his parents he became even more withdrawn, to the point where he managed just a few sentences in discussion per day with the Ahmads rather than even that with strangers. The initial experiences of the children using their societal systems were also visible in the way they cured me, a stranger in their house, the original mistrust and fear that they projected on me was only a reflection of their previous environment where specialist characters or those who were in anyways related to formal status were viewed with mistrust and even fear, this symptom long not only to the kids but to Ms. Rubina as well, when she forbade the children from interacting with me.

The family framework in conventional societies like that of the Ahmad family is normally constituted of only close bloodstream relations, the adoption of children as in the case of Abbas is nearly unheard of, the most a Kashmiri family will do is provide all the necessary support and accessories to a relative but that is all the other party will remain; a relative, in this case the original family composition has changed to that of a typical european nuclear family model which has put an additional load on the two parents as Ms. Rubina and Mr. Fayaz do not have the traditional family support framework in destination to help them deal with their children any longer.

The cultural background of the Ahmad family is also a concern that has resulted in certain hindrances while integrating with their new environment, this was demonstrated with the difficulty that Ahmad got with bullies at university and the disappointment and fret that Mr. Fayaz sensed at his educational certification not being considered eligible in the Australian work environment. The stress also confirmed on Ms. Rubina when she sensed mistrustful of me, furthermore the bed wetting shows of Abbas were symptomatic of enhanced stress levels as Maryam prepared me that he had never had this type of problem before.

There were of course the needs of the kids to take into consideration especially those of Abbas and Ahmad. The precise list of activities and techniques that I recommended for the children were:

Child specialist therapy for Abbas to help talk about the trauma of his parent's loss of life and the immediate culture surprise of switch from Kashmir to Australia.

Extracurricular activities for Maryam in order to enable her to emerge from her shyness and gain the self-confidence and self-esteem she needs to be able to activate in social connections effectively.

Ahmad requires counselling as well to be able to encourage better, more constructive outlets for his frustrations, bullying is often a significant concern to be dealt with when it comes to early child treatment and Ahmad's circumstance is not any exception but his situation is further compounded by the complexities of the previous experience in the stifling and somewhat constricted environment of Kashmir along with his experience in an exclusive college in Kashmir as opposed to a public university in Australia

In addition to the counselling steps for the kids I also recommended certain short-term technical training for Mr. Fayaz so that he doesn't feel stuck in a lower level employment circle in Australia due to his level not being accepted here.

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