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Is THE CONTINUING FUTURE OF Tourism A Secure One Travel and leisure Essay

Tourism identifies travel which is intended for the purposes of leisure, business or entertainment. Tourism can only occur when there are tourists. Tourists are the people who choose to travel and stay in destinations which, generally, aren't their regular daily conditions for a period of more than a day but not exceeding one year. Tourists travel for business, leisure and other purposes that are not related to the environments visited.

The United Nations classified Tourism in three varieties in 1994: domestic, inbound and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism will involve the travel of residents or residents of confirmed country in their country rather than outside. Inbound travel and leisure, entails non residents who opt to travel in a given country. Outbound is travel and leisure where residents of your country opt to travel to a different country.

The World Tourism Organization report of 2009 places the very best ten countries that drawn the highest volume of tourists to be France, the United States of America, Spain, China, Italy, UK, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, and Mexico. The Travel and leisure industry doesn't have a secure future because predicated on several parameters. Figures indicate that the amount of tourists who have been visiting different countries continues to dwindle over a yearly basis in a few tourist destinations because of several factors. These factors include dwindling economies, increasing gas prices, natural disasters, terrorism threats and local climate changes.

The economy of any country is a major factor that impacts the tourism industry. If people of a country are retrenched of their work, they become concerned about how they will pay their expenditures like hire and mortgage and therefore, they don't see the reason as to the reasons they should spend their money on travel. Many people around the globe always consider travel as a luxury that can only be indulged in when someone has made some extra income or when the times are really good. If the hard times come biting, one of the expenses that are always cut on many peoples budget is travel tourism. This is also true when the going options like cruises are expensive and costly. Therefore, the high cost and criteria of living cannot permit visitors to promote the travel and leisure industry because they consider it as a luxury, Stynes (2008 p. 37).

The dwindling economies have led to recessions and low purchasing electricity of men and women who travel and promote the tourism industry therefore making its future to be insecure. Folks are now reluctant to invest their money on tourism because of the decreasing and dwindling economies. High inflation also triggers a decrease in the purchasing ability of the countries and therefore when one region experiences a high rate of inflation and a decrease in the purchasing ability, then all the countries are affected. Therefore makes the tourism industry to be very insecure.

Gas prices also have had a direct effect on the travel and leisure industry. Associated with that, when people are spending more of their money on gas, they'll usually detest taking long street trips that they would have normally gone on. The added expenditure of pricey energy makes the visitors to have less money in their pockets. On the other hand, almost all of the firms involved in the tourism industry like bus companies and the airlines are also under obligations to pay for the gas as well. When the prices of gas go a bit higher, then your bus companies and the airlines often incur an extra cost. In return, they are compelled to increase their prices to take into account the price increase, forcing people not to go for travel and leisure trips because of the increased going costs. The price of gas is afflicted by many factors such as issues in the centre East where almost all of it is produced. There are many threats which do not seem to be to subside, and consequently oil prices are expected to continue increasing. This reason therefore makes the future of the tourism industry to be bleak and insecure.

Natural disasters are also factors that can own an influence or effect on some certain spots. Naturally, people will never be worried about going if they're strike by natural disasters and on the other hand, people will not be willing to visit tourist destinations which were struck by natural disasters. For example, if California was strike by a big earthquake, vacationers will hesitate to visit LA and other holiday areas which are located around. Tourist destinations which are commonly struck by the hurricanes are often shunned by the tourists. Over time, natural disasters have been increasing in rate of recurrence and strength. Tsunamis are taking place because of the weather changes which do not only have an effect on the atmosphere and the nations as well but also the earths crust. For example, when South East Asia was strike by Tsunami, 230, 000 lives of the coastal neighborhoods were taken which actually damaged the Travel and leisure industry. Recent earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions may become a common happening on the globe consequently of global warming which changes the earths crust. The natural disasters therefore decrease the number of visitors willing to go to different vacation spot sites thus making the Tourism industry to be insecure Watts (2009, p. 23).

The type of customers is also an essential factor which influences the Travel and leisure industry. This is attributed to the actual fact that different visitor industries all over the world will often sell their services to different kinds of tourists. That is also called market segmentation and it entails the identification of the several types or sets of customers who can be found in a country and the next treatment of each type of holiday as an extremely different segment. Some of the various types of vacationers that might need different treatment include the leisure visitors, business traveler, the independent visitor, the package holiday makers and this specific groups. Inability of the tourism industry to treat the tourists corresponding to their needs reduces the number of their clients and therefore creating a negative impact. This of course can make the travel and leisure industry to be insecure, Robin, (2010 p. 121, ).

Terrorism has always acquired a major effect on the economy of the world and particularly on the Tourism industry. The risks of terrorism are increasing on a daily basis as well as the intensity of the disorders The tendency that terrorists always have a tendency to affect on the famous tourism destinations is also a huge factor that has affected the tourism industry. Terrorism therefore remains one of the very most dreaded hazards to the Tourism industry because the US 9/11 problems. The latest visitor vacation spot to be attacked by the terrorisms is the Taj Mahal Hotel which is based in Mumbai India. As of now, each continent is faced with terrorist threats ranging from Africa to America, the Arab countries, South East Asia and even India. Neighboring countries that happen to be near the countries damaged by the terrorists attacks are a large be anxious to the global vacationers who always view the complete areas encompassing them to be unsafe for travel and leisure vacations. It therefore remains a fact that when catastrophe, battle or even terror strikes any country, the arrival of the vacationers in these countries will go on a declining end and this will negatively impact the economy of the countries which greatly rely on the tourism industry as a source of income. With possible threats of the terrorist episodes, the travel and leisure industry becomes very insecure, Hayde (2010, P. 18).

Another factor that can make the travel and leisure industry not to be secure is the local climate change which includes greatly afflicted many countries. The destruction of the natural eco-system worldwide will deplete all the beautiful sceneries and pets that are a major source of holiday attraction and for that reason making the continuing future of this sector to be bleak and insecure.

The advisory records and travel bans written by different countries advising its citizens against visiting some countries based on worries of the terrorist problems is also another factor that greatly impacts the travel and leisure industry. This current state of events demonstrates the actual fact that insecurity often hampers investment. Lots of the tourist vacation spot sites are therefore becoming insecure as a result of numerous travel bans enforced on them. Inability of the holidaymakers to travel to these tourism destinations makes this industry to be insecure.

The difference of tourism now and before is that unlike before, the current tourism sectors have appreciated the use of technology in that almost all of their services are programmed. Unlike before, one does not have to travel bodily to the head office of an airline company to reserve a seat to travel, instead, one can only log on to the websites of the airline industry and book the available seat tickets electronically to travel. Unlike before, communication and transport has greatly improved upon and thus allowed quicker and faster communication between your customer and the Travel and leisure industry. Trades are done quickly and effectively through the advantages of the internet and email services. The intro of the cell phones has also increased the communication aspects of the travel and leisure industry and as such the clients have the ability to inquire about the various services and goods being proposed by the tourism companies all over the world, Baines (1998 p. 162).

The advantages of e-commerce has unlike before managed to get possible for different tourism companies located worldwide to market their tourism destinations through the use of E-store. People happy to go to different tourist destinations across the world are able to view the sites on the internet that can be regarded as a reality and for that reason creating curiosity to allow them to physically visit the sites. Tourism products have therefore become about the most goods that are traded online with the arrival of e-commerce, a technology which did not are present before.

On the other palm, the invention of technology and good infrastructure has generated a number of problems for some of the countries with good holiday destinations. For example, terrorists hijacked planes and brought on a big loss on the house and lives of the American people in the September 9/11 attacks. The use of the internet in addition has created room for the hackers who get access to the relevant websites and private information of the travel and leisure industry and put it to use because of their own malicious profits. The intro of the harmful programs, also called the infections on the World Wide Web (the internet) in addition has created substantial loss for the travel and leisure industry since they have made the tourism sector to incur deficits in conditions of shedding very critical information in their organizations all over the world.

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