Jesus Is The Only METHOD OF Salvation Faith Essay

Why do we as Christians think that He is the only way to the Father. Since Christ is the source of life and fact, He must be the way to God Himself. 2 Personally i think that if you believe otherwise than what is obviously and plainly stated in the Bible, you are essentially declaring you know more than Jesus Himself understands. Many people would claim that is not what they are saying, but if we could contradicting this affirmation, that is essentially what we are saying. Many folks of this world, in todayїЅs contemporary society will dispute this affirmation and are extremely tolerant of different ways to access Heaven.

I love speaking with people concerning this scripture; I've actually recently done writing a sermon on this converse for my junior group. I understand this verse in John as our highway map to heaven. Therefore, faith comes from hearing the message, and the concept is listened to through the term of Christ. 3 The word books us and instructs us during our walk here on the planet. Believers know there is merely a good way to heaven and once we get saved we are on that pathway there. The Bible is our roadmap, clear instructions with everything we need along the way within His expression.

Jesus collected the disciples, even though the disciples didnїЅt know it at the time, they had collected around the desk with Jesus for what would be their last meal together. They already recognized that there is going to be different things about their time together that evening, for the night time had started with Jesus taking off his exterior garment, getting down on his legs, taking a basin and a fabric, and washing his disciplesїЅ legs. Unnerved, they sat round the table, probably pondering what was heading to happen next. They didnїЅt have to hold back long to find out. Jesus started speaking in ways that they had not heard him discuss before. First, he told them never to worry about the occasions to come. їЅWhat occurrences to come?їЅ they wondered. Then he informed them he was going away, but that he would come back and take them with him. їЅGoing away?їЅ This is going to be very hard for the disciples; they might not truly understand the consequences of what was to follow. He said IїЅI go to get ready a place for youїЅ. 4 While he was vanished he'd be doing a whole lot of work getting ready a place for them with His daddy in Heaven. Jesus also said in John 14:3 їЅI will come again, and acquire you unto myself. їЅ Jesus experienced already explained all of this to the disciples that he had to leave this globe for the Holy Soul to come here and live in the hearts of men. He also educated them that the only path on their behalf or anyone else to get to the daddy was through Him.

Thomas living true to his name didn't understand fully. He asked that they could know where they might be going, and exactly how these were to get there. Jesus said that He was just how, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus didnїЅt say there is another way, only this way. He obviously said that Nobody could easily get to the daddy except through Him. I donїЅt understand how people cannot get this and just why they still think there is other ways to Heaven. There is one way and only one way through Him. Not only was Jesus telling the disciples the way to get there, He also still left us the roadmap. We should all rejoice in the fact that He went also to get ready us a place to be with Him permanently. He will come back for His children and take us to maintain Heaven with Him permanently.

Jesus said, їЅI am just how, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me. їЅ Except, that is, by the street map that He offered us to know just how. їЅThe wayїЅ has nothing in connection with knowing or thinking in Jesus go to heaven, the simple truth is. їЅThe wayїЅ is not about a certain way of thinking or even being baptized in a certain way. Somewhat, as we are reminded, On the night where he offered himself up for us He took bread, gave thanks a lot and broke it, and offered it to them, stating, їЅThis is my body given for you; do that in remembrance of me. їЅ5 The best їЅwayїЅ to the Father is the way of the cross, the way of fatality and resurrection, just how of dying to do it yourself to ensure that we may live to Christ. That is why the apostle Paul visited the Corinthians vowing to proclaim їЅlittle or nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified. їЅ6 That's the reason he also told the Galatians that їЅI have been crucified with Christ; which is no more I who lives, but it is Christ who lives in me. їЅ7 To їЅdie to a vintage way of being and an old identity and to be born into a new way of being and a fresh id. їЅ8 That, as Jesus would say, is the only way to the Father.

There is an interesting commercial presently running on Television that I believe embodies that old way to be and that old identity much better than other things. You have probably seen it. It starts when a better half, after their old tv appears to have breathed its last, says to her man, їЅYouїЅre right, we need a new Tv set. їЅ The cams then minimize to the partner, whose face immediately lighting up at the very thought of having the latest big screen, high def, plasma TV, or whatever suspending on his wall structure. Instantly, to the strains of Freddie Mercury and Queen, music starts to fill the air. їЅI want it all, I'd like everything, and I'd like it now!їЅ A tone of voice then is overheard proclaiming that with the Chase Credit Card, you can have it all and you may have it now. Catchy, isnїЅt it? It kind of gets me all stirred up. Yet while it obviously is a superb ad advertising campaign, and great music to boot, it seems if you ask me to be a dreadful indictment of both our culture and ourselves. That commercial explains to us that the only way to enjoyment, that the only way to fulfillment, that the only path to life is by living for ourselves, by immersing ourselves in things, by living a life that is totally centered after ourselves.

But the combination of Christ, that central mark of our trust, presents a very different view of life. The gospel authors proclaim over and over again that the only path to the Father is through our dying to self applied and increasing to Christ; by turning from a life centered upon ourselves and turning towards a life centered upon God. And this turning away is the same way used by the prodigal, who arrived to himself and was then welcomed home from exile; it is the same way taken by the woman of Samaria, who changed away from the well and found that she was never thirsty again; it's the same way used by Lazarus, who was called out of the tomb and raised from the dead. There is only one way to life and, as Jesus confirmed us, it started out on that bad Friday evening. It finished on that glorious Sunday morning. Do you want to find that way? Then go on and pass away, and then let Christ increase you to life. For that is the only way to the daddy.

Perhaps the words of the old gospel hymn article writer Jessie Brown Pounder say it best. Although some may find other ways to put it, its words include a great truth. Listen closely:

my needs go home by the way of the mix,

ThereїЅs no alternative way but this;

I shall neїЅer get perception of the Gates of Light,

If just how of the combination I miss.

The way of the cross leads home,

The way of the combination leads home;

It is sugary to know, as I onward go,

The way of the combination leads home. 9

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9 Jesse Brown Pounder, їЅThe Method of the Mix Leads Home, їЅ The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal, Abingdon Press, Nashville, 1938, p. 141





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