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D. H. Lawrence grew up in a lesser class mining town in England with a father who possessed little education and functioned as a coal miner, an occupation his mother, the daughter of any engineer and a university teacher was not pleased with. The impact of Lawrence's upbringing can be seen in his fiction. An example is "The Rocking Horses Winner, " a tale which focuses on a boy's marriage with his mother. Lawrence explores the evils of capitalism and greed as observed in Paul's tragic fate. "This history criticizes those who equate love with money, success with happiness. " Paul in his goal to satisfy his mother's greed, in the hopes of receiving her love and passion, trips his toy rocking equine which mysteriously uncovers the brands of the top horse competition winners. By using his uncle and the family gardener, Paul gambles on the races and manages to succeed a large amount of money for his mother on her behalf birthday. However, this only fuels his mother's greed and want for additional. So Paul places out to try to win his mother additional money. He rides his rocking equine until he moves out and manages to lose his young life. Lawrence uses symbolism and character types to explain the way the love of materials things can and does indeed destroy young families who get caught in this trap.

The repetition of the word "there should be more income" throughout the storyline shows Lawrence's effort to emphasize capitalism and greed in society. This materialism is even more obvious after Hester gets her birthday present and to her son's disappointment, shows no gratitude for the main one thousand pounds, "her face hardened and became more expressionless". Instead, she wants all five thousand pounds paid out to her immediately. She succeeds in getting it and goes about redecorating the house and catering to her expensive flavour. This only makes the home whispers even louder, and mad for more income, which makes Paul even more troubled. Lawrence uses the covetousness and greediness of the mother and the result it has on her child to show how materialism can affect a family, creating undue stress for both parents and children. The family will not give attention to what they have, which are one another, but give attention to the material things they don't have and want, but don't need. As a society, the additional money we get, the more we want, and it is a constant cycle. Paul riding his toy rocking equine to an unknown destination symbolizes a constant quest to attempt to satisfy modern man's greed, because greed is insatiable.

Lawrence uses Hester's character to explain this truth. After she gets her birthday present, she wished all the five thousand pounds immediately and handles to get it, but it is still insufficient, because now the walls aren't whispering, but screaming for additional money. Aside from being dissatisfied and frustrated in her relationship, Hester also lacks affection for her children. She attempts to make up for it by purchasing them more toys. Despite her work to replace her lack of devotion, both she and her children know about the painful fact, "They read it in each other's eye. " Up to she may make an effort to conceal her emotions, the children can feel her disconnect no amount of gadgets can replace that. What Lawrence portrays here is that materials things cannot replace a mother's love and devotion for her family. The story's central theme is that the love of money cannot replace the love of an human being, and striving to get this to substitute only brings about society's destruction. The story "combines components of the supernatural and a fable with a number of Lawrence's favorite traits, including the unhappy marital romance, the capitalist obsession with work and money. " Lawrence condemns the mother's activities and shows the tragic effect her greed is wearing her family, especially her young kid.

The use of the non participant narrator provides Lawrence the capability to write the story so that he is able to show you the thoughts and motives of all the characters. The audience can see what is actually taking place in the hearts and heads of all the characters. This enables him to explore the inspiration of the people, which is greed, without having to compromise his stands on the issue. Hester, the mom is the central figure representing modern man's insatiable greed and young Paul is the poor victim who buys into the idea that money is the only path he can earn his mother's love and attention. In the end he wins big money for his mom, eighty thousand pounds, but this costs him his life. The mother's greed is compounded by the actual fact that even by her son's fatality bed, she is still considering money. "And even as he lay lifeless, his mother observed her brother's voice stating to her: My God, Hester, you're eighty strange- hundreds to the good, and a poor devil of your son to the bad. " How greedy can a mother be, to be looking at her useless son, rather than recognizing that she is to blame for his death but still be considering money?

Throughout the storyline, Lawrence efficiently uses symbolism and people to condemn the theory that money and material things can replace the love and affection shared in a family. No amount of money can make up for the heat and care and attention parents show their children. Hoping to replace love for money can have significant consequences on a family. Though the case of Hester and Paul in the "Rocking Horses Winner" tend to be more extreme, closing in death, striving to displace the parental love and affection with material things can have dangerous outcomes for families. "To supplant love with money is a deception through which everyone can see. In the tale, no person is fooled. " Capitalism, greed and modern man's search for material things can be damaging to our modern culture and in the end most of us loose. As Lawrence himself said in his poem, "Money Madness", "We should regain our sanity about money, / before we start killing one another about it. / It's a very important factor or the other. "

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