Making Mix Functional Decisions


Strategic management is the art and research of formulating, putting into action and analyzing cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to attain its targets. It consists of the systematic recognition of specifying the firm's targets, nurturing insurance policies and strategies to achieve these targets, and acquiring and making available these resources to put into action the policies and strategies to achieve the firm's objectives.

Strategic management also combines the actions of the various functional sectors of the business, such as marketing, sales, development to attain organizational goals. It really is generally the highest degree of managerial activity, usually imitated by the board of directors and executive team. Strategic management hope to provide overall course to the company has ties to the field of group studies.

Strategic planning is a management tool, period. In short, proper planning is a disciplined effort to produce important decisions and activities that form and guide what a business is, what it can, and why it can it, with a concentrate on the future.

Strategic management also allocates the right amount of resources to different parts of your business so that those assigned to particular goals have what they have to meet their aims. This ranges from providing your personnel with the right resources to enacting systems where employees receive the necessary training, all work functions are tested, and all information and data generated is recorded. To effectively manage your business strategically, every inch of your company must have its needs met in these ways.

Furthermore, one must know that two businesses can't be same and there should be some basic distinctions between them. Because of this, the goals and the plans of action are different for each and every business. Plus, the strategies for long-term and short term development should vary and these have to be applied separately.

QUESTION 1: Discuss how someone can be a manager however, not a innovator, a leader but not a director, and both a director and a head.

A manager is a person with employment of overseeing a number of employees or office to ensure these employees or departments do their job or designated responsibilities as required. A supervisor helps others to get more done by motivating the employees, providing guidelines, ensuring the employees working alongside one another towards a standard goal, and providing responses.

A new supervisor may be in charge of a little team or a little job. Usually a senior administrator will watch over his / her work. The director must learn the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, instruct a work to the associates, guiding associates to attain goals, provide the tools needed by the team and motivate these to do their process.

Usually, a fresh manager has limited responsibility for the money issues and little chances to approve or make an expenditures. They have to review and approve timesheets for his or her employees and could have the chances to approve expenditure accounts. The term of manager is not similar for leader since the two terms are not the same. A manager must ensure the appropriate delivery of human resources and financing to meet the routine daily productivity objectives. The supervisor is known as detailed oriented.

Mangers don not see the overall picture and are less interested regarding the long-term commercial goals and objective. They come to mind about details; because of this, they don't make them a good leader. Some professionals may have certain management qualities however they remain too focused on their daily operations and are unable to provide way and eye-sight to the organization. A manager strategies, organizes, leads, and settings whereas a leader effect others through communication, desire, discipline, direction and dynamics

Typically, the goals are place for a newbie manager by someone higher ranking in an firm. Here, the supervisor have to build up a plan to attain the goal set. They need to provide feedbacks with their employees as they use those programs.

To be a manager, expanding skills whatsoever level is important. At a beginning level, examples of two area in which a manager need to focus their skill development will be the ability to manage their conferences and growing their own planning tools such as to do a list.

A leader differs from manager. A head is somebody who has perspective, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the abilities to make it happen. A leader visit a problem that needs to be fixed or a goal that needs to be achieved.

A leader is also somebody who books others towards a common goal, demonstrating the employees by example and creating a host in which other team members feel productive and involved with any process or job. A leader is a good listener. Market leaders have to keep their head available to other's ideas. They can produce new ways to accomplish the goal place. It is the leaders job to make certain that everyone in the group has been heard. Market leaders have to listen to the associates ideas and hear their criticism for advancements.

Leaders have to be focus all the time. They need to continue remind themselves and the associates of the goals and mission. Staying on track and keep the team members on the right track, the team will remain motivated plus more productive. As leader of the group, it's important that you plan time to talk with your team to establish and check-in about the goals you desire to achieve.

Leaders also need to be organized. Leaders are sensible in a lot of things and might be very active sometimes. A leader can arranged the shade for the team. A head who is arranged helps motivate associates to be arranged as well. As the leader, you're accountable for a great deal and you're likely to be very active at times. However, you still need to find time to talk with your team. A good way to do that is to set frequent conferences, so that no question or concern goes too long without attention.

Leaders also need to be decisive. Although an important part of being a leader requires listening to folks surrounding, they need to understand that they aren't always heading to have the ability to reach a bargain. When this happens, don't be fearful to help make the ultimate decision, even if some team members disagree with the plans.

Confident is the most crucial characteristics of an leader, leaders have to believe themselves and the success of the associates. Show others that you are dedicated, smart, and proud of what you are doing.

A manager quite simply directs resources to complete predetermined goals or tasks. For instance, a administrator may take part in hiring, training, and scheduling employees in order to perform work in the most efficient and affordable manner possible. A administrator is considered a failure if they are unable to complete the job or goals with efficiency. .

On the other hands, a leader in a company builds up individuals to be able to complete predetermined goals and assignments. A leader grows relationships with their employees by building communication, exampling images of success, and by showing loyalty.

As an example of a manager, A firm CEO directs Wong, one of the companies becoming more popular managers, to hire enough new employees to provide the company with a customer service department. Wong undertakes his job with enthusiasm. He hires only those employees who can work the assigned time, will accept the modest pay, and have experience employed in customer support. He trains his new employees to perform the work to his goals and assigns the employees to their new positions. Wong options his success in conditions of efficiency, message or calls handled per hour, and cost efficiency, for example did he meet his budget?. However, Wong didn't foresee that of the employees he chosen, only a few would remain working half a year later.

Moreover, for example of a head, Ahmed obtains the same assignment as Wong. Ahmed hires employees that he thinks he can form a working marriage with, versus just those employees who will worked the designated hours and take the modest pay. Ahmed's goal is to employ a diverse group of employees, some of who don't have any customer support experience, who he feels he can develop a personal interconnection. A large part of Ahmed's training includes team building, revealing successful stories, and listening to each employee's own wishes for what constitutes a fulfilling job. Ahmed still assigns his employees their job tasks and schedules at the end of training, and he also actions success in terms of productive and cost efficiency, but he also measures success in conditions of low worker turnover, staff morale, and staff development. Ahmed feels proud when one of is own employees obtains an advance level position a year or two after being chosen.

The skills to be a innovator or a manager are not exclusive in nature. A head who only shows command skills will be ineffective when it comes to verifying time cards, concluding employee reviews, and scheduling employee holiday time; things that employers require their professionals to do on timely bases. Likewise, a director who spends all his/her time completing paperwork and reading reviews; only creates more problems for him or her because they lack a expanding relationship with their employees.

Many companies, one person may play the role of both leader and director. In others, these roles are completed by different people. And in many cases, the assignments overlap and leaders need to control and professionals need to lead. However, it is important that both assignments are performed effectively for a business to achieve success, especially a firm with employees. Without a vision for the future, a company does not have any direction and no goals for which to strive. Good leaders are created not born. When you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through the never ending procedure for self-study, education, training, and experience. As being a manager who would like to become a better leader to inspire your employees into higher degrees of teamwork, there are certain things you must be, know, and, do. These do not come in a natural way, but are bought through continual work and review. Good market leaders are regularly working and learning to boost their authority skills. Leaders and managers also have much different conceptions of work itself. Leaders develop new approaches to long-standing problems. Market leaders work in high-risk positions because of a strong aversion to mundane work. Conversely, professionals view are an allowing process. Professionals tolerate sensible, mundane work due to a strong survival instinct which makes them risk-averse. These are good at achieving compromises and mediating issues between opposing perspectives, but lack the influence to avoid future issues.

QUESTION 2: Identify two completely different organizations that remain competitive over a cost control strategy and describe how they do that, i. e. find out what they do that enables those to keep their prices low.

The cost control strategic is to gain a competitive gain. Make it into a simple word, cost authority is reduce the cost to struggle with their competitor in same industry. The business who need to earn more profit, must decrease the cost to ensure they aren't waste any tool. The cost that has reduce more, the company will gain more revenue and easy to endure on the market share.


Anakku as famous is providing the baby product. The business is celebrated 38th anniversary in Malaysia in 2011. Therefore, the business has their edge to survive in this market. Anakku produce the baby products obtain it the mission is built on a solid, solid groundwork of superior quality, safety and stability. The product have been sell by Anakku are fashion-wear for very young children, nourishing equipment, toiletries, diapers, accessories, strollers, playpens plus more.

Baby Kiko

Creating style & glamour, fun & comfort for the tiny ones. Is the brand name of Baby Kiko. Baby Kiko is a brand extention from KIKO. Baby Kiko is creating in Malaysia for over twenty years. Baby Kiko is one of the very most more popular baby brand in Malaysia, known for quality, trendy style, and marketing imagination. The product which have been sell are toddler clothing, nourishing accessories to weaning products, baby cleaning to baby skincare products.

Cost Management Strategic

Both companies have completed their cost command strategic, therefore, both company may survive in the market taking a long period time. Each of them has the plan to decrease the cost and increase their profit.

Not even thought, both companies also using the Michael Site 5 force to use the companies. And they no using an excessive amount of advertising to promote their product, so that, the price will follow decrease.

Next, almost all of the products like cloth or accessories are make by them. The routine and the design had been created, so, the firms will produce it using their own manufactory. Follow by this, both companies will try to lessen the destruction of the merchandise. They will make sure the merchandise is good. The after-sales service is one of the parts they can do, and obtain the feedback from the clients, and move on to improve easier to the customers need.

Within the Michael Site 5 forces, First of all, the bargaining electricity of company. For the infant Kiko Company, all the merchandise are make by own, so that, the natural materials of they used is direct from the manufactory, so the price of the product can easy to under control.

An contrary, about the Anakku Company, some if the products like carseat or gadgets are make from the products. Typically, the Anakku Company will control by the provider. But, for the Anakku Company, the key product for sell is clothing and the accessories like containers, teethers, feeding accessories and etc. If the supplies boost the price, so they'll change the provider to obtain the raw material and make an effort to product good product for their customers.

Next, the bargaining electric power of customer or buyer is one of the pushes that both companies used. The price had been place and the customers no have too much or no have capacity to argue to reduce the price. The complete product had been fix price, unless the company does the campaign like discount, therefore the customer will get the lower price of the product. Both companies have provided onsite service and after-sale service. And some of the product will give about a week to 1 12 months of warranty rely upon the product.

The threats of the entry of new competition will also influence the price. If got new competitor sign up for into this industry, the business will spend additional money to do advertising as like discount or adverting to catch the attention of people. This kind of money will raise the cost, therefore the profit will been cut down. Often, both company had been survive in Malaysia taking a long period time, they may have their own acceptance in this country.

For the Anakku Company, they largely are produce the security and useful product. The product no easy to harm plus some of the merchandise have the warrantee to attract the customer to buy it. This is actually the edge for them and no need scare about the new competition to attempt to assault them.

Besides that, the infant Kiko Company more is dependant on the creative and progressive product to appeal to customers. The look and the style are new and appearance nicely. Predicated on the customers, they'll take responses and get the new the info to produce the product. Those will be the good thing about the both companies; the new rival does not have too much electric power and cost to survive.

Other than that, the strength of competition rivalry it may also influence the price. Take a basic term, 'who can get the low cost, who will win in the market. ' Therefore, the company must have the power and the capability to run the business enterprise.

For Anakku Company, they have many branches in the Malaysia. It'll easy to focus on market and the customers. Anakku Company as a wholesaler in any other case as a store. They retail the merchandise directly to the client, so that, the price will never be too high to be studied. The technology of Anakku Company use is high-tech machine. Regarding the above declaration, the Anakku Company does not have an excessive amount of advertising. Running the business around 30 years, the reputation gets the value on the customers.

For Baby Kiko, they are wholesale to the stores that are really preferred to sales. Some hypermarket like Partson or The Store, we can see Baby Kiko product. General to other store, it can deduct the price of employee and no need searching the location to run over the business. The customers who are favor to sell the item, they will delivery it. It may decrease the cost with it. Not that, Baby Kiko Company also though the internet to promote the product. Among the major website is 'Facebook' to promote. It is cost-free and can also attract more folks to know the new product.

Other than that, the labour power it may effect the cost available. Anakku Company is more focus on the retail sales, so that, the staff will taking more and more, so the cost relative increase. From manufactory to the store, these are too many employees to work. But, the infant Kiko no taking too much of employee, because they have using the technology like machine or general to other seller. The price taking is the transport fee.

At last, which companies keep carefully the lower cost; it could easy and grow the business enterprise. Besides that, properly using the fresh material and don't simply squander too much. As the waste will escort influence the price. Have a good plan of cost management, the company more easy to survive on the market share.

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