Miami Dade Country Disaster

The entire nation is facing an era where being technologically skilled is in popular. However, a lot of people are inevitably being left out not just because of the high cost of pcs or even the fact that there is lack of internet access their current address but, the actual fact they haven't any interest in the content causing a digital divide amongst each other.

Natural and man-made disasters punch suddenly and leave behind lives shattered by either physical accident or mental health upset. Different parameters impact everyone differently. For the Disaster Management System to be effective they must get over many obstacles such as the response to emergencies by the several cultures inside a community. Clarifying safety measures the general public should take throughout a catastrophic event, making sure the public can be part of the disaster response, or not having an effective partnership with community business are some factors that can be damaging to the framework of the Emergency Management System. However, despite the obstacles disaster management system face they play an important role throughout a disaster. Catastrophic loss can be reduced with early warning systems, better preparedness on the list of populations vulnerable, and having early and effective response systems set up.

Miami- Dade Region experiences a variety of natural catastrophe including hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding. Very much like natural catastrophe, the upsurge in terrorist activities is now a visible concerns among people because they can strike any place, any time with any weapon. Although it remains impossible to forecast when and in which a disaster will happen, knowing risk before a disaster strikes is critical for people to understand. The influences can be reduced if personal safety precautions would be studied. Every community should be prepared for different disasters and have a plan of action set up. Board selection of factors affect the preparedness activities during and after a disaster. Risk belief is strongly associated with disaster preparedness because individuals must understand a risk to be encouraged to initiate preparedness actions (Sattler et al. 2000, Miceli et al. 2008). Disaster preparedness varies by education at the city levels, competition and ethnicity, socioeconomic, and community characteristics.

Cultural and religious influences make a difference reactions to natural devastation. Getting a valid assessment of vulnerability and risk is crucial to avoid additional burdens after a disaster strikes. Broad range of factors which could influence preparedness activities within the Miami-Dade Region is contingent on social factors that impact the ability to recognize the risk of a disaster no unique of their everyday interpersonal conditions. For instance, minority populations are in less attractive locations with an increase of crime rates. Many end up secluded to their homes and day-to-day situations and tend to perceive the true risk of dangers because they might not exactly have access to social marketing or have even cable television. Alas, technology is sweeping the globe and causing a distance between years and even those across poor countries (Carey, 2011). Having access to information can enhance specific cognitive and learning skills promoted better preparedness for disasters. Catastrophe education interventions is influential in increasing awareness and knowledge of a tragedy. Serious changes must be accepted inside a community to increase resiliency and enhance disaster preparedness actions. As Flynn said "People must be willing to make pragmatic changes, such as relocating when their homes are regularly ruined or attaining deeper into their pockets to cover the communications and other tools neighborhoods need to improve their robustness, resourcefulness, and recovery capabilities prior to the next crisis. (Flynn, 2007, p. 7)

Therefore, mental and social changes in post devastation can be minimized with early on psychosocial interventions. Needless to say people make modifications, but also for some it will never be the same.

Disasters can cause many visitors to have trouble coping and time for normal daily functions especially if it was witnessing some kind of terrorism event


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