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Middle East before the introduction of Islam


Explain the characteristics of the Middle East prior to the advancement of Islam. Introduce Islam and the overall impact it acquired on the Middle East.

Introduce the three examples you have chosen as proof the changes Islam brought about.

Thesis-state the impact of Islam on the individuals and culture of the center East as shown in the samples you've chosen and the compare you'll be making

Transition-prepare the audience for the first subject of the essay.

I. Before, Islam the pre-Islamic Arabs religions were Bedouin polytheism, Judiasm, and Christianity. Mecca was the center of Bedouin polytheism using its Ka' ba, that was used as a temple for their religion. By 7th century Islam had surfaced. One might speculate, how have Islam become a predominant religion to the people of the center East? Along, came Muhammad in 612!He put a turn off to the pagan world and presented "monotheism". He changed society because, at that time, the majority of "the Arabs were pagans who worshipped local Gods, believe in spirits, and called on soothsayers for prophesies. " He taught them that they should only be worshiping One God, and he's the creator of the world. Muhammad also confirmed social conduct and taught the Arabs morals. He taught the Arabs to live on the way God intended those to live, and created a community based on equality, justice and compassion. First, Islam has impact the people and culture by adding moral codes so they can improve as a contemporary society. Secondly, got there been no Islam, women in the center Eastern society would have extended being deprived with their rights. Society treated women as if these were sex objects instead of equal humans.

Lastly, today, you can look at the Middle East and start to see the exceptional aesthetic arts, ceramics and structures. From the breathing taking mosques to the calligraphy, you can start to see the major influence Islam has had on the center East fine art and architecture. Overall Islam has helped transition the Middle East morally, socially, and culturally. If Islam had not been brought to the Middle East society would not have moral rules today, tribes would remain, and bloody wars between tribes.

Body 1

The concentrate of the content of the paragraph should be considered a summary of the First example or area you are talking about as proof Islam's impact upon the Middle East.

In this paragraph you should totally make clear the example. For instance, if you decided to go with women's rights as one of your illustrations, you will clarify what Islam areas regarding women's protection under the law and how it enforces women's rights. This paragraph must show your demand of the example you have chosen.

Example-use a specific quotation or scholarly evidence that provides evidence of the Islamic teaching.

The Midsection East will be a devastation without Islam. One of the most crucial things Islam did for the Middle East is established moral codes because of their world. These moral rules came from the Qur'an and were used to help condition their modern culture. It dished up as a primary direction from Allah himself, and described what was appropriate, expected, right and incorrect. Some key moral codes Islam has create are society's regulations must be obeyed, fornication and lewd action are forbidden, and intoxication is forbidden. The complete reason for these codes could it be is for a guy or women's duty to live his / her life matching to Allah's dictations. Islam enforces these moral rules by informing society if they're not pursuing these rules, they aren't living in accordance to what Allah wants, and will need to pay the consequence for his or her actions. "For each bad action there's a consequence" is a a wonderful quote to use in reference to the Islamic teachings, because Allah is observing your every action and you'll be held accountable in the afterlife.

Body 2 -This paragraph will address the First example that you summarized in the last paragraph and make clear how this example is the result of Islam's impact.

Clarify the context before the advancement of Islam in order to make your point that the changes you are talking about are a direct result of Islam.

Analysis-Explain how the work you defined in the last paragraph is the result of Islam.

Relationship-Explain how the example you have chosen is evident in the Middle East following the spread of Islam and has significantly modified the center East.

Life without Islam remaining the Arabs morally deprived. Life was pointless, it experienced no interpretation or purpose. There is no guidance to help them set up morals for themselves. Instead, the pagans depended on soothsayers and spirits for answers and decisions. Through the Pre-Islamic Time the Bedouins of the 7th century lacked a unifying religious system. They had no unification, religion, or much in the form of moral code, given that they were mostly concerned with daily pleasure. There is also no federal, therefore there was no sense of legislation or moral code. Really the only law of the land was lawlessness. This resulted in people would take regulations to their own hands, they became compulsive drinkers, and fornication and leading were appropriate. In the event a crime was devoted, the injured get together took rules in its own hands, and tried out to manage "justice" to the offender. Islam put a stop to many of these immoral behaviors. Islam brought laws and regulations provided within the Qu'ran to ensure society's laws are obeyed, and also to forbid intoxication, fornication and lewding patterns. The spread of Islam and has significantly evolved the center East, because ever since Islam the center East has turned into a population that now has moral standards the people follow. They know the difference between right and wrong, and what they can do and cannot do, because they are immediate instructions from Allah himself.

Body 3

The concentration of the content of the paragraph should be considered a summary of the next example or area you are discussing as proof Islam's impact upon the Middle East.

Before Islam was created in the Middle East, women did not carry any value in contemporary society. They were not well known and were treated more like items. Islam has improved upon the typical of living for females and increased their privileges. Islam states that the position of Muslim women is the same as the men. Regarding to Allah in the Qu'ran both have are equivalent and have equivalent tasks to uphold the lifestyle he wants those to live. Even the Islamic prophet emphasized the value of treating women evenly. He always cared for women with the up most respect and was very kind to them. "Treat your women well and become kind for them for they are your companions and devoted helpers"-Prophet Muhammad-

Body 4-This paragraph will address the Second example which you summarized in the last paragraph

Same format as body 2-with example 2

Prior to implementing Islam, women experienced no status in society. They were treated like territory, and the male school dominated everything. They were not allowed to choose their partner. A male would choose their partner, and she no choice but to accept. When a women were divorced, she'd have to stay divorce, remarrying had not been allowed. Today's day, an average window generally in most circumstances should be able to inherit their deceased husband's belongs. However, men in the pagan Arab population would highly disagree. A window was not entitled to inherit her partner stuff, instead it was to be passed down to the son in the family. Furthermore, she had not been permitted to inherit any belongs from her parents. There have been no set restrictions about how many wives a many can marry. He was absolve to have as many as he wished. Corresponding to www. womeninislam. ws says, there were no laws that said a man beating his better half was undesirable.

Although historically women are often seen as a lower school, the Islamic Qur'an explained that girls are add up to men, giving women the possibility to seek their rights. After Islam was followed in the centre East, it transformed women's protection under the law and living benchmarks significantly, instead of treating women like property corresponding to Allah, men were necessary to take full care and attention of their women. "4:34 MEN SHALL take full care of women with the bounties which God has bestowed more abundantly on the previous than on the second option, and using what they may spend out of these possessions. " A women can pick her spouse, and divorce her spouse if she dreams. Verse 2:228 says, Women experience a three month a three month waiting around period, without remarrying. When the time is over the partner can either take them again or let their wives go. The men cannot force the women to stay, if the women does not want to matching to verse 4:19 "It is not lawful that you can [try to] become heirs to your wives [by keeping them] against their will. " Men and women have equal protection under the law here, because they both have the decision of leaving if indeed they desire. She can also inherit belongs from her parents and deceased man. A guy is prohibited to get several wives and beating her is undesirable. None of this could happen with no miracle of Islam.

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