Midsummer Night's Wish Shakespeare

A Midsummer Times Wish, one of Shakespeare's best known and greatly read comedies, provides an enchanting, funny comedy with lots of interesting plotlines. In the play, he shows his many views on life and its themes. One particular theme is love. Love is a very complex subject that is explored by many people inside our world because of its mysterious nature. There are certain characteristics of love that are totally unpredictable and even outside our very own control. William Shakespeare sets these general principles together and incorporates them into the reputable comedy. In the play, Shakespeare accurately implies that love isn't always what it appears to be. His superior use of dialogue between character types and imaginative fiction give the reader an understanding of the hardships, problems and various "forms" of love. Through the entire play, he emphasizes these different types of love; he demonstrates love is blind, inconstant, and cruel to anybody unto which its mysterious power details.

Love is an integral part of life that may be ever-changing. Shakespeare shows that love is not always constant, and can transform in very unpredictable patterns. This theme is most obvious among the various lovers within the play. At the beginning of the play, Lysander and Demetrius created a "love triangle" with Hermia at the apex and Helena being almost non-existent. Both men worshiped Hermia, begging on her behalf acceptance, and attempting to gain her father's trust. As the funny progresses, the triangle shifts magically in an abrupt manner. Lysander, who in a single instant is madly deeply in love with Hermia, suddenly awakens to find himself obsessed with Helena. Demetrius also fell in love with Helena, experiencing the same desire as Lysander. Both men went from caring Hermia to adoring Helena very quickly. After caring Helena for some time, Lysander quickly went back to caring Hermia after being treated of the fairy magic. Real love and life-giving vows aren't easily destroyed, but remain malleable. The turning of couples shows that love doesn't last and is with the capacity of changing immediately despite anyone's best efforts.

Love doesn't always have a happy finishing; in fact, it could be very cruel by instigating bafflement, fights, and hauling sorrowful feeling. Lysander originally swore his life to Hermia in the beginning of the play. He was willing to do anything to achieve her love and make her happy. However, love-in-idleness induced him to fall season deeply in love with Helena instead. He then swore to Helena, and practically dumped Hermia after contacting her an Ethiope, tawny tartar, vile thing, and other terrible insults. Hermia was very upset and acquired no notion of why Lysander would say those types of things to her after swearing to her. In her devastation, she even went as far as expressing that she would wipe out herself. Love's cruel aspect caused her to gain a different attitude even about her own well-being.

Love also had an impact on Helena and Hermia's youth camaraderie as well. The arguing between Demetrius and Lysander annoyed both of the ladies. Hermia seems cheated, lost, and mixed up, and Helena is the first person she will get at fault. Helena, however, considers everything is some type of cruel technique against her, and subsequently blames Hermia for becoming a member of the men in her mockery. They continue fighting, shouting insults, and venting anger on one another. Because of the effect of love associated with Lysander and Demetrius, Helena and Hermia's marriage improved completely. The companionship they had prior to the argument contrasts greatly with their hostility later. This change results in the damage of the women's rely upon one another.

Another example of cruel love can be found in Demetrius and Helena's romance in the beginning of the play. Helena was begging for Demetrius's love, offering to be his spaniel, and openly allowing him to utilize her. This keen love, however, is not came back by Demetrius, for he is blinded by his love for Hermia. He completely ignores her, despite Helena being madly deeply in love with him. Demetrius's ignorance of Helena is a cruel act of rejection, and triggers Helena are affected even more.

A last place where Shakespeare makes this theme evident is in the plotline of the "play in just a play". The play was supposed to be a "comedy", but was more of a tragedy then anything else. The two enthusiasts, Thisby and Pyramus, adored each other a great deal that these were willing to do anything. Stricken with grief, all of them tragically finished up committing suicide after convinced that their spouse was dead. This shows that love's cruelty can cause immense pain, sorrow, and may also put lives at stake.

Love can also cause anybody to act upon impulse with no rational thought. This blind love starts off complications and it is difficult to regulate due to lack of reasonable thought. Both Lysander and Demetrius occurred to fall deeply in love with Helena scheduled to love-in-idleness. They praised her, swore vows to her, and even fought over her. Despite Helena hoping them both away, both these men senselessly persisted. Puck makes take note of these habits and blatantly states his judgment: "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" Their persistence can be an example of lack of logical thought and openly shows Shakespeare's interpretation of blind love as he contains it in to the comedy.

Blind love is also visible in the two lovers, Lysander and Hermia. They made a rash decision to run away despite understanding that abuse could be very severe if they were caught. They feel strengthened by the mere considered "togetherness" and are willing to take dangers that they would not normally think of taking. The natural exhilaration of love causes these to be artificially self-confident and eliminates their reasoning. This type of impulsive behavior demonstrates Shakespeare's theme of blind love.

Perhaps the greatest example of this kind of love deals with Titania and her peculiar affinity to Bottom. She madly fell in love with Bottom (anticipated to love-in-idleness) regardless of the fact that he previously the head of ass. Towards the finish of the play, she is seen caressing his ears, winding him in her biceps and triceps, and putting plants in his brain. Her love for the ass shows that she unconsciously decided to look with the mind rather than the eye. Titania's lacking ability to do this shows that her reason has disappeared, and has blindly dropped under the intoxication of love.

Shakespeare skillfully produces each one of these themes regarding the challenges of love within the play. Love can be very powerful, cruel, and on occasion intoxicating to the idea of stupidity. The shifting love triangle, fighting, breaking of friendships, and irrational pondering all illustrate these themes or templates of love. Through all these good examples, Shakespeare subtly makes it recognized to the reader that real love is tricky to find and really should be valued when given the chance. Even though true love is still very much a individuals ideal, the reader is continuously reminded that love isn't always what it appears. It places an tremendous burden of responsibility and commitment onto anyone's shoulders. Shakespeare even makes this connection himself as it is straight explained in the play by Lysander: "The course of real love never did run steady. "

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