My Preferred Ethical Zoom lens Philosophy Essay

My preferred ethical lens is the Right and Responsibility and Connection Lens. Which means that I balance my reason skills and my intuition sensibility to ascertain both universal guidelines that every person should follow (autonomy) the operations that will ensure fairness and justice for any locally. I trust most of my own preferred lens, and some of these I disagree with. A few of my lens enjoys my blind location, I can agree with it. Some of my strength and my weakness I disagree and trust. My core principles and my resultant patterns I can relate with. It feel like I'm reading a e book about myself some are true, plus some is not.

What I find out about my Personal Preferred Lens is the fact that I fall up under the proper and Responsibility and Relation Lens. What I got from this is the fact that I'm a very fair person. I'd like to see everyone with a fair package. Everyone should care for their own duties in life and be held in charge of what they do. I really believe in justice for all. It doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, dark-colored or white.

My blind place should not be my blind area. I totally disagree with this. It ought to be one my strengths. Though it is saying I'm doing the right thing. I don't see that it's leading to people pain in error, but I'm still reasonable, and. My blind place make me sound like a monster with no heart that only value is justice that.

What I find out about my strength is that I feel good when many people are treated equal. I believe in loyalty, and consistency. I can't stand to lie to people I love to tell the reality and up hold my term. I'm an extremely responsible person. I love doing whatever is reasonable is for the folks. I agree with this because I am lead person on my job and I'm always in charge. I try to be fair for everybody that is in my group or in another group.

My weakness claims that I'm a bossy person. Somebody who appears over everyone to get my way. I don't like to listen to reason once my brain is made up. Then I will miss use my power I will force my will on others because of their own good. If I'm not attending to I will exempt myself from the guidelines and the individuals in my community from following the rules. I'll lay claim myself and my group above regulations. I disagree with this because this sound desires a dictatorship. Where I make the rules and if I feel just I can break the guidelines for me personally, and my people if I feel just like it. I am completely against this.

My core values are that Personally i think that everyone should be judge equal to add up to all. I sometimes look over how I feel to be sure I'm making the right decision about concern I try to be fair to all, and that everyone should be too. So we can all get good ethical results.

The very first thing I will do is to fix my weakness and my blind areas. Because these things look like they'll stop me from learning to be a successful student at U. O. P. The second thing I will do is look within my strengths therefore i can make some advancements. I was educated that there surely is always room for improvement, you should try to improve yourself everyday regardless of what you do give it your all. Third thing I'll do is to apply my core beliefs to my lessons. I will be holding me in charge of my action when i go to school at the U. O. P.

I agree and I disagree with my Preferred Ethical Lens. Something's that I found in my own blind spot, Personally i think like it is incorrect. It sounds like I'm a poor person or monster for justice of some sort. I am prepared to focus on these issues. Despite the fact that I think some of these things are on point about me I must work hard to stay focus on my education. Sometimes I really do overlook things or maybe quick to judge with extreme justice. I will slow down and think about other thoughts as I really do this. I agree with my core ideals, and the resultant conducts. These thing will be very useful if you ask me while enroll in the U. O. P.

Lynay Jones

Word Count 436

Personal character traits will vary according to every individual. We as individuals come from all varieties of different ethnical backgrounds including race, religions, morals, and cultural. They are how our character traits are decided as individuals. After taking my preferred zoom lens test, I found out some very interesting personal traits about myself.

My personal preferred lenses are, " Result and Reputation Lens". I listen to my intuition (sensibility) to look for the greatest good for each individual (autonomy) and the character characteristics and virtues that will best serve the city (equality).

My blind area says i am satisfied with too little good or unrealistic role goals. Sometimes I neglect to be accountable to those who are depending on me. I have a tendency to rely too much on virtues associated with a specific role, forgetting that individuals are fallible regardless of their role. I have to learn how to simply accept reality, and place expectations that will allow me to greatly respond out my role and become more in charge of my activities towards people who rely on me, I must stop placing myself away there as a person who can do everything and just accept the items I could do as an individual.

My strengths are that we create that biggest good by living out duties. I am also defined as an ethical person who makes responsible choices that benefit various individuals at the same time. I also demonstrate strong leadership in my jobs to encourage others to do the same. My weakness is the fact I am self-righteousness or cutting down decisions to a cost benefit. If I do not ensure that all have free will, I could run the risk of lowering decisions to a small and simply financial cost.

My key value is a balance between self and more. I value autonomy and equality similarly; interdependence is my goal and harmonizing the privileges of individuals with the well-being of the city. I reasonably value sensibility, following the guts to make advisable choices. I am tempered by rationality, using reason to find the rules of life.

I will apply my own ethics to UOPX, by continuing to be respectful and add up to others, no matter their ethics. I will set good practical role goals that I am satisfied with in the end. I will also continue being and be more in charge to myself and others that depends on me. I'll severely, rather than moderately value other's thoughts so that I could make sensible selections towards them. I will learn to be less tempered, more level-headed using reason to adapt to the truth of life.

Nichole Smay

Word Count number 530

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