Ned Kelly Is An Australian Legend English Literature Essay

Today I am talking about Ned Kelly whom I am certain almost all of u has noticed off. Ned Kelly is an Australian legend and for u guys to understand his views and intentions I am reading out a letter written by me as Ned Kelly predicated on real facts from his life. So i want to begin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Community,

I Ned Kelly was created in Beveridge, Victoria in 1854 into an Irish family. From my years as a child I have seen severe cruelty on the indegent people by the abundant individuals and powerful authorities people like the polices. Like many poor individuals then, we were motivated out of our very own land by the abundant familes. We being deprived of the basic privileges was forced to choose the wrong path and got involved with stealing and other criminal activities in oder to make it through. My children was no exception, my stepfather was the finest equine thief in his time and I learnt the trait pretty well sticking to him. There isn't much good memory that I can recall from my young life except I remember saving a man in school from drowning and being presented with a renewable belt by the principal. Like lots of the migrants i quickly was famous with the local people for my athletic capacity and bravery. I regeret to say, I am blessed in a time where there is absolutely no term as justice for all of us poor people. The polices hold the dirtiest mind plus they don't even see us as humanbeings. The police punish the indegent people accuse them of bring thieves and punish them without even providing them with an opportunity to defend themselves. I myself became one of such victim at an extremely young age. WHILE I was 15 a local policeman emerged to arrest my uncle wrongly accusing him of stealing a equine and I therefore pleaded for his innocence and therefore of the making myself a target of the authorities for the others of my entire life. Ever since that day, the police has became my shadow plus they never really still left me. At the age of 15 I was first sent to jail for 3 years being accused of stealing a equine which I realized nothing about. AFTER I came back from jail I observed 31 of my 32 horses had been taken by an area officer. This reflects the story of the authorities and the government basically. They are the biggest thieves themselves they find delight in the sadness of innocent people. I was a guy who seemed for a way to stop this harsh injustice against such helpless and free them from jails. Me being truly a victim I had fashioned good reasons to take action. By using my friends, my children, my family members and my stepfather I decided to teach this evil men a lessons somehow. In April 1878 my life changed forever within a incident. An area police officer called Alexander Flitzpatrick went to my home to arrest my brother Dan with no circumstance against him. He proceeded to go inside and he tried to harass my sister before my family. Witnessing this, my children tried to avoid him and therefore they had to grab him and take his revolver and everything. They did not harm him in any case or didn't even possessed the intention to take action. I was 400 Km abroad during that time. That policeman returned and lied to the Government public that he was shot on his hands and my children including me tried to wipe out him. Forseeibly they presumed the liar and my children was incurred with attempted murder. Me, my buddy and 2 of my friends where made outlaws and the authorities was presented with the to throw us on view. The next day after the incident my pregnant mother was taken up to jail. Not just that those devils tortured my small siblings night and day in the lack of anyone to protect them. I speculate after suffering a whole lot pain for nothing how could I be patient for such a long time. My bloodstream was boiling with anger, I wanted revenge and I was decided to take action and so where my friends. The majority of the local people was on our aspect because these were poor too and they all were victim of such injustice a way or the other. A couple of were against us or pretended to be as these were scared of the consequences they could face for being on the incorrect end of the government. Anyone who can capture us was offered plenty of money as compensation. The police was looking for us just about everywhere. We on the other palm where also hiding in the bush and likely to take revenge the policeman who now where our enemies. For the verge of the silent warfare against the police I had fashioned to get rid of 2 policeman but whom I needed no motive to kill. One day, whenever we were hiding in the bush 4 equipped police officers came looking for all of us. After hiding behind the trees and shrubs for a while we made a decision to attack after dawn. We advised those to drop their weapons but instead one of them tried to throw me therefore i had to capture him. The other one was seeking to hightail it and I visited chase him down, he was transporting a revolver and turning back again at shooting towards me and I needed to photograph him too. After shooting him I kept him in the perfect way I could but the magazines went on to mention that we wiped out the polices in a disgusting way, we chopped with their ears and all plus they where all lays. The following point thing we performed was get rid of one of our friends because he was a traitor as he was offering informations to polices about us so we had no option but to kill him. Next, we robbed two banks at Euroa and Jerilderie which netted them around 4, 400, and the making of suits of armour to be worn by people of my gang. On June 27th 1880, your day after the shooting of our friend Aaron Sheritt, we bailed ua Glenrowan, cut the telegraph wires and required the railway personnel to rip in the line. More than sixty hostages were taken during the day as the gang waited for the introduction of the police's special coach. Following a tip-off from the local school educator the train discontinued at the train station and a bitter gun challenge took place with the police laying siege to the hotel. In the nine. 5 hours which followed, the building was burnt to the ground, three of my gang members were killed, and I was, badly wounded as the authorities shot me constantly and I recieved 26 bullets in my own hand, legs and groin then I was arrested. I got charged with murder of your police officer. My trial took place quickly and the courtroom has ordered to hang me. Now, I am ready in my cell for the hangman to come and hang up me. Before I remaining this world I made a decision to share my story with individuals who enjoyed me and the whole world. I wanted to give you my real storyline therefore i can inspire you to fight against such injustice. I have given my all to free you folks but I failed. I am going to perish with a sorry heart and soul but its ok so is life.


Do you think Ned Kelly was a hero or villain after experiencing his storyline? Y?

Don't u think he had reasons to do what he was doing?

Who do u think was bad Ned Kelly or the authorities officers?

So yes I urge u show respect to the great tale and take ideas from such a wonderful man.

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